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Algebra 2 Final Project!

! Goal Create your own picture using equations youve learned this year with restricted domains or ranges. Groups -- This project may be done individually, or in groups of two or three of your choice. However, groups will have to complete more requirements than individuals. Requirements The picture must be a recognizable! Also, avoid geometric shapes this is your chance to be creative and original! To make it a little easier, you are allowed to draw additional segments to help form the final picture. The picture must include a minimum of 6 equations for an individual, 11 equations for a pair, and 15 equations for a group of three. Each equation will correspond to a segment of the final drawing. You may use any combination of equations such as horizontal and vertical lines, linear equations, quadratic, radical, absolute value, conic section, etc. You must include at least two linear equations and at least one curve for individuals, two curves for pairs, and three curves for a group of three. Use colored pencils to identify which equation goes with which segment.

Score 40 Test Points 12 11 10 There are no errors. All equations match the segments that are graphed. 8 7 Individuals use at least 6 equations, pairs use 11, and threes use 15. 8 7 Uses at least two linear equations and one, two, or three curves (depending on the size of group). 4 Equations and line segments are matched by color. 8 7 Picture is an easily identified object. 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1


Number of Equations

Types of equations

One equation doesnt match its graph, 2 for pairs, 3 for threes. 6 5 Individuals use 5 equations, pairs use 89, and threes use 12-14 6 5 One required equation is missing.

Two equations dont match their graphs, 3 for pairs, 4 for threes

Three or more equations do not match their graphs, 4 for pairs, 5 for threes. 4 3 2 1 Individuals Individuals use 4 use less than equations, 4, pairs less pairs use 6than 6, 7, and threes less threes use 9- than 9. 11. 4 3 2 1 Two required Three equations required are missing. equations are missing.

Color Coding

0 Color coding is not used.


6 5 Picture is identified only by looking at its title.

4 3 Picture is overly simple such as a square or other

2 1 Graphs do not form a recognizable shape or picture.

geometric shape.

Algebra 2 Final Project Sheet *Name(s)_______________________________________________________________ *Reminder that the requirements will increase if youre working in a group. List the equations you used to create your picture in the table below. Please write neatly to make sure your equations are not misunderstood! In the color column just scribble the color you will use to draw that equation on your graph. Color Equation Domain or Range

Name(s) _______________________________________________________________ Sketch your final picture on the axes below. You will want to practice first!

Finally, attach your page of equations and turn in both before the hour that your class is scheduled to take finals.

Have a wonderful summer!

Practice Graphs

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