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N PLACING before the public our annual catalogue, we wish to express our thanks to all our friends and patrons for the extended orders with which we have been favored during the past year. To those who have been our customers in the past, necessary. and who have kept themselves posted as to the many improvements we have made from time to time, no guarantee for our future action will be It will be sufficient to say that we propose to press onward in our efforts for future adOur line of Corn Drills, Cultivators and Grain Drills are they are strong and Now we need not enter vancement, sparing no pains or expense.

made with special reference to the meeting of the wants of our many patrons; durable, finely finished, and cannot be excelled for ease of management. into a long and tiresome eulogy upon the merits of our goods; no line of agricultural Therefore, we would ask, please examine this catalogue, write us direct or apply to any of our local agents.

yet, cannot refrain from saying that and if further information is desired,

implements ever made, has better deserved its attained popularity.



~rain @)orn ~riff.






or~e @5orn S@)rifP.

the attention of farmers and dealers to. the Indiana Corn Drill, we feel assured that

we can present principles and advantages of the utmost importance, and new improvements of more practical value than have heretofore been added to any machine of this class. Weare using a drill-wheel with a long hub, same revolving on a box axle, making it impossible We also The frame is not mortised toto spring or warp the frame, thereby preventing the front gear from slipping out of mark. make both cog-gear under box or the worm-gear, as may be desired. Had we space we could enlarge as to advantages, have all the elements embodied in the" Indiana" gether, allowing water to get in so as to rot it, which is the case with all other drills. but must confine ourselves to a few remarks, and ask dealers and farmers to examine for themselves before placing their orders, knowing that we. that the 1110st astidious could desire. f





n . nd tri . I.


N OUR New Rex Double Corn Drill, shown in cut on opposite page, will be found the implement the farmer has long been wanting-one with which he can plant his corn in one-half the time ~ necessitated in using the Single or One-horse Corn Drill. This implement has been thor'Y 'oughly tried and has proved a success, proving its superiority in rank and quality by work done in planting. In construction, the drill consists of one large main frame mounted on two main ground wheels to which are attached in front the gangs, on rear end of which are bolted the hoes and shovels into which the corn is conveyed from hopper above, by means of rubber tubing and deposited at rear of shovel as shown in cut on preceding page. The gangs and hoes work independent of each other, and by means of spring pressure attachment the depth of planting is regulated, and hoes raised and lowered by means of two small levers at option of the operator. The distance for planting corn is regulated by means of small sprockets on end of shaft. The new marker as shown is alone a feature worthy of due consideration, and is a great labor saving device, overcoming all of the heretofore disadvantages embodied in the old style marker attachments. You will observe in the illustration that the operator, when in his seat. has a fine view and complete control over the entire Drill, which is alone a feature of superiority. Now that we have given a minute and detailed description of the Indiana New Rex Double Corn Drill, we would solicit those who intend purchasing a drill of this description to please give this, the New Rex, an examination before buying. Hoping that you may grant the favor, we solicit your correspondence, which shall have our prompt attention.


E vVISH to state a few facts to deai:rs and [.1rI11Cr· i~ reg:ml to our Indiana long-t1l'1( Cultivator, It is po-it?vcly something 11'W, S?1ll ,thlllg nO\~l a~d om hing IIi ',h ing
points of .xccllencc unequalled by any oth rr fong-u(,II., nltivator m: d -, It hr all the cssential points need ed. The arch i. made of st -I, not found ill. nr he r ultivntor, while the couplings that connect beams and axk an' cntir 'Iy III w, Th·. rrang III II {i r transportation from place to place is entirely new and po iti\ ely n g 'Ill within it 1(, gidn .....h 01' I tor l no trouble whatever, and can be changed ill half a minut ~ (rom working hap to rail porting. \\T furnish all with our new iron wheel, some hing uperior to anything on the mark t in hI \\a)' (If a wheel. D9 not fail to see th ' Indiana Tongu'le in the future. \\'ould b glad to corr . pond with tho

s b for' yotl pi"


your order, for



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in p cd of an implem nt

hi kin 1.


N THE opposite page we take pleasure in presenting to our friends, farmers and dealers an illustration representing the style and manufacture of our Latest Improved ingle Tongue Cultivator, with its many points of excellence. This Cultivator retains its enviable reputation, bearing the name of being the most desirable and most satisfactory in ease of management, style of finish, and efficiency of work. We need not enter into details concerning manner of construction and style of adjustment, as all of the advantages secured in the construction of the old reliable I X L D. T. Cultivator are retained in the Improved Single Tongue Cultivator, besides Some important additiol13! improvements. Therefore we would ask our friends before purchasing to give the Single Tongue Cultivator an impartial examination, and we feel assured that in so doing your decision will be in our favor and to your own interest.




~mF'ro~eq ~n0tiana f)araPPeP 2>ear11@uP11"ator.
HE opposite cut represents our new Swivel Beam or Parallel Shovel Cultivat r, which shows the arrangements of the beams, swivel attacht:nents, and shov ,I. ~ from ~r to year \ add many new and valuable attachments and rmprov ments to ur lin f ultivator nd . in I?re~entiI?-g this" our new Swivel Beam, ultivator to the trad ,~v fi, 1 assl;Ir ',d that' UP01; ItS.own ments III this class It not only commend Itself, but hall prove far 111 advance III I ombined POtnts of superiority, , The swivel head or main swivel block in rear, and to which the shovel arms ar volt d JS" arrang~d and connected by the parallel beam rod to the axle coupling n _fr nt .nd of b ~. that when, III motion, the sidewise shifting of shov Is or bc~ms Is not only bviat .d, but . I pr \ 'n the zig-zag movement of the old tyle ultivator, and gl\'e5 an v ncr and steadier dmft which an only be derived from a direct parallel movement of the shov 1., 1 h ' axle upling r b am at a h. ment is so arranged and attach d to an open ga:- pipe sp 01, which fits n tnt; ax It" th; t by In 'an of two small set screws the lost motion can, <J1y ~. r medied and p,rcv .n N1. II, th • P in made rnenno-, of, and many other maller devices of trnpro,: .ml'nt ombin d a~tl us In th • go n ral COn lru,ctlOl1 of our New Swivel Beam, ha gall1ed It a P smon and a rcputauon not surpa, ed by any of Its rank r kind. Hence, we would ask your kind consideration and impartial xamin tion b '(orc pI' cing' your orders. All orders and all correspondence shall have our prompt au ntion.


®yVoo~ ~eum


ITH pleasure we present to our many patrollS our recently Improved \'( (J I B ',IIn hem Shank Cultivator. This Cultivator is giving the best uf atista ion, rind i .Iining a wide-spread reputation. While we cannot claim any sp 'rial p lint 01 lIpl rioriry "\ 'r rf . our Iron Beam Cultivator, yet to meet the desires 01 many of our ('tIS om r • w anuot ~ralll from supplying and meeting their every want. I I '110\ \\ • Wllllhl <1 k 01 lh( . d iring a cod Beam Cultivator to not fail to give ours all examinatioJl betor . making purcha!\l.!.





N OUR New Improved Hay Rake, you find all of the points of excell mce -mbodi'd in our pr vious line of rak"': yet we must say that we claim ,omc poinL' of exc -llence, and w : t:" t to be able to substantiate the ",muon when we say that we have addc-u ,ome v ery I, 0 ·he•. I and

'"'portant new devices, which no doubt to many may seem as point> of
line of rakes.

"'I' -rioriry o

-r our I" vious

. The points of excellence are in the New Self-dumping device, as it ,"ah!' rh O!,.-"'lOr hy ih . "n~.n any wa,. Iroubl·d aid of hi" own we>ght to ea,ily and ",dily dump the bay at any tune, not bei . ' with ch o ki "I' ki ' b ay, WI' 1 a I011' . rmg or overloading, and thus avoiding the posslbl tty 0 r sipping lie 1 1>1
. veryob' jectionable , feature in many rakes of present manufacture,

@IRe @}mr>ro~e~ "@}n0liana.
best D NTHE' ?lipo"'te page we show a cut "p"oonnng the Improved Indoam-unqu<'Stion,blythe -" ' lectio n f on th~ market. The feed being the main thing to be looked aft" in making a se:Q. a g,am drill, indue<'S to »Y' few us in "gacd to the Indi,n,. . hoe, and h he acknowledged ,"peciority of its feed; the excellenceof m""i,1 used in itscon,tr"e· by'ny oth;",!'-\] of p"rpo" in the con,tmdion ofallits parts have made ~ cop"~tion forit uoequaled every featu n now known. It shows no ,"rei'" work of cheap ,nd mexpeneneedworkmen but by tho", he of the I mproved Indiana ,how' that it is m,de by the ve<yb"t workmen,and d"igoed deaIe, 'nd k<;owwhat it "quir" to make an implement that will fully meet the wants of the



Th re rarrner. ~i"ee .:;reat advantages of our force feed aCO itse manif"t in the factof the imme",e sales it has had is ",uaIl vent. We will state that it is quite e"y to make beo,d, 'weeping d,im' on papec-tbi, the10"d;;,;",:'rted to by those wbo ~ake an inferio~drill. In fact, the most inforio, on" are blowoo fromtho, ' nd the greatest ,tres' is placed on vanoU' "'P', to detract the ,ttenMn of the facmer Word,in :.r~r" the most defeotive--paccieubrly the feed. And now please ,1I0w us to say a few The fe! is to ~h,at part of the Indiana:, ' The F d I,d positively a force feed, and wheth..-,owmg a lacge or ,mall qu",t,ty,t" "the "me. g"in and eed Wheel or Cylinder is '0 eoo,truded that the ,mootb pact eorn" in eontad with the

man;'ith ~Ilevolving wid, the flut" or co,mgated p"t, prevents the dogging or b'idging ,0 cornthe de,1 others when co",,,uded ,0 that only the fluted p"t "volv" dh the cup. We ask allunhi:" d f"rme" to make a ,"(eful examinationof the diffe"nt feeds, and we wiIl wagee that and .So far a p~rtles will decide in favor of the feed on ,the Indiana, w " The D sregards the feed, the Indi,n, is unquest,onahly,"pee , , to all-mfeno, to no~e. "d Pivoted,1Iis also furnished with'a seat "canged in "ar of seed box, ,upp0rted 00 m"n frame, the way I ,~o that the operator should he wish to walk, can do 50 by turnmg the seat up out of '<>otrol fe:vm all dear in "ear ~f ",achinc. From the po,ition of the seat the op,,,to, has fuIl ~ g o'-'nothec I~ ~he movements of the Drill. F,orn the se,t he ",n ""eh the lever to ra'se the hoe',
chine is we 11ver to throw the hoes [ro111 strawht hne to a zlg-zag. or ";"ICC versa. a put together, well painted, scrolled, striped and \":.:rni~hed, • The entire rna-

we feel that It IS EING so different from all other methods of shifting from a straight line to a zlg-zao' ttached to twO e due the trade to say a few words in regard.to its construction. The drag ?ars ~rs known asa bars or rails, one sliding, the other swinging, by loop bolt~ bya new device ~e ~ron~ front to rear linked movement, attached to each side of the frame, allowtr~g either bar .to rna I r backwar~ the by a lever attached to the front rail supplied with a spring dog. By Simply throwing thhe ev~ to a straight. hoes are thrown from a straight line; or by moving the lever forward the hoes are trow th of one fi~ge:, All the power that is required to/move the hoes to a zig-zag is but little more t~an the std_engl able devlc.eIS wh n the drill i in motion. One of the greatest advantages derived from this new an vadu each vary1l1g, that one-half of the hoes are thrown backward at same time the remainder are thro,:vn forw~ , eight of hoes say about three inches, making a complete change without unbalancing the ma<:h111e,a~ t e Wiselythe saJl1e is precisely the same on frame as it was before changing, always leaving the gram box In p~eck and a part position. Another advantage we have over others is that by moving a part of the hoes ac hines thereby c forward prevents the cramping or binding of the gum conductors, as often occurs to other m ts of friend~r making ~hem, last at least twice as long. Unquestionably this new device ,has made It ld O~ot buY a drl a~d the ~nqtury 1 , "Do you put the new Hoe Shifter on the Improved Indiana? Wou without It, as your conductors will last twice as long as those on other drills." . . OUR NEW FRONT LIFT. meansofalever . In the Indiana the chams are attached to the drag bars in front of the seed box, and bYe ofmovingf~O!l1 within easy reach ~f the operator the hoes are lifted when turning corners, or for the purpos all other drills. place to place, leavmg all perfectly clear in rear of machine, which is 110t the case WIth .. . OUR NEW FRAME, AS NOW MADE, .. ts held pernla~ 15 less liable to warp or ~:Ist, from the fact that the frame is nicely fitted together an~ the JOll~ment tb~ fraOl ~ ntly tog ther by 7-16 J~1l1tbolts,run 111tO nuts, nicely fitted into the frame. By this arran~ I turning up IS prevented from becoming loose, or should any joints become loose from any cause, by sln~p Ylace by our th bolts the j~ints are -made as cl?se and permanent as when new. The center bar. is heldtl~!s flangesexd new patent devlce,.and u~ed exclusively by us. The bar or rail is recessed into a castmg tha trongeran tendl11 over the Side ralls, all held together by a heavy joint bolt By this arrangement we get a 5 or dealer. b tter rame than any other concern in the country, as we can demonstrate to any practical fanner
.' • 0'












~S ~ der

PROVIDED with a ,imila, feed, being a po,itive force. and will 'ow ",cu",<ely [rorn one to ~x quarts P'" acre, and delivee the seed evenly, eithe< forward 0' back, by ,imply changing a .;flectm board, which cequi,'" but a mom,nt's time. The feed C"ps ace '0 ananged on the e g rass Seeder, as is also the Me in the gcain box, that it is impo;;ibl to get one cup to
deliver the same quantity. '


. NO CHANGE OF GEAR WHEELS chan' but b'y moving a hand levee, wh"h" 'h eld m pos",on by a t hurnb nut, the quantity is . ed IS used . . .' fo ged "thee incceU'ing diminbhing, the quantity leaving the cups unchong . Hence, the do immis ed, and is mme efficient than any oth" in tee mg oats, arley, 0' fowl seed. It ree IS not di , . h . c di b c ,,~ot need an agitato" as is the cU'e with those ddlls that have a statio"ty cut of block. rnak nd now, befor closing you, contcact foe drills foe the coming ;eason, we would ask you to withe a full and fair examination'" to the points enumerated, and we feel confident you will ag'" W u~ when we say that the hnp,oved Indiana is positively the fines,.nd best Two·hoese n,ill made. b : rnigh t go on and enlarge "' to the peouliacity of the feed, and the particula' manner of construction, : ;s almost all dealers and farmers ace somewhat acquainted with the different styl'" of ~ ed usually tao- over the country, they will ceadily und,,,,,nd fcom what we have already said, that the advan-

Iver more gram t h an another-all '


y ages are 1arge 1" in favor of the Improved Indiana. .

~rel3.®ure Jioe









observe 'hat we also build a Hoe p,,,,",e D,ill that has proven a ,uooe" beyond ur most sanguine expectations, having been fully tested during the past season. diff The feed, frame, hoe shifter, and finish, ;, just like the Indiana bot there is quite a tnent, th«,,'- erence in the mann" of raising' the hoes. In con,t<uct;ng the Hoe Pm,"u" ""oge· j-tta'hed to "a shaft that P""" through f"ow', nod a of ",iled steel oiled·tempe"d springs connect~am~ by bolt with a p,ojedion from 'p,ing. that catch.,; on an arrn, and by mean' of a y0k m"", ofa l: tom the ann to the drag bat, the ho" ace fo<ced intO the soil to any d",i,ed depth "",onnee!' Irc, that is attached to the end of the ,Iillft; 0' by the !;arne I"" the hoes are raised, at comern mg a I .feeding amngement> both gta" and g,,;n when desiring to do ,0 while turn ing

o~ will




. m" Anyo'n~rdw~l~e moving dutable :"nn a Ho, g nd complete


fr0111placeDtm place..not be ,upphed from any oth"r"tOty to can ..; Pte,"",e with all Its arrangements as ours. \V c.aIso show IJ1 this same cut





vi ed with " d esirous of putcha;;m" a dnll having' a ""tOt «-heel m ftoot un d,,_rome, an"I proid Or those . ..' . r. "(hile We da jointsr] tongue, would ,ay that we have ':;',"ethi~g thot ",iii pie,," '"Y and all cu'tomet~, gtye 0. not claim to build the only drill with a ""tot in front, we claiu to have one that w.1I tl<" dt;l!. aC~7" under all citcum,taoc". Yon will obsetve that the Hoe p""nte attachment is on e Or deale e put the Hoe Pressure or Castor to any or all of our Two·hors Dnlls, so that a fanner


r can ha ve a d n'11constructed

as he may deSire. .

nero ~n01iana



'mpcovementrg~ wI: present to you a cut?f our Fectili,ee Eight-h?e Com Deill, with aU its N.OYPOSITE of the land" t. as become necess",Y in this day and age, owmg to the continoed use be", land, so that'~ mtam sectwns of the cnuntry, to do something in the way of fertili,in~ tbe th,j necessary fO' may be restored to its original fertility and productiveness. Therefore," has TheW~1l meet the r the manufacturer of agricultural implements to monu",ctu'" a feetiliaer drill ",;' ore we now wants of the fanner, and sow thef"tiliaer with the grnin, and do it succe,.fully. r • h,' of the vee bPeesent '? ynu the Indiana Grain and F",iliae Drill combined. The Drill is no el than thalo est rriaterial. The frame is made much heaviee, nod widee tire is used on the th is ~p" COm bined the plam wheat drill, adding greatly to its streog • We also have one large e Gm" Seed,,· The front part of hopper In/ for sowin or ram and feetilizec, with a detachahl Oft:""" which h g wheat, oats, barley and fia<, thcouah our cel,brnt,d iorce feed, known as the ed la'gest Drill ~een before the Unite<l StateS Court, and sustained against the wishes of some




pee Outside i on thehefeetilizer

pi,,"on. of hopper" c?untry. reM of rnam hopper, and bas all of . gates and cnt-offs its o,,"pames in the in the a ve~t the fe;ff p am view of the operator' this lea¥B nothing on the inside of ed hopper to cJo~or and't.,,?? recei~::..er fr?m feeding regularly: The l'rf.i"r is fed off ~ plain-foe cOWl' disc "to de' f""h'" i h' which conducts it to the grain receiver below; th~ m turn depo,," the gram t an~rl'to call n t e same furrow thus deriving the oreatest "noun of b,nefit therefrom. We n also fert'j.lftinghoYour attention to o~r hoe shifting anl'lifting device, The lever for shifting the hoes u iz t' . or mi 1h er to b es out 0f genun d also small levers for chan.ing and reg lati a"ng quann ty 0f gra. ou uplgt tnentio e Sown. All ley~rs beinO' in reach of operator while in seat or on rear of drill. We on ) of >1,' 'its own n a nu m b er 0 f"other points, but think we have said enoug', and wt')1 1eave' it wi'th r . 'lis to e ,me~.ts, and think it would be to vour int"est beioe<placing your orders for above kmd
xannne the Indiana.



nero ~f'~in3 Moe J\rrac~merzt
which we are now using- upon our Indiana Grain Drills, is the most perfect and complete spring hoe device now in use, and from the fact of its durability and the number of them in use. The fact is substantiated that it is second to none in the line of sprino- hoe attachments, there is no doubt, and there is no . train upon the spring when the tooth is in position-hence, the spring does not weaken by liS":, but is found as elastic after ):e~rs of se;vice as when first put on. Therefore It never falls to do its work thoroughly and instantly. \Ve very rarely have to replace any broken springs from the fact that none of them ever break or give down. The hoe can be readily set to allow the hoe to break back eas ily r l1~t .0 asily, as ~he operator may desire, Or to suit the vanauons of the sOIL




cut shows

a rear

view Fer-

of our force feed Rotary upon our Eight-hoe tilizcr Grain Drills.

Disc, as used

and Five-hoe





H~S Drill is similar to our plain Five-hoe Drill, only has three hoes instead of five, and is intended to be used the same as the Five-hoed, only to go twice in a row of corn, and is one of the most complete machines made of the kind. . All parties wanting machines of this class cannot do better than to buy the Improved Indlana Three-hoed Drill.







!IAIS m~re points of excellence than any other drill extant. Farmers are no longer annoyed wheels to change quantity. The Indiana is so constructed that the feed can e c langeCl from one quantity to another in a moment. ~ it is th bWe have greatly improved the Indiana during the past season, and wish to say positively inste de est Five-hoed Drill now offered to the farmers. Our new rear lift attachment, now used serv ~ ,of the ,old style ca tor wheels, is a very much needed improvement, and as can be readily obtran efl ~n ~he Illustration opposite, it is a great labor saving device, and can be so adjusted that in a gro s .d flom rlace to place, the entire drill is so elevated as to carry the hoes entirely clear of the whe~?s ' and without the least effort of the operator, Also" the adjustment is so arranged t~at the itivel can be set that the hoes run only so deep, or to the depth desired by the operator. It ISposllIO y a fO,rce feed, and at the same time can be changed from a given to a desired quantity in a pi I~ent. . [here are no coo- wheels to manipulate or bolts to remove in changing feed, but by sirnco~ Oo~enJng a thumb-nut the operator can make the desired change quickly, by means of a lever bre Vklllently placed in rear of seed box. The Indiana, as improved, has a very neat and strong Ind~ back hoe device with steel point-j'ust what has been needed. We are enabled to make the id ' T here is lana ConSI erably lio hter and at the same time very strong, by ad di t hi Improvement. ,c mg IS an is b' . • h shaft ind]icator ~)J1.th~ back of the hopper, which ,ISattached to, th~ fee d sat, fi so t h at whenever the moved It indicates the amount of gram bemgsown. It indicates equally well for wheat, oats,


bn c lal1gll1~ cog





new ~oyaf.





illustration on the preceding page represents our New Royal Fi~e-hoe Fertilizer Drill. This by far the most complete drill of its class or kind and in every respect is made to meet the every want" of the fertilizer trade. The Royal has been thoroughly tested and has proven perfect in all points, hence in offering it to the trade the coming season, we do' so knowing that we are presenting the best Fertilizer Five-hoe Grain Drill that is on the market to-day. Having been largely and extensively engaged in the manufacture of all kinds of fertilizers, we have made it OUi special study to ascertain and attain the exact requirements of a perfectly successful fertilizer Five-hoe, ~nd have spared no pains to contribute to its strength, durability, convenience of handling and effectl~eness in the field. We guarantee the New Royal with its positive force feed rotary disc, to ROW all kmds·of phosphates under any reasonably favorable circumstances. And under the exactions of such. guarantee, we do not hesitate in presenting this new machine, the Royal, as being the fertilizer within which are embodied all the points of excellency, and of which our many patrons should not fail to examine prior to the placing of their orders on this one special implement. Please correspond with us; We want agents everywhere.




@J.n0tiana @R.amp)iof2 ~ower.
HE above illustration repr~sents our ,new I!1diana Champion Sowe~ as made for general trade, and we fe,el assured that 11l presenting this Sower to our many fnends and patrons, they will find that It possesses many points of superiority, being built upon strictly scientific principles and having given it the most thorough field trial to which we could put it. ' Hence, we do not hesitate in placing it before the public, confidently asserting it to be the best Sower of its kind in the market. While 'tis not our intention to disparage any other sower, yet we do claim there are many decided points of difference, even between good machines, We use our latest style of force feed, same as is used on our Hoe Drills, only that the feed is of larger pattern, capable of running through larger quantities of grain, as may be desired by the operator. Only one change of cog wheels is necessary in the sowing of wheat, oats, and barley, The distributers or scatterers, attached to rear of hopper, connects with feed cup, and, having a break pin attachment with which it connects on frame in rear, thus prevents breakage when passing over obstructions. The lower section of this scatterer consists of a sliding, notched tubing, arranged for raising and lowering by removing the small clotter and dropping same to within a few inches of the ground, or vice versa. On the rear of the main hopper is attached the scale indicator, so arranged as to enable the operator to quickly change the increase or decrease of the outflow as he may want. We also have a combined grass and flax seed attachment which goes on the rear of the main hopper and can be furnished when desired, and is so arranged that the seed is conducted to the ground throuvh the main tubes or scatterers. Now, we could name many other points of merit, but think tho~e given above will com,m,end themselves, and th~t t~e Sower will I~1eetwith the wa~ts of the most exacting, hence. we solicit your favorable examination before buying, and shall give prompt attention to all correspondence. ~


@}nGticmo @Ji~e-@Joot~


The above cut presents to you a view of the New Indiana Five-tooth Cultivator, one of the neatest, strongest and most durable cultivat?rs of its ~ind manufactured and in use. It is made of first-class material throughout and neatly finished, It IS made to adjust on same principle of our Fivehoe Grain Dnll, and works easy and runs light, so that any boy can handle it with ease.

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