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http://www.twitlonger.com/show/hahssp From video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3_SQQqulfc So … [Audience cheers] Thank you for that illustrious intro! [Audience laughs] Um … This is awesome. Thank you guys so much for coming out tonight. This is a great crowd! I can … we can hear you upstairs, so it's ... [points upwards] So … My name's Dave. [Audience cheers]. This is the band [More cheers]. And we're gonna take a little bit of your time tonight and … I see some familiar faces. Some of you guys have been to our show before [More cheers]. But tonight's going to be a little different. I'm actually going to talk a lot. [Laughs. More cheers from audience.] And just kinda tell you guys the stories behind some of these songs and hopefully it's going to be stuff that you haven't heard before. And if you have heard it before, don't ruin it for everybody else! [Smiles. Audience laughs] I've got good … I've got like three good stories and I'm going to use them all tonight. [Audience laughs] This first one is off of our first record, and I wrote this song with a friend of mine, guy named Gregg Wattenburg and Johnny Reznick from the GooGoo Dolls. [Loud cheers] I feel like tonight all I'm going to do is name-drop. [Audience laughs] It's going to be fantastic! [Smiles] This song has the distinction of being the song it's taken me the longest to finish. We started the song ... I want to say in June of '08, and we finished it in September of '08. So ... four months. And hopefully … hopefully it's good enough for four months' time. So this is Declaration [Audience cheers] [Plays Declaration] [Loud and prolonged cheering] Thank you!


From video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tKOa-yyDP0&feature=channel&list=UL So, I gave you the back story of that song. And now I'll give you a more recent story. [Laughs] So ... You know, we record these songs in a studio. And studio's great, it's fun, it's very creative. But it's not a good … it's not a good litmus test for songs necessarily. You know, for me especially, the first time we play a song in front of an audience - for example you guys - you guys are the best litmus test. Because we can tell when you cheer and you mean it, and we can tell when you cheer [audience cheers] and you're just like [mimes polite clapping] 'Oh it's great, let's see you playing one of the good ones!' [Audience laughs] So, as a result … you know, these songs kinda change and evolve as we play these songs live, and so … ummm [Laughs]. So we play … we started out this tour with Gavin DeGraw last fall. [Audience cheers.] Calm down, he's not here! Ahhh … [Laughs, audience laughs]. And it was our first show, it was at Penn State. And I had on a pair of pants not unlike these … [Audience cheers]. Some of you were there. [Smiles] So I'm feeling it, crowd's great, it's the first show of the tour, and we'd spent a year and a half on the record, so it was like 'finally back on the road!' So I take this wireless mic, and you know [a few whoops from audience] - do my Axl Rose through the audience. [Smiles, audience laughs]. I go to step up on this bleacher area … [gestures]. And I can't hear it, because the crowd's into it, but I can FEEL it ... [Crowd laughs]. From knee to like almost crotch ... just …! [makes ripping sound] And it wasn't the seam … it was RIGHT UP FRONT! So I had ... you know, you always hear these stories about … to become a professional or to become an expert at your craft, you have to put in about 10,000 hours. So at that moment I'm thinking 'Okay, I hope I've put in enough hours to know what to do here!' [laughs] . I had a choice. I could either leave the band onstage for the next 10 minutes meandering on the bridge to the song, and go get my pants changed offstage, or I could just own it, walk onstage and finish the song while trying to strategically place the guitar in a way where I don’t end up on Perez Hilton the next day. [Crowd laughs] So I opt to go onstage, because I didn't want to leave the band hanging [someone cheers – David raises eyebrow, says 'Alright']. And ... [Audience laughs and cheers – David laughs] So we finish the song and I'm like ... [Mimes crouching down while looking for help. Audience laughs]. And immediately like, I turn to the left, and our guitar tech - bless his heart, it's his first show with us - and I have to go behind this light rig with him while the guys start the next song. And he has to like gaff tape my pants together … [Audience laughs] And he's ... you know, it's like, I guess like when

you’re fixing, like a computer or something? But you gotta get in there and get CLOSE [mimes action. Crowd laughs] and really make sure that you're doing it right. So poor Jerry is just taping. [Mimes focusing eyes on one spot, laughs]. We've become good friends since that day [Smiles, audience laughs] So ,… there's your little side story. [Audience cheers] I feel like by the middle of the night, someone is going to give me one of those … [mimes gesture for 'move it along'] things! So, you know, I talked about out how these songs came to evolve and change as we play live. This next song is probably one of the more abrupt definitions or examples of that. This is also on the first record. I wrote this with one of my musical heroes. In fact this was the first song that I ever wrote after Idol. [Audience cheers. He makes a puzzled face – audience laughs]. They're cheering at funny things! [Smiles] So this has the distinction of being a very important song - maybe not in the grand scheme of my career, but certainly very important song to me, because ... you know, again, wrote it with my hero, Raine Maida from Our Lady Peace, AND first one I ever wrote as a member of a major label. So this song is called Mr Sensitive. [PLAYS MR SENSITIVE] [Loud and prolonged cheering] Thank you!

http://www.twitlonger.com/show/hbk9r2 From these videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JOAwKdiYiw And http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5NrYDNH0pw

So I have to say, I hope we're doing this whole storytelling thing justice [someone shouts: 'yeah!', audience cheers]. I've watched a lot of these things, but I've never done one of these before. So I'm taking cues from people like Bruce Springsteen … [audience cheers] and Pearl Jam … [more cheers] and I suppose more recently T.I. [Raises eyebrows. Audience laughs. David starts laughing too, followed by a theatrical sigh] Aahhhh! It's not scripted! [shakes head, raises eyebrow, wry smile] So this next one is interesting. I ... This has happened to me a couple of times where a song has not immediately resonated with me. And we're working on the first record, and I want to - I think we're about half-way through. And my - one of my THREE A & R guys on the first record – ooh! [shakes head] … comes to me with this song. And he plays it for me, and … [mimes nodding unenthusiastically] 'Okay, it's all right' [in very doubtful voice]. And he goes 'You actually know one of the guys who wrote this song'. A little context - I used to be a resident of Tulsa, Oklahoma, after college [Someone cheers. Laughter. David pulls an amused face and smiles broadly]. Evidently more of a Tulsa contingent here! I know … Where's …? Where are my buddies from Tulsa? [looks around audience] Where you guys at? [Looks up at balcony] [Andy: They're right there!] Right where? Oh, you're up there! Oh, you guys have good seats! Who do you know? [Laughs] So, I moved to Tulsa actually to join a band with Andy over here [Gestures to Andy. Audience cheers.] The band's name was MWK – I said 'was' – 'is'! Sorry. They still are … they're still an entity! [smiles] [Andy interjects. Dave, to Andy] What? [Andy: It still was.] It still was at the time. TENSE is important [laughs]. And the band was managed by a guy named Zac Maloy. [Audience cheers] Zac used to be the singer for a band called The Nixons, they had a song called 'Sister' that was huge [gestures] … I digress. So he's like, 'Yah, so Zac was one of the writers on the song'. And I say 'Ah, that's cool, I'll give it another listen'. And it just never resonated with me, but I, in playing the game was like … 'Maybe, you know, if everybody else hears something in the song, I'll try it'. And so we cut the song, and … This song taught me an important lesson. Great songs may not always fit your taste, they may not always fit where you sit musically, as a performer and as a listener, but it

doesn't mean that they're not a great song. And if you really listen, you can usually find something in it. So our producer, Rob Cavallo plays me the finished version of this song, and I'm 'Whoa! It iS a good song and I'm an idiot!' [Smiles, audience laughs] 'Thanks for not letting me that big of an idiot!' It ended up being our second single off of the record. [Audience cheers] And hands down, by a country mile, the most difficult undertaking of a music video EVVV-ERRRR. [Audience laughs, David snickers] I spent two weeks listening to the song backwards and writing the lyrics down phonetically: 'Emoo skymik amishni hafnoo hishnoo' [Quizzical look. Cheers from audience]. Just put that in my eulogy somewhere. Gawd! [Shakes head. Audience laughs] This song is called 'Come Back To Me' [Plays Come Back To Me] [In middle of song, audience shouts 'What?' at same point when David usually does it. David smiles, raises eyebrows, says "It's cool when I say it!" Smiles and carries on singing. Later on in song, audience starts singing along loudly to the chorus. David steps away from mic and sings along with audience. When the chorus gets to same point, David mouths 'What?" at the audience, then smiles broadly. At end of song, David pauses to let audience sing the last line. Throws back head in laughter.] [Loud and prolonged cheering]


based on @DblJerseyGirl's video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-y7gVl8dho

Good job! [Referring to crowd shouting 'What?' during Come Back To Me] It's always fun when you guys say what I would normally say, because then I realize I say it way too often [Smiles] So this, uh, this next one is a, is a song that I wrote with Andy and our, and our friend, Neal. And, uh, the, the story on this one, uh, has a little bit to do with this evening, and really kind of the vibe of this disease. So we had, uh, we'd finished the first tour. We were out for a year, and in the middle of that, um, I had lost … Andrew and I had lost our brother. [Voice in the crowd says 'Wooooh' loudly.] Thank you. And, uh, [uneasy 'heh'] out of context, I get it, it's all good, moving on! So, um, it's an, it's an interesting thing, to, to be on the road, and, and play music, and you're bringing this great thing into peoples' lives and at the same time you're trying to kinda, you know, I don't want to come onstage and be a downer for you guys every night, so we sh.., I personally, I shelved a lot of that while we were on the road, and that was just how, I guess, I chose to deal with it to get through the shows and to be able to do my job for you guys. So, get off the road and immediately throw myself into the next record. And ... it's not working. The songs aren't there, my brain is a mess, emotionally I'm just, I'm in a million different directions. And, uh, so it took awhile to kind of find a place for that second record, and find a voice, find something to say. Um, I just chose to write about THAT MOMENT, you know? I, I, I go on Idol, it changes my life, in amazing ways, and then something like that kind of takes the air out of you a bit and brings you back down to earth, forces you to kind of again, re-assess and rewire… And uh, and so this next song is actually about ... THAT. It's about re-wiring, it's about, uh, um, I guess, in a sense, saying goodbye to a particular chapter of your life and, and, and, uh, putting on a different hat - I'm using a lot of metaphors - but hopefully the point comes across in the right way. So this song is, uh, is called 'Goodbye to the Girl'.

[Plays Goodbye To The Girl] [Loud and prolonged cheering]
Thank you. [Says something to someone to his left – Devin, or someone off stage. Cannot hear at all] Thank you, very much.


So, hi there! So the story of this next song – I'm just going to lay it out all there! We threw this on the set list 10 minutes ago, like, or, 10 minutes before we walked out on stage, ‘cause I’m an idiot, and I forgot to put it on the set. I’m an idiot, because this fantastic organization has used it in the race before [giggles]. So, I’m sitting there, and, and I, I, heard, uh, I heard them use this, the word, the title of this song, and I’m like, 'oh, NOOO!'. So I’m throwing, uh, I’m throwing a few peep, people a curve ball, here. Namely, our, our, our new, uh, drummer Nick, over here. [audience cheers] Who I must say, I, I’m proud of myself, ‘cause I haven’t turned around and watched you do this once, the whole entire show. I don’t even know what you’re doing. Have you guys been watching him? He’s, like, playing a shaker with his foot. He’s got finger cymbals in his mouth. He's just … [David chomps down and makes a cymbal crashing noise]. Just, uh, do, do a *inaudible* solo. I wanna see. Here we go, This is gonna be terrible. [Nick does a little solo. Audience cheers] Oh yeah? [Audience cheers loudly again. David strums a few notes on his guitar.Nick grabs a shaker and shakes it right in front of the mic, and then David bends backward in hard laughter] Show off! [audience laughter] So this next song is one that the fine folks at Race for Hope DC have used in the past. Which is a huge honor. I don’t, I don’t take this event very lightly. It means a lot to me and my family, and, uh … so let me just say this for the first time, but I’m gonna say it a lot of times in the next couple of days, but - thank you, very much, for letting me and my family be a part of this. Friends and family. [Gestures to band. Audience cheers] And Devin. [quiet laugh, big smile. Takes a sip of water, Devin says 'you’re horrible', and David laughs fully] This song’s called Heroes. [Plays Heroes]

[Loud and prolonged cheering] Thank you very much! [Crowd keeps cheering]

FROM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KR3wgNPkzTI and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9J5kGhArG4&list=PL27F6E1614BAE1B33&index=7&feature=pl pp_video

[Turns around, sees Andy pouring himself and Monty some wine.] Aaah! I thought they were cheering me, but they were just cheering you two drinking! [Takes a swig of wine from bottle, passes bottle to Devin.] [To audience] And here I thought you were cheering because we did a good job! Huh. [Audience laughs, David laughs] So in the middle of this… I felt this in the middle of that song … I'm chewing gum – it's kinda this crutch for me – and every time I hit a long note and I've got my mouth open, I always feel like you guys can see the gum. Can you see the gum? [Shouts of 'yeah' from the audience] Mixed bag – some of you can and some of you can't? [To audience member] Sometimes? [Laughter from audience. David puts fingers in mouth, moves gum so that half of it is outside his mouth. More audience laughter] So this next song … [chews gum openly. Whoops from audience. David smiles mockingly. To Devin:] I told you that gum joke was going to kill! [Belly laugh] Right there in the teleprompter: 'Gum joke'! [Shakes head.] No, it isn't. It doesn't! It doesn't. It doesn’t, PJ! [looks at guy operating teleprompter mock-angrily. Smiles. Audience laughs] So, I told you this story earlier about Come Back To Me and how I'm an idiot, right? You guys remember that story? [Shouts of 'Yeah' from audience] Good. So this next song, same thing! [Wry smile] Except the different thing is, I WROTE this! [Audience laughs, David winks at them] IDIOT! [makes circling gesture around his head]. So … [laughs] And actually, I've got to give props someone in the audience tonight. Andrew, where you at? [looks around audience]. Where's Andrew? Stand up so I can see you! [Audience claps] Can we turn the house lights up, do we have that? Ah, he's back there! [points] Everybody turn around towards the front of the house, Andrew, wave hello! Okay! [Someone ( Andrew?) shouts 'I can't hear you!'] Let this be known … this is the OOOOOONLY time [puts up one finger for emphasis] – so document it, get your phones out, whatever – this is the only time where I'm going to say that Andrew was kinda smart on a song! [Audience cheers] Only time! And if anybody outside this room asks in the future, I'm gonna say you're all liars! [Audience laughs]

So … [laughs] There's me, and there's these two guys from a far-away land known as the United Kingdom, who wrote this song, and … I didn't like it! [pulls face] And I'd had this idea for months, and I almost didn't use it, because I had the idea, and then all of a sudden this movie with Michael Cera and some other actress came out with the same title. Some other actors! Michael Cera is not an actress, he's an ac-TOR! But you get what I'm saying. And then this guy, Justin … Gaston? Someone who used to date Miley Cyrus, that dude? He came out with a single with the same title that I'm doing. And I'm 'He's doing it? Screw it – I'm doing it!' So I wrote this song with these guys – didn't like it. But again – after Come Back To Me, I was like 'Okay, I'll get other people's opinions'. And everybody I played it for was like 'Dude, that's … that's one of the ones that you gotta do'. And still I was like [mimes shaking head doubtfully, whispers] 'Ah, I don't know! I don't know!' So I played it for Andrew. [Audience makes 'Aaaaw' sound. David pulls a face, shakes head. Turns back to Andy] Jesus! [Imitating person] 'OH NOOOOO' [laughs] [Andy: Was that pity for Andrew?] [David turns to Andy, laughs. Andy says: "I thought it was pity!" while sipping from a glass of wine]. [To Andy] So what's up, Talky McTalksome? Show me what else you got! [Laughs. Andy shakes head, drinks some more. Audience laughs uproariously . Andy: ''I'm sorry'] David: I could either give him a microphone, or Monty, So you see, the decision was pretty easy. [belly laugh. In Beavis & Butthead voice:] 'Hey man! Hey, hey , hey , hey. [Monty rubs his head and says something. David laughs even harder] He says his head's turning red?![Laughs some more. Andy & Monty smiles at him] Okay, so I play it … [To Andy & Monty:] Excuse me, I'm telling a story! Okay! [Someone shouts "Keep drinking"] Yeah, right? So … I had one swig of wine, and look where this show went! [Audience laughs and cheers] So … I play it for Andrew, Andrew goes 'THAT'S the hit!' Which is a heavy statement to make. It's a heavy statement, because it's not 'That song is good' or 'that song is great'. It's 'that song's gonna make you MILLIONS'. You know? [Smiles, raises eyebrows] So I went like 'Alright, well okay! So I conceded defeat, like I would begrudgingly [imitates begrudging voice] 'Fine, I was wrong'. So I was 'Okay, I'll listen.' Because you know, I don't listen to him a LOT [laughter from audience]. But most of the time, when he gives me music recommendations, they're pretty spot-on – I like them! MOST of the time. So I agree to do the song, we go in with Matt Serletic and we cut the song … And now - this is what makes Andrew right – because I've listened to that record now, and I'd say it's prob… I'd say it's in top 3 favorite songs for me on the record now. [Cheers and clapping from audience. David smirks].

I feel nauseous now, because I just gave him credit! [pulls a face] [Someone from audience shouts: 'Drink more!'] Drink more? [Bursts out laughing] All right! [Turns around to fetch wine. To band:] Drink break! [passes bottle around to other band members, takes a swig] [In a mock-drunk voice] Sho anyway, I was jusss tellin' you guys … [Audience laughs] I'm a lightweight, but I ain't that bad! [Someone shouts: 'Gin and tonic!] Gin and tonic? Good gawd! [Pulls mock-disgusted face] What kind of show do you want this to turn into? [Audience laughs. He starts strumming some Spanish guitar chords. Devin starts solo. More audience laughter and clapping] [Puts hands up to silence band] Alright! The song is called Paper Heart. [Plays Paper Heart] [Loud and prolonged cheering]

From this video: http://youtu.be/YLcxKuyVYRI

[Audience cheers] Yessss! So, you guys having a good time, everybody good? [audience cheers] Wonderful! Amazing, we've only played...6 songs, we've been up here feels like 4 hours, [laughs] Which means I talk too much! [Audience screams 'Noooo!' David looks to Andy] Did the crowd just get unruly? [*Inaudible*] [chuckles] So um.... [audience member screams: 'Keep talking!'] Okay! [In theatrical voice] So there I was… [Laughs] Couldn't go any further with a straight face! So we are in the midst of working on new material [audience cheers] and ah..if you guys are so inclined - plug plug plug! - help me sustain a career and pay my mortgage. We will be performing May 10th on Idol this year, [audience cheers] and performing, ah, a new song called, 'The Last Song I'll Write For You' [audience cheers] which doesn't mean I'm retiring or anything like that. So it's not about that. Thank God! Right? Ugh! Could you imagine? I'm not really good at anything else. I can kinda juggle. [Andy: Did you hear Monty goes Amen? Audience laughs] Security! [Monty: Amen! David looks around the stage] Even Devin goes 'I ain't touching that!' [Audience laughs] So we are not going to play that song tonight, sorry. [Audience aww's & boo's disappointedly] Boo, hiss, watch Idol! [laughs] Oh man....Shut the bar down! What other unpopular things can I say right now? [laughs] What can I do to derail my career in 5 seconds? [pretends to scratch chin] But we are going to play a new one tonight. [Audience cheers] This … the new stuff is kinda taking a different direction, and I know, I know that sounds like a very generic statement. And I firmly believe it's purely because I'm getting, I'm getting out to write more with familiar people, I'm not walking into a room with a stranger [Audience cheers] and saying 'Hi, My name is Dave, let me metaphorically take my pants off and let's write a song'. [audience whoops] Metaphorically, calm down! Nah I, actually I've done a lot of writing with Andy & Devin [audience cheers. Andy: He never takes his pants off! Dave looks at Andy] Huh? Oh! In fact the song we're performing on Idol on May 10th I wrote with Andy and our friend Daniel [audience cheers] What I'm saying is you should watch Idol May 10th [audience cheers] [whispers] The song will be for sale.

And … but this next one, I mentioned Zac Maloy earlier, and I don't know what the reason is and I don't really know this when I write with anybody what the reason is - but there's some people that you get into a room with them and you write a song and you believe it. I've written a lot, I wrote 86 songs on the last record, some of them I don't believe. I'll be the first to tell you, and you, you will never hear them, you don't want me to sing that song. But this one...I LOVE this song. And ah, very excited about playing it for you guys right now. [Audience cheers] Ah, this song itself talks about... kind of, I think there's a lot of different kinds of love, and I'm sure most the people in the room can relate to this. But when you meet somebody, and you love them, and you really love them and it doesn't go away and doesn't change and it grows and it lasts until the 'the end of time' [hands make quotation marks. Audience awws. David laughs and makes gun hands] I felt like George W just now [David laughs and makes gun hands again, audience laughs, David looks stage right] I don't know what's happening up here, two swigs of wine and I'm…. [makes whistle noise and waves hand over his head] But, ah, This song talks about that, so that... giving yourself to somebody, and loving them … until the clock runs out. It's called 'From Here to Zero'

[Plays From Here To Zero] [Loud and prolonged cheering]

08 PERMANENT STORY (Closeyoueyes, Cimorene & Olivia)

[Audience cheers] Thank you very much! [Audience cheers some more] So, yeah! Um, alright. So this next one ... we haven't played in a long time. Um ... I…I actually can't remember the last time we played it. But I know one of the last – was uh, we played it on Idol finale in ‘09. Um…tough song ... But we're going to do it tonight because I think it's…I think it’s appropriate. Um ... The back story on the song is I ... when writing the first record and I wanted to... At that time my brother was still alive and I wanted to encapsulate a song for him. And ... couldn't quite figure it out. You know, it's…it’s a weird thing when you want to kinda ... talk that candidly – either in song or out of song with a bunch of people that, you know, at that time, I mean to fans everywhere … it's like the first time we've ever really met. So ... I, uh, I wanted to encapsulate it properly. I was struggling with that. I went to ... actually I think it was the same day we wrote Heroes. I wrote Heroes with Raine Maida and a lady named Cathy Dennis. Finished the song and I was getting ready to leave ... And Raine's wife, Chantal was in the…Raine's live room playing the piano, playing this very…haunting, very nice piano melody which you're going to hear in a second. It kinda stopped me in my tracks. 'Ooh!' You know like [mouths 'holy shit!'] Sorry. I cuss sometimes. Eh! [crowd cheers] And it floored me. I was like 'That's it! That vibe is exactly what I want on this song. [Someone cheers] Thank you! [laughs] So we basically record the entire song musically just on piano. It's the only thing on it. And I don't have any sense of melody, I don't have any sense of lyrics, I don't know what I'm going to say. But I know that that song has to be there. So ... go to Cavallo's ... compound? I don't know - whatever you call it, his house is massive. And I'm sitting .. I’m sitting on this picnic table out in the driveway ... He has a picnic table in his driveway! [Audience laughs.] Another storyteller's night I'll tell you all sorts of fascinating stuff about Rob Cavallo’s house. He has a Pinkberry machine at his house! [audience laughs] Anyway ... [pauses, smiles, shrugs] I’m ruining the story! So, I sit down. We're towards the end of the process, I mean this is the last song (I think) that we finished for the record. And I go 'Okay, I just, I HAVE to write this. What do I want to say?' And the first word that pops into my head is 'Permanent'. [Audience cheers] And I just wrote. I didn't think about what I was writing. I made a very vague attempt to rhyme everything so that’s a cute nice song, and the label wouldn't … screw with it, I guess. And when I got it done, 15 minutes had gone by and I had everything on that song. Which never happens ... it doesn't. That doesn't happen. So ... 'Okay, I think I've got it done'. And I play it for Rob and ... [imitating Rob Cavallo] 'Ah! Yeah we gotta cut that.' [Laughs]

So we go to Conway Studios in LA. And I show up and everybody's kind of there … and all of a sudden, this 40-piece orchestra shows up. [Mimes reaction] 'Uh-oh! So we're doing this!' And ... so ... the keyboard player on the first record was a guy named Jamie, and he comes in and sits at this big like, grand piano, and starts playing the song. And I'm in this vocal booth. I can see ... from where I'm at, like, here's the vocal mic [gestures], I can see the orchestra over there [gestures to his left], and then through the window in the other iso-room, I can see Jamie playing piano. And ... we did two takes on the song. Beck’s dad, David … [aside to Andy] Hanson? [Andy: Campbell] Thank you! I don’t know why I was thinking Hanson ... [whispers] I love Hanson! I don't care! [Audience laughs] David Campbell arranged everything and conducted the orchestra within two takes. And... second take finishes, I walk out of the vocal booth. And I'm kind of like…I'm hanging by a THREAD at that point. Like I’m just 'Heyyyyyy, could lose it!' And, uh ... everybody in the control room was crying. Rob Cavallo - he's going to be so mad at me for telling this - Rob is crying. [Audience says 'Aww!' David laughs] I go outside, call my dad ... lost it for 20 minutes on the phone. Um... [Tears up. Turns away and drinks some water. Audience claps and cheers. Someone shouts 'You're wonderful!'] Thank you! Um ... for two reasons! One, I've been recording music since I was fifteen years old - I'm 25 at the point of this story. Um ... Never EVER has a song gone from here [points to his head] to a CD exactly how it sounded in here [points to head again]. So that was huge for me. I felt like ... forgive my language ... 'Holy shit, for the first time in my life a song has come out exactly what I wanted it to be, exact vibe I wanted it to be ... This is why I chose to do this! For those moments.' Um .. . the other one is after you go through that journey, you’re trying to…tell that story the right way [tears up again] and to finally be able to do it, and to capture it was huge. And so...[ tears up again]. I've got to sing this song in a sec, oooh! [Someone shouts ' I love you'] Thank you. So to ... to be able to tell that story the right way [audience is clapping and cheering. David gestures at them to pipe down] Nah nah nah nah ... Not yet, not yet, not yet, not yet, not yet! We're not there yet. So to be able to tell that story the right way was huge. And uh, and to see the response that we get when we do do this song ... And I know it's rare ... It's purely rare because I don't want to do this every night on stage. Just so you know. Um... [Takes another sip of water. Somebody shouts 'It's beautiful!'] Thank you! Ahhh! So we're going to take a second, I’m going to compose myself, and we're going to play this song. This song’s called Permanent. [Audience cheers] [David walks away to put down water, returns to mic] Guyliner’s gonna run. [Turns awat again, returns to mic] Allright. I'm not wearing guyliner, calm down! [laughs]. [Starts playing Permanent]

[Loud and prolonged cheering]


Thank you. So this next song … This is a more lighthearted story. I promise. [laughs] Ummm…sooo…[male voice in audience shouts 'Freebird!'] Oh, Jesus. [Andy: That was PJ] Security! [David warbles 'Thank you for being a friend'] Could not have happened at a better time. Go ahead, Devin. Give it to the man. [Clears throat as Devin and band begin to play Freebird so he can do his best LS impression: 'If I leave here tomorrow…' Stops & shrugs] Okay, now I’ll tell this story now. But what I’m going to tell is the story of this song we’re not even going to play. [tries to shush the band several times so he can tell the story] We’re rilin’ 'em up! Kind of...nevermind. Umm…I don’t know how to play Freebird and here is why. I’m 13? 14? years old. And in Kansas City where I grew up, there’s this place called The Plaza. I don’t think they do it much anymore without a permit, but used to be you could go down there, open up your guitar case, play, and make some money. I’m sure there were people that were down there that did it for much more noble reasons than me – 'cos they had to, and I don’t mean to demean them. I didn’t at the time. But I was a stupid kid and I thought 'Hey, I'll go make some money so I can go to the movies and see the latest Jim Carrey movie'. I don’t know [makes face and shrugs]. So I go down there and I play a mix of the 5 stupid, spur of the moment covers that I know and the 3 originals that I had written up to that point which were all…a bag of hot trash. Love where those songs sent me... [whispers] not good songs! Umm...so this guy comes up to me, oddly enough dressed probably like I’m dressed right now, [wiggles finger in circle, makes face and says 'full circle'] and uhh…goes…'hey, ya know how to play Freebird?' And I go 'No, I don’t!'. And he goes 'Good. Here’s 20 bucks!'. Throws it in my case. [audience roars with laughter] So that man deserves a cookie. [shocked look on face after he realizes what he’s said] Oh, gawd. No pun intended. No pun intended! It was....I saw the looks on some of your faces. NASTY! Like 'oh, he said cookie!' [said in his best girly voice complete with finger to lips then chides whooping & hollering audience with 'naughty, naught'y gesture] [Someone in audience says: "I want a Cookie!"] Calm down! I would love it if the lady that just said that has her husband standing next to her. Then all of a sudden I’m getting the old … [makes kapow sound complete with flying fist gesture]. Pretty sure. Right in the face. [male in audience shouts something unintelligible to David] What? I didn't hear that. It sounded so angry! [growls fiercely, then guy in audience repeats: 'Group hug!'] Gawd. Security!

All right. So back to the...back to the..the story at hand. I almost said lecture. [chuckles] Back to the lecture at hand. Ummm..so I get off Idol, make the first record, pick the first single, go to shoot the video for the first... And I am stoked! Like...this is gonna be the first video that I have shot where it wasn't some video major in college and he did a terrible job and I hope it never gets on youtube ever ever ever ever ever EVER! [closes eyes as if in prayer]. Typical band-playing-on-a-deserted-railroad-track kinda bad. So...[laughs at memory] ..so, so I show up for the video shoot with this guy named Wayne Isham. Wayne is awesome! Wayne is incredible! Wayne is also a spazz [gestures] and goes a mile a minute, every minute of every day. I learned very quickly that I cannot keep up. So, go out there and there's...it’s like 9 pm. So we’re going to shoot. It’s like 'Ok - 9 p.m. We’re not going to work that late. So maybe 1 o‘clock, we‘ll be done.' So get the band out there and Wayne thinks it would be really nice if uhh...middle of the night, valley of Los Angeles. It's gonna be a little chilly. No jackets. 'I want to see the breath'. And..and..eww [shivers] So... 'I can do that! No problem!' 9 to 4:30, THAT'S what we did. [Someone in audience playfully says 'hard life'. David hears and continues with….] 'Hard life! Rich white guy problems. Here we go. [In fake privileged voice he complains] Gawd, I cannot be-lieve that they only had room temperature Evian upstairs. I quit! [relents and says] Just kidding! Amazing experience. But it was cold and I didn't think I was going to go until 4:30. But..it ended up being this awesome video and I thought Wayne...uhh...the cinematic quality of it I love and I've, I've actually, no joke, tried to strive for that every video since. I just think that...[voice from audience shouts 'we love it'] Thanks. You know. Uhh...so uhh...apparently you guys didn't like that story. This is Light On! All right! [*Inaudible* ] [Plays Light On] [Pauses after extended glory note. Crowd cheers] [To person in audience] You brought gloves? Okay! Okay! [Smirks. Crowd laughs] What happened to the gloves? [crowd member says something] Ohhhh nooo! [in mock sad voice] Oh gawd, they're losing it. Okay! [carries on singing. Audience sings along.]
[Loud and prolonged cheering]


From videos by CougarsLoveCook: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGytVpOChOI and Drusilla89: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJrTv2GFKzE

Thank you so much! Give it up for this fantastic band! Thank you, guys. [Crowd cheers and applauds. David places capo on his guitar, which he tunes as the band leaves the stage.] So, uh, before I tell the story of this last song, I just want to take a moment and say thank you, guys, all so, so, so, so, so much for coming out and supporting this amazing organization. Uh, it doesn't, it doesn't take a lot of observation or a lot of peripheral vision to realize this disease sucks ass .. so much, and to watch anybody - whether it be my brother, or your relative, or a kid in the hospital or somebody on the street - this disease SUCKS, and I cannot wait to get rid of it. So ... so you guys coming here tonight, and being involved in this weekend goes ... gets us one step closer to that. So thank you so, so, so, so much. Thank you to the State Theatre for having us tonight, thank you to the National Brain Tumor Society, ABC2 for letting us come up here and make some noise and tell some stupid stories. [Applause/cheering.] And uh, ya know, [someone yells, 'they're not stupid', and David reacts w/a little laugh.] This next song is, is interesting. I first heard it on the first record cycle, and I heard it really late in the process and I liked the song, but it didn't feel like it fit on the record, and uh, so we kinda, me and the song parted ways. Start working on the second record and I'm writing with a guy who's ended up being a very good friend, this guy named Kevin Griffin, who used to ... oh, no, he still is - sorry ... [looks at the audience] tense is important! [audience laughs] - is the singer for a band called Better Than Ezra, and we're writing a song that, uh, I don't think it'll ever see the time of day, at least not with me. This song called, uh ... I don't remember, that's how memorable it was. And we get done with the song and, uh, he goes 'Hey. I submitted a song for your first record. Can you listen to it, let me know what you think?' I said, 'yeah', so, give it a listen, and, uh, I remember the song started with this ... it was a different melody than what we have now. I ended up changing the melody. Maybe you'll see why here in a second. So it goes, uh.. [David sings, 'All I feel now is the weight of the day' singing a melody and playing guitar chords that sound suspiciously similar to 'Time of My Life'. Much laughing, nay, even cackling, from the audience.] So that was the first line. [more audience laughter. Then, David, smirky-smiling, plays the distinctive intro strums from Time of My Life, and sings, 'I've been searching for my dreams to turn in'] ... so you see ... [again, much screaming, laughing, hilarity from the audience. David makes a scrunchy face and shakes his head, then smiles. Then, shaking his head again, says] I love y'all but I ain't singin' about rainbows tonight. Sorry. Not happening.

[David steps back from the mic smirking. Audience again laughing. David steps to the mic and starts singing 'lookin' ... lookin' for that'. Stops, eyes closed] SHHHHH... [then shouts pseudo-'angrily', trying not to smile, making waving hand gestures] I DON'T KNOW THAT SONG ANYMORE! [David laughing, smiling, crowd laughing and cheering loudly] So-o, so I tell Kevin,' I, I love the song, but we HAVE to change that melody!' [crowd laughs] So we sat with it for like 20 minutes and couldn't figure out what to do. I was, I was literally just [strums guitar for a while, playing only first part of opening chords repeatedly, cries] 'What do I do?' [still strumming] All of a sudden it just kinda happened, I was just like [still playing, he begins singing 'All I feel now is the weight of the day', changing the chord progression and melody. The crowd starts singing along with him. David stops] I said, [excitedly pointing his finger] 'That's it! That's it!' [As the crowd cheers, David has a little satisfied smirk as he cracks his neck from side to side.] So we celebrated, drank some wine. He showed me a picture of him with the New Orleans Saints and their Super Bowl trophy. I said, 'You're a jerk. I'm a Chief's fan. Last time we won it, I was negative 13 years old? [makes open hands-up gesture and disgusted face while saying sarcastically] ... but enjoy the trophy.' Ya know what I mean? [smiles] And uh, so, this is, uh, this is the song we ended up with. This song is called 'Fade Into Me'. [David begins playing the opening chords for Fade Into Me, then stops.] You know what? [He unplugs his guitar. Crowd cheers loudly] I do this sometimes, um, it involves a little bit of silence, sorry about that. Turn your cellphones on vibrate [as he removes the mute from his guitar]. Um, this actually happened ... I'll tell this story first and then I'll play the song. This actually happened by accident. Uh, this is a capo [pointing to the capo on his guitar fretboard], this little fancy thing here. It's on the second fret - 1, 2. We're playing a show, and I don't remember where ... [a voice in the crowd calls out, 'Phoenix'] Phoenix, thank you. [Raises an eyebrow. Hearty crowd laughter. Gesturing to his sleeve on his right wrist (as to a watch), smiling] When on the schedule am I taking a poop? [chuckles, then smiles] If I ever forget something, I'm just gonna ask you guys from now on! So, um, ah, [giggle-chuckle] so Jerry, of, uh, tapin'-my-pants-back-together fame? He capos it on the third fret, which sounds ... like this [strums chord on guitar]. Very HIGH [raises his eyebrows. He moves capo back to second fret] So, I started the song off before I realized that I've got to play the song and we're in, uh, we're in this big arena in Phoenix for the Phoenix State Fair, which I would not have put that into the story had that person [points to person in crowd] not told me where we were at. And, uh, I'm panicking because, on this song we, we use string tracks 'cause I can't afford to bring an orchestra ... everywhere with me, [chuckles, smiles, laughs. Crowd awws and laughs]. And so we have to play it to a click. That way it sounds real nice and pretty for you guys upfront. And, uh, so the band's comin' out, and they're all ready to play it [strums guitar] like THIS - in that key, right? So, I pull the ultimate jerk move on stage out of necessity. I play the first verse, the first chorus. Going into the second verse I have just a second to say, [turning his head toward 'Devin-side'] 'I got this Devin.' And I've watched video of it back, and I say it like SUCH A

SCHMUCK. [chuckle] Just like [turns head again, and with a snotty tone] 'I got this, Devin.' And he kind of just does this little, like, [imitating Devin, David spin-turns quickly to his right, pulls his head back while making a little surprised sound] 'Oops' [until his back is to the audience, as if to walk off stage. More crowd laughter] And thank God I have a band of amazing guys who [crowd cheers and applauds loudly] - yeah, absolutely cheer them - who know how to put up with my like weird quirks and ... weird directions like, 'I got this, Devin.' [crowd laughs] So they walk off-stage, I play the whole song in front of a few thousand people that way, and it ended up being this very awesome vibe. I walked off stage like, 'That was an accident, but it was awesome.' And sometimes accidents are where you find those really amazing things, so [crowd calls out agreement] ... I just called this ... amazing, so ... I didn't ... [David and the crowd laugh] Not a jerk, I promise! Ah, so, then we went one step further and we're playing in, in my hometown, Kansas City, this amazing place called, uh, The Midland. Uh, very nice, very old theatre, and you know what, I'm gonna step off the mic and see if I can get - I think we had 1100 people at that show - and just get them all [holding out his hand palm up, then closing his hand] in the palm of my hand, just .. for a minute, and see how the song .. goes over. And, uh, another happy accident. Still .. for one song, I think, maybe the loudest a crowd of that size has ever gotten for us. And it meant a lot to me, hopefully it meant a lot to the people in that audience. I'm gonna try it again tonight. And by setting it up that way? I pretty much ruined it. [loud crowd laughter] We're gonna give it a shot. Gonna step away from this mic. The song's called 'Fade Into Me'. [Crowd cheers. David steps to his left away from the mic. Loud crowd cheers, whistles. Now un-mic'ed, he says, smiling] We just went over the instructions. [Loud crowd laughter. Then the crowd very loudly goes, 'Shhhhhhh.' David cracks up with a scrunchy-face silent laugh. More loud crowd laughter. Then the crowd falls silent as he begins strumming the opening chords of 'Fade Into Me'.] [David performs the song beautifully, with a wonderful crowd singalong from the second chorus on, and as he plays his closing guitar strums] Thank you guys so much. [Very loud crowd cheering.]

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