Landmark Group The Landmark Group, founded in 1973 with a single shop in Bahrain has grown into one

of the largest retail organisations in the Middle East and is expanding rapidly in India. It currently operates over 600 stores across the region and has recently started operations in China. In addition to its retail sector, the Group has also diversified into leisure, food, hotels and electronics and has created a comprehensive infrastructure including its own logistics and distribution division, to support its retail operations and other businesses. Chairman's Message The foundation of the Landmark Group is built on the philosophy that ‘Customer comes first’. This has meant that we have developed and live by certain core values as an organisation: Carefully listen. Constantly adapt. Always deliver. On these three pillars, the Landmark Group continues to grow successfully by venturing into new markets, capturing greater market share and expanding into diverse categories. Driven by the vision of our management and the commitment of our staff the future looks brighter than ever before. Micky Jagtiani Our Commitment The Landmark Group will always strive to grow with its consumers. In the process it will provide products and services that are:

Great value for money; Fashionable & contemporary; On par with global standards

In order to ensure consistent customer satisfaction, the Group will ensure that the brand and shop level experience across all its brands and outlets, in all the markets it operates in, is not only inviting but offers the highest degree of customer satisfaction. This will reflect not only in the way the Group conducts its business but equally in all its communications with its employees, business partners, associates and consumers. Our Retail Face The Group, as of December 2006, has a presence across the retail categories of:

1. Fashion, clothing and garments. 2. kidswear, toys and baby needs. 3. Home furniture and furnishings. 4. Cosmetics, accessories and lifestyle products. 5. Footwear, leather and accessories. 6. Electronics. 7. Hospitality covering food, entertainment and hotels.

Over 600 stores across 10 countries which includes the Middle East, India, China and Spain, covering 6 million sq.ft. Key Features & Strengths The Group has grown successfully in the last 34 years, since its inception in 1973, from a single retail outlet. Today the Group has a multi-brand, multi-national presence across various retail formats. Key Features: 2006 Retail Space Countries Stores Employees Key Strengths: 6 million sq.ft 10 Over 500 14,500 2009 12.5 million sq.ft 15 Over 850 30,000

Ability to handle diverse products and market segments. 2. Competitive global sourcing capabilities. 3. Efficient supply chain management with well-established logistical infrastructure. 4. Cost efficient operations and productive use of resources. 5. State-of-the-art IT systems and solutions. 6. Strong focus on customer development & retention through successful loyalty programmes. 7. Investment in research & development enabling constant innovation. 8. Decentralized decision making teams with hands-on management capability. 9. Multi-national, multi-cultural work force with professional skills. 10. Continuous investment in human resource development and training. 11. Strong financials. 12. Consistent annual growth rate of over 41%. Our Global Presence

From its first store in Bahrain in 1973 measuring all of 5,000 sq.ft., the Landmark Group today has a retail presence of over 6 million sq.ft. and a footprint that spans across the GCC, Jordan, India, China and Spain. The Group currently operates over 600 stores, concepts and business interests and attracts an ever-widening customer base, representing varied nationalities, cultures and economic profiles. Expansion being at the core of its business philosophy, the Landmark Group will continue to add many more new concepts and stores in the near future. Territory Baby Shop S Spla H Lifest Lifest Ma E Fashi Others T hoe sh ome yle yle x Max on ** otal Ma Cent India Brand rt er s* 21 35 6 2 5 2 1 72 16 37 7 2 5 2 1 70 9 15 4 1 3 3 1 36 5 7 2 2 86 79 70 41 65 14 57 9 171 22 14 35 6 2 5 2 1 65 14 7 30 4 2 1 1 2 47 10 2 3 2 1 1 9 54 64 7 9 1 2 1 138 33 11 1 4 2 18 4 150 262 42 28 27 18 9 536 67 7 2 2 614

Middle East UAE KSA Kuwait Bahrain Oman Qatar Jordan TOTAL India Spain Pakistan China GRAND TOTAL (Dec 2007)

16 43 7 4 6 3 2 81 1

Notes: * Fashion Brands include - Aftershock, Bata, Bossini, Ecco, Fabi, Kappa, Koton, Lee Cooper, Ms, New Look, Orchestra, Pablosky, Reiss, Shellys, Valencia, Vicini, Yishion, Zync. **Others include - Sarah’s Secret, Fun City, Food Courts. Logistics & Distribution Landmark’s Logistics & Re-distribution Centre mirrors Dubai’s emergence as the commercial and trading hub of the Middle East. Located at the Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, the Group’s Logistics & Re-distribution Centre handles up to 26,000 containers on an annual basis. Set up on a sprawling 360,000 sq.ft. area, the Centre is well equipped with state-of-the-art logistics and material handling systems. It is one of the largest privately owned and operated re-distribution centres in the Jebel Ali Free Zone.

Our Associates It is said that a firm handshake can do wonders for business. The Landmark Group has grown today because of the strong association with our partners, who have given us the strength, guidance and commitment, constantly helping us to venture into new businesses. And together we resolve to successfully accomplish future plans. Associates H.E Sheikh Hassan bin Rashid Al Khalifa H.E Sheikh Faisal Khalid Sultan Al Qasimi H.E Sheikh Sultan Al Qasimi H.E Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Thani H.H. Prince Bandar Bin Saud bin Khalid Al Saud General Abdullah Khalid Al-Sumait Captain Bassim Shuhaibar Mr. Ali Malallah Habib Al Lawati Mr.Alaa Halawa Mr. Jesus Martin Bankers ABN Amro Bank Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait HSBC Bank Indian Overseas Bank Mashreq Bank Standard Chartered Bank Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Emirates Bank National Bank of Bahrain Bahrain UAE UAE Qatar Saudi Arabia Kuwait Kuwait Oman Jordan Spain Auditors / Consultants Ernst & Young Deloitte & Touche H.W.Fisher & Co. KPMG Mahajan & AIbara Pannel Kerr Foster RSM & Co Emirates Bank PricewaterhouseCoopers

Growth & Diversification Having achieved significant levels of consistent organic growth and diversification and having forayed into new markets and businesses, Landmark looks ahead to a bright future:

1. Over 850 stores across 15 countries by 2009. 2. Total retail area in excess of 12.5 million sq.ft by 2009. 3. Expansion into new territories including China, and other Middle Eastern countries. 4. Franchise of core concepts into South East Asia and Pakistan. 5. Launch of budget hotel concept in the Middle East & India. 6. Launch of the new Oasis Centre in Dubai by 2008 covering over 500,000 sq.ft.

Social Responsibility The Landmark Group’s activities span across the GCC, Jordan and India, and touch the lives of millions through its products and services. Aware that its responsibilities as a corporate citizen extend beyond the scope of its business activities, the Group actively seeks, initiates and participates in uplifting the societies and communities it operates in. One such initiative is the LIFE program (Landmark International Foundation for Empowerment). Set up in India in 2000 in Chennai, LIFE focuses on rehabilitating the less fortunate through various programs and initiatives – a home for destitute children, vocational schools, non-formal schools, community

clinics, medical camps and relief works are some of the activities. LIFE projects primarily revolve around Education, which has been addressed with non-formal and creative teaching aids. This is extension to LIFE’s mission statement - to empower schools and children; to address the issue of dropouts and poor results. In the UAE, the Group recently organized a musical evening, ‘Lahan Al Hayat…Lyrics for Life’. Proceeds from the charity concert were donated to Rashid Paediatric Therapy Centre (RPTC) – a Dubai-based humanitarian organisation providing quality education and therapy services to children with special needs. The next step would be to set up LIFE in the UAE and thereafter to the other GCC countries in the near future. No matter how the Group chooses to repay its debt to society, the reason will always be the same: to acknowledge that some of its best assets are not always those that show up on its balance sheet. Our Brands Landmark Retail Landmark Retail encompasses the 9 core retail concepts of the Group. Centrepoint, Babyshop, Shoe Mart, Splash, Lifestyle, Home Centre, Max, E-Max and Landmark International all fall under the Landmark Retail umbrella. Landmark Hospitality Landmark Hospitality though still in its infancy, has already made a name for itself in the industry and is working its way up to be a household name. Fun City, Food Universe and Citymax Hotels comprise Landmark Hospitality. Affiliates The Landmark Group has affiliate retail entities in India and Spain. Stores in India include Lifestyle, Landmark International, Home Centre, Max Hypermarkets, Citymax Hotels and Fun City. Currently Shoe Mart operates in the Spain market. Centrepoint Privilege Club The Landmark Group is dedicated towards enhancing its relations with its customers by improving its service and offerings to customers, thus building loyalty. One such major step towards this goal is the initiation of a loyalty programme by the Group, ‘Centrepoint Privilege Club (CPC)’ in the Middle East and ‘The Inner Circle (TIC)’ in India. The Group aims to make its customers feel truly rewarded and enhance their shopping experience to the fullest with the help of its loyalty programme. Both the programmes, the Centrepoint Privilege Club and The Inner Circle offer their club members a variety of promotions, saving opportunities and benefits and, have been widely successful. They have brought the members a lot closer to the Group thereby widening the circumference of the Landmark family. The Inner Circle The Inner Circle is Lifestyle’s exclusive Membership Club, where privileges are the order of the day. Established in 2001, ‘The Inner Circle’ currently has an active member base of 5.5 lac members spread across all the states that Lifestyle is present in. As a member of The Inner Circle every contact with Lifestyle will be rewarding. By virtue of membership one can gain:

1. Reward points for every purchase made with Lifestyle. 2. Periodic special offers / discounts from in-store brands. 3. Invites for exclusive preview of merchandise and OFF Sale. 4. Personalized updates & information on in-store promotions, marketing events, new arrivals, launch of merchandise / product, etc.

You can discover that the privileges extend beyond the Lifestyle gates impacting various aspects of your life. Enjoy exclusive additional discounts from various eat outs / restaurants in India, pubs, discothèques, hospitals, health clubs / gym / theme parks, hotels, travel and entertainment chosen by us keeping your lifestyle in mind. IMINT Lifestyle is part of India’s first nationwide coalition loyalty and consumer rewards programme, where leading brands like Airtel, HPCL, ICICI Bank, Indian, & have come together. IMINT allows consumers to benefit through the largest ecosystem of business partners on a single rewards platform. it is a unique programme in all aspects, and cuts across geographies, payment modes & business sectors. Now whatever the consumer does, the consumer always mints rewards!

Careers The cornerstone of the Landmark Group’s success is its enviable pool of high calibre, talented people from a diverse range of backgrounds and nationalities. And the secret of its ability to attract the best people is its promise of providing the most enriching professional growth opportunities in every field, market or territory it operates in. Landmark Group is considered amongst the best career destinations for those with a passion to succeed. The Group Human Resources Department serves a workforce in excess of 15000 employed across GCC countries, Jordan and India. Our aim is to make the LANDMARK Group a satisfying work place with inspired leadership, people oriented policies and fun filled atmosphere. Remuneration & Benefits In keeping with our vision to be truly world class in all aspects of our operations, our Remuneration & Benefits strategy is guided by the need to foster a high performance culture and maintain market competitiveness.Training Landmark helps to master a set of competencies, both general and specialist. We intend to provide the tools, resources and support necessary for continuous learning and improvement. Investment in training programs provides opportunities for development of competencies. Growth & Development Our aim is to provide the most enriching professional growth opportunities for our employees and we believe in development as a life-long and continuous process. This belief is expressed through the Development Action Plans, which are being introduced.Goal Oriented Performance Management When you join the Group, our performance management and reward system sets clear goals to enable you to contribute towards the organization’s goals. Regular reviews and instant feedback helps you gauge your progress. Your performance is evaluated on the extent to which you have contributed to the organization’s goals and will be rewarded accordingly. Talent Management Managing talent is just as important as attracting it. The Landmark Group is designing a Talent Management Process to help our employees realise their career potential and to increase retention. It also enables us to identify and manage our high potential employees, ensuring an internal pipeline of talent and securing succession to key roles. The focus is on development and encouraging employees to seek opportunities, which will enable them to stretch their talent and build their strengths. Current Openings BUSINESS ANALYST (Oracle Finance), Dubai; MANAGEMENT TRAINEES (Finance and Audit), Across GCC Locations; RETAIL OPERATIONS MANAGER, Jordan, KSA; VISUAL MERCHANDISING MANAGER, Dubai; WAREHOUSING & LOGISTICS MANAGER, KSA; BRAND FINANCE EXECUTIVE, Dubai; TRAINING MANAGERS, All GCC locations; BUSINESS ANALYST RETAIL BUSINESS SYSTEMS (IT), Dubai; ACCOUNTANTS, All GCC Locations; ARCHITECTS, Dubai