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OnCallinCultureBlogContest Winner:TravisThomas

Kuyper introduces the most basic revela on shared by all of humanity; that all things we see and understand have a beginning, and before we were, God was. And because God was, and because God is, we exist, and any and all ac vity we carry out is a result of His plan and/or, by His permission. When we have an electronic product that has malfunc oned we seek general assistance from someone more knowledgeable than us in the broad sphere of electronics. If their assistance fails we further rene our search to someone who may specialize in the specic category of our broken electronic product. If this eort fails, we con nue to rene and extract all vagueness from our search in order to get as close as possible to the creator of the product as we can. Our mo va on is to nd a x and the more rened, the closer we can get to the creator of our specied product, the higher the chance we can nd the supreme x. Mankind is broken and so are the facul es and systems we engaged in on a daily basis. We must rst be xed and then we can adequate assess what is broken around us. For what man knoweth the things of a man, save the spirit of man which is in him? even so the things of God knoweth no man, but the Spirit of God. (1 Corin.2:11) Henceforth, within the human soul is the desperate inclina on to nd a x. In every facet of the human life we nd ourselves seeking to x, enhance, and recreate what is, in order to create something be er and more ecient. Just as forensic lights reveal stains hidden to the naked eye on a crime scene, remnants of an eternal creators ngerprints are evident in our beings when truth shines its light on us, revealing; a creator was here. Kuypers perspec ve reveals that every human aspira on and tendency has its origin in the mind of God and thus falls under the sovereignty of God. Kuypers ideas show through our collec ve progression and understanding in the areas of human life we con nually work towards piecing together a puzzle that originated in Gods mind. Having a heart and calling in the arena of law, with an understanding of Kuypers perspec ve I am impressed with the responsibility to not be the end all be all of Jus ce, but to make the biggest contribu on to the cause that will eventually point back to Him. As we progress in our ability to create Governments that serve the greater good of all, we gain the revela on we are not only doing God work but a emp ng to recreate His original thoughts and will. As I bear the burden for jus ce in an unjust world I realize I have a unique role to play to the whole, simply recycling his vision for jus ce originally translated to mankind. The truth Kuyper impresses upon the reader reveals despite the disarranged chaos seen in the world, God is very in control and only through the lens of his knowledge and truth can we steward adequately; for there is no area of human life where Christ does not scream; mine!