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Replace Lube Oil Filter Cover Gasket (01-K001-F02) Tighten Check Valve (21-K001A) Lift & remove Blower

to workshop for repair & inspection (21-K001A) Overhaul & Packing for Maintenance (21-K001A) Take the vibration & bearing condition reading at New Cooling Tower Motor (888-K007LSB01-R) Move/Mobilize the Vacuum Dehydration Oil Purification System(VDOPS) from Motor-Turbine (82-MT02) to Lube Oil Tank (21-U002-D01) Install the Centrifuge Machine at Common Lube Oil Tank (07-U002-P01) Replace the damage Coupling at Boiler Feed Water because of no delivery to Lube Oil Pump (82-P001C) ABF HSEQ Programmes Road Safety, Biggest Loser, Drug & Alcohol and Effect of Alcohol & Drug Briefing) Doing an Alignment at Motor (07-K001-M02) Take the vibration & bearing condition at Turbine Compressor (09-MT02) while Test Run Replace the Filter (09-K002-F02) at Compressor for the Test Run Take the oil sample from Oil Filter Cylinder (21-U002-F01) to check the contents and for analysis at Laboratory 2nd Maintenance Communication & Engagement Session Weld the broken Standby Hangar Shackel (35-S004A/B) to lift the Screen Guard Replace pinhole 4inch elbow Steam Line (23-E002B) and remove Spool Flange Remove & Replace the Ball Valve at Safety Valve Test Rig 1 Replace the broken Drain Line Eye Shower at Ground Floor for a New Pump (35-P003A/B) Concrete the floor at Empty Gas Tank Bay Lapping the Safety Valves Seat and Disc with Diamond Compound Install the Male & Female Coupling at both end for the new hoses Make a tag for New Hoses and paint it by following colour coding ABF 100% Stock Take Exercise 2012 Remove & Replace the defect Screen Gauge with a new spares Clean & Repair the Pump Suction Strainer (28-P008A) Install Discharge Drain Valve Plug (90-P007-M01B) Install back Pump (90-P003A) Replace the new bolt at Weighing Bridge Replace Packing Rings at Suction Pressure Pump(89-P001C) for Urea Cooling Tower Greasing on Swivel Ammonia(NH3) Liquid Loading Arm Install New Bearing & Belt Guard at Decarbonator Blower Replace the Empty Chlorine Cylinder in Chlorinator House Tighten the Plunger at Ammonia(NH3) Pump because the packing leak 1st Maintenance Department Engagement and Communication Session New Administration Building Launching Ceremony Refresh Screen at Granulation Building for Vibrating Screen A,B & C Committee Project for New Administration Building Lobby Decoration

Replace the Oil Shaft Seal in Cooling Water Pump (29-P008B) Impeller centralize at Pump(28-P002B) because of abnormal vibration Tighten the loose pulley at Decarbonated Blower Spading at Side Stream Filter Pipe with Gasket Working at Height Briefing Corporate Communication and Property Management Briefing Industrial Guideline Briefing Information Technology(IT) & Quality Briefing Urea Induction Ammonia(NH3) Induction Instrument Induction Valves and Steam Traps Induction Electrical Power System and Engineering in Mechanical Induction Welcoming Briefing & Company Rules and Policies Safety Briefing