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Sherri L. King

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He was a nasty man. This one had been close. But she hated the knife. vicious and remorseless. the danger. But she did it. Maybe years—she wasn’t privy to such information. impersonal kill from a hundred yards away. She let him see. She preferred a clean. replacing them with warm cinnamon streaks of light and warmth. and finally she’d taken him out. It wasn’t easy—she couldn’t lie and say it was. She stood beneath the warm shower spray—her constant paranoia meant the shower curtain was wide open despite the spray—watching the blood wash down the drain like little explosions of color in the otherwise clear water. viciously and without a care for those lives he destroyed along the way. Sara-Jayne saw all of this. Liquid roses falling at her feet. She’d had to use the knife—her shortest range weapon and one that took exceptional skill.m. He was scum of the earth—a rich baron from South America who’d been supplying much of the area’s cocaine and heroin for many years. He saw her coming. hated the mess of it. But this night she’d had no choice. entering the room like a breath of fresh air. which she had in spades. to activate her mission. But they saw their chance when the baron came to town and they’d contacted SJ at nearly three a. She’d killed three of his guards. efficient slice of her blade. Cruel. 5 .Ferocious Prologue The shadows were long and dark. and was soothed. the strange intimacy. SJ’s employers had been hunting this guy for endless months. but the morning sun was quickly burning them away. He had known his time had finally come. two of his brothers who’d also happened to be there. The faint strains of a starling’s song echoed through the cracked window. His life of infamy and murder—done with a quick. The blood wasn’t hers. He’d killed more people than Sara-Jayne had ever thought to.

Sarah-Jayne listened as her stomach growled a protest at her neglect. Reaching her hand out to the end table that sat next to her chair. c’est la vie. right on the money. Taking a hearty bite out of her sandwich. She didn’t have to wait very long. She wandered into her small kitchen area and set about making herself a turkey sandwich with clean. No one had ever taken SJ by surprise. she lovingly fingered the stainless steel Walther PPK handgun that rested there. She wished she’d been able to use the PPK tonight. but she did have some small standards. she had flushed down the toilet. and confirmed that her fee had been paid to an account at one of the many banks she frequented. and one she hadn’t noticed until now. she sat down in a chair deliberately placed directly in front of the door. efficient motions. for the day. and had seen her through many tight spots. She hung up and sighed heavily. Sara-Jayne knew she didn’t look like a killer. Her work. She hadn’t eaten in almost twenty-four hours—a foolish oversight. Oh well.m. running her fingers delicately over every nook and cranny of the piece. was done. she cleaned her gear and waited for the phone to ring. but there it was. King The bags of coke. She also knew it was something of a travesty that her sins weren’t written on her face for all to see. She didn’t allow for surprises in her small. just as always. She stayed in a small hotel suite in the middle of the city—nothing beat the Chicago skyline at night—and it was as good a place to call home as any. with the sun peeking through the drapes. It was one of her favorite weapons. Best place for them really. She touched the gun as she might touch a lover. until the shape and texture of it was burned into the palm of her hand and into the shadows of her mind.Sherri L. She probably wasn’t paid half as much as the shit was worth on the streets. Eight a. After her shower. well-oiled machine of a world. 6 .. She picked up the receiver of the cordless handset on the second ring. She’d arrived back home by dawn.

Not that she really needed the added details. Sixth floor. Caucasian male. She answered on the second ring. downtown. rang again. He should be sleeping alone. as silvery a steel as the metal of the Walther. One target.” she replied. about thirty-five years old. but this time she was surprised by a different voice speaking through the receiver. We don’t have time to get you photos of him. she rose and wandered back into the bedroom.” She was already on her feet. “Embassy Suites. 7 .” He spoke the codeword promptly. she knew no one would mistake her for a school teacher. Before she could ask for any further details the phone clicked in her ear as her caller hung up. She knew her eyes. Do you understand?” She did. “Applesauce. But she usually liked to know a reason why she was taking out a particular target. No one looking at her now would be in doubt of what she truly was. It was by no means alarming. Brown eyes. The key card to his room will be waiting for you at the front desk of your hotel. “Yes. Finishing her sandwich. One hour after nightfall. Two hundred plus pounds. sitting here as she fingered her gun. heading to the closet full of darkcolored clothes. room 3033.” the man on the other end said. She lay down on the bed to try and get some sleep. were presently hard and menacing. Was he a drug dealer? An arms dealer? Worse? She couldn’t guess. as usual. discarded among the dishabille of her bed. “Good. it was not totally against protocol. tossing it negligently onto her vacated bed. Black hair. The phone.Ferocious However. laying out what she would need to see the job done properly. and though this was unexpected. her pistol hand tucked gently beneath her pillow. She had grown used to the same person contacting her to activate her missions. as usual. You’ll be paid upon notification of his death. the Walther gripped firmly in her fist. She shook her head and pressed the off button on the phone. “Pork chop.

SJ again touched the butt of her gun beneath her pillow. guns and other tools—she collapsed back down upon the mattress. blessedly. and it soothed her somewhat. She tried not to dwell too much on the coming night’s adventure—she needed her rest. she had no dreams at all. And when she did.Sherri L. King When SJ had everything she needed laid out and ready at the foot of her bed— clothes. 8 . She closed her eyes tight. as if she could will herself to sleep. It was a long time before she slept.

waiting for their turn on the elevator. People tended to ignore her when she looked as if she had a purpose. She had no silencer for her PPK. There was a white haired couple standing on the other side. She stepped inside and pressed the button for the sixth floor. Rudeness was abhorrent to her. 9 . It was safe to make her next move. casual stride. The elevator bell sounded and the doors opened up to the sixth floor. as if the car had been waiting on her. SJ pressed the button to go up and the elevator doors opened immediately. And she was always careful. She looked out of the corners of her eyes for any other bystanders and saw none on the floor with her. which would slow her down. but not cause any undue problems so long as she was careful. which SJ did. so no one took much notice of her as she entered the lobby. All of the rooms were only accessible from the inside. her movements swift and economical. SJ reached into the heavy folds of her coat and fingered her trusty Beretta lovingly—she’d left the Walther at her hotel.Ferocious Chapter One The Embassy Suites in downtown Chicago was a vast and elegant hotel. SJ was dressed well. She walked casually past the check-in counter and made her way over to the glass elevator. especially in herself. but the Beretta had a lovely silver pipe that would only allow a small popping noise through when the gun was fired. SJ nodded politely to them as she passed and entered into the hallway. She was nothing if not polite. She wouldn’t stand for it. She waited until the elevator doors closed once more before she turned in the right direction and headed down the hallway with an easy.

a man marked for assassination. It slid in easily. probably a few inches over that. like a lover’s cock might slip into her body on a warm. then stepped into the dark room. A stray shaft of moonlight sneaking through a crack in the heavy draperies illuminated his face for a brief moment and she faltered. heavy with muscle. Why then hadn’t she already pulled the trigger and made her way out of this hotel? Because that small shaft of light had revealed that he was a handsome man? No. as if inviting her in. and turned in the bed. her eyes quickly adjusting to the lack of light therein. and took careful aim. SJ took out her Beretta and silencer. that couldn’t be it. He’d done something to deserve it. steeled her nerves. The door to the separate bedroom was open. He had to be at least six feet tall. She screwed the lead tube into the end of the barrel of the gun. Sara-Jayne padded into first the casual sitting room. She would kill plenty 10 . She heard a click and the green light in the key card lock blinked. But something held her back. She slipped among the shadows as if she were one of them. SJ paused and took a deep. She pressed her ear to the door and listened for sounds of movement and heard none.Sherri L. all muscle and sinew. She had plenty of time. King Sara-Jayne stepped silently in front of room 3033. of that there could be no doubt. She reached into her pocket for the dummy key card her employers had provided. This man was her target. balmy night. Soundlessly. calming breath. covered perhaps in a fine sheen of perspiration. She had killed plenty of good-looking men. then farther into the bedroom. giving him a boyish air. The man stirred. perhaps somehow sensing the danger he was in. His skin gleamed in the darkness. cushioned his head as he slept. She never faltered. and who was she to resist? She stepped over the threshold and looked at the man lying dead asleep and completely nude on the bed. His body was impressive. signaling that the door was unlocked. His arms. and put it into the lock.

The blade never connected. her hand clutching the knife so hard her knuckles were bone white. And death did not come. and heard the popping noise of her silenced gun firing. She brought her hand swiftly up and over.” He squeezed her wrist in an impossibly tight grip and her gun fell from her numb fingers to clatter uselessly onto the floor. and the knife clattered to the floor despite her desperate struggles to keep a firm grip on it. She’d never been in such a situation. dodging the blow that was meant to kill him. He was simply too strong for her. She bucked against him. “You hesitated. She looked away at the last second. SJ had never encountered someone stronger than she in a fight like this before. SJ grunted. “You should know better than to hesitate. It unsettled her as nothing else had in a very long time. but he held her firm against his warm body. husky voice. Panic infused her like ice water from head to toe. like amber in the night. His nudity burned at her back like a furnace. But there was just something about this man that made her falter. upsetting his center of gravity so that he leaned slightly to the side of her. She knew death was imminent and prepared herself for the worst. She turned in his arms.” he pointed out in a soft. but vowed she would not go down without a fight. A hand shot out of the darkness and clamped down hard upon her wrist. stabbing towards his eyes with enough force to lift her feet from the ground. He then grabbed her knife hand and squeezed it much the same as he had the other. 11 . She gasped and opened her eyes to see her intended victim—unharmed—towering over her. She was certain she’d hit him in the chest and prepared to fire another kill shot to his head.Ferocious more. beyond speech. not even as a novice. brown eyes burning bright. She couldn’t bear to see her bullet hit its mark. and used her free hand to grab at the knife sheathed at her waist. She put her finger on the trigger and squeezed. The man moved at the last second. Some strange magnetism that he exuded.

his hold on her tightened. going down on one knee beside her. “You’ve a foul tongue on you. 12 . There could be no other description for the sound he made. Sara-Jayne increased her struggles. she didn’t have hadn’t a chance to escape. She rolled to the other side. uncontrollable panic. If anything.” “What shit are you spouting?” Sara-Jayne gritted out from between her tightly clenched teeth. approaching the bed. so fast his movements seemed blurred to her panicked eyes. but he was so fast. It reminded SJ of the cry of a wild jungle cat. He moved like lightning. King The man holding her seemed content to continue doing so.” he whispered seductively against the shell of her ear. The man caught her wrist and hauled her back to the middle of the bed. He brought her two captive wrists in front of her. “I was certain you’d be this fierce. and moved to straddle her struggling form. The man screamed. Her legs kicked out at the bed when he tried to lay her down upon it and he ended up roughly tossing her there instead. He lifted her clean off her feet and carried her deeper into the room. bringing her impossibly closer to him. He screamed in pain. from the moment I first heard your voice. crossing them over her breasts so that his arms completely enfolded her. and she tried not to notice his incredible. almost soothing warmth at her back as they stood there locked in a mortal embrace.” Sara-Jayne hissed and began struggling. He smiled down at her. slamming the headboard of the bed loudly against the wall. “Only the proudest female could have caught my attention as you have tonight. She turned her head and sank her teeth deep into his biceps. a brilliant flash of white teeth. wriggling against him in a rising. jaws clenching in desperate anger. but he did not let her go. She bucked wildly. pushing her shoulders deep into the mattress with his hands. I’ll have to break you of that.Sherri L.

her cotton sports bra fell away as if it had been no thicker than the finest silk. brutally.” He chuckled with the last word. Yet. Her breasts were bared to the cool air of the darkened room. “Get off of me. The man’s eyes were like firelight. and rolled once more to the edge of the bed. and as he looked down at her beneath him. There was no escape. I think. But again. She rolled. She felt the weight of his gaze as if he were touching her with his hands. SJ knew each of them well. She was too far gone in her desperate need to break free of his hold. and then her shirt was peeled off of her body. more interesting emotions. and his eyes roved over her nakedness freely. It was incredible large and heavy against her. “You might do yourself an injury trying to harm me. Violence and danger so often sparked off other. But the darkness seemed to be no hindrance to his sight. She shivered. can we?” SJ bucked beneath him. but he would not be moved.Ferocious “Calm down. his natural magnetism sparked off her nerve endings. But he rolled with her and landed on top of her once again. on the edge of panic. and we can’t have that now.” he crooned in a voice that was almost a purr. fighting for the upper hand.” she growled low. and her nipples immediately hardened as a spark of undeniable desire overcame her. making her fully aware of her state of undress upon his bed. “I’m not going to hurt you. warm and rich and golden. He grabbed the back of her shirt and hauled her back onto the mattress roughly. There came a tearing sound.” he responded with another flash of his white teeth. when it came down to it. fiery one. She renewed her struggles. SJ growled and 13 . He trailed one finger down the center of her chest. infuriating her further. his bare skin hot against hers. Too wild in her panic to notice something so insignificant as how he’d removed her bra so easily. taking in every nuance of her form. “Not now. and she did her best to do so now. SJ felt the swell of his naked erection press against her belly. unseating him neatly. trying to take him under. a loud explosion of noise in the darkness of the room. and just like that. She also knew how best to ignore them.

somehow always keeping her hands trapped with one of his as he worked. and what was more. He couldn’t get her pants completely off because she was wearing her big. connecting with him more than once. hard and erect. She used them now to kick out at him. He didn’t once falter or let her go. He’d spoken as if he’d no idea that she could hear him. the words more for himself than for her benefit. and felt the first real twinges of fear that she could not win against this man and what he planned to do next. SJ gathered her spittle and launched it at him in silent fury. He wiped the spit away from his eyes and put his hands back on her breasts. though she tried valiantly. eyes drinking in the sight of her. they both knew it. pale blonde locks. revealing her thick. His hand went to the fastening of her black slacks and he pushed them down around her ankles. SJ spat at him in a fury. It was just no use. Not even for a second. Taking the tattered remnants of her bra he tied her wrists to the bedpost. He grabbed both of her wrists in one of his large. “Beautiful. actually chuckling as her struggles and panic increased with each breath. 14 . stabbing into the center of his palms. SJ could feel her nipples. and ran his palms down over her breasts. He had her. but never fazing him in the least. and it unnerved her as nothing else ever had. His cock rubbed against the rise of her pubic bone. she was certain. But she couldn’t control her body’s response. shaking her lightly. “Do you know why you are here tonight?” he asked. never skipping a beat. King bit at him. so tightly that her fingers tingled. The other hand came up and ripped off her brown cap. He ripped her panties in two and threw the pieces negligently over his shoulder. his fingers biting gently into her flesh. heavy combat boots. strong hands.” he breathed. There was no point in ignoring his intentions. but he evaded her teeth.Sherri L.

SJ gritted her teeth. eyes glowing in the dark. the same way he might have pet a beloved animal. “To kill you. She wanted to kill him for this humiliation. with ease. She was nude and helpless before him.” “Brave words from someone in your very vulnerable position. bruising her. as though he were petting her. palms coming to rest against her pussy. I don’t need to.” he said in wonder. Dodging her kicks.” he said. “One way or another. he pulled her shoes off and then finally removed her pants. It had chilled others before him. “Do you think I deserve to be killed?” he asked quietly.” she pointed out. Once his hands reached her feet. “Do you even know why you were sent to kill me?” “No. “I am not. it’s more than obvious that you’re a rapist.” She didn’t bother to lie. She vowed she’d find a way…somehow. “Absolutely.” “So you kill indiscriminately? Never knowing what your marks have done to invoke the wrath of your absentee employers?” “I kill those who need to be killed.” she said tersely. SJ scowled. he quickly unlaced her boots. “I asked you if you knew why you’re here tonight?” he said again. “You still sound completely confident that you can accomplish this task. “Why?” “Well for one thing. 15 . his fingers digging into her hips. with a slow and wicked smile that she felt sure would chill him to the bone.Ferocious His hands stroked down over her. despite her wild struggles. His fingers dug deeper into her hips. fingers reaching out and digging once more into her hip bones. sounding affronted.” He ran his hands down the front of her body. I will kill you before the night is over.” she growled low.

making her nipples stand at diamond hardness. Why then. a little. Slave traders. bucking beneath him again. But not always—sometimes she didn’t need to know.” he said at length. muscular thighs.” “So you do kill people without knowing why you’ve been hired to do it?” SJ faltered. But this situation was a little different. She usually knew why she was sent to eliminate a target. trying to relax underneath his hot gaze. Something inside of her stirred. had she been sent to kill this man? She didn’t know the answer to that riddle just yet. It helped salve her conscience. “You came here to kill me. It was always SJ’s preference that she catch a perpetrator redhanded.” she spat. but keeping them held immobile between his bare. Very little. straddling her legs. “How can you be a killer?” he asked after several quiet minutes had passed. She couldn’t see any evidence of his wrongdoings anywhere. He might not be a rapist. “To keep you here until I learn more about you. How was it that she couldn’t resist the lure of this man? 16 . But she vowed to find out.” “Then get off of me. “I have no appetite for rape.Sherri L. assassins—she’d seen them all. King “Then why do you have me naked and tied to your bed?” She raised an eyebrow with a show of bravado that she certainly did not feel. She could see with her own eyes that they deserved killing. and her faceless employers knew this well. but it was evident that her state of undress was titillating his libido. She didn’t know why this man had been marked for death.” she snapped. “You’re so tiny—not even an inch over five feet if I had to guess—how could you hope to take down a man of my stature?” “Guns more than adequately level the playing field. Did your employer tell you why I was marked for death?” “It’s none of my business. He released her hips and sat back on his haunches. which was more than unusual. drug dealers.

” “Who was he. seeking his beautiful amber eyes in the darkness. I killed the man simply because he deserved to die. only just realizing how long ago it had been that she had started down this road she now traveled.” he bit out. His bright amber eyes burned through the darkness. “He was my stepfather. I really want to know. Lulling her to give up all her secrets. sounding as though his last reserves of patience were dwindling.Ferocious She tried and failed to cool her own traitorous libido and gritted her teeth against the grievous failure.” 17 .” The man sat back. She couldn’t let him live knowing who she was. “Tell me why you’re a killer. all spice and man. mouth open in a stunned expression. as if they were a port in a violent storm.” she admitted. His scent enveloped her. She grew dizzy with the effort of resisting him.” His knowledge of her name stunned her. next month. “Seventeen?” he marveled. “Tell me. deserving or not. She could have bitten her own tongue after revealing this—she had no idea why she’d even done it in the first place—and looked away from him swiftly. “I killed my first target at the age of seventeen. he’d have to die. But his body burned into hers and she had to look back at him. “Ten years ago. hypnotizing her.” She felt compelled to tell him what she had never told another and it shocked her. “Who could you possibly want to kill at the tender age of seventeen? Were you a hit woman then?” “No. “Your stepfather?” he breathed.” she said flatly. “I see.” She looked away. do you even know?” SJ swallowed hard. “I wasn’t activated yet. She knew now that. “And that is all I will tell you. Sarah-Jayne.

“Now. smelling of sweet mint. He shook his head.” “Let me up.” “No. his breath hitting her face. his white teeth blazing. “I don’t think I’ll tell you that just yet. “It wasn’t your usual contact. “You’re quite beautiful. a strangely animalistic movement.” Never dress lighter than the floor—SJ had heard this mantra from many a killer during her CIA training—and she always hid her silvery-blonde hair beneath a dark cap. The man nodded. “I want to kiss you.” she cried out. His hand idly stroked the side of her thigh. He smiled. I hate liars more than anything. glaring at him.” She eyed him suspiciously. “Such a beautiful pelt. panicked. taking in every detail as she lay helpless before him. it wasn’t.” she gritted out. bright eyes hooded with heavy dark lashes.” he whispered. It is a shame to hide it so. King “No you don’t. How do you know that?” The man chuckled. He leaned in closer to her. “Not yet. “Fair enough.” The man shook his head. but he held on tight.Sherri L.” His eyes roved over her nude body. both hands on her hips.” He stroked a hand over her head lovingly. his long dark hair shimmering in the moonlight. his hair moving like water over the breadth of his shoulders. Do you know who hired you for this hit tonight?” “No.” she growled. “Stop it. She felt far more naked now that she was without the hat. “Get off me. “Let me up. 18 . So don’t pretend to. Sarah-Jayne thrashed beneath him.” she growled.” “Why? Don’t you like that I pay homage to your beauty?” He tilted his head. and his eyes seemed to glow brighter in the darkness.

pulling at the bonds that held her wrists so mercilessly idle. His eyes burned as they looked down into hers. stealing her breath away. His flavor was of warm. SJ sighed and opened wide. 19 . cupping her breasts.Ferocious “Shh. She thrashed. His kiss deepened impossibly.” His tongue slid over her bottom lip. wanton response. SJ arched up into his touch. His hands teased her nipples. turning away from him. His tongue laved the seam of her lips. His hands wandered over her body. unable to control her raw. And she did try. She shuddered and opened her mouth wider for his demanding kiss. like amber stars in the darkness. He lowered his head and pressed his lips lightly to hers.” “I’m going to kill you the first chance I get. “I wanted to wait. pulling and squeezing them until they felt like bright stars alight on her chest. learning every curve and hollow of her form. then slipped into her mouth. He smiled and lowered his head. from neck to knee. You’ll hurt yourself. He took her head in his hands and held her still. Passion began to replace anger and fear. sliding her tongue alongside his.” she gritted out. He lowered his body over hers. She couldn’t control her rising desire no matter how desperately she tried. angrily fighting her own body’s desperate reaction to him. “Don’t struggle so. but it was no use. He released her head and stroked his hands down her chest.” he murmured against her lips. Her breasts tingled and her sex grew hot and wet. wanting desperately to taste him as he tasted her. “But your body has made a mockery of my self control. She fought against it valiantly. sweet cinnamon and spicy. His kiss was devastating. He stroked her like he might a beloved pet. gasping into his mouth.” He soothed her with his hands. aroused man. his skin burning hers from chest to toes.

He found her cunt and spread the lips of her wet flesh wide. his mouth never leaving her flesh. “My name is Dane. shuddering like a leaf on a tree. He moved down her body and put her legs over his shoulders. His hands moved down her body. He released her and moved back up her body. She felt frantic.” she begged shamelessly.” he murmured against her mouth. He took his cock in his hand and rubbed the great. “Fuck me.” he whispered.Sherri L. She’d never experienced a dark desire like this before. arching her hips up so that her pussy was pressed hard against his face and mouth. “Fuck me. his tongue laved the sting. When he reached her mouth he kissed her. “As you command. arching up against him. The wet sucking sounds his mouth made on her flesh drove her need desperately higher. but nothing could have prepared her for the storm of sensation he visited upon her. SJ knew what he was about to do. His lips roved down her throat and chest and he slurped one of her nipples into his mouth. needy. and he moved his head to her other breast to visit the same treatment on her other stiff nipple. and she tasted herself on his tongue. urging him closer. King SJ opened her legs wide so that he settled between her thighs.” he chuckled against her mouth. stroking her like he might a feline. chatte. Hot need made her womb clench desperately and she spread her legs wider. “You’re wet as rain and hot as fire. mushroomed head of it against her clit. 20 . He found her clit easily and licked her hungrily. Wet noises filled her ears and she moaned. His cock pressed hard and hot against her shaved pussy and she nearly swooned. his tongue licking along the seam of her pussy lips. His mouth closed over her.” she begged again. His teeth scraped against her. His tongue was surprisingly rough and long. her nails biting into her palms.

” she breathed. hard. keeping them from bouncing too painfully as they rode passion’s storm. then thrust back into her. hard rhythm with his body inside of hers. Then he slid his shaft deep. “Fuck me harder. The fat head of him popped into her flesh. He accommodated her. swollen clit. Her pussy pulsed and milked his fat cock. Her arms were still bound and she thrashed helplessly against him. moving to the heart of her. His cock head hit the mouth of her womb and rubbed roughly over her G-spot. When he was seated to the hilt. He took his thick cock in hand and guided it into her. He brought her legs up around his waist. and Dane knew every secret her body possessed. 21 . letting his name roll on her tongue like a prayer.Ferocious “Dane. and she nearly swooned. Her pussy burned and stretched to accommodate him. Her position made her breasts arch high and they bounced as Dane began a slow. his cock filling her fully over and over again. please. making her moan and gasp uncontrollably beneath him. he leaned back and took her breasts in his hands. so great was the resulting pleasure. She was stretched taut on the rack of pleasure. He repeated the action. “I’m coming. He rubbed the hard nubbin of flesh. Now he moved one hand down between them and his fingers found her wet. He was so long. and the headboard of the bed began beating against the wall. He withdrew his cock. SJ shuddered. as nothing ever had before. stroking her in all the right places until she was mindless with need for him.” she keened mindlessly. so hard were his thrusts.” she gasped. The first burning pressure of him against her made her gasp. Dane’s hands held her breasts still. stretching her impossibly. So incredibly thick. Tears filled her eyes. filling her until she saw stars behind her clenched lids. rolling it and squeezing it between his fingertips as he might her nipple. Fuck me so hard. Dane. His hips pistoned between her spread legs. tightening her legs about his waist and hooking her ankles at the small of his back.

as if a wild animal had slept there during the night. King “Come for me. A drop of his sweat fell and hit her lips. even as the sweat on their bodies cooled in the dark of the night. The bed clothes were in tatters. Dane was nowhere to be seen. baby.” he said breathlessly. Her cunt milked his cock like a mouth. steady breaths soothed her and his fingers sifting through her hair had her sighing with delicious contentment. She’d never come so hard. She looked around the room and when her eyes reached the bed around her. She screamed. riding out her orgasm. Her body was more relaxed than she could ever remember it being. not invite him back to the bed.Sherri L. filling her up and making her creamy with his moisture. SJ tried desperately to catch her breath. She was lulled into sleep beneath him. her body growing incredibly tired. Dane’s deep. cock clenching and spurting inside of her. violent thrust. He thrust a few more times. but shook her head against the foolish notion. He collapsed. He grunted and moved his hips in a circular motion against her. How did the marks get there? she wondered in a panic. With one last. three times. She darted her tongue out to taste it. twice. She grew dizzy. Dane groaned. And 22 . She looked about her on the disheveled bed and shook her groggy head. long and loud. savage claw marks on the headboard and on the bed itself. and she bucked wildly beneath him. and she saw his eyes follow her every movement. ragged claw marks everywhere. Her body was on fire. his head hitting the pillow beside hers. Her vision grayed. ***** It was full morning when Sarah-Jayne awoke. so long…so deliciously. once. her body let go. With one last shudder. she gasped. His cum splashed hotly into her. There were deep. She wanted to escape him. Dane thrust hard into her. his body urging her to the pinnacle. She thought to call out to him.

desperately needing to cover her nudity. and that scared her more than anything else ever could. The reminder of it hit her between the eyes like a bullet. She looked around the room for her clothes. Dane knew who she was.Ferocious who had put them there? Had she truly lost it last night? But no. She couldn’t let him live. though she couldn’t recall when he might have done it. She had no defenses against these disturbing feelings. She felt vulnerable. She was deeply disturbed and she hated the feeling. 23 . But how could she kill him—he who had already proven himself to be an even more efficient adversary than any she’d faced before? Did she even want to kill him now. Her eyes widened and she rolled from the bed in a bid to escape her shame and confusion. her hands could have never made the deep grooves in the wood of the bed. SJ was used to having complete control of her world. more than exposed. after the night of intense passion they had shared? She didn’t know. Her hands were free—Dane must have released her sometime during the night. knowing what he knew about her. desperate to hide her shame.

Sherri L. King

Chapter Two
Sarah-Jayne Destiny looked around at her new excuse for a home. She wandered over to the window of the small hotel room and stared out at the brightly lit Atlanta skyline—it certainly wasn’t Chicago, but it would do. She unpacked her suitcase with swift, efficient motions, learning her way around the tiny bedroom and living room so that she could navigate them even in the dark. She hadn’t brought much with her, just a few changes of clothes and her weapons case. She’d left in such a hurry that there hadn’t been time to pack more. Not that it really mattered—she hadn’t owned much of anything else anyway. Her nerves were frayed, but she fought against them with all her might. She hated to appear anything but calm, even when she was by herself and away from curious stares. But it was one of the most difficult things she’d ever done. All she wanted to do was scream out her frustrations until she either lost her voice or lost consciousness. She’d felt this way from the moment she’d awakened in Dane’s empty hotel room, naked and confused. Her senses were hyperaware. Colors seemed brighter, the cool night air felt decidedly chilly. Sounds were magnified—she could hear the couple in the room next to hers having a quiet conversation about how to discipline their wayward child. She oftentimes felt like this when she was on a job. But now, without a job to focus her angst on, she felt cut adrift and utterly helpless. With every scent, every sound, she knew something was dreadfully wrong. It had been three days since her night with Dane. But it felt as though only a few short hours had passed. SJ could still smell his scent upon her; feel his body pressed tight and heavy on hers. She swore she could still feel him inside of her, filling up all her empty places. It was more than a little unsettling.


She was no stranger to sex. Far from it. But she’d never kept a lover for more than one night, and she’d certainly never slept next to one through the night, before Dane. She’d loved them and left them without a backward glance. For Dane’s lovemaking to stay in her mind like this, it was like nothing she’d ever experienced before and she had no idea how to deal with it. Her cell phone rang. She answered it on the second ring. “Pork chop,” said the man’s voice at the other end. It was her usual contact. “Applesauce,” SJ responded in kind. “Your target is an arms dealer staying in the downtown Marriott. His room number is 8101. He’s a Caucasian male, mid-forties. He’ll be armed, and so will his guards. You are to eliminate all of them.” “Understood,” she responded. It seemed her stay in Atlanta would prove fruitful after all. They agreed on her fee and where to deposit the money, then promptly ended the conversation. SJ closed her cell phone and stared off into space, thinking. She wasn’t in top form tonight. Her mouth still burned from Dane’s kiss— something she couldn’t block from her consciousness no matter how hard she tried. Would this preoccupation cost her any advantage with her job tonight? She couldn’t say, but she feared it might. She shook her head as if it would jar the memories loose. It failed. Rubbing a hand through her hair in agitation, she went to prepare for her night on the town. Gathering her gear, SJ ignored the sound of people walking around outside of her suite and the smell of the kitchen downstairs. She packed her sniper rifle in a specially made cloth carrier and tried to calm her over-sensitized nerves. She put her hair up in her brown sock cap and grabbed her things, leaving in haste, wanting to get the night’s job over with. SJ went down to the front desk of her hotel and received an envelope containing the dummy key that would get her into the arms dealer’s hotel room. Her employers were nothing if not thorough. Dressed in dark brown from the cap on her head to the boots

Sherri L. King

on her feet, she left her hotel and headed on foot to the downtown Marriott. It was three miles from her hotel, but she dared not hail a cab, for such a mistake could lead the authorities straight to her door. Besides, she needed the time the walk would afford her to try and steady her frayed nerves. Tonight she carried her silenced Beretta. She had some flash grenades attached to her belt, and a knife in each boot. She hoped it was enough. There would be no remote kill here—she’d have to get close to her targets. Dane’s image flashed before her eyes and she smelled the spicy maleness of him tickling her nose. Her heart beat a wild staccato in her breast. She growled and pushed the image away, but his scent lingered as if it were now a part of her. This preoccupation wouldn’t do. If she weren’t careful she’d get herself killed this night. When she reached the lobby of the Marriott, she attained a deadly calm at last. Her mind focused solely on the task at hand, her nerves steady and keenly tuned. Colors still seemed brighter, scents and sounds much stronger. But it was not so different from any other night when she was on the job. She was used to such hyperawareness before a hit. It had saved her life on more than one occasion. She made her way up to room 8101, careful to appear as any other guest might have. She kept her face lowered to avoid meeting anyone’s gaze should they pass by. But there was no one in the hall with her, not now. There were two guards stationed outside the door, but they were less than the best. They didn’t even see her approach. SJ shot both of them in the head before they could even choke out a warning to their boss. They fell limply to the floor and she shoved them out of the way of the door. She pressed her ear to the door and listened for any activity within. She heard three voices engaged in conversation but no more. She hoped there were only three left. She needed to hurry and stash these two bodies.


There was a sound to her left as someone emerged from the bathroom. She fired off two rounds immediately. of this she had no doubt. She was seeing the evil inside of him. and tonight was no different. It was the face of pure evil. felling two guards in an instant. one shot to the chest and another to the head. She kept her gun pointed at him and checked the rest of the suite. If evil had a countenance. Nor were there any responses to the sound of her voice. It always helped salve her conscience somewhat when she could see proof of her target’s perfidy. A blur of motion caught the corner of her eye and she turned them swiftly back to her target. “You know why I’m here.Ferocious Moving swiftly and efficiently she slipped the key card into the lock and burst through the door. But how was such a thing possible? 27 . as she’d expected. SJ gasped. SJ blinked rapidly but the light did not fade. then it would have looked like the image before her target’s face. A dim halo of crimson light seemed to surround him. but for the dead guards and the cowering man before her. “Is there anyone else?” SJ asked her target. Approaching the man who seemed to be trying to roll himself into a ball against the wall.” she said simply. twisting and distorting the features of her target’s frightened face. There wasn’t one. finding no one. She took a quick glance at her main target—and surmised that he wasn’t armed. He had not moved. she leveled her gun at his forehead. again without expecting a reply. SJ cast a quick glance around the room. SJ turned and calmly fired upon him. but did not expect a reply. A face appeared. noting the dozens and dozens of automatic and semi-automatic rifles littered about. The room appeared empty.

What she felt within was anything but confident. Dane was sitting in one of the chairs in the room. and then the image was gone as if it had never been. “Don’t do that. SJ pulled the trigger twice.” came a voice from deep within the room. The screams grew louder in her head. King The face grew larger and SJ heard the sound of a hundred tortured screams fill her mind. revealing fangs several inches long. “Don’t!” She ignored his plea. She walked the three miles back to her hotel with an uneasy mind and a racing pulse. 28 . for once not taking stock of every detail surrounding her. She put the key in the lock and opened her door to the inky blackness within. She calmly closed the door on the carnage that lay within and walked out of the hotel with quiet confidence. half expecting to see the evil face again. two quick popping sounds filled the room and then all was silence. There was nothing left to see but the dead bodies of her fallen enemies. SJ dragged the two guards outside the door into the room and turned to leave. felt the deadly chill of it so that her heart seemed to freeze within her breast. SJ took the elevator to her room. SJ felt the face pass through her body. What had happened back there? What had she seen? She had never experienced anything remotely like it in all her years on the job. holding his hand up over his head as if to ward her off. She reached to turn on the light. It was more than unsettling.Sherri L. SJ steadied her hand with some difficulty and leveled the barrel of her gun at her target’s head once more. “No. SJ.” he begged raggedly. She spared another quick glance around the room. She was alone. SJ’s keen eyes saw almost as clearly in the dark as they did in the light. The face opened its gaping maw of a mouth. Without sparing another precious moment. eyes cast downward. The image seemed to hover over her target for a moment before streaking towards her lightning fast.

But her hands itched to touch him. Dane chuckled.” “I’m not touching you. “I’m afraid I can’t do that. You’re the one with the gun pointed at my face. You are.” “I didn’t really expect you to. “To help you. reaching instinctively for her Beretta.” “Chatte?” “You’re not ready for that answer yet. You must believe me. “Are you here to kill me?” she asked. I’m afraid to reveal more to you than the barest of facts. Look at you.” His smile disappeared and a very male heat entered his eyes. I didn’t come here to confuse you further. amber eyes eating her up.” she choked out.” “What do you mean?” she demanded. but you are. “You can search me if you like.” He rose and stalked over 29 . You’re shaking like a leaf. after all. myself. “Run your hands all over me to be sure. the most distrustful person I’ve ever met. “I should be the one asking you that question. damn you. It’s far too soon. “I’ll always be able to find you now. “I’m not here to hurt you. To explore every inch of him as he’d invited her to.” He held his hands up and slowly placed them on his head.Ferocious “How the hell did you find me?” she growled.” “Then why are you here?” she demanded. I. But you’re already so worked up. Her hand shook as she pointed the gun at him.” he responded simply.” she gasped.” Dane said softly. am unarmed. voice embarrassingly unsteady. It would make sense that you would be the strongest chatte as well. Just get out of my life!” she cried. “I don’t think you’re ready for that answer yet. “Get out.” “I don’t believe you. the strongest woman I’ve ever met. without a doubt.” “Stop talking in riddles. Dane sighed heavily. Dane smiled. You’re already changing. “I’m sorry. SJ.

finally putting her gun in its holster beneath her clothes. never once looking back. But you can expect to notice other. “I gather you’ve noticed that your senses are keener than usual?” “H-how could you know that?” she stuttered. Run if it makes you feel safer. “I’m going to leave this room. She grabbed the handle and leveled her gun at Dane once more. mind racing. entered.” “You’re going through a change. fully exposed for any passerby to see. “What am I going to do?” she asked aloud. “Just what the hell am I going to do?” 30 . stranger details about yourself than just enhanced senses. should you need me.” He slowly rose and came to stand before her.Sherri L. “Try and ready yourself for it. the sound of her voice startling in the silence of the elevator. smooth and graceful. do you understand. haven’t you?” “Stop beating around the motherfucking bush and just say what you’re here to say.” SJ moved to her weapons case where it rested on her breakfast table. You’ve only to think of me and I’ll come for you. He moved like water. you crazy bastard?” Dane sighed. King to her. lowering her gun at last. “And you’ve thought about me more than you are willing to admit. Not because she’d decided to let him live. you’ll not follow me. I’m here to help you understand them. Understand?” She gritted her teeth in the face of Dane’s stoic silence.” He held up his hand to stop her question. If you want to live. “Just shut up and leave me alone. “The demon you saw today… You will see others. stalking her with his eyes and his body. SJ’s breath sobbed out raggedly.” He sighed once more. It spoke volumes of her state of distress that she still held her gun in her hand. She darted for the elevator doors. And remember. There was no other word for it. “I understand. But I’ll be near if you need me. I’ll be there to help you. She looked around wildly. I won’t tell you what kind of change. “I said.” She turned and fled through the door. but to hide the violent shaking of her hand. and pressed the button for the lobby.” “Shut up!” she cried. “No.

” “Of course. like the last one. “May we come in?” “I don’t think so.” SJ swallowed hard. Chapter Three 31 . “We don’t need your permission to enter. missing nothing. not before Dane. “Sarah-Jayne Destiny? This is the police. She’d never seen such manifestations before. how had such a change come about? And what. Officer?” she asked sweetly. exactly would this change lead to? She wasn’t sure she was quite ready to know yet. Had she left some clue to her identity behind at the kill scene? How and why had they come to her? She looked about her at the guns that lay exposed for any prying eyes to see.” she answered. They quickly took stock of the room. We could quite easily obtain a search warrant and be back here within the hour. There came a knock at her door. There was no easy explanation for her to grab hold of. but cold as ice. She went to answer her door. “Come in then. Was he right? Had she begun some sort of change? If so.” The officer said finally. But this hit. Sarah-Jayne. Especially not the weapons.” Three cops entered her room. stepping aside.” she answered. She’d just come from another hit. had greatly frightened her. this time from a distance of five hundred yards. But there was nothing for it. At least. “We need you to come downtown to answer a few questions. She’d seen another monster resting in the face of her target. She was covered in sweat. Open up. no.Ferocious Two Weeks Later… SJ sat shaking in an easy chair inside her New York City hotel room. “Is something wrong.

“Do you have permits for them?” “Yes. “What are you. King “I’m afraid I can’t do that. hundreds of prying eyes watching as they left. rather than leave for a warrant and give her a chance to flee. “Sure. for now. checking them to make sure they weren’t too tight. She decided to play along with them.” She went to her weapons case and pulled out a stack of papers. She could hide behind her CIA credentials for a while when they questioned her about the killing. But not for long.” “I’ll have to cuff you.” SJ sighed. an arms dealer? Why do you need so many weapons?” “I’m CIA. SJ settled into the back of the patrol car and racked her brain for what to do next. “You’re under suspicion of murder.” he said to one of the other officers.” she answered truthfully. How interesting. “Take the guns as evidence. “—who do these weapons belong to?” “Me. no matter that her superiors had called for said assassination. “So you are a fed.” “Can we see them?” he said calmly enough. Even deeply covert agents were subject to the law. “I’m afraid I must insist.Sherri L. The officer searched through her things.” the man spat. You can check on that. They left the hotel.” He paused. and assassination was definitely against the law when committed on American soil. finding her wallet with her CIA ID nestled within. “All right. but licked his lips nervously.” “Sure.” she answered flatly.” “I don’t care if you’re fucking Mother Theresa. go ahead.” He snapped a pair of handcuffs around her wrist. She knew if she bucked against these cops they would arrest her. 32 . You’re coming with us to the station to answer some questions. Who—” the officer stumbled over his words.

missy. “On what?” “I’m afraid that’s classified.” “I didn’t know we were playing games here. “Either you play by our rules or we’ll lock you up for a very long time. The doors of the patrol car were locked. And besides. She wasn’t certain how to proceed. Sarah-Jayne. “You’ve got a smart mouth. The officers removed her from the car and escorted her into the building. otherwise she was certain she’d have seen the face of another monster hovering over each of their heads. and therefore it was out of the question that she kill them outright. “What is it exactly that you do with the CIA?” he began. “I gather intelligence. This was becoming an unsettling habit with her. There was no escape for her here. They led her to an interrogation room.” she growled. SJ entertained the notion of picking the locks on her cuffs. She thought of perhaps killing the two men when they moved to take her from the car. but they finally arrived at their destination.” He offered his name with a surly twist of his lips.” She smiled. parking her in an uncomfortable metal chair before a similar metal table. as hard-assed as these cops were. but doing such a rash thing in front of a police precinct would be suicide.” she said blithely.Ferocious The patrol car entered the fray of New York City traffic. noting the now familiar halo that danced about them. The officer leaned over the table and slammed his hand down on the table. But this halo was golden instead of crimson. SJ looked at the back of the officers’ heads.” “Look Officer…?” “Denbry. Without preamble the officer began his questioning. These cops were good intentioned and somewhat pure of heart. ire rising. It took a solid hour in traffic. but she knew it would be for naught. they were innocent in her book. 33 .

the other in the head. “And just from one tip?” “They said they saw you leaving a building not far from the mansion late last night. Now. King “Look Officer Denbry.” “That’s an awful lot of speculation. “And you took this tip seriously? How could they be sure it was me.” he growled. I have a strong feeling that if we study your guns we’ll find the weapon that was used for this execution-style killing. He spit out an oath.” “Where?” “At the Velmont mansion.” Denbry smiled smugly. you’ve found the wrong culprit. “We received a tip that placed you at a crime scene.” “Your superior doesn’t scare me.” She knew she was fighting a losing battle and racked her brain for how to proceed. That’s how we found you. I’d like to know exactly why you felt it was necessary to barge in on me today and search my room.” “Okay. “He should. “Two people reported that they saw you carrying a rifle back to the hotel. was found shot to death. silent for a long moment.” “We had a very good reason.” he snapped. We gave our description of you to the desk clerk and she gave us your room number. One shot in the heart. “Tell me what I’m being charged with or I’m calling my lawyer and my superior.Sherri L.” SJ chuckled with a cockiness she didn’t feel. a respected man in this community. “You know damn well you’re not being charged. SJ rolled her eyes. if it was in the middle of the night. in the dark? I was in my hotel room all night last night. Mr. 34 .” SJ said. Velmont. Yet.” “Well. Denbry leaned back in his chair.” she countered flatly. But what made you first seek me out?” she pressed.

She wondered where he was. Officer. It’s legit.” she lied again. “But don’t be so sure there’s evidence that will lead you to me. If you even so much as fart.” he said. I’ve got my eye on you.” SJ rolled her eyes again. It unsettled her more than this situation she now found herself in. Officer Denbry led her out of the interrogation room with a dark scowl on his face. I never left my hotel room last night.” Denbry cursed and leveled a furious gaze on her.” “Thank you for that wonderful imagery. Denbry bid them enter. our informant would recognize you immediately. there’s someone here from the CIA. “I’ll hazard a guess that if we put you in a line-up. “But don’t think this is over. no one in your CIA will be able to shelter you from the shit storm I’m going to visit on you. We checked just to be sure. “ “On whose authority?” “He has orders straight from the director. “Your people work fast. What was waiting for her beyond took her breath away. 35 . And when I have the proof I need.Ferocious “I think we’ve found the right one. There was a knock at the door.” She quipped.” she lied easily. and she could hardly believe it that her mind chose now to focus on him. unable to keep her thoughts off him in this stressful moment.” Denbry answered confidently. “Don’t leave town. Velmont. “Sir. Denbry?” She rose from her seat unassisted.” “I won’t. what he was doing. come to take custody of Miss Destiny. I’ll be on your ass like white on rice. rubbing her wrists where the cuffs had bitten into her skin.” SJ thought of Dane. Sarah-Jayne. “I know you killed Mr. “Can I get you to uncuff me now?” Denbry cursed again and took out the keys to the cuffs. “Cut it with the colorful clichés will you. even as her heart raced.

” 36 . dazed to see him there. “Are you all right?” he asked at once.” was all he said by way of explanation. They didn’t scare you. “I’m fine.” she answered.” he said softly. I got the orders from the director.” she answered. They were actually pretty easy to obtain—you must be a fine agent. the sobered instantly. “God damn it.” “I’ve never taken any time off. “As soon as I knew. They wanted to charge you with Velmont’s murder. “I think this line of work is too dangerous for you right now. “Not in all the years I’ve been doing this. what are you doing here?” “I’m getting you out of those cops’ eager hands. Dane.” “What do you know about Velmont?” she demanded. You need to take some time away.” He smiled. “Are you sure you’re all right?” “I’m fine. giving her hand another squeeze. “How would you know?” “I know. ignoring Denbry at their backs.” “Does everyone and their brother know I’m a trigger now?” she exploded. her guns stowed safely away in the back seat of the red mustang that waited behind him. King Dane waited for her at the entrance of the police department. “How in the hell did you get them to give you my guns?” “I have my charm. Dane entered on the driver’s side and eased the sleek car into traffic. He took one of her hands in his and squeezed it tight. did they?” She shook her head. mute. and crawled into the car. “I know he was your target last night.Sherri L. taking her under the protection of his arm as he led her to the car. I can’t believe I was careless enough to let someone see me going back to my hotel with a rifle in my hand!” “You weren’t careless. when I wish to use it. you were just preoccupied.

uncontrolled kiss. I swear it.” “What is happening to me. and she wiped them on her jeans with a nervous gesture. 37 . “Then what. We’ll go where these cops can’t find you again. They rode the elevator up to his room in silence. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up as chills raced through her body. His fingertips rested against her pulse and she knew that he was aware of her reaction to him. She turned and jumped on him. Dane grabbed her gun cases from the backseat and she followed him inside as a valet parked his car. making her shiver delicately. Dane?” she demanded to know.” he said. am I changing into? And why? How?” “I’ll tell you everything.Ferocious “I know.” “I’m only speaking the truth. Once they reached Dane’s hotel. SJ held her tongue as they navigated through traffic. “Let’s get to my hotel first. She would have sworn on her mother’s grave that she could taste the flavor of his kiss on her lips and tongue. Then I’ll tell you all you want to know. Her palms were sweating profusely. wrapping her legs around his waist and pressing her lips to his in a wild. Today.” “There you go again with that change shit. His hands cupped her buttocks. Her heart raced as Dane reached out and took her hand in his. I’ll keep you safe. But perhaps now is the time for you to take a step back. pray tell. SJ caught his scent in her nose and began to feel a little lightheaded.” With some difficulty. At least until your change is through. SJ felt his hand trace a path down her spine and she was completely lost. What the hell was happening to her? When they entered his room. kneading the flesh there until she was moving with sensuous abandon against him. if you promise to come with me.

unfettered by underwear. “Why can’t I stop this obsession I have with you?” “We are mated. surprising her. she pulled it off with quick. and she let out another alien purr despite herself. He gasped raggedly and she reveled in the knowledge that he was as lost as she to the heat of the moment. darting her tongue out to taste the droplet of pearly liquid that swelled from him. impatient motions. SJ pressed her face against him and breathed deep of his spicy. She clutched him to her. pulling it up over his head and tossing it to the floor. She wanted him inside of her. spilled heavily into her waiting hands. SJ leaned back and pressed a moist kiss to the crown of his penis. kissing him as if she would eat him from the mouth down. Her body shook against his and his hands moved over her back and buttocks in slow.” he answered. pulling them. SJ pressed her naked breasts to his chest and sighed with ecstasy as his skin burned into hers. sliding his long. Her fingers tore at his shirt. King “What’s happening to me?” she gasped against his lips. Her bra followed it to the floor just as swiftly. When she unzipped his pants. His words fell on deaf ears. soothing strokes that did nothing to calm her libido. Dane gasped and put his hands on either side of her head. fingers tangling in her hair. Moving her hands to her own shirt. Dane’s fingers fisted in her hair. She let her hands rove over his heavily muscled chest. masculine scent. Her head spun. rumbling purr escaped her lips. You crave my body as I crave yours. She wanted him to possess her in every way most primal. She wanted to crawl into him. and SJ welcomed the sweet pain of his impassioned response. His nipples stabbed like tiny pebbles against her fingertips and she rolled them expertly between her fingers. A sound like a deep.Sherri L. his cock. you and I. rough tongue against hers. She put her feet back on the floor and set about unfastening his jeans with eager fingers. 38 . his skin hot and smooth beneath her palms. pinching them. make herself a part of him.

She was so much shorter than he that this position was difficult.” he growled. pushing more of himself into her mouth. He had the most gorgeous. Without warning. But Dane raised her hips with his strong. so that his dick bumped against the lips of her hot. He jerked her pants down around her ankles and she stepped out of them eagerly. putting both of her hands up against the frame. tasting all that he had to offer. Dane lowered his head to her neck and bit gently into the curve of her shoulder. Dane snarled wildly and pulled her head back. sliding his cock out of her mouth. All mine. running her tongue along his length. He entered on a hard thrust and withdrew until nearly all of him had slipped free of her body. 39 .” she returned breathlessly. She slipped down until the head of him butted heavily against the back of her throat. impaling her on his thick. pounding rhythm in her. only to repeat the process all over again. He jerked her to her feet. SJ gasped. SJ was gasping for breath as he filled and stretched her body to overflowing. even as she licked the last traces of his flavor from her lips. she let him move deeper inside of her mouth. so that she groaned with the intense. and felt her body adjust to the invasion of his. Dane began a fast. delicious cock she’d ever wrapped her lips around. steady hands and moved her just so. “Don’t. Electricity danced from where he bit her. he pushed into her. reaching down to her breasts and womb. cried out. shoving her back against the door. wet cunt. He threw her around to face the door. Relaxing the muscles of her throat as best she could.Ferocious SJ opened her mouth wide and sucked the head of his cock into her mouth. She suckled him gently. “I can’t wait. Dane threw his head back and let out a groan that sounded animalistic and raw. “You’re mine you know. Her fingers bit into the wood of the doorframe. splintering it. Sarah-Jayne. moaning softly in the back of her throat. He pumped his hips against her. shocking ecstasy.” he gasped against the shell of her ear. turgid length.

eliciting a gasp from her parched lips. Just held her. and carried her deeper into the room. and she keened wildly. He 40 . cherishing her so that tears burned at the corner of her eyes. He laid her gently down on the bed and crawled in beside her. her nerves twisted on a rack of almost painful pleasure. It had been so long since anyone had held her. Her clit swelled to bursting. as Dane was doing now. His other hand rose and cupped a heavy breast in his hand. seeking a deeper penetration as her body’s hunger took control. fingers plucking expertly at her swollen nipple. Dane put his arms around her and hugged her tight as their breathing slowed. She looked at the doorframe and gasped to see ragged claw marks scarring the wood.Sherri L. causing her to move her hips back against him until he moaned around his mouthful of her flesh. His balls slapped softly against the back of her legs as his strokes gained in momentum and force. His mouth tightened its hold upon her shoulder and his fingers played her body like an instrument. Dane withdrew from her. his mouth never leaving her shoulder. filling her to her womb. flooding her with even more ecstasy. Her climax shook her with such force that she saw stars behind her tightly clenched eyelids. violent throb and she fell off the edge of reason. King Reaching around her body. needy tissue. the only thing keeping her on her feet was the impalement of Dane’s cock still within her body. She’d forgotten how safe and wonderful the feel of another’s embrace could be. he sought and found her aching clit and began moving his fingers in little circles around the swollen. letting out a hot jettison of cum deep within the well of her body. taking her into his arms once again. tingling and burning. Dane bit her hard and shoved himself into the heart of her. He lifted her in his arms as he might have a child. Her body gave a tight. Her clit tingled and burned. SJ felt her body tighten around his. and his dancing fingers only intensified the sensations. His release washed against her womb. SJ fell limp against the door. SJ rolled her hips back against him. He thrust hard into her.

” he explained softly. She had to know. “Why was I ordered to kill you?” “So that we could meet.” Dane sighed heavily. 41 . “How is that possible? H-how did you…how did you know my code word? How do you know anything about me?” “You are my mate. SJ. but needing to know the answer.” she exploded.” “You called me. knowing that if we were destined to mate you would never be able to pull the trigger. “How did you know to come for me?” she asked at last. you and I. “What?” “You heard me.” “You’re no longer human. How is that?” She frowned. not wanting to break the silence. Though you may not truly feel it yet. “I felt your panic from the first moment the police stepped into your hotel room.” “And what is that?” She had to ask. there’s no such thing between humans. “I called you that night and told you to seek me out and kill me. chatte. “I am CIA. for long moments. “I’m not your mate. And I had the CIA’s records to help me out somewhat. locked in each other’s arms.” SJ swallowed the information. You’ve changed into something else. I know more about you than you could guess. “So we could meet? What do you mean?” “I’ve been aware of you for some time now.” “How?” Dane toyed with a lock of her hair. SJ.” she gasped.” “They thought you were CIA.” She frowned. SJ stiffened against him. it will get stronger for you as your change continues.” “This is crazy. In every way.Ferocious pressed a soft kiss to her temple and they rested that way. “We have a strong connection now. thoughts flying.

of that I have little doubt.” she demanded harshly. SJ studied the strange. will get them eventually. “This is the mark of an alpha feline. King “I’m afraid to tell you. that she could too. speed. for the sake of her sanity.” He turned to give her his naked back. I’ll see to it.” “Just tell me.” he promised with a soft smile playing about his mouth. SJ nodded. “This is all so confusing. 42 . You. I trust?” Dazed.” “You won’t be confused for long. as will other traits. You’ll stay to hear the rest. You’ve been able to see the glimmer of the souls of the people around you. you’re turning into one of the Sacred People. agility and other things. You’re every bit the alpha female.” Dane sighed heavily. You don’t seem to be taking the news too well.” “What do you mean.Sherri L. look at this. “I’m famished. “I only hope you can handle the full truth. I feel as if my whole world is chaos. tiger stripe markings that tattooed his spine.” he said as if reading her mind. too. “Thanks to my possession of your body. “This is no tattoo. Here. Strength. This will grow stronger. feline? I don’t understand what you’re talking about. I think I’ll order us room service and take a shower before I continue this conversation.” SJ hoped.

“As I was saying. “Begin at the beginning. I. following you about for weeks. knowing instinctively when we have found our true match. I am not a human. your skills and weaknesses. I saw you and knew you were the one for me. Her hand was so small it was swallowed by his. drawing her gaze there more than once to trace the path of a droplet of water down his upper body. “Leave nothing out. “I speak only the truth.” Her breath escaped in a nervous sob. I first saw you in Beirut. “How is that possible?” she asked. I am stronger. making SJ feel more vulnerable than she cared to admit. I learned your traits and habits.” “I am not exactly a human being.” He paused and took a sip from his wine glass. but I see the world through the eyes of a Felinius male. broad shoulders. faster and more intelligent than mere humans.” He reached across the table and took one of her hands in his. like myself. part of a species known only as the Sacred People. “Our kind takes mating very seriously. but you got there first and dispensed with the terrorists before I even had a chance to. when you were on a job. I look like a human. I’m a member of a small faction of agents. “Don’t interrupt. I am a breed apart. too. “I learned everything I could about you.” SJ told him.” he started. I hunted you as thoroughly as any of 43 .Ferocious Chapter Four Dane regarded her over the remnants of his steak dinner.” “This is crazy. His black hair was still in wet locks hanging down to his nude. within the CIA. Dane’s amber eyes blazed at her. walk and talk like a human. had been activated for that job in case you failed. We seek the other half to our souls.” he admonished gently.

mute. SJ felt her body responding to his very virile maleness. eyeing her intently.” he said simply.” SJ swallowed hard.” “When you’ve changed. “You never even asked. too. In fact.” she sputtered. claiming them as one of our own. you’ll be asked to enter into our faction within the Agency. There are several of us working there in secret. your hearing and sense of smell more acute. I trust. “We are not strangers to them. Within a few weeks you will be of the People in all ways. Our essence spills into them.” 44 . “Why did you do this to me?” “Because I had to.Sherri L. At last I could stand it no longer. for our skills are very valuable in such work. SJ ran her fingers through her tangled hair.” “But what if I had succeeded? What if I’d killed you—did you think about that?” “It was a risk I was more than willing to take. “Would you have believed me? Would you have given in to me if you had?” Frustrated. “When my kind takes a human mate. Against her will. will grow stronger as time passes by. until you see nothing but the very soul of a person. they encourage us to become operatives within the government agencies. we change them. You’ve noticed the strange images in the people you’ve met since we first mated. Tell me the rest. good or bad. King our males have hunted their mates. “These images will only grow stronger. Your eyesight is no doubt keener. “Go on.” “The government knows?” she asked.” he answered. “I claimed you that first night in all ways.” “I can’t believe this. These traits. though the government does have some idea of what we are about.” SJ nodded. I called you and sent you on a false mission to eliminate me.” he continued.

Her nipples were long and hard as pebbles. SJ started. SJ cried out and felt a violent pulse begin deep inside of her as she. The light inside of him gathered and reshaped itself until SJ saw the image of a panther superimposed over his body.” He rose from his chair and walked to the center of the room. but I don’t know of any other way to convince you. her clit pulsing. As quickly as the sensations had begun. “How can this be?” she whispered. And in time…you’ll be able to do the same for me. forevermore. No. but her body had a mind all its own. and her fingers tore that from her body now. fearsome creature. her hips bucking as she felt the sensation of a hundred hands stroking and teasing her body. climbed towards release. Soon. bringing you. more than an animal. hard. gasping. She came. until SJ could have sworn he had the countenance of a panther or another wild jungle cat. her breasts and mons tingling. Something entirely alien. I’ll be able to speak within your mind. leaving her cold and disheveled before him. “Watch me. A brilliant halo of white light seemed to burn through his skin. He seemed more animal than man.” 45 . And now. “I have the soul of the Felinius inside of me.Ferocious Dane sighed.” he bade her. She was nude but for Dane’s shirt. illuminating the room.” he warned with a dark smile. And I’ll always know where you are. His face blurred and morphed. “I didn’t want to do this for fear of frightening you. and SJ felt an intense heat eat at her body. I can do this at will—for you are truly mine. and choked back a scream.” “This is impossible. She writhed in her chair. a beautiful. Her body shook. even from great distances.” “There is more. She tried and failed to temper her reaction to him. He seemed majestic and brilliant. “I called your beast. you do too. incredibly. the beat of her pulse becoming the center of her whole world. they ended.

gathering the barrier of his shirt around her naked.” she spat. “Believe it. and I know you’ll make a wonderful chatte. “I’m not taunting you. indeed.” she wailed. But for now I think I can help you to cope with this. He pressed a kiss to her temple and bent to whisper in her ear. SJ. if only for a short while. “Whether you believe it or not.” SJ gained her feet and reached instinctively for a gun that was not there. but a gift. And I promise that this is not a curse I have given you. falling limply into his arms. Incredibly. dream of him. Sleep and dream of me. “Sleep now. But she did. There is no escaping your destiny now. perhaps the strongest person I’ve ever met. my heart.” she choked out. “Cat. “Do you always solve your problems with violence?” he asked with a grin. it’s too much.” He came to her and took her in his arms. she knew no more. quivering body. King “I can’t believe this. the light in her eyes grew dark and.” “Chatte?” He grinned again.Sherri L. You’ll learn the truth of that soon enough. SJ fought against the urge to melt into him. “Don’t taunt me.” he commanded.” “I don’t believe this is happening. You are strong. He sobered. 46 . it is true.

She moaned as her body was swamped by a strong and immediate desire. She reached languorously to entwine her fingers in Dane’s shining black hair as he suckled her. strong fingers slid deep into her and she cried out as her body stretched to accommodate him. wet mouth pulling at her nipple. probing gently. The feel of the strands between her fingers was like cool. but SJ could see as clearly as she might have in full daylight.Ferocious Chapter Five SJ awoke to the feel of a hot. dripping with desire for his possession. He hooked his fingers inside of her and rubbed 47 . but she was so far gone in her passion that it soon didn’t matter. He had the softest hair of any man she’d ever known. SJ gasped and arched up beneath him. separating the folds so that her pussy opened up like a flower for him. Two of Dane’s long. she knew this was another new trait brought on by her change. His fingers slid along the moist seam of her labia. One of Dane’s hands strayed down over her belly and dipped between her legs. She could see so clearly that even the color of Dane’s bronzed skin gleamed bright through the darkness. Sweat dotted her brow. forcing his mouth tighter against her nipple. and soon her whole body was covered in a fine sheen of perspiration. It was dark in the room. smooth silk. She was already sleekly wet. “God. All that mattered was that Dane keep his hands on her body. His skilled fingers found her clit and rubbed in little circles until her hips were undulating with the need to be possessed more fully by him. tugging on Dane’s hair helplessly.” she gasped. making her skin slippery against his. Though she’d often been able to see well in the shadows. That her body could so easily surrender to him was almost embarrassing. toying with the fleshy folds of her hairless sex.

He put his hand over her heart and she felt that strange. spreading her legs wider in abandon.” His hooked fingers rubbed harder against her G-spot and she cried out brokenly. bucking on his thrusting hand. she felt her heart begin to race and her breasts tingle with mounting anticipation. and penetrated her deeper at that wicked new angle. “Please. round head of his cock into her softness. placing her feet over his broad shoulders. until he was seated to the hilt inside of her wet heat. using all his magic to push her to the highest pinnacle of passion. “Patience. body alight with pleasure. Her body quaked beneath him as his fingers thrust hard in and out of her wet cunt. “Shh.” she begged. pressing a finger inside of her alongside his cock. pushing her once against to climax. He stretched the flesh of her channel tight. magical pull that would soon make her body a puddle of desire. let her feel her body’s uninhibited response to his call. He let her hover there. before he finally pushed her over the edge. This time SJ screamed. He brought her. Before the tremors of her climax had even begun to subside. Sure enough. SJ let out a shriek that echoed around the room. Dane sat back on his heels. Dane removed his fingers and pressed the big. Tears leaked out of SJ’s eyes as her body was racked by the fading tremors of her release. his fingers never leaving her sex.Sherri L.” Dane whispered around his mouthful of flesh. But he slid deep. She’d been holding her eyes shut for so long that the lids ached and she opened them to see a brilliant white light 48 . inch after inch. She was now so sensitive to touch that she was soon thrashing and moaning mindlessly beneath his roaming hands and thrusting cock. Dane used this sensitivity to his advantage. King repeatedly against that magical place within her that soon had her gasping and moaning for release. her body nearly too tight for his impalement. He pulled her legs up.

His hips pistoned between her widely spread legs. She concentrated on his body. shredding the material with her fingertips as though the sheets were made of paper. sweet. 49 . She whimpered and moved to clutch the bed sheets to avoid hurting him further. her hair tangling across her face and shoulders. fighting against it. and heard him cry out brokenly. He galloped toward his own release. their bodies making wet. but they brought her nothing but pure.” she choked out. leaving furrowed scratches in his flesh. should have hurt her. Of that I have no doubt. His movements sped up.” He growled then. felt his cock slipping and sliding in it as he continued to ride her. torturous pleasure. a darkly animalistic sound that made her nipples tighten and her clit pulse wildly. She overflowed with his creamy essence. chatte. Her head thrashed upon the pillow. each movement deeper and harder than the one before it. “It’s too much. She cried out. SJ knew she could bring him. and SJ welcomed each thrust of his hips. Instinctively. She cried out. SJ felt her body climb the precipice to oblivion once more. his breath smelling of cinnamon and man as it fanned across her sweating face.Ferocious engulfing both of their forms. She clawed at his arms as he braced himself over her. The force of his thrusts should have bruised her. until she feared she might be split in half. the pleasure so intense that it was becoming pain. Still he rode her. He let out a cat-like scream and thrust harder into her. felt a pushing in her mind. His body throbbed inside of hers and he spurted his release hot and deep into her. and for a moment the light around him blazed anew. Unbelievably. “You can take my all. a light that nearly blinded her. feeling his thick cock pounding into her with greater intensity and speed. He grunted and gasped over her. sucking noises with each thrust and withdrawal.

Besides. on the verge of passing out. “I don’t believe in love. We need to get you out of the city. and she finally nodded. SJ rose and set about getting dressed in her discarded clothing. Dane. “And don’t even get me started on the issue of trust. amber eyes alight with an inner flame.” she agreed. “You’re already tied to me.” he said flatly. I won’t tie myself to you like that. “I’m a loner. seeing that he would not back down from his stance.” “I don’t need you to be. “We’ll go.—I have contacts there. “All right then. and then the pleasure abated. “It’s night outside.” “I never want you to leave my side again. She would have screamed but her voice had failed her.” she scoffed. and SJ couldn’t contain the contented purr that escaped her lips.” 50 . SJ frowned. you always will be. King A hot splash of cum reached her womb and she was lost.” she said at last. Dane collapsed onto the bed beside her. SJ rolled her eyes as she laced her combat boots to her feet. She gasped for breath.’’ he said. I’ve never been much of a ‘Susie Homemaker’. We’ll go together if you like.” “Love?” SJ laughed. “I’m not sure I could even maintain a relationship with you. You can’t expect me too. and no matter how hard you fight it. I haven’t trusted anyone since I was in diapers. “I can head for L. She dug her hands into the material of the mattress.Sherri L. “Together. “We need to get moving. though his legs tangled with hers so that they never lost contact with one another. feeling more than a bit trapped. “Yes.” Dane murmured later.” he admitted on a harsh breath.A. she kind of wanted him along. after their wild heartbeats had slowed. All I need from you is your trust and your love. and strangely unsure of whether she liked the feeling or not. She trembled like a leaf in a violent storm beneath him.” he said firmly. slicing it to ribbons.” SJ eyed him. Her body shuddered deliciously as he pulled himself free of her.” she said.

” he said with utmost confidence. a smug masculine smile. I don’t know how. 51 .” Dane smiled. though their thoughts were consumed by them. His closeness was interfering with her better judgment. They readied themselves in companionable silence. you are destined to love me. moving to take a lock of her hair in his hand. “or we’ll never get out of here. speaking no more of love or trust.” he said softly.Ferocious “Believe it or not.” “We can learn together. “Get dressed. “I can’t love you.” she chuckled. and set about gathering up his discarded clothing.

SJ hung her head outside the window and looked up to the sky.” SJ decided to trust him on that and turned to look outside her window. King Chapter Six As they pulled away in Dane’s Mustang. She’d tried to forget the reason why for almost ten years. True to his word.Sherri L. “My stepfather married my mother when I was sixteen—they didn’t tell us about it until a couple of weeks after the fact—as if they were ashamed of it. Me and my little sister and my mother moved into his mobile home with him and for a while it was good to have a father figure around. But we were happy for them. She didn’t want to tell him. She sat back and decided to enjoy the rest of the ride.” she said finally. “We’ve got company.” SJ had never told anyone why. Paranoid still. “You told me that you killed your first target at the age of seventeen.” SJ took a deep breath through her nose. We’ll easily lose him downtown. she did want to share the story. But then something unexpected happened. Dane maneuvered the vehicle between cars and buses and within half an hour they had lost their tail. SJ couldn’t help but notice that they had a tail. With him. Traffic wasn’t as bad as usual here. at last. Something inside her seemed to soften and she realized that. ignoring the image of their pursuer in her sideview mirror. studying the face of the plain-clothes policeman that followed them in a gray Crown Victoria. Good. She looked in the sideview mirror. Dane cleared his throat delicately.” 52 .” “I see him. There were no helicopters tracking their progress. “You know I have to ask you why you felt you needed to kill your stepfather. “It’s not a problem. “Yes.” Dane said softly. But it was as clear in her thoughts now as it had been that fateful day when all her innocence had been lost. but as they made their way into the downtown area it became thicker and harder to navigate.

if ever closed—I found my stepfather and my sister having rough sex on my bed. I didn’t really suspect anything was going on at first. My poor sister lay there beneath him as he rutted on her.Ferocious “But…” Dane urged her to continue. about six months after we’d moved in. I went to the fridge to get some water and trudged to the back of the mobile home where the room I shared with my sister waited. I just figured she was going through some growing pains. you know? After all. tears streaming down her sweet face. I don’t know what came over me. “When I opened the bedroom door—which was rarely. I remember I wanted to get a book and spend the rest of the day lounging and imagining myself in a different world. always made sure we had at least one loaded rifle in the house.” Dane nodded. but I grabbed the gun and shoved the barrel in his face. to leave my sister alone. mutely imploring her to tell him more. I saw red. I noticed that my sister was suddenly very quiet and subdued—something very rare for her in those days. “My mom. breaking my nose. SJ?” he asked in a hoarse whisper. She took a deep breath. having grown up on a remote farm. She kept one behind the front door and I’d shot it before— Mom made sure we knew how to handle guns from the time we could walk. I told him to get up. 53 .” “What happened. He chased us down and punched me in the face. “Then one day I came in early from my fast food job. Then he grabbed my sister again and threw her to the ground. He crawled over her—actually daring to try and mount her there in the front room where anybody could have seen. He was crazy. “My stepfather became angry—violently angry. and SJ knew he suspected where she was going with her story. “Well. I grabbed my sister’s hand and hauled her away from the room. she was four years younger than I and only just going through puberty. I screamed at him and shoved him off the bed.

the bastard. homeless and alone. hitting him in the chest. He died before he hit the floor. And I was tired. It seemed silly. and offered me a job. “My mother came home. to think a refined man in a business suit could mean me too much harm. even knowing what he had done to her own daughter. I turned my head and shot the gun. I stayed that way for three months. I remember being scared at first. So I ran.” “What happened after the three months?” “A man in a suit approached me. At first I had no real idea what I would be doing for the CIA. a murderer. threatening the only father figure I really knew with a gun. She slapped me several times more. at the time. He grabbed my sister’s breast and twisted it cruelly—he left bruises on her. anonymous.” 54 . but since he was dressed so nicely I didn’t stay afraid. Of course I didn’t. The man came to me one night as I slept in my car. I lost myself in the vastness of New York City. blood running a river down my face. By that time. I told my mother what had happened and showed her the body. but the pay was phenomenal and all I had to do was report in once a week and give my whereabouts. I thought she would understand why I had done as I did. tired of being cut adrift from all I knew. “She slapped me.” “What happened then?” Dane asked her gently. My mom wouldn’t believe half of what I told her.” “And you took it.Sherri L. causing my nose to bleed again. There I was. But she didn’t react the way I had expected. I couldn’t bear it. “I didn’t want to go to jail. She called me a monster. I’d put my sister to bed—she’d been so shellshocked. even with the evidence plainly staring her in the face.” “I did. and still he laughed. I was stunned. I took my car and drove straight from my home in Georgia to New York. Tired of hiding. King “He laughed at me. and she called the cops to come and take me away. But she sided with her husband.

” He chuckled. stability and heaps of money. “Yeah. SJ took a deep. Another hit man taught me most of the time— showing me the tricks of the trade. SJ digested that.” She tried a weak smile.” They were silent for a long moment. so to speak. each lost in their own thoughts. My parents are retired from active service and my grandmother lives with them in a quaint little southern home—you’ll love it. “How wrong I was. Dane?” she asked at last. He showed me enough for me to know what was going to come next. “Where are we going. but who was I to turn away from such a life? I was already a murderer. I could at least lend my shameful skills to our great country. Four weeks into the job they invited me to a shooting range and taught me how to use various weapons. Many of our people work within government agencies—we’ve a natural knack for it. I knew from birth that I would likely end up where I am now.” “And you’ve been an operative ever since. So I took the job.” “Why?” “To meet my family. “W-what?” “My family. “I’m taking you to Atlanta. I chose the CIA because it seemed glamorous at the time. I didn’t want to take the job.Ferocious “How long was it before they assigned you your first hit?” “Six weeks. “What if they don’t like me?” she asked in a whisper.” He turned and winked at her. An unforgivable offense. if you were to ask them. right?” SJ couldn’t help but laugh with him. “What about you? Why did you become an agent?” “Because I am one of the Sacred People. They offered me a job. I thought. They’ll be thrilled to meet you and I haven’t seen them in a few months.” “Yep. shocked breath and choked on it. 55 .” He chuckled again.

His warm. A lot had happened to her in the last twenty-four hours. nude body. He booked the room for them as SJ waited outside in the car.” But his face clearly said that he wasn’t. SJ wasted no time. With water in her eyes she didn’t see Dane come into the bathroom. wiped the soap from her torso and bent his head to her breast. “You shower with the curtain open?” SJ squeaked and jumped in surprise. 56 . She furiously covered her traitorous body with white soap bubbles and tried to ignore his very volatile presence.Sherri L. Dane.” Dane took the next exit and drove to the first hotel they spotted. a risk for someone in her position.” “Sure. chatte.” He grinned and came closer to her. they’ll love you. shucking her clothes the moment the door closed behind her. “I can’t think straight when you do that.” “Sorry. “Don’t sneak up on me like that. taking it deep into his mouth. The hotel’s rooms were accessible from the outside only. “Stop looking at me. I can kill with my hands as easily as I can with a weapon. Dane came back and gathered their things. She went to the bathroom. SJ docilely followed him up to the second floor where their room waited. The room was small. King Dane laughed. pushed the shower curtain open and stepped into the warm spray with a grateful sigh. I know they will. but it would have to do. throwing back his head. It was impossible. not really. amber eyes drank in the sight of her wet.” “That’s the point. Her nerves tingled and her nipples hardened under his gaze. putting her guns safely inside the trunk of his car. with a double bed in the center. “Chatte. turned on the shower. badly. She really needed a shower and she needed some time to think.” she growled. “Can we stop at a hotel here? I need to clean up. SJ felt things low in her body tighten with desire—he was so beautiful. a small desk and chair and a television. She watched the white line on the road weave back and forth on the crooked road.” SJ swallowed that.

her body on fire with need. and Dane let her. He brought his teeth gently into play. his skin as hard and smooth as marble. all her hidden pleasures. kept her from falling in a heap at his feet. fresh scent of peppermints. His hands roved over her slippery skin. finding all her secret places. When his fingers probed the slit between her legs. his arms coming around her again as she dropped his shirt negligently to the floor. Breathless and dazed. thick and muscular. that SJ felt the first pulses of release tickle eagerly through her body. His hair. All coherent thought fled as sheer instinct took over. was enormous. Dane held her up. drenching his clothing. felt like satin on steel beneath her questing fingers. Dane shuddered against her and growled low in his throat. She bent and licked his nipple. silkier than mink. He put his lips to hers and kissed her so deeply. His hands sought out her buttocks. It was the sound of a jungle cat claiming his mate and it made SJ’s pulse race dizzyingly. heavy and straining behind the prison of his jeans. With desperate hands she pulled his shirt up over his head. SJ dragged her lips away from his and traced her way over his jaw and down his throat where she took a tiny love bite. pulling her close against him. sucking it until it was hard as a pebble in the wet cavern of his mouth. ignoring the water that sluiced all over her body. reveling in the gasp that her caress wrenched from his lips. pressed against the juncture of her thighs. Her hands kneaded the muscles in his forearms. 57 .Ferocious SJ melted. his breath the warm. exploring every inch of his deliciously exposed skin. her knees went weak. Something was happening to her body. so carnally. She shuddered against Dane. Her hands roved over his body. And his cock. despite the coolness of the water. She was growing hot. His chest. tugging at her nipple. and she brushed the tips of her breasts back and forth against his chest. He was magnificent.

It was sheer madness. as surely as he had claimed her. branding her as his. She was so wet. Something inside her demanded that she mark him. Their bodies made wet. When her nails raked down his back a second time. She wondered that she didn’t soak them both with her honeyed need. but she didn’t care. filling her. Reveled in it. His fingers bit into the flesh of her bottom. Her hands fairly itched with the need to clutch at him. sucking noises with each movement. the sound driving them both a little wild. stretching her. she raked her nails gently down his back and was rewarded with a fierce purr that rattled her whole body. Sighing. broken voice. “Hard. so swollen and tender. squeezing the plump flesh with every slick stroke of his body within hers. He let her body slide down over his. to dig her nails into his delicious skin and hang on for dear life. King Dane groaned and lifted her out of the shower. pulling her tight and hard into his every thrust. His hands held her buttocks. pointing longingly at SJ’s quivering form. tightening her legs around his waist. “Scratch me. Dane threw back his head and let out a cat-like scream. With one mighty lunge he was inside her. He thrust harder into her. moaning. catching his breath as he did so. their bodies close to release without even having to join with one another. They both stared at each other in shock and surprise. making her gasp. She craved his power. It dipped under its own heavy weight. He lifted her against him and she wrapped her legs around his waist. that every touch made her whimper with delight. Dane shoved her up against a wall with one hand and with the other he freed his hungry member. Dane lifted her up against him and took a breast deep within his hungry mouth.Sherri L. bumping her head against the wall. this time a little rougher than the first.” he said in a shaken. riding him as he rode her.” There was no way she could have refused. 58 . claim him. Impatiently. making her moan.

their song sounding like two panthers in heat. Dane pulled himself from her body and gently set her down on her feet. She told Dane and he promised her they would stop at the next mall they came across and get her some necessities.” SJ finished for him. It tightened like the string of a bow. his come splashing hotly into her womb. Her body quivered. had developed a similar halo. surging into her body. and she cried out as her soul soared in ecstasy. “Incredible.Ferocious Her whole body shuddered like a leaf in a hurricane. even to SJ’s ears. Her body milked his. She rotated her hips. and thrust her breast up into his suckling mouth. She blacked out for a second then came back to find herself resting limply against Dane. too.” SJ laughed and playfully invited him into the shower with her. “Looks like you need another shower. She dug her nails in deeper at his back and he screamed again. she realized that her body. With no small degree of shock. She took ever drop he had and demanded more with each movement of her body against his. took shape as a halo around his head. She’d have to buy some more and fast. They looked at each other and grinned like two happy loons. “My god. making her writhe with the delicious torture of being completely within his power. Her release triggered Dane’s and they both cried out.” she gasped. Two hours later SJ was putting her clothes back on. facing the sad truth that these were now the only clothes she owned. Dane brought forth her beast. “That was…” Dane was as breathless as she. taking him even deeper into herself. the cat. Dane’s other self. 59 . A bright light filled her eyes.

but thankfully. Dane did not tease her. SJ watched as Dane and the man fought. it was true.Sherri L. “No. to find herself in love so fast and so surely that her head spun? It was madness. Dane pressed a soft whisper of a kiss against her temple. chatte. She loved him. Time seemed to slow. she knew that something far greater than attraction had bound them together. Her traitorous heart sang with the knowledge that he loved her. King Dane grabbed her arm as she passed and planted a rough kiss to her swollen mouth. Get used to it.” SJ shivered. “D-Dane. She swayed and sat heavily upon the bed. Sheer madness. I…” She faltered. You can’t—” Dane put a finger against her lips to shush her. Her cheeks held a faint blush that she knew betrayed her. 60 . Love him? How was such a thing possible. But Dane was faster than she. and something incredible—unbelievable—took shape before her. avoiding Dane’s concerned gaze.” he murmured softly against her lips. So softly that at first she didn’t believe what she had heard. Afraid to face the truth. SJ cried out and looked for the nearest object that could be used as a weapon. “I can and I do. but she had known many beautiful men. How had she fallen so quickly for this—this strange creature that was more than a man? He was beautiful. “What?” “I…I…” The door burst open and a man in an NYPD uniform surged into the room. “I love you. He ripped the phone out of the wall and used it to beat at the intruder’s head and shoulders.

” He chuckled ruefully. Her senses. as if his face were that of a monster. “How do I know that he’s raped children?” “It’s your instincts manifesting themselves at last. laying him out flat on the floor. leading her to the door. we have to go. I’ll just bet they had a helicopter tracking us the whole time. He was a child molester. SJ at last let her beast run free. A loud snap in the room and he was unarmed and in serious pain.” Dane said brightly. With a wild cry. gathering their belongings in a rush that belied the lightness of his tone. Trust them. 61 . They will never steer you wrong. She saw the proof of his evil rise up and consume his countenance.Ferocious She saw the image of a black mask appear over the policeman’s visage.” she cried out and punched the man solidly in the throat so that he fell.” Dane punched the man in the jaw. “Do you see that?” she gasped. breaking his wrist in the doing. “How did he find us?” “Motherfucker. choking at her feet. long before she’d even met Dane. SJ surged forward and knocked the gun from the man’s hand. that driving force that had really always been a part of her. Damn! Why didn’t I think of it before? I can’t believe this. hyperaware and keen as a blade.” “He’s raped children. “Come on. told her definitively that this was no mere policeman but an enemy that needed to be eliminated. “When I’m around you I just lose my head. SJ felt her body move before she knew she’d meant to do so. that wild presence inside her that now drove her every thought and feeling.” he said. “Freeze or I’ll shoot!” The man pulled a gun and leveled it at Dane. “I see it.

” she said. she stapled the picture to the man’s head. “I know. She went to the small desk in the room and grabbed the tiny.” Dane said. Without knowing what she meant to do. They’ll forget us when they find him like this. 62 . he could not follow them again.” “Thank god.” she said and turned to the man lying unconscious on the floor.Sherri L. There’s nothing I hate worse in the world. “Let’s get out of here. anyway. with no small amount of glee.” she said by way of explanation. She came back and. letting him lead her from the room. she delved her hands into his pockets. with that small trophy of his stapled to his head. “Amen to that. “Fucking pedophile. King “Wait. For a little while.” She spat on him for good measure. “The police will recognize that girl and ask him some very pertinent questions about her. What she found was a battered picture of a little girl—a girl SJ knew instinctively had been his victim. She then took the policeman’s handcuffs and cuffed him to the bed so that if he woke up. grabbing her hand and pulling her along behind him. disposable stapler.” she said and kicked the unconscious man in the ribs. Long enough for us to get as far away from here as possible.

Take care of him.Ferocious Four weeks later New Orleans The phone rang and SJ grabbed it on the second ring.” The voice paused. human cargo.” “I understand. “Good. “Pork chop. “Your target is a slave trader.” Epilogue 63 .” she said.” “I love you. “I love you too.” “I will. Be at the docks at eleven o’clock tonight.” she replied. “Applesauce. He’ll be accepting a shipment of live.” said the voice at the other end. He won’t be alone. SJ smiled. “Be careful. his henchmen and make sure the cargo lives.” SJ’s heart sped up and her smile grew wider. Dane.

About the Author Sherri L. You can write to her c/o Ellora’s Cave Publishing at 1056 Home Avenue. . OH 44310-3502. Akron. though she’s been known to dabble in several other genres as time permits. King lives in the American Deep South with her husband. Sherri welcomes mail from readers. artist and illustrator Darrell King. her primary interests lie in the world of action packed paranormals. Critically acclaimed author of The Horde Wars and Moon Lust series.

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