Astrology and Destiny

Your birth chart can be a guide to the development of your consciousness. Conscience and destiny are related, better then, consciousness is destiny. Depending on which level of consciousness you are, different facts of fate will affect you. Each human being is connected to everything, because each conscious dimension attracts certain experiences and repels other. So, what's the meaning of consciousness? Well, if we are in an elevated state of consciousness, we will be able to realize not only how we act or feel before some circumstances, but also which conducts were learnt from society and our parents, and which of them are our true self. We will be able too to understand the hidden meaning that lays behind several facts that do not seem to be transcendental. This, and much more, is consciousness.

As you can see, consciousness means hard work. It always means we have to integrate our ego to new levels. Each little, but not less important, step we take is reinstalled in our totality as human beings. The question is: how could Astrology help a consultant in the different stages of his life’s evolution? Which planets, aspects and angles of the chart will represent this different stages? Some experts say consciousness develops through three archetypical stages of evolution. ŸThe first one is called “pre-personal”, and is affected by the Moon. We will have to look at our birth moon in our chart to understand this stage. This is a face that will determine our personality, our more instinctive identity, for these are the first identifications that we have received in our life. ŸThe second stage, called “personal”, it’s understood as the Solar Nexus and Interchange Factors. The birth Sun starts to influence in our life and our identity begins to be more solid: thought and will are developed. ŸFinally, a third stage of consciousness, emerges to the “transpersonal”, understood astrologically as Integration Stimulus. Consciousness now has progressed enough to be open to superior levels that go beyond personal matters, and it starts learning how to be perceptive to signs and indications that come from our higher Self to be expanded. But, if we talk about individual evolution, we have to think of our individual cross, determined by the Medium Coelho (MC) and our horizon (ASC), because it shows us the key to expand our consciousness. Don’t forget to read our blog next week, we will tell you more about consciousness expansion and how to discover it with your birth chart! Narayani Words: 417

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