All Nations Christian Reformed Church

Announcements for the Week of December 23rd-30th , 2007
Calendar Tuesday Sunday 10:00am Christmas Morning Worship 10:00am Luke 1:67-79 Karen Norris preaching pm No evening worship

It is Advent: “Advent” means coming. In this season we do remember the 1st coming of Christ, but especially express our longing and prepare for his 2nd coming. Our theme is “Hope in Troubled Times” (Psalm 9:9, 18). We’ll be hoping our way through some current issues. Here is a schedule for December: Dec 23 am: Dec 23 pm: Dec 25 Dec 30 am: Dec 30 pm: “Hope in Troubled Times (4)” 5 pm Christmas dinner, followed by Offerings of Music and Gifts Christmas: 10:00 worship Karen Norris preaching (communion) followed by open-house lunch at Walkers’ no evening worship

Lord’s Supper: We will not celebrate it on the first Sunday of January, as would be usual, but rather on Dec. 30, the last Sunday of the year. Christmas Wishes from the Vroeges: We sat down together and figured out what we each wanted to say to you all at All Nations this Christmas. Here’s what we came up with: Carrie: “To quote Marique – ‘I see Jesus through you.’ What a gift at this time of year. Merry Christmas!” Dave: “This fall, whenever I have thought about the people of All Nations, my heart has swelled with thankfulness. Merry Christmas, everyone.” Lian: “Merry Christmas.” “May your unfailing love rest upon us, O LORD, even as we put our hope in you.” (Psalm 33:22)      In our church's prayer cycle, pray for those on page 14 of the directory: Dorette Pronk; Justin Renkema & Katherine Perrott; Vicky Ruiz; Elna Siebring; Patsy Simpson; Hailey Steiger. Continue to pray for those struggling with long term health: Mary Joseph, Margaret Henry, B.J. Fullerton, Deloris Boutilier, Thank God for the arrival of Teri & Jeff Murray’s twin boys, Connor and Quinton! Pray for the Gravelines: Jason leaves this week for 7 months in Afghanistan. May they all experience each other’s love and the Lord’s care over the coming months. Pray for the Christian Reformed Church’s Race Relations agency as it continues to move forward with the antiracism/racial reconciliation programs in the U.S. and Canada. Thirty-one facilitators are now trained for these two programs. Praise God for his blessing; pray that Satan will not be effective in any efforts against these programs or the people involved in them.

Large Print Liturgies: If you or someone you know would be helped by having larger print liturgies on Sunday morning, would you let Pastor Dave know? Perhaps we can begin to supply these. The choir will be taking a Christmas vacation for the next two Wednesday rehearsals. We will resume choir practice on Wednesday, January 9 at 8pm at the church. All voices welcome. Last Week’s Offerings

General Fund CRWM-Kallemyns Peter Fish Back-To-God HourChina Debt Reduction Building Fund

$2,540.54 $ 192.25 $ 45.80 $ 25.00 $2,200.00 $2,475.00

Christmas Shoe Boxes: Thank you to every one who put together the Christmas Shoe Boxes for the Metro Non-profit Housing Society. All Nations collected 40 boxes again this year! Thanks for thinking of the poor! Another way to help out through out the year is to donate your extra coats, boots, sweaters. clothes, socks, blankets, puzzles (with all the pieces), games, books and magazines that you no longer use. These items are distributed to the Ark, Sunday Supper, Saturday breakfast and the shelters. Any of these items can be dropped off at the church office. Thank you from the deacons and Elna.

News From Our Denomination Prayer Request: One year ago “Joe” was an alcoholic living on the streets in British Columbia. Then someone gave him a copy of The Back to God Hour TODAY devotional booklet. It was the start of a new life. This Christmas, Joe will be serving dinner to people at the Open Door Mission and giving them the gift of TODAY. Pray that God will use Joe’s changed life to give hope to others who are trapped in destructive life-styles. The Beginning Of The Good News: The New Year is just around the corner. Many people are making plans for parties and celebrations. Yet, despite the festivities, many of us hide feelings of emptiness and guilt. Where do we need to go in order to truly live out the Good News of this season? Find out on the Dec. 30 Back to God Hour. Go to for local stations and times. A Word About Work: Which would you choose? Doing a thorough job or doing as little as possible? Help Liz decide what to do on this week’s Kids Corner. Then check out the Kids Corner website at for stories, devotions, puzzles and more. Reading Week Project: (Feb. 16 - 24) for College & University Students! do justice, love kindness, walk humbly.........come spend “A Week With Micah 6:8” on a special service & learning project in Toronto geared specifically for you! Live in a diverse community and experience in a very special way God’s call for your lives and for his people. For information contact ServiceLink Canada or Fred Witteveen at Friendship Community Church Diaconal Ministries Canada (Dmc): DMC’s board and staff praise God for your support during 2007. This support enables communities in Canada to be transformed with the love of Christ. For more information on how DMC equips deacons and churches for community ministry, visit

Pastor: Rev. David Vroege Email: Bulletin Editor: Deadline for submissions: Thursday @ 7:00 p.m