Annual Thanksgiving Camp 2012

Camp V-Bar Thanksgiving Camp Leader’s Guide
Southeast Louisiana Council, Boy Scouts of America P. O. Box 1146, Metairie, LA 70004 http://www.bsa-selacouncil.org

Dear Unit Leaders: Welcome to the 2012 camping season at Camp V-Bar. Throughout the years, we have continued to strive to fulfill our obligation of offering an excellent Thanksgiving Camp program for Scouts. We look forward to providing your Troop the program and quality service they deserve and for which Camp V-Bar is well known for. We hope this Leader’s Guide will be helpful to you and your troop in planning your Thanksgiving camping experience. Whether your Scouts are new to your Troop or experienced Eagle Scouts, we offer a program for all, including a first-Year camper program, a traditional merit badge program, and a complete high adventure program for older Scouts and Ventures. 2011 we continued with improvements to the program. Last Thanksgiving Camp we added new merit badges and added the Chess and Checkers Tournament. This year we are striving for a fun academic setting that will allow your scouts to learn, grow and bring some knowledge home to the other scouts who could not attend Thanksgiving Camp. In order to prepare for your 2012 camping experience, please begin preparation now. The Leader’s Guide is designed to assist Scoutmasters and Senior Patrol Leaders in planning your Troop’s attendance at Camp V-Bar for Thanksgiving Camp. If you have question, or cannot find answers, feel free to contact the SELA Council Service Center directly. Thanksgiving Camp is designed to be the midpoint of your Troop’s camping year. Our dedicated staff will do everything in its power to make sure your stay with at Camp V-Bar creates memories that will last a lifetime. Let’s get to work and make V-Bar 2012 one for all to remember! On behalf of the Southeast Louisiana Council and the 2012 Camp V-Bar Thanksgiving Camp Staff, we look forward to seeing you this fall! Yours in Scouting,

Chris Torres Camp Director

Brandon M. Queen Program Director

David Parks Camp Advisor

Table of Contents:
General Information
Camp Location .................................................4 Camp Directors ................................................4 Camp Dates ......................................................4 Camp Fee Schedule..........................................4 Fees ..................................................................4 Refunds ............................................................4 Check Request .................................................5 Camp Telephone ..............................................5 Cellular Phones ................................................5 Dinning Hall.....................................................5 Dietary Needs...................................................5

4 General Camp Operations and Additional Info 15
Trading Post ................................................... 15 Dress Code/Uniform ...................................... 15 Rules for Adults ............................................. 15 Fishing............................................................ 16 Smoking ......................................................... 16 Fire Arms ....................................................... 16 Taps ................................................................ 17

Schedule and Prerequisites
Daily Schedule ............................................... 6 Class Schedule ............................................... 7 Schedule Overview ........................................ 8 Prerequisites ................................................... 9 Saturday Schedule.......................................... 10 Wednesday Schedule...................................... 10

Health and Safety Health Forms 5


Health and Safety ........................................... 17 The Risk Zone ................................................ 18 Annual Health & Medical Form ...............19-22

Getting Around Camp 23
Camp Map...................................................... 23 Class Locations .............................................. 24

Check Lists Program Schedule 11
COPE ................................................................ 11 First Year Program ....................................... 12-13 Free Time/Wise Time ........................................ 14 Evening Programs ............................................. 14 Camp Fire Schedule .......................................... 14


Personal Equipment Checklist ....................... 25 Troop Equipment Checklist ........................... 26 Do Not Bring Checklist ................................. 27



Individual Registration................................... 28 Troop Registration ......................................... 29




Salmen Scout Reservation, Camp V Bar 27585 V Bar Road Perkinston, MS 39573 Camp Office: 228-255-7336 Ranger Office: 228-255-1336 Southeast Louisiana Council, BSA 4200 S. I-10 Service Road West Metairie, LA 70001 Council Offices: 504-889-0388 Council Fax: 504-889-1162 Toll Free 800-394-9410

CAMP DIRECTORS: Camp Director: Chris Torres - Email: chriswoodbadge@yahoo.com Program Director: Brandon M. Queen - Email: escout06@gmail.com Camp Advisor: David Parks – Email: dparks@bsamail.org CAMP DATES Saturday, November 17 (Check-in 8:00 a.m-11:45 a.m.) -Wednesday, November 21 (Check-out 9:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.) CAMP FEE SCHEDULE Scout Fees $ 105 / Scout (Early Bird DEADLINE is October 25, 2012) $ 125 / Scout (Registration DEADLINE is November 14, 2012) Adult Fees $ 35 / Leader (Registration DEADLINE is November 14, 2012) • Each participating Troop receives 1 free adult leader for every 10 Scouts. Scout Late Fee $ 135 / Scout (Registration after November 14, 2012) Adult Late Fee $ 45 / Leader (Registration after November 14, 2012) FEES: Fees may be transferred from one Scout to another Scout with written permission from the Scoutmaster. REFUNDS: Refunds will be issued for camp fee with written notification from the Scoutmaster except for a $15.00 processing fee to cover costs incurred for that Scout prior to cancellation. A check request for any refund must include the Scout’s name, amount to be refunded, and the reason for the cancellation. This must be done no less than 7 days prior to their arrival at Camp. If one fails to request a refund within seven (7) days prior to arrival at camp, you will not receive a refund. Exceptions apply for medical reasons only (must have written doctor’s excuse).
http://www.bsa-selacouncil.org 4 2012ThanksgivingCampLeader’sGuide

CHECK REQUESTS: Any requests for refund must be made seven days prior to check-in at Camp, for the Scout’s, or the Troop’s, week at Camp. Upon check-in at Camp, the total fees owed and the amounts paid will be balanced and a check request completed at that time. CAMP TELEPHONE: There is a designated public telephone at camp for use by the Troop’s leadership. Scout campers must clear any personal use of the camp phone with Troop’s leadership and must be accompanied by an adult when using the camp phone. The public phone is located just outside the entrance to the Administration Building. Parents are encouraged to purchase disposable Long Distance Cards prior to their arrival for their sons to use while in camp. Incoming calls for Scouts will be accepted on the business phone, and a message will be relayed to the Troop Leader. The call back will be on the public telephone. The business/emergency phone CANNOT BE TIED UP FOR PERSONAL PHONE CALLS. CELLULAR PHONES: Cellular phone use by campers is prohibited. Scoutmasters are asked to confiscate cellular phones so that inadvertent phone calls to home do not prompt surprise visits from parents during the week. Scoutmasters can and should regulate all phone calls to home in order to avoid home sickness. DINING HALL Each Troop will eat at assigned tables, and will furnish a Table Waiter for each table to assist before, during, and after the meal. There is a ratio of 1 waiter per every 8 individuals. The table waiter should report to the Dining Hall 15 minutes prior to each meal. It is the responsibility of the Table Waiter to: (1) set his table, (2) refill drink pitchers during the meal, (3) wipe down tables and (4) sweep the area. It is important for unit leaders to assist the Dining Hall Staff by not allowing their Scouts to leave the Dining Hall until dismissed by the Dining Hall Steward. The Dining Hall Steward will dismiss the Table Waiters when they have completed their duties. Scout Leaders are expected to spread this responsibility among all boys attending Camp. It is a suggestion that your Troop’s first Table Waiter be an experienced Scout, to demonstrate the proper methods to your Scouts. Scouts are required to be in Class-A Uniform for the evening meals. DIETARY NEEDS The Dining Hall Staff serves well-balanced meals meeting Daily Dietary Nutrition Needs. If you have special medical or religious dietary needs, the Dining Hall Staff can accommodate your requests. We ask that you address those needs with the Chef (Josh Maille) prior to coming to Camp. He can be contacted at jmaille@its.nicholls.edu




Daily Schedule Time Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday 6:00 Reveille 7:00 Assembly at Flag Pole (Waiters in Dining Hall @ 7 a. m.) 7:15 Breakfast in the Dining Hall 7:15SPL MEETING SPL MEETING SPL MEETING 8:00 8:30 Period 1 Period 1 Period 1 Check In / 10:00 Check out 10:15 - Campsite Set - Up Period 2 Period 2 Period 2 11:45 Lunch in Dining Hall ( Waiters to Dining Hall @ 11:45 a. m.) 12:00 12:45 Free Time Troop Time for 1:00 Camp Games Camp Games 1:10 - continued setup Chapel Service 1:30 1:45 Period 3 Period 3 Period 3 Period 3 3:15 3:30 Period 4 Period 4 Period 4 Period 4 5:00 5:00 - Troop Time/Free Troop Time/ Troop Time/ Troop Time/ Free Time 6:05 Time Free Time Free Time 6:15 6:30 7:10 7:40 8:038:50 9:00 10:00 10:30 Troop Time Opening Campfire Movie Night & Troop Time Troop Time Assembly at Flag Pole (Waiter to Dining Hall @ 6:15) Dinner in Dining Hall Troop Time Troop Time Closing Camp Fire Troop Recap Camp Fire

Polar Bear Swim Chess/Checkers & w/Patch & Night Sudoko Tournament & Climb Cobbler Cook - Off Dodge Ball & Troop Time Troop Time


NOTES: *Please keep in mind that this schedule will not change, unless severe weather occurs. *If Changes are made, the rest of the program will continue as followed unless told other wise. *Senior Patrol Leaders and Leaders, please keep a copy of this schedule with you at all times. Or post it in your camp site. **Senior Patrol Leaders, you are to meet in the training center every morning for breakfast for your SPL meeting at 7:15 am.
http://www.bsa-selacouncil.org 6 2012ThanksgivingCampLeader’sGuide

CLASS  SCHEDULE  2012 Morning Sessions Insect  Study
Walter  Blakesly  (15)

Period # 1 8:30-10:00

Traffic  Safety
Walter  Blakesly  (15)

Period # 2 10:15-11:45

Period # 3 1:45-3:15

Afternoon Sessions

(Brandon  Queen)  -­‐  15

Period # 4 3:30-5:00


(Chris  Torres)  -­‐15

Space  Exploration
Chuck  Watkins  (15)

Public  Speaking
Brandon  Queen  (15)

(Richard  Graubet/J  Bilello)  -­‐  12

Nuclear  Science
Greg  Espenan  (15)

Finger  Printing
Alex  Barnes  (15)

Alex  Barnes  (15)

Chuck  Watkins  (15)

Walter  Blakesly  (15)

Greg  Espenan  (15)

Wilderness  Survival
Chuck  Watkins  (15)

Citizenship  of  Nation
David  Parks  (15)

Jason  Bilello  (12)

Textile  Art
Pattie  Davie  (15)

Plant  Science
Anthony  Lajunie  (15)

Judge  Walt  Lanier  (15)

Crime  Prevention
Alex  Barnes  (15)

Model  Design
Pattie Davie (15)

Anthony Lajunie (15)

First  Year  Program First  Year  Program
Glenn  Gilyot Glenn  Gilyot

First  Year  Program
Glenn  Gilyot

First  Year  Program
Glenn  Gilyot

(Not  a  merit  badge-­‐just  C.O.P.E  opportunity.  $15.00  additional fee.  Must  have  at  least  6  participants  registered  by  11/5/11 to  conduct  the  course)  -­‐  18

Some  class  sizes  are  limited  due  to  facilities  or  other  considerations.   Early  registration  is  the  best  way  to  ensure  that  Scouts  get  the  classes  they  want.   Camp  administration  may  rearrange  schedules  to  balance  size  if  necessary. Merit  badge  pamphlets  should  be  purchased  prior  to  arriving  at  camp. There  will  be  a  limited  #  for  sale  in  the  Trading  Post. Classes  begin  on  Saturday  afternoon  beginning  with  periods  3  &  4  to  allow additional  time  for  merit  badges  that  might  require  more  time  to  complete.
*(Please  understand  that  this  schedule  is  subject  to  change  at  any  given  time)

The First Year Program consist of these Merit Badges: First Aid, Emergency Preparedness, and Wilderness Survival. The program is designed to aid new scouts and help them learn the basic skills. We are also offering wilderness surviavl seperate from the First Year Program. All wilderness servival scouts will need the survial kit fournd on page on 26
http://www.bsa-selacouncil.org 7Page 1 2012ThanksgivingCampLeader’sGuide

Merit Badge and related activities at Camp V Bar are designed to fit into a three and ½ day schedule. Classes are held in two sessions in the morning with two more in the afternoon on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Scouts are encouraged to stay current and to use this extra time to make sure all requirements are met.

The class perquisites will be on another document in the guidebook. Please complete all prerequisites before coming to camp. Please have a signed note with the requirements you completed and the date you completed them. This note/blue card must be presented to the counselor before the course begins. (In order for the prerequisite to be honored, The Scoutmaster, Merit Badge Couselor and scout must sign and date the note.)

Advancement in Camp is the same as it is at home. To have a successful experience in the merit badge program at Thanksgiving Camp, your Scouts must actively participate in the program every day. Some merit badges can be completed during the camping session; however, others have requirements for observations, tests, record keeping, or time requirements that must be completed over an extended period. In these cases, complete all or as many as possible, of these requirements prior to camp. Make sure to review the comments and prerequisites of each merit badge prior to arriving at camp. See to it that your Scouts have reviewed the badges that they are attempting at Camp. See to it that they are familiar with the requirements, and the skills that are involved with each badge they are attempting. Make sure that they have completed any requirements that must be done before arriving in Camp. See to it that they have any proofs of completion from their counselor with them for work that has been finished prior to Camp. An “Incomplete Form”, indicating partial completion of requirements, will be given to Scouts unable to complete the full badge requirements while in Camp. Merit Badge Counselors are dedicated to making sure every willing Scout completes as much as possible. If there are any accommodations we can make to ensure a youth completes a merit badge or rank requirement, please let us know. Camp V Bar encourages the participation and assistance of adult leadership with the instruction of merit badges and activities.

Camp V Bar strongly encourages the use of the Troop and Patrol method while at Camp. It will be the duty of the Senior Patrol Leader to attend the evening Senior Patrol Meetings and keep the Troop informed on what is happening around Camp. The Senior Patrol Leader is encouraged to conduct PLC meetings. If the Troop’s elected SPL is not at Camp, the Troop should elect or appoint a Senior Patrol Leader to act in his place for the week. The camp experience will bring Patrols together, especially for first-year Scouts. Units are encouraged to bring Troop and Patrol flags with them to Camp.




Insect  Study:    Req.  4.  Do  the  following:  A  and  B  

Merit  Badge  Prerequisites  

Project COPE: - ages 14+ (adults included). Must be able to qualify for backcountry medical approval (high adventure).

Public  Speaking:  Req.  2  and  4.     Wilderness  Survival:  Req.  5     Model  Design:  Req.  1     Citizenship  in  the  Nation:  Req.  2a-­‐d,  3,         Nuclear  Science:  Req.  3,  4,  and  6     Crime  Prevention:  Req.  3,  5(done  before  and  after),      

Remember that the only Directors  ayouarentheses.   credit for you way re  in  P can get     Ecology  –  (Anthony  Lajunie)   to have it signed by your merit badge prerequisites is Communications  (B.Q.)   Insect  Study   counselor, your scoutmaster and yourself. Make sure to Plant  Science   Public  Speaking   Space  Exploration   Photography   bring the note and your work (prerequisites) to camp. Chemistry   Communications   Energy     YouScience   not receice any credit without your work and will Nuclear   Trades  (Chris  Torres)     your note. NO EXCEPTIONS. Plumbing   Public  Services  –  (Alex  Barnes)    
Merit  Badge  Divisions  
Law   Crime  Prevention   Emergency  Prep   First  Aid   Finger  Printing     Hobbies  –  (Pattie  Davies)   Chess   Collections   Model  Design  &  Building   Textile  Art     Personal  Development  –  (B.Q)   Citizenship  in  Nation   Wilderness  Survival   Traffic  Safety   http://www.bsa-selacouncil.org  

This  list  is  only  a  break  down  of  what  section  each badge  is  in.     Remember  that  the  only  way  you  can  get  credit  fo prerequisites  is  to  have  it  signed  by  your  merit  bad counselor,  your  scoutmaster  and  yourself.  Make  s bring  the  note  and  your  work  (prereqs)  to  camp.        



GATES   OPEN   AT   8:00   a.m.   Official   Check-­‐in   time   is   between   8:30   a.m.   and   11:30   a.m.   It   is   imperative   that   these  times  be  observed  to  facilitate  the  proper  orientation  and  handling  for  your  unit.    TROOPS  WILL  NOT  BE   ALLOWED  TO  ENTER  CAMPSITE  BEFORE  8:00  a.m.  We  appreciate  your  observance  of  this  policy.     From  the  front  gate  your  troop  will  head  to  their  campsite,  where  they  unload  their  gear  and  set  up  camp.         At  the  Administration  Office  the  (1)  Troop  Leader  should  “Be  Prepared”  to:   1. Turn  in  any  final  late  registrations.   2. Review  and  revise  the  Merit  Badge  Schedule  Requests.   3. Settle  any  unpaid  registration  and  program  fees.     The   Camp   Health   Officer   will   receive   Scout   medication   and   dispensing   information.     A   Scout   not   having   a   Health   Form   WILL   NOT   be   permitted   to   engage   in   physical   activities   until   the   Health   Form   is   secured.     No   provisions  are  made  for  medical  exams  to  be  administered  at  camp.     By  11:30  a.m.  all  vehicles  should  have  been  moved  from  campsites  and  into  the  parking  lot  in  front  of  camp.   11:45  a.m.     Waiters  to  the  Dining  Hall   12:00  p.m.     Lunch  in  Dining  Hall   12:45  p.m.     SPL  Meeting  in  Training  Center   12:45-­‐1:30  p.m.   Continued  setup  time  or  Troop  time       1:45-­‐3:15  p.m.     Class  Period  #  3   3:30-­‐5:00  p.m.     Class  Period  #  4   5:00-­‐5:45  p.m.     Troop  Time/Free  Time   6:00  p.m.     Dinner  in  the  Dining  Hall   6:45-­‐7:15  p.m.     SPL/Leader  Meeting  in  the  Training  Center   7:45-­‐9:00  p.m.     Opening  Campfire   9:00-­‐10:00  p.m.   Troop  Time   10:30  p.m.     Lights  Out  (Taps)  

Check-­‐out  time  is  between  9:00  a.m.  and  11:00  a.m.  on  Wednesday.   In  the  Campsites:   1. The  Troop  will  pack  up  their  Troop  gear.     2. The  Campsite  must  be  policed  for  trash.    Scouts  always  leave  a  campsite  cleaner  than  they   found  it…take  pride  in  leaving  a  clean  camp.     3. All  trash  collected  and  left  in  the  Campsite  must  be  disposed  of  in  the  proper  receptacle.   At  the  Administration  Office  (1)  Scout  Leader  should:   1. Pick-­‐up  and  review  complete  Merit  Badge  cards  for  Scouts  in  your  Troop.   2. Pick-­‐up  Scouts’  Health  Forms  &  Scouts’  medication  left  with  the  Health  Officer  at  Check-­‐in.   7:45  am   9:00  am-­‐   11:00  am         Breakfast  in  the  Dining  Hall   Check-­‐out  (see  above)   Pick  up  your  Troop’s  completions  and  partials  in  the  Administration  building   Have  a  Safe  Trip  Home!   10
http://www.bsa-selacouncil.org 10 2012ThanksgivingCampLeader’sGuide




1. C.O.P.E  (Pending  as  of  8/24/11)  
  C.O.P.E.,  which  stands  for  “Challenging  Outdoor  Personal   Experience”  has  evolved  into  the  BSA’s  premier  outdoor  training   experience  which  stresses  team  building  and  personal   accomplishment.  Our  course  has  a  multitude  of  low  COPE  activities   which  develop  teams  and  individual  leadership  skills.  These   elements  lead  to  a  high  element  course  which  includes:          

-­‐  13  elements:   • “Cat  Walk”   • “Multi-­‐Vine”   • “Giant’s  Swing”   • “Flying  Squirrel”   • 500  ft.  zip  line.     This  course  will  be  something  that  is  NOT  to  be  missed!     There  is  a  $15  fee  associated  with  this  program.         C.O.P.E.  will  be  held  during  the  last  2  periods  of  every  day.   In  order  to  participate  in  C.O.P.E.  a  scout  must  be  at  least  14   years  of  age  before  he  arrives  at  camp.                

Check  out  our  exciting   NEW  C.O.P.E.  video  on   YouTube.  

Project COPE: - ages 14+ (adults included). Must be able to qualify for backcountry medical approval (high adventure).




Beginner’s Luck Program
Thanksgiving Camp’s Beginner’s Luck Program ensures that new scouts begin their journey the right way with a little luck to guide them through the Trail to Eagle. This new premier program will take new scouts through the requirements of tenderfoot through first class rank, while emphasizing the role of a patrol in the development of the scout in his journey. We give scouts the opportunity to complete a significant amount of the requirements of tenderfoot through first class rank and the chance to earn the first aid, wilderness survival and emergency preparedness merit badge. Beginner’s Luck is a comprehensive program that takes a lot of time and effort from our staff and the scouts in the program. The morning porting of this comprehensive program involves the teaching of requirements in tenderfoot through first class, while the evening portion will deal with first aid, wilderness survival and emergency preparedness merit badges. Our goal is to be able to work with the scouts, while giving them each individual attention. We will also foster a sense of leadership and responsibility through the development of patrols within the program. There will be a swim trip, which will cover the swimming requirements and an overnight camping trip in which the scouts will build their own shelter. This shelter shall qualify them for their final requirement of wilderness survival. Finally, the major goal of this program is to get these new scouts on the right track in beginning their journey on the Trail to Eagle through patrol based hands on skill development.

Wilderness  survivals  supply  kit.      

The wilderness survival kit is needed for both the Beginner’s Luck Program (First Year Program) and the YOU  MUST  HAVE  THE  FOLLOWING  SUPPLIES  to  participate  in  this  items at camp o  byou can sucessfully may   Seperate Wilderness Survival Merit Badge course. Please have all class.  Failure  t so ring  the  items  below   complete the merit badge. YOU MUST HAVE r  a   ery  uncomfortable  night.    This  Kit  is   in this class. Failure to result  in  either  your  removal  from  the  class  oTHEvFOLLOWING SUPPLIES to participateneed  for  First  Aid  and   bring the items below may result in either your removal from the Wilderness.  (Beginner’s  Luck  Program  must  bring  this  kit  as  well.)  class or a very uncomfortable night. 1. First  Aid  Kit     Should  include:     1. Gloves   2. 1  small  and  1  large  elastic  bandage  –  Ace  bandage  would  suffice     3. Band-­‐Aids   4. 4  butterfly  bandages   5. 3  knee/elbow  bandages   6. 4  alcohol  preps  –  bottle  of  hand  sanitizer  works  well   7. Insect/sting  relief  spray   8. Anti-­‐itch  cream   9. Burn  relief   10. Neosporin  (antibiotic)   11. Tweezers   http://www.bsa-selacouncil.org 12 2012ThanksgivingCampLeader’sGuide 12. Small  Scissors   13. 1  mole  skin  patch  (blister  relief)  

10. Neosporin  (antibiotic)   11. Tweezers   12. Small  Scissors   13. 1  mole  skin  patch  (blister  relief)   14. Roll  of  adhesive  tape   15. Motrin   16. Tums   17. Chap  stick   2. 1  Zip  lock  bag  of  dryer  lint   3. Flint  and  Steel   4. Tarp  –  AT  LEAST  4X8  –  even  large  tarps  can  be  compressed  down.     5. 4  tent  stakes   6. Foil  emergency  blanket   7. Heavy  duty  poncho   8. Survival  Whistle   9. Signal  Mirror   10. Compass   11. Small  can  of  bug  spray   12. Energy  food   13. SUNSCREEN   14. KNIFE  and  small  scissors   15. BACKPACK  

Beginner’s Luck Daily Schedule: 8:30am – 11:45am: Morning requirements classes 1:15pm – 5:15pm: First Aid, Emergency Preparedness, and Wilderness Survival




Free Time / Wise Time

At Thanksgiving camp each year we have an hours of free time before dinner. We as scouts like to use our free time wisely. During this time you can up catch on assignments from your classes during the day, or take the opportunity to earn an extra merit badge. Keep in mind that you may not finish the badge but you will have a chance to start it. We will announce our extra offered merit badges at camp. Chose your time wisely.

Evening Programs

Each year at Thanksgiving Camp, we have fun evening programs that allow scout and leaders to fellowship and become acquainted with other scouts. Below is a list of all of the Evening Programs for the week. We ask that you join us for these events. Saturday Opening Camp Fire (At Council Ring) 8:00 pm - 8:50 pm Movie Night (DH) Troop Time / O.A. Night 9:00 pm – 10:30 pm Sunday Polar Bear Swim w/Patch 8:00 pm – 8:30 pm Dodge Ball Mini / Tournament 8:45 pm – 10:00 pm Monday Troop Cobbler Cook Off 8:30 pm 9:00 pm Chess/checkers/Sudoku Tournament 8:45 pm - 10:30 pm Tuesday Closing Camp Fire and Troop Skits 8:00 pm – 8:50 pm Troop Camp Fire Week Recap 9:00 pm – 10:30 pm

Camp Fire Schedule:

Opening: Opening campfire will start at 8:00 pm. I ask that all troops line up by the flagpole before going to the council ring. A staff member or designated leader will lead you into the council ring. Please be at the flagpole for 7:50 pm. Arrive at Flagpole: 7:50 pm Departure from Flagpole: 7:57 pm Closing: Closing campfire will start at 8:00 pm. For the opening Camp Fire, the skits will be done by the staff members. For the closing campfire, we will begin the campfire at 8:00 pm. A staff member or designated leader will lead you into the council ring. Please be at the flagpole for 7:50 pm. You must be in full Field Uniforms (Class A). Arrive at Flagpole: 7:50 pm Departure from Flagpole: 7:57 pm O. A. Night: O. A. members are welcome the the Ice Cream Social following Opening Campfire in Scoutmaster Lounge.Please wear your O. A. Sash if attending the Social. Following the Ice Cream Social the Chilantakoba Lodge will hosting the movie night in the Dining Hall. (All Scouts and Leaders are welcome the attend the movie night!) Please be on time and prepared!!




TRADING  POST:     Camp  V-­‐Bar  maintains  a  well  stocked  Trading  Post  and  Concession  Stand  to  serve  you  in  making  your  stay  more   enjoyable.     There   is   a   full   complement   of   snacks   and   Scouting   items   such   as   patches,   handicraft   kits,   and   camping  gear  to  enhance  your  Scout’s  camp  experience.    Daily  hours  will  be  posted.    Scouts  will  need  spending  

money   to   purchase   items   at   the   Trading   Post.     We   ask   that   you   bring   small   bills   (1’s   and   5’s)  

and  quarters  if  possible.  

UNIFORMS:     The  official  Scout  Uniform  is  necessary  for  wear  at  Camp.    Scouts  and  Leaders  will  wear  the  complete  “Class  A”   uniform   for   evening   meals   and   closing   campfire.     Scouts   “Class   B”   uniform   is   worn   at   both   the   Morning   Assembly  and  Lunch  Assembly.  (NOTE:  PLEASE  HAVE  FULL  FIELD  UNIFORMS,  NOT  JEANS,  JOGGING  PANTS  OR   ANY  OTHER  TYPE  OF  CLOTHING  OTHER  THAN  THE  BOY  SCOUT  UNIFORM!)   TENTS:     In  order  to  keep  costs  of  Camp  the  lowest  in  the  area,  troops  must  provide  all  of  their  own  tents  and  dining  fly.       SHOWERS:       Each   Troop   is   issued   a   shower   key,   which   allows   access   to   the   two   (2)   shower   houses   on   Camp.     The   key   is   ONLY  to  be  used  by  adult  leadership.    The  adult  should  develop  a  shower  schedule  with  their  Troop.    The  adult   leadership  is  to  accompany  the  Troop  to  the  shower  house  and  remain  with  the  Troop  until  completed.    Each   shower  is  a  private  stall  with  wet  and  dry  areas.    There  are  two  leader  showers  with  flushing  toilets.    It  is  the   Troop’s   responsibility   to   keep   the   showers   clean.     If   you   need   assistance   while   at   Camp,   contact   the   Camp   Administration.     Complete   guidelines   of   Camp   shower   usage   will   be   outlined   at   the   Saturday   SPL/Leaders’   Orientation  at  Camp.  

THE  OUTDOOR  CODE:   All   Campers   are   asked   to   live   by   the   Outdoor   Code.     Please   don’t   cut   down,   or   damage,   in   any   way,   live   trees.    They  will  become  infected.    Make  sure  any  open  fires  are  in  the  properly  designated  fire  area.    Please  be   sure  that  your  Scouts  know  and  understand  the  importance  of  caring  for  Nature  as  well  as  camp  property.     The  Outdoor  Code   As  an  American,  I  will  do  my  best  to   Be  clean  in  my  outdoor  manners,   Be  careful  with  fire,   Be  considerate  in  the  outdoors,  and   Be  conservation-­‐minded.   A  SCOUT  IS  CLEAN:     You   are   expected   to   keep   your   campsite,   latrine,   shower   facility,   and   washstand   clean.     If   you   need   any   special   maintenance  or  if  you  need  toilet  paper,  please  report  it  immediately  to  Camp  Administration.  We  appreciate   your  cooperation.  (Leave  No  Trace)  




FISHING:     Because   of   the   large   range   of   bank   area   near   the   lake,   and   no   supervision   except   in   the   Waterfront   Area,   fishing  will  be  allowed  only  under  the  “Buddy  System.”     Salmen  Scout  Reservation  maintains  a  policy  of  “catch   and   release”   so   all   can   enjoy   the   fishing.     Scouts   are   encouraged   to   enjoy   the   Joe   Domino   Fishing   Pier.     All   Scouts   and   Scouters   who   wish   to   do   some   fishing   during   their   stay   in   camp   will   be   required   to   obtain   a   Salmen   Scout  Reservation  Fishing  License.    Fishing  licenses  may  be  obtained  from  the  Camp  Administration  Office  at  no   charge.    Individuals  will  be  able  to  obtain  their  license  on  Saturday  or  any  day  during  the  week.   FIREARMS,  AMMUNITION,  BOWS,  ARROWS,  AND  WEAPONS:     Personal   rifles,   firearms,   ammunition,  bows,   arrows,   and   other   weapons   are   NOT   ALLOWED   in   camp.     Only   those  supplied  by  the  camp  are  permitted,  and  only  in  the  designated  area.    Any  exceptions  MUST  be  arranged   prior  to  arriving  in  camp  with  the  Camp  Director.   ALCOHOL,  ILLEGAL  DRUGS,  AND/OR  STIMULANTS:     The   use   of   alcohol,   illegal   drugs,   and/or   stimulants   on   Boy   Scout   property   has   long   been   prohibited.     This   state,  and  federal  laws  in  these  matters.  

policy   will   be   strictly   enforced   for   all   those   who   use   our   camp   facility.     We   will   enforce   all   local,  

SMOKING  OR  USE  OF  TOBACCO  PRODUCTS  IN  CAMP:   National   Scouting   policies   prohibit   anyone   under   the   age   of   18   to   smoke,   or   use   tobacco   products.     Leaders   who  smoke  must  do  so  out-­‐of-­‐sight  of  youth.    Proper  “field  stripping”  and  disposal  of  butts  should  be  done  in   proper  receptacles.  National   standards   require   every   scout   camp   to   have   a   designated   smoking   area.   V-­‐Bar’s   designated  smoking  area  is  the  porch  of  the  Scoutmaster’s  Lounge.     FIRE  AND  EMERGENCY  ALARMS:     The   fire   and   emergency   alarm   system   will   be   explained   in   detail   at   the   meeting   of   unit   leaders   and   SPL’s   scheduled   for   Saturday   evening.     Scouts   should   not   remove   any   fire   fighting   equipment,   or   fight   any   fire   themselves.     A   fire   barrel   and   fire   buckets   will   be   provided   in   each   campsite   for   Troop   use.     A   Troop   should   follow  the  procedures  in  the  Unit  Fireguard  Chart  plan.   LIQUID  AND  L.P.  FUEL:     All  liquid  fuels  should  be  checked  in  with   at  the  Administration  Building   upon  arrival  in   camp.    The  use  of  liquid   fuels   (kerosene,   gasoline,   Coleman   fuel,   diesel,   etc…)   and   liquid   fuel   equipment   in   camp   is   guarded   because   of   hazards   involved   in   storage,   handling,   filling,   and   lighting   of   such   equipment.     Fuel   can   be   retrieved   each   morning  to  fill  lanterns  and  stoves,  and  then  returned  to  the  storage  area.    Under  no  circumstances  shall  flames   of   any   kind   be   carried   into   or   used   in   tents.     Empty   liquid   petroleum   cylinders   should   be   returned   home.     They   can   explode   when   heated,   and,   therefore,   must   never   be   put   in   fireplaces   or   trashcans.     For   safety   reasons,   boys   must   not   be   involved   in   the   handling   of   or   the   lighting   of   stoves   and/or   lanterns.     Propane   is   recommended.   PETS:     NO  PETS  of  any  type  are  allowed  in  camp.  NO  EXCEPTIONS!!!   FIREWORKS:     NO   FIREWORKS   are   allowed   at   Camp   V-­‐Bar   unless   done   by   an   authorized,   bonded   user   for   arena   show   purposes.    Personal  usage  is  not  allowed.  NO  EXCEPTIONS!!!  




TAPS/QUIET HOURS: Taps occurs at 10:30 p.m. All campers are expected to be in their campsites by that time. Unit activities such as night hikes, astronomy, etc…would constitute an exception. Reveille is 6:00 a.m. LASER POINTERS: Laser pointers are not allowed at Camp. KITCHEN: The kitchen area is off limits for all except Dining Hall personnel. If anything is needed from the kitchen, please ask the Camp Administration. HEALTH & SAFETY The Health Lodge is staffed 24 hours a day by persons trained to handle minor accidents or illness. All injuries, regardless of the extent, must be reported to and treated at the Health Lodge. Special arrangements for the treatment of more serious cases have been made with Hancock Medical Center in Bay St. Louis. In the event such treatment is required, the camper’s parents will be notified by telephone giving the nature of the emergency, and their desires concerning further treatment will be followed. If the parents of any Scout will not be home during the time he is in camp, please find out where they can be reached and note this information on the Scout’s medical form. The Boy Scouts of America recommends that all youth and adult members have annual medical evaluations by a certified and licensed health-care provider. In an effort to provide better care to those who may become ill or injured and to provide youth members and adult leaders a better understanding of their own physical capabilities, the Boy Scouts of America has established minimum standards for providing medical information prior to participating in various activities. Those standards are offered at the end of this guidebook in a threepart medical form. Note that unit leaders must always protect the privacy of unit participants by protecting their medical information. The Annual Health and Medical record is to be completed for participants and parents or guardians and kept on file for easy reference. It is to be completed and signed by a certified and licensed health-care provider— physician (MD, DO), nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant as appropriate for your state every 12 months. The medical forms are available at the Council Service Center at no charge or you can make your own copies from the sample enclosed in the Appendix. At the medical screening given each camper and leader, upon his arrival, the camp reserves the right to refuse admittance or involvement in any activity to any individual who, in the opinion of the examining person and the Camp Director, has developed any physical or medical situation which could present a hazard to the individual or other individuals. All out-of-council Troops attending Thanksgiving camp at Camp V-Bar must have a copy of their Medical/ Accident Policy or provide proof of individual coverage to submit to the Camp Staff upon arrival. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS. If your Troop DOES NOT have Medical/Accident coverage, please contact the Camp Director (or) your District Executive 30 days prior to camp. Southeast Louisiana Council troops are covered by Accident Insurance purchased by the council.




THE RISK ZONE “The Risk Zone” is a state of physical and mental fatigue that is a major cause of highway crash fatalities. As a leader it is your challenge to do all that you can to keep Scouts safe, both at Camp and while traveling to and from Salmen Scout Reservation. Take the Driver’s Pledge and get a good night’s sleep the night before you come to Camp and on your last night at Camp. The Driver’s Pledge is a commitment to plan ahead and avoid killer fatigue. A special training session on “The Risk Zone” will be offered each week during Thanksgiving camp for all drivers – youth and adult.

Camp V-Bar Driver’s Pledge
I WILL NOT DRIVE WHEN I FEEL FATIGUED. I realize that when I am fatigued, I process information slower and less accurately, and this impairs my ability to react in time to avoid accidents. I WILL GET A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP before I drive to camp – and my last night at camp. I WILL MAKE TRAVEL PLANS that take into account my personal biological clock and I will only drive while alert.

Travel East on Interstate 10 from Slidell approximately 20.2 miles from the intersection of I-10 and I-59 and exit at Mississippi Exit # 13. Then proceed North on Mississippi Highway 603 approximately 14.6 miles. This will place you 1.0 mile past the Victory Baptist Church where you will turn right onto Standard Dedeaux Rd. You will see a Salmen Scout Reservation Sign. From this turn “when going to Camp - Stay Left” you will proceed approximately 2.1 miles passing the “Halfway Grocery” and come to a fork in the road with a Brick house near this fork. Turn Left and proceed approximately 1.7 miles to a 3 way stop sign again stay left and proceed 0.5 miles to the Entrance of Salmen Scout Reservation which will be on your left.

























Location and Counselors

Class  Location  Schedule  and  Counselors Class Location Schedule and Counselors
1st  Period Insect  Study Space  Exploration Finger  Printing Chess Textile First  Year  Program 2nd  Period Traffic  Saftey Public  Speaking Law Wilderness  Survival Model  Design First  Year  Program Locations Training  Center Front  Field Handicraft Scoutcraft Dining  Hall  Porch Pathfinder Locations Training  Center O.  A.  Porch Handicraft Scoutcraft Handicraft Pathfinder Counselors Walter  Blakesly Chuck  Watkins Alex  Barnes Greg  Espenan Pattie  Davie Glenn  Gilyot Counselors Walter  Blakesly Brandon  Queen Walt  Lanier Chuch  Watkins Pattie  Davie Glenn  Gilyot

3rd  Period Chemistry Archery Photography Citiz.  in  Nation Law First  Year  Program 4th  Period Nuclear  Science Collections Plumbing Archery Crime  Prevention First  Year  Program

Locations Training  Center Archery  Range Training  Center  Porch Scoutcraft Handicraft Pathfingder Locations Training  Center   Dinng  Hall Compound Archery  Range Handicraft Pathfinder

Counselors Chuck  Watkins Jason  Bilello Brandon  Queen David  Parks Walt  Lanier Glenn  Gilyot Counselors Greg  Espenan Walter  Blakesly Chris  Torres Jason  Bilello Alex  Barnes Glenn  Gilyot


Individual Scout Equipment □ Signed Medical Report Form □ Scout Uniform and Belt □ Socks and Scout Socks (4 or 5 pair) □ Pants/Jeans and Scout Pants □ T-Shirt □ Jacket or Coat □ 3 or 4 Scout T-shirts (no tank tops) □ Shoes (closed toe) or Hiking Boots □ Cap or Hat □ Underwear □ Pajamas or sleeping clothes □ Sleeping Bag or 2 blankets & sheet □ Pillow □ Personal First Aid Kit □ Poncho or Rain jacket □ Towels & washcloth □ Soap and Shampoo □ Toothbrush & Toothpaste □ Comb, Brush, & Mirror □ Flashlight & Extra Batteries □ Pocket Knife & “Totin Chip” □ Insect Repellent (non-aerosol) □ Sun Screen □ Boy Scout Handbook □ Water Bottle or Canteen & Cup □ Spiral Notebooks □ Pen or Pencils □ Completed Merit Badge Work □ Spending Money (1’s, 5’s & quarters please) □ PREPAID TELEPHONE CALLING CARD Don’t Bring: Personal electronic items such as radios, CD players, iPod’s, TV’s, electronic games, cell phones Fireworks Sheath or hunting knives OPTIONAL: □ Writing Material □ Backpack □ Fishing Rod & Tackle □ Camera & Film □ Bible or Prayer Book □ Work Gloves □ Dirty Clothes Bag □ Combination Lock □ Mosquito Netting □ Watch

Pets Personal firearms & ammunition Jewelry or other expensive items Personal bows & arrows




□ Patrol Flags □ Lanterns (propane is best) □ Matches/Lighters □ Dining Fly(s), poles, & stakes □ Rope □ Tents, poles & stakes □ Hammers & other hand tools □ 5 Gallon Water Jugs □ Ice Chests □ Trash Bags □ Lockable Storage Container □ Troop First Aid Kit □ Compass □ Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Bow saws □ Rolls of Surveyor’s marking tape □ Lawn chairs □ Dutch oven and other cooking and cleanup gear (gear as needed for Cobbler and chili Cook-off) Campsite entrance/gateway materials: □ Troop Sign (should include Troop number) □ Troop Flag □ U.S. Flag □ Twine & poles for lashing Bulletin Board: □ Bulletin Board (Provided in campsite) □ Camp Roster □ Troop Duty Roster □ Scout Schedules □ Emergency Procedures □ Push pins, etc. for bulletin board Paperwork: □ Troop Advancement Records □ Troop Leaders Guide Book □ Medical Forms

Do not forget to bring items such as thumbtacks, duck tape, vice grips, sharpening stone & oil. Troops can buy ice at camp to put in your 5-gallon water jugs. Tickets are sold at the Trading Post for $1.00 per bag. They may be redeemed and ice picked up at the Dining Hall.

Wilderness Survival Supply Kit.

The wilderness survival kit is needed for both the Beginner’s Luck (First Year Program) and the Seperate Wilderness Survival Merit Badge course. Please have all items at camp so you can sucessfully complete the merit badge. YOU MUST HAVE THE FOLLOWING SUPPLIES to participate in this class. Failure to bring the items below may result in either your removal from the class or a very uncomfortable night. Part I. First Aid Kit Should include: a. Gloves b. 1 small and 1 large elastic bandage – Ace bandage would suffice c. Bandaids d. 4 butterfly bandages Part II. The Basics: Should include: 2. 1 Zip lock bag of dryer lint 3. Flint and Steel 4. Tarp – AT LEAST 4X8 – even large tarps can be compressed e. 3 knee/elbow bandages f. 4 alcohol preps – bottle of hand sanitizer works well g. Insect/sting relief spray h. Anti-itch cream i. Burn relief j. Neosporin(antibiotic) k. Tweezers down. 4 tent stakes Foil emergency blanket Heavy duty poncho Survival Whistle Signal Mirror

l. m. n. o. p. q.

Small Scissors 1 mole skin patch (blister relief) Roll of adhesive tape Motrin Tums Chapstick

5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

10. Compass 11. Small can of bug spray 12. Energy food 13. SUNSCREEN 14. KNIFE and small scissors 15. BACKPACK


□ Cell Phones □ Sheath knives/Weapons □ Fire Works □ Alcohol beverages □ iPads □ Fire Arms □ Laser pointers □ Open Toed Shoes

IPods/Mp3 Players:

If you have valuable items that you do not want stolen or damaged, please do not bring these items to camp. You are allowed to bring your mp3 players to camp. Only on one condition, you are responsible for it and you are only to use them in your tents at night and leave them in your tents during the day. If you are caught playing your mp3 player during class, they will be confiscated until the end of camp.

Cellular Phones:

Scouts are prohibited cell phone use. You are not allowed to have your cell phone on campgrounds for any purpose. If you need to use a phone, you are to report to the Administration building to use the phone. If your call is long distance, please bring a long distance calling card. If any scout is caught with their cell phones, any counselor or leader will confiscate your phone until the end of camp. (NO EXCEPTIONS)

Sheath Knives/Weapons:

If any scout is caught with any time of weapon or sheath knife, that scout will lose all rights to having a knife and be asked to leave camp. (Note to Scoutmasters: Please check with your scouts before leaving home. We are striving for a safe environment at camp.)

Fire Arms/Fire Works/and Alcohol Beverages:

If any scout or adult leader has possession of any of these items will be removed from camp with no refund. These items are not allowed at camp and will not be tolerated what so ever. Please do not bring these items to camp.

Laser Pointers:

Laser pointers are not allowed at camp and not to be pointed at anyone’s eyes. If caught with a laser, it will be confiscated and possibly not returned to the scout. Please leave any lasers at home.

Open Toed Shoes:

Open Toed shoes are forbidden at Camp V-Bar. To prevent any foot injuries, please where closed toed shoes.




(Please complete one form for each Scout attending) Scout’s Name _____________________________ Troop District ____________ Address ________________________________ City ______________________ Zip ______ Your Phone Emergency Contact Name ___________________________________ Your EMAIL Emergency Contact Phone___________________________________
Check all that apply: Cost $105.00 $125.00 $15.00 $15.00 $5.00 $
2nd Period

Thanksgiving Camp Individual Scout Registration Form

Type of Fee Early Bird Registration Fee Registration Fee Rifle Program Fee C.O.P.E. Program Fee

Comments Paid by October 25, 2012 Paid after November 14, 2012

Total Fees Submitted
1st Period

Merit Badge Selections (First Choice) 3rd Period 4th Period

Merit Badge Selections (Second Choice) 1st Period 2nd Period 3rd Period 4th Period

Cut off and Give this portion to Scout _______________________________________________as his copy. Morning Sessions Period # 1 Period # 2 8:30-10:00 10:15-11:45 Insect Study Traffic Saftey Space Exploration Finger Printing Chess Public Speaking Law Wilderness Survival Plant Science Model Design and Building First Year Program First Year Program Period # 3 1:45-3:15 Photography Afternoon Sessions Period # 4 3:30-5:00 Nuclear Science Plumbing Archery (must purchase arrow kit in Trading Post) Crime Prevention Collections

Archery (must purchase arrow kit in Trading Post) Chemistry Citizenship of the Nation Law Energy First Year Program


First Year Program

C.O.P.E. - pending (Not a merit badge-just C.O.P.E opportunity. $15.00 additional fee. Must have at least 6 participants registered by 11/5/11 to conduct the course) Some class sizes are limited due to facilities or other considerations. Early registration is the best way to ensure that Scouts get the classes they want. Camp administration may rearrange schedules to balance size if necessary. Merit badge pamphlets should be purchased prior to arriving at camp. There will be a limited # for sale in the Trading Post. Classes begin on Saturday afternoon beginning with periods 3 & 4 to allow additional time for merit badges that might require more time to complete.
**Please be advised that the schedule may change depending on participation and counselors. Please have a second choice of merit badges selected. Be Prepared!




    Troop  #:  __________  Unit  leader:  __________________________________________________                                                                                                                                    (Print  in  full)                    Last                                                                              First                                                Middle  


Council:    _____Southeast  Louisiana              ______    Istrouma                _____Pine  Burr              _______  Other:_____________________     District:  ________________  EMAIL                                                                              Unit  Leader  Daytime  Phone  #  __________________                    




    2       3       4       5       6       7       8       9       10  

Total  number  of  boys  to  attend  Thanksgiving  Camp   EARLY  REGISTRATION  (on  or  before  October  25,  2012)   Total  number  of  boys  to  attend  Thanksgiving  Camp   LATE  REGISTRATION  (AFTER  November  14,  2012)  


                                      Quantity                                                              @  $105.00     @  $125.00   @  $12.00   @  $12.00   @  $12.00   @  $12.00   @  $12.00   @  $15.00   @  $15.00    @  $35.00  


T-­‐Shirt  -­‐    Large      (Must  be  pre-­‐ordered  by  October  25,  2012)   T-­‐Shirt  -­‐  Small        (Must  be  pre-­‐ordered  by  October  25,  2012)   T-­‐Shirt  -­‐  Medium        (Must  be  pre-­‐ordered  by  October  25,  2012)   T-­‐Shirt  -­‐  Large        (Must  be  pre-­‐ordered  by  October  25,  2012)   T-­‐Shirt  -­‐  X-­‐Large    (Must  be  pre-­‐ordered  by  October  25,  2012)   T-­‐Shirt  -­‐  XX-­‐Large        (Must  be  pre-­‐ordered  by  October  25,  2012)       T-­‐Shirt  -­‐  XXX-­‐Large        (Must  be  pre-­‐ordered  by  October  25,  2012)   PAID  Total  number  of  ADULTS  to  attend  Thanksgiving  Camp  (1  adult  free  for  the  every  10  paid   Scouts)   Names:______________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________   FREE  Total  number  of  ADULTS  to  attend  Thanksgiving  Camp  (1  adult  free  for  the  every  10  paid   Scouts)   Names:   ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________  

    $         $       $       $       $       $       $       $       $       $  





    @  FREE       $  FREE  


TOTAL  (Total  of  lines  1  thru  10)  





  Troops  will  be  assigned  to  their  campsites  based  on  the  campsite  capacity.    This  will  allow  each  Troop  to  have  the  most  comfortable   accommodations  possible.    Please  check  your  first  &  second  choices  here  and  we  will  try  to  accommodate:     st nd Mark  1  and  2  Choice  for  Camp  V-­‐Bar  Troopsites     (Campsite  capacity  is  in  parentheses  next  to  each  site  name)   Cherokee  (24)__________  Apache  (24)__________   Comanche  (24)__________     Houma  (24)_________   Mohawk  (32)__________   Sioux  (24)__________   Old  Chickasaw  (24)______                                                                  Fox  (24)___________   Natchez  (32)__________   Arapaho  (24)__________   Choctaw  (24)__________                                                                    IndianHead  (32)_______  



COUNCIL  SERVICES,  SOUTHEAST  LOUISIANA  COUNCIL   4200  S.  I-­‐10  Service  Rd.  W.,  Suite  101,  METAIRIE,  LA  70001  



NOTES: _____________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ Please rememeber that all senior patrol leaders are to report to the Training Center every morning for thier SPL Meeting. Time: 7:15 am to 8:00 am