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Guidelines for Final Report of Mini Project MED 310/ 320 General 1.

Please note that the format of the final report of the Mini project must have sections like abstract, acknowledgements, nomenclature etc., as given in the specific guidelines below. Please also note that you will submit two copies of softbound report before the presentations, with the title page also listing the project number and the examiner. After the presentations, you will need to incorporate the changes as required by the examiner and the committee and resubmit the final report. PLEASE WRITE THE REPORT IN YOUR OWN LANGUAGE. Copying sentences verbatim from any other source without due acknowledgement is plagiarism and any instances will call for deregistration from the course. If an important statement is to be reproduced verbatim, it must be in quotes and the corresponding reference must be provided. If your work is in continuation of the work carried out by another B.Tech/M.Tech student at IITD, you must NOT copy any part of the earlier report. Do not include any downloaded pictures / scans or photocopies of diagrams. If it is unavoidable, please give references for the material you download or copy from other books/papers next to the figure. Credit will be given to those reports which contain self made original sketches / schematic diagrams/ photographs. The guidelines given here is not sacrosanct and the format of the main body of the report may deviate if the work to be reported is better presented in a different format. Specifically chapters 3,4 & 5 must present the work done, giving the details of approach, mathematical modelling or experimental rig and the final results. If required the above can be presented in four chapters (chapters 3-6). Each of these chapters can have suitable titles in accordance with the kind of work carried out. Every figure and table must be referred to in the text with brief description. In addition, they must be used to explain/illustrate some point being made. A figure/ table without explanation has no right to be in the report . The reader is not expected to come to conclusions by looking at the pictures unless specific things are highlighted. Else, please remove them from the document. References must be given in accordance with ASME guidelines, the link to which is provided in the detailed instructions below. Every reference in the list of references must be included in the main text and every reference discussed in the main text must find a place in the list of references, preferably chronologically. Appendices : You can discuss with your supervisor whether there is any information, which does not form part of the main report, but is useful for the reader and hence can be included in the Appendix. If you have been interacting with any vendors for experimental rig/instrumentation/software purchase and the like, you must include the name of the vendor, contact addresses (with names of contact persons) and phone numbers in one appendix. Suggestions for typesetting of the report









Word processing Set the page size to A4, margins 25 mm all sides. Set default font as Arial/Times New Roman, size 12 pt., 1.5 line spacing. In titles/headings, dont capitalize every word (only the first) Headings styling: Heading level 1 Same font & size all capitals Heading level 2 Same font & size, bold Heading level 3 Same font & size, underline Heading level 4 Same font & size, italics Place figures at locations where they can be referred to or at the end of the chapter. Auto generate Table of Contents, Figure number, Table number and use cross-referencing options in the word processor to add references in the body. Figure numbering scheme: Chapter 1 1.1, 1.2, and so on Chapter 2 2.1, 2.2, and so on Figure numbering style Figure 2.5. This is the figure title. Auto generate List of Figures and list of tables 10. 11. The report must be printed on both sides of the paper. Specific instructions for the report to be submitted before the presentation : a. Two copies of the report, soft bound with blue cover must be submitted. Please do not use a plastic sheet cover. b. The title page must include project number and examiners name. c. It must be signed by the supervisor (s).


Specific instructions for the report to be submitted AFTER the presentation : a. The title page of the final report must have the project number . The month at the bottom would be May and not April. b. One copy of the hard bound (black cover) report must be submitted in the department and one each must be submitted to the supervisors. c. Each of the copies (the department copy or the supervisor copy) must have a CD with the following : (i) Soft copy of the report (pdf version) (ii) A copy of the programme you might have written for your work, or case files in case you used a software. These must include detailed instructions on how to use the programme case files. This is for the benefit of those who will carry your work forward.

Format of Title Page for the Report to be submitted on April 27, 2012. _____________________________________________________________________

Project No: ---

Mini Project Report on


Submitted by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Entry No: XXXXXXXXX) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Entry No: XXXXXXXXX) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Entry No: XXXXXXXXX)

Supervised by [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]

Examiner xxxxxxx

Mechanical Engineering Department Indian Institute of Technology Delhi April 2012

Format of Title Page for the Final Report to be submitted after presentation _____________________________________________________________________

Title A mini Project report for the course MED 310/ 320
by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (only name) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (only name) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (only name)

under the supervision of



Mechanical Engineering Department Indian Institute of Technology Delhi May, 2012

Format of the Rest of the Report ___________________________

Contents Certificate Abstract Acknowledgements Nomenclature List of Figures List of Tables i ii iii iv yy yy

1. Introduction 2. Literature Review 3. Methodology (or any other suitable title)

4. & 5 Work Accomplished organized appropriately with suitable chapter titles. 6. Conclusions References Appendices


The work presented in this report has been carried out by us/me for the course MED310/320. The report accurately reflects the work done by us/me. All the material taken from other sources has been fully acknowledged. The report is free of plagiarism.

_____________ (Signatures, names and entry numbers of all the students)



XXXXX and XXXXX (names of students) have worked under my/our supervision. I/We have read this report. It accurately reflects the work done by the students.

_______________ (Signatures and Names of the Supervisors)

Abstract [Maximum 1 page] [Write in brief about what are the project objectives, expected benefits, methodology and what has been achieved at the end of the project. Abstracts should usually be not more than 100-150 words] 1. Introduction Discuss following in brief: What did you attempt in this project work? In other words what did you design or solve? What motivated you to take up this problem/work. Were there any prior attempts to solve this problem? If so, what are their deficiencies? How did you go about attempting this problem? What are the benefits of present work? State the objectives of the work clearly in this chapter. 2. Literature Review Discuss what were the previous attempts from engineers/researchers to solve the problem you attempted. In view of the literature review, state what was the scope of your work and how was it different from others work. The scope of work is expected to be more elaborate than the objectives. The scope of work should clearly state whether your approach is computational or experimental or both. 3. Methodology : This chapter can get another suitable title like Mathematical Modelling or Design of Experiments On what basis was the work planned for your project? The plan of work is expected to be further expansion of scope of work with clear identification of work elements. 4. & 5 Work Accomplished (Give Suitable Titles) Describe what you have been able to accomplish in this project. Discuss this in terms of study of literature (including standard texts on fundamentals), market survey, experimental planning, experiments conducted or efforts towards new software/product/process development if any. What were the results of your efforts ? Present this in detail. Include both successes and failures. 6. Conclusions Discuss in a nutshell what you were able to achieve in the present mini project. Identify further work needed to be done for your results to be used by industry/society? Does this project needs further work leading to a one year B. Tech Project? References Indicate all the resources you have used for your work and report preparation. Every reference should be cited at appropriate places using the style given in ASME Citation Guidelines in the following website. For different kinds of references, viz., books, journal papers, reports etc, follow referencing format as given in ASME guidelines.