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We must walk consciously only part way toward our goal then leap in the dark to our success.

-Henry David Thoreau-

rumbling sounds in my stomach. I got so hungry that I have to go to the nearest restaurant located in the place. I decided to eat at Lorna's Restaurant for the first thought that the foods and dishes are delicious. The restaurant is August 7, 2030; California, USA; 11:20pm owned by Lorna Mae Bahi-an and managed by her friend I took a deep breath because I have to be steady Irene Awhagan. The thought was right that the foods were in putting the last chip of the Star Apple's latest gadget,the fantastic for it is cooked by Master Chef Khimberly Dioso. I-pot,a combination of ipod,iphone and ipad, designed The other chefs were Kristine Joy Espartero, Argelyn by Engr. Romaine Gabriel Getalada. It features a 2 Lachica, Rosa Mae Hagnaya and Eva Gangis. gigapixel camera, hologram calling, huge memory support Then I decided to keep some of my money in BDE of up to 1000 gigabytes and is running a Windows Mobile (Banko De Evangelista) because I brought a large amount Jalousy 9000, programmed and developed by Elpha Gee of money that is too much for all my expenses. Upon Perdon. It also features a built-in refrigerator, microwave entering the bank, the owner Edgelyn Evangelista greeted oven, blender, electric fan and washing machine. me with a smile, and so her three lovely accountants. They were Nashbel Euraoba, Reah Saballero and Cherry August 8, 2030; Hollywood, California; 12:30am Magsipoc. It's quite late for me to go home so I decided to check in to the most famous hotel and resort in the world, The Purple Palace Hotel and Resort owned by August 9, 2030; Malacanang Palace, Pasig City; 11:30am Kimberly Villanueva together with her business partners Its the first and important appointment that I and stock holders Romela Tolmo and Rovilyn Noliaga. The have to be in for it is a lunch party of a close friend. Its the hotel is being managed by Jolina Teniedo. birthday of our highly respected President, Pres. Veina I felt a little hungry but it's too early for me to Magquilat. I entered the palace seeing the President have my breakfast but then, I still asked for food, making it talking with her lawyer, Atty. Pia Jestine Madriago. The my midnight snack. The food's great for Katrina Mae Tablo most well-known and highly-paid lawyer in the country. as the Master Chef, cooks for food in the hotel. Beside her is another lawyer, Atty. Joven Tamayo. After that, I decided to watch the late news on the The President also invited the Philippine ARMY and t.v., turning it on to my favourite news channel, The ABC- I got the chance to meet Gen. Marissa Espanola and some EFG International and saw news anchors Jasmin Canson, old friends of mine. Together with the General are Kimberly Mae Dela Cruz, Crystyl Ann Mijares, Argen Dela Lieutenant Gen. Anthony June Nonod, Major Gen. Steven China and Jezzel Arnaiz reporting the late news all over Florentino, Brigadier Gen. Aron Deloeste, Col. Jolibert the world. The President of the networking company was Sevilla, Lieutenant Col. Viljohn Canillo, Major Jevie Orias, Therese Amor Panzo and Gracel Joy Maliwat was the Vice Capt. John Paul Angor, 1st Lieutenant Eric Morales, 2nd President. After an hour, I decided to watch my favourite Lieutenant Mae Amor Felicisimo, Chief Master Sergeant cartoon channel to give myself a little entertainment. I love Renald John Sorre, Senior Master Sergeant Zenith Depala, watching the Karton Network for they have the funniest Master Sergeant Alvin Permaran, Technical Sergeant Alvin cartoon shows ever like Spongebob Circlejeans created by Miravalles, Staff Sergeant Desirie Dela Cruz, Sergeant Jennifer Hugo and Jireh Taquiso, Powerpuff Boys by Cejay Angel Reyes, Corporal Dona Jean Cordero, Private 1st Class Torbela and Ben Teng by Reneboy Latabi and Khimber May Alyssa Vinzon and Private Julius Flores. Estacion. They actually did great especially the owner and Then the President invited us to have a seat before Master Animator Danica Semillano who created Nora the a long dining table full of mouth-watering dishes. The food Destroyer. was so delicious that it gave me a full stomach. After the lunch, the Seasonistas gave the President their wonderful August 8, 2030; Ordaniel Airlines, California; 9:00am serenade. We heard the amazing voices of country singers I woke up late remembering that I have a couple ofJenny Rose Jungco, Billy John Parcon, Shiela Mae Barcenal, appointments to attend in the Philippines, so I got dressed Richelle Medenceles and Cherry Tuazon managed by up and left the hotel with my newly-purchased Patoyota owner/producer of Moon Records, Elli Rose Nabayat. Fortuner from my friend, Engr. Geraldine Patoy, owner of After that wonderful serenade, the G-Force, led by Patoyota Motors. The car was totally great for it is designedchoreographer Rhea Gestobio with her dancers, Donna by Freda Mae Salva and created by Engr. Aubrey Patoy. Jean Britanico, Dionesa Equillon, Ariel Malabon, Justin I arrived at the Ordaniel Airlines five minutes Nicole Ticar, Jayson Bendol, Lauro Casipe, Roland Arnaiz, before the next flight. The President of the airlines, Marti Krysler Callar, Ivy Mae Antiqueno and Jerome Espares gave John Ordaniel and his wife, the Vice President, Nadia their most energetic dance number to the President. Navarres-Ordaniel welcomed me as I entered the airport. Then I saw some aviation technicians busy doing and August 9, 2030; Manila Port, Metro Manila; 4:00pm repairing some parts of a huge plane. They were John I already got a ticket from Garrido Shipping Lines Michael Panzo, Dondi Llavore and Edson Condes. because I have another important appointment to come I hurriedly entered in the next plane for it is about and itll be held in Bacolod so I have to travel by ship. The to leave. The pilots on duty were Pilot Choosen John said company is owned by Capt. Ronnie Garrido Jr., then Fernandez and Justin Mark Villagracia. The other pilots five familiar faces welcomed me aboard. They were Capt. were Pilot Arvyx Solis, Xavier Yang-yang and Paul Vergara. I John Darylle Olofernes, Clifford Magsico, Francis Deo was looking for my seat when I saw five lovely flight Aurelio, Iron Morales and Rodrigo Abarte. attendants. They were Althea Monserate, Jennifer Alarcon, Apple Ladrido, Gerra Mae Perez and Kimberly Sta. Cruz. August 10, 2030; Bacolod City Cathedral, Bacolod City; 10:00am August 9, 2030; Manila, Philippines; 8:30am The next appointment is the wedding of I arrived from that nearly 24-hour trip with a huge one of my closest friends, Sheela Gistobio, soon to be smile on my face for once again, I have returned to my Younghusband. The church is full of beautiful decorations own country. But that smile was broken when I heard and the people, especially the groom, Phil Younghusband is

waiting for its lovely bride. The groom is wearing a perfect outfit designed and made by fashion designers Jackielyn Abalunan and Joana Marie Montevilla. A minute later, the bride has finally arrived wearing a lovely wedding gown designed and made by Ella Madel Fernandez and Armela Deriada. Both wedding attires came from Josa Couture owned by Josa Cainoy. Worlds Top Supermodels Aillene Aguirre, Kimberly Dagum and Celina Glyca Eguales is fond of wearing clothings from Josa Couture making it the best clothing line in the world. The last part of the wedding made the scene very exciting because the groom is about to kiss the bride, when suddenly, it all came to darkness as if someone turned off the lights. After that moment, the light came back and to my amazement, I saw myself sitting inside the classroom. I felt like I had a long sleep, wondering what happened before. Then, something refreshed my memory. We have no class that time so I was thinking of ideas that I will write in our class prophecy. After a long time of brainstorming, I fell asleep so I never wrote anything on my paper but, I think I had already thought of the best ideas that I will write in our class prophecy. Thanks for that wonderful dream! Each one of us has our own dreams. We have to climb the tallest mountain, travel the widest desert and reach the highest star before we can have them in our hands. Nothing is impossible and everything is reachable for I believe that we dont need feathers to fly. We only have to believe in ourselves, be determined and always seek the guidance of our Almighty Father for it will serve as our wings in reaching all our wildest dreams.

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