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Sample essay for HOW I MET MYSELF Based on one of the novel above, write about a character that

you admire. Give evidence from the novel to support your answer. The novel How I Met Myself is a very interesting novel in which I learn about a persons double , also known as doppelganger. As in the story, the main character, John Taylor has encountered his doppelganger in an incident. I choose John Taylor as the character that I admire because he is very determined in pursuing the mystery of his doppelganger, he is strong in his willpower and at the same time, he is also a loving husband and father. [Thesis statement] To start with, throughout the novel, John Taylor has portrayed himself as a character that is very determined in solving the mystery of his doppelganger. He worked hard to gather a lot of resources about the existence of the doppelganger. This can be seen when he spent his afternoon off from work at the Budapest City Library to find out the key events in Budapests Thirteenth District on every 18 January. He also went to meet the housekeeper twice at Gergely Utca to find out about the tragic incident which hit the Szabo family. He also met Mrs Fischer, an old lady at Felca Utsa flat to ask questions about his doppelganger. This shows that John Taylor was definitely determined to solve the mystery. Other than that, John Taylor is also strong in his will power when dealing with the search for his doppelganger. Although he has been having problems with his recurring dreams and insomnia, he is not easily discouraged. When the people around him for example his wife, Andrea did not understand him, he did not feel despair and was still determined to seek for the truth. He did not give up on his search for his doppelganger and this has proven that he is a person with strong will power and I truly admire this positive quality in him. He teaches the value of having a strong will when faced a difficult situation.

Finally, John Taylor also portrays the characteristics of being a loving father and husband in his family. Although he was worried for his family, he tried his best not to allow the crisis he was going through to jeopardize his familys holiday plans. He went to England to celebrate Christmas with his parents, Andrea and their daughter, Kati. He spent some quality time with them. In addition, he also spent New Year with his wifes family. His actions tell me that we should be responsible and appreciate our family. In conclusion, all the positive qualities portrayed by John Taylor have certainly influenced me to admire him. He inspires me to be determined, have strong will power and above all being a loving person towards my family.

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