Applications are invited from eligible Retired officers of State Bank of Bikaner & jaipur, Associate Banks of State Bank of India, State Bank of India , RRBs sponsored by State Bank Group & Public Sector Banks for appointment as Channel Management Facilitators (CMFs) in State Bank of Bikaner & jaipur & MGB Gramin Bank on Contract Basis. The eligible applications will be considered for appointment as CMFs in Banks in the following order of preference: 1 st preference: Retired officers of State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur. 2 nd preference: Retired officers of State Bank of India and other Associate Banks. 3 rd preference: Retired officers of RRBs sponsored by Associate Banks/ SBI. 4 th preference: Retired officers of other public sector Banks. VACANCIES : Total 44 provisional vacancies spread over Rajasthan for SBBJ and 20 provisional vacancies for MGB GRAMIN BANK (Reservation policy not applicable). The list of the locations for which CMFs are required is given in the Annexure. ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: Middle Management Grade Scale - II to SMGS V officials retired on attaining superannuation from State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur/ State Bank of India & Associate Banks / RRBs sponsored by Associate Banks & State Bank of India/ Public Sector Banks.
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Age not less than 60 years and also not more than 62 years as on 07/04/2012. The officers voluntarily retired, retired under VRS/ Exit Option Scheme or left the service before superannuation are not eligible. Retired officials should have undoubted integrity. Applicant should not have been subjected to punishment/penalty by the employer Bank during last five years before his/her retirement. Cases of CBI or other Law enforcement agencies should not be pending against the applicant.

• Applicants should be physically fit to carry out the duties of CMFs which includes continuous visits to villages.
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Applicants should be able to read, write and speak local language. He should be resident of a town /village which is within the commutable distance from the FI villages to be monitored.

HOW TO APPLY The eligible candidates would be required to apply on prescribed Application Format attached to this announcement, duly certified by concerned employer Bank. Applications received without the Employer Bank Certification will not be considered. The Application should be sent in an envelope marked “Channel Management Facilitators in SBBJ/ MGB Gramin Bank (strike out not applicable Bank name) and send to:The Deputy General Manager, Financial Inclusion Department, State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur, Head Office, Tilak Marg, 'C' Scheme, Jaipur PIN-302005 so as to reach on or before -20/04/2012.

the balance maintained in the accounts sourced by the BCs/ PoS operators / BFs / the number. current accounts. and submit reports on the same to the AGM (Controller) concerned on regular basis. Tracking the business sourced by the BCs/ PoS operators / BFs through the Channel Management Software and creating reports at regular intervals and submission of the same to the AGM (Contorller) concerned. There will be no reservation for SC. The normal functions of supervision and control of the BC/BF Channel will be carried out by the CMFs. number of insurance policies sold. aid and assist the Bank’s serving officers. 2 . advise.SELECTION PROCEDURE: The selection is based on performance in the inter view and subject to order of preference mentioned above. They are the intermediaries between the Bank and Business Correspondents/ PoS operators with no financial or administrative powers. with the approval of the concerned Regional Manager. OBC. etc candidates. no-frills accounts and term deposits to be sourced. The CMFs will perform the following functions. Communicating targets to the BCs/ PoS operators/ BFs and reporting on their performance on a regular basis by conducting surprise visits. Minimum qualifying marks in the interview will be 50% (50 out of 100 marks). Assisting in settlement of Key Performance Initiatives in terms of number of savings. number of mutual funds sold etc. value and type of loans sourced and the number. JOB-PROFILE. whichever is lower on production of Xerox copy of tickets after they attended the interview. value of loans written off. type and value of loans rejected. Helping in identifying suitable Business Facilitators/ Business Correspondents or PoS operators in their area of operation and initial screening. The CMFs will be responsible for soliciting leads for targets for the BCs/BFs working in their area of operation. who will also provide feed-back on the functions of the BF / BC / their Agents to enable the Bank to take necessary corrective action wherever warranted. The outstation candidates will be reimbursed journey charges within a maximum entitlement calculated based on AC 3 tier rail fare by shortest route from the place of domicile or the actual fare incurred by the candidate. They will provide support and guidance to the BFs / BCs / their Agents working in the area of their operation to help achieve their targets and also provide the necessary feed back to the branches and controllers about their performance. ROLE & RESPONSIBILITIES OF CHANNEL MANAGEMENT FACILITATORS (CMFs): CMFs role is to co-ordinate. PWD. checking written records at least once in a month and conducting joint sales visits etc. ST.

Annex. maintaining record and reporting. Training of BCs/ PoS operators and their handholding. running promotional programmes including liability products.Coordinating with concerned officials for calculation and payment of commissions at predetermined rates.(BC/BF FORM/6 . Submitting feedback form on BCs/BFs from customers Any other work not enumerated above pertaining to Financial Inclusion Project or UIDAI Project of the Bank entrusted to them by the Regional Office/ Head Office of the Bank. Supporting the BCs/ PoS operators / BFs to source high value business across all products. Making available adequate account opening forms. Exercising due diligence in monitoring and supervision over the BFs/ PoS operators/ BCs / their agents.II) Assisting link branch in handling complaints & grievances. 3 . To coordinate with BCs /BFs / PoS operators and conduct awareness campaign among the populace residing in the area of operations. publicity material. Claims submitted by BCs/BFs to be verified with Branch reports and certified for payment. at regular intervals once in a quarter. Obtaining feedback on each BF / BC / PoS operators from customers selected at random. pamphlets on schemes and products of the Bank to BFs/ BCs/ their agents.I) Maintaining Tracking Sheet for BCs/BFs. Enhancing activity level of PoS operators/ BFs / BCs and their agents. applications for various loan products. Reporting any adverse feature/act of PoS operators / BF /BC / their agents not being in the interest of the Bank. (BC/BF FORM/7 . Recommending for disengagement of inactive PoS operators/ BFs / BCs and their agents Regular visits to PoS operators/ BC / BF outlets.Annex.

000/-p. subject to continued good performance and physical fitness of the official. officer has exceeded the target 4 . During the contract period the performance of CMFs will be reviewed halfyearly.a. The CMF can terminate the contract of employment by giving one-month notice or by paying an amount equal to one month’s compensation for this purpose. The CMFs will report to the Assistant General Manager of the Region concerned under whose control they have to work.000/Nil `48.000/`12.000/`14. and 30th September) and the Bank may decide to terminate the contract of service. The renewal of contract shall depend on the performance and suitability of the CMFs at the Bank’s discretion and needs of the Bank. CMFs shall also have the option to renew or not renew their contract of service at the time of expiry of the current term of the contract. `36. `42. The Bank shall inform them about the renewal of contract period before 3 months of expiry of the original contractual service and absence of this will be deemed as termination of contract on the last date of the original contractual service.a. the Bank at its discretion may terminate the contractual appointment by giving one months notice or one month’s gross emoluments in lieu thereof to CMF at any time during the contract of service.000/-p. if the performance of the CMF is not found satisfactory.000/-p. Apart from this. One month’s fixed pay for the current year will be reckoned as one month’s compensation. REMUNERATION The monthly fixed remuneration & annual variable pay would be as under:Contract Monthly Period Fixed Amount of Variable Pay (` Per annum) Who achieve Who achieve Who achieve more than 100% Pro-rata under Remuneratio less n than exactly 100% 100% of the of the target* target in categories (a) (b) Nil Nil Nil (c ) `30. PERFORMANCE MONITORING AND TERMINATION OF CONTRACT The performance of the CMFs will be reviewed every six months (31st March.000/- same additional % of variable pay by which the 4th Year `16.SERVICE CONDITIONS: The engagement would be initially for a period of 2 years which may be renewed by two more years or up to the age of 65 years whichever is earlier. all each category (d) In addition to the variable pay mentioned in column (C) performance incentive will be paid which will be the 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year `10.a.a.000/-p.

The Bank shall have absolute right in its discretion to either grant or reject the application for leave. Head Office.per annum. CMFs shall be entitled to 15 days of leave in a year on a pro-rata basis including leave for sickness. subject to a maximum amount of ` 2000/. outside their head quarters/ area of operation. The CMF cannot claim Provident Fund. The CMFs may also purchase Personal Accident insurance policy for themselves and obtain reimbursement of the premium from the Bank on production of the receipt. Gratuity or Bonus during his period of contract or thereafter. they will be eligible for Halting Allowance at the rate of ` 500/. When the CMFs are on tour/deputation on official duties outside their head quarters/ area of operation.per diem for Semi Urban Centres and ` 1200/.per diem for Metro/Urban Centres. Jaipur PIN-302005 Date.per diem for Metro/Urban Centres. The leaves not availed during the financial year will lapse.per diem for Rural Centres.per diem for Rural Centres subject to production of bills for lodging. they will be entitled to travel by AC II tier by rail by shortest route and where railway services are not available. ` 1600/. Pension. ` 350/. 'C' Scheme.Targets for the CMFs is the sum total of the targets allocated to BFs/ BCs / PoS operators working under the control of the respective CMFs. by public transport.per diem for Semi Urban Centres and ` 250/. In such cases no separate halting allowance shall be paid. they will be paid conveyance charges of ` 2000/. OTHER BENEFITS In addition to the said remuneration. CMFs can be reimbursed Boarding and lodging charges on tour/deputation on official duties outside their head quarters/ area of operation within the monetary ceiling of ` 2400/. Deputy General Manager. which will be over and above the consolidated compensation package. State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur. The handset will have to be arranged by the CMF.27/03/2012 5 .per month for their regular visits to villages in their coverage area and reimbursement of mobile phone bill charges of ` 500/.per month subject to production of bills/receipts. Tilak Marg. In addition. If they are called by the Bank to attend training programme/meeting/workshop etc. Financial Inclusion Department .

State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur. I submit herewith my application for the post of Channel Management Facilitator in state Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur/MGB Gramin Bank (strike out not applicable Bank name) I have read about my role. Jaipur-302005 Sir. Full Name : Shri/Smt. remuneration and terms & conditions relating to the post and advise that they are acceptable to me./Kum (In Block Letters. 'C' Scheme. E-Mail Address code 4. 5.APPLICATION FORMAT PASTE (Do not staple) A RECENT PASSPORT SIZE PHOTOGRAPH HERE & SIGN ACROSS IT IN FULL WITH DATE (Please hold with you two copies of the same Photograph for subsequent use) To. District State Contact No. Father’s/Husband’s Name 3. APPLICATION FOR THE POST OF CHANNEL MANAGEMENT FACILITATOR ON CONTRACT BASIS IN STATE BANK OF BIKANER & JAIPUR/ MGB GRAMIN BANK (strike out not applicable Bank name) With reference to your announcement on State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur website. No. Financial Inclusion Department. Name of the Bank and Branch/Office from where retired. The Deputy General Manager. with STD Code 6 .Candidates address where he/she normally resides/will reside where from he/she will perform his/her duties after selection (IN BLOCK LETTERS) : Place Pin District State Tel. Head Office. with STD Code Mobile No. 1. as per Bank’s record) 2. Tilak Marg. Full Address of the HR Department of the Employer Bank with contact No.

6. b)…………………. Educational Qualifications: 13. in the Employer Bank 7. d)…………………. c)…………………. Grade/Scale from which retired: ( Tick under appropriate column) MMGS-II MMGS-III SMGS-IV SMGS-V 9.) 11. Languages Known: (Tick the appropriate box) a)…………………. with STD Code 10. Category (SC/ST/OBC/GEN): 12. Date of Birth : ((DD/MM/YYYY) / / Age as on (-----------------------): Years Months (Age not less than 60 years and also not more than 62 years as on 07/04/2012. Date of Retirement: (DD/MM/YYYY) / / 8. Permanent Employee Identification No. Name & Address of the Bank/Branch wherefrom receiving pension: Bank Branch District State Contact No. Last 3 assignments covering minimum 5 years period ( prior to the date of retirement) ASSIGNMENT OFFICE/BRANCH FROM TO 14. Read ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) Write ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) Speak ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) Understand ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) 7 .

. a) b) c) Place: (Signature & Seal of the Competent Authority *) Name & Address of the Bank Date: * Officer not below the rank of Assistant General Manager in the HR Department/Regional Office/Head Office or Corporate Office of the employer Bank) (Application without Employer Bank Certificate will not be considered) 8 . his/her integrity was beyond doubt. I further declare that all statements made in this application are true. I understand that in the event of any information being found untrue or incorrect at any stage or my not satisfying any of the eligibility criteria according to State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur.attaining superannuation and not under Voluntary Retirement Scheme or Exit Option Scheme.. have been verified with his/her Service file/record and found to be correct except the following. I retired from the ………………………….Verified (Signature & Seal of the BM of the pension disbursing Br) CERTIFICATE OF THE EMPLOYER BANK Information furnished hereinabove by the candidate (Full Name) Shri/Smt………………………………………………………Grade……. Declaration: I hereby declare that:a. who has retired from this Bank on attaining superannuation on ………………. There is nothing on record that may render the candidate prima facie ineligible for the post of CMF.. Bank’s service on …………. No punishment /penalty was inflicted on me during five years of my service in …………. my candidature is liable to be cancelled. as they are not verifiable from the Service Record. complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. Place Date Signature Name of the Candidate (in Block Letters) Signature of Shri…………………………………………. I am physically fit to carry out duties of the Channel Management Facilitators including continuous village visits. No case of CBI or any other Law Enforcement Agency is pending against me and d. Bank preceding my retirement. b.15.. c. While in the Bank’s service.. ….…….

Udaipur Udaipur Sirohi Dungarpur/ Chittorgarh Bhilwara Rajsamand Pratapgarh Banswara TOTAL Kota / Jhalawar/ Baran SWM / Bundi /Tonk Ajmer TOTAL GRAND TOTAL 5.Bikaner District Bikaner S ganganagar Hanuman garh Churu Jhunjhunu Sikar TOTAL No.List of Locations for which CMFs are required for SBBJ Zone 1. of 6-0 1-1 4-0 1-0 3-1 1-0 16-2 4-3 2-1 2-1 1-0 1-0 2-0 12-5 3-0 1-0 5-0 2-0 2-0 3-0 16-0 2-1 2-0 1-0 1-1 1-0 1-0 1-1 9-3 1-1 1-0 1-1 3-2 56-12 CMFs 6 0 4 1 2 1 14 1 1 1 1 1 2 7 3 1 5 2 2 3 16 1 2 1 0 1 1 2 6 0 1 0 1 44 2.Jodhpur Jodhpur Jaisalmer Barmer Pali Jalore Nagaur TOTAL 4.Kota .jaipur Jaipur ® Dausa Alwar Bharatpur Dholpur Karauli TOTAL 3.

NO 1 2 3 4 5 6 TOTAL NAME OF THE DISTRICT Sri Ganganagar Hanumangarh Bikaner Pali Jalore Sirohi Sri Ganganagar NO. OF CMFs 1 2 1 5 8 3 20 . S.List of Locations for which CMFs are required for MGB GRAMIN BANK. OF CMFs 1-0 2-0 1-0 5-0 8-0 3-0 20-0 NO.

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