How to Use Astrology to understand Destiny Life, as we conceive it, is based on beliefs.

One way or the other, we have an opinion made, we take positions, we decide based on our particular beliefs. This values that we have were learnt since we were children; some of them are very attached to our community, some of them we learnt them from our parents, and only a few of them come from our real inner self. We trust and have faith in these various postulates, we think they approach us to reality and truth. Nevertheless, this so loved truth is only relative. Astrology is presented as an impressive method to analyze ourselves. However, its sources are unknown to us. It has survived for centuries, however, eventually; we will come across its hidden origin. We don’t have the ultimate reasons on which Astrology is based. Astrology seduces us because it let us foresee the matrix; it wakes in us the consciousness about our origin. However, we live in a time where it is urgent for consultants to answer the essential questions of life. This can lead us to forget about the sacred of Astrology, but, not forgetting this, we can do it. The fundamental idea is “consciousness is destiny”. I am what happen to me. We are born according to some plan that we don’t understand, we go through life becoming more and more aware of our nature, then we are returned to the Universe, having accomplished or not what we barely figured out in our journey. There’s something else beyond our will that drives us, lead us so we can grow in consciousness. As we explained on our last post, consciousness develops through three stages of evolution: pre-personal, personal and transcendental. At the stage of pre-personal identification, we follow our birth Moon. Then, we start the personal stage, where we discover our birth Sun and start giving different answers in life for some issues in which we acted nothing like before. When we can act as we did before, we let other conducts emerge spontaneously. These actions are more effective, they correspond to a vast reality: the one where our true Self tries to manifest. Astrology gives us the possibility to rely on a complex code of our human condition inside the Totality. Our Birth Chart Interpretation represents one of the opportunities to connect with our own consciousness. The steps to follow to interpret correctly a Birth Chart are: 1. Analysis of planets major configurations 2. Crosses 3. Elements balance These are the elements used to perform a Global Vision on the Chart. The following is to give a Specific Look: 4. Analysis of Moon Complex 5. Paper performed by the Sun and its aspects to it 6. Transpersonal planets to understand our interaction with the world It is required the person to be in front of us to analyze his chart. Interaction with the consultant is vital if we want to get to a better understanding of his consciousness and his chart. If we do not, we fall dangerously in the possibility to fail in our interpretation, giving erroneous information. Don’t forget to stop by next week, we will tell you how to interpret the

different planet distributions in a chart, and discover how a person will express to certain experiences in life according to this planet distribution. Narayani WORDS: 554

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