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BlackBerry Technology
Abstract: BlackBerries, mobile technology with limited functionality, have been adopted rapidly by users. Few studies about the BlackBerry technology explore the apparent addiction that users have for this technology. Our study explores users’ perceptions about the device and how it impacts on their day to day life. The participants of the study consist of users currently using BlackBerry devices and users that chose to return their BlackBerries after a short use period. The study highlights the apparent contradictions inherent in working in an environment with anytime anywhere connectivity. The study highlights the need for future research in the changes that the use of mobile devices such BlackBerries has on the day to day life of users.

connected to your home or office network that made it into the leading mobile devices today – with its own cult following of avid enthusiasts and users. So what exactly is Blackberry Technology, and what makes it so special? It’s called Push Technology.

The Blackberry was a communication device that was developed in a Canada based company, Research in Motion (RIM) in 1999. It was built in with a multi-tasking operating system. The earlier phones manufactured under this technology used the 80386 microprocessor for their working. BlackBerry devices have been around since 1999, but they remained somewhat obscure until well after the new millenium. BlackBerry’s global popularity really started to surge around 2004. In November of 2004, Research In Motion announced that there were over two million BlackBerry subscribers worldwide. This was up from one million earlier in the year. It took five years to get the first million, and then 10 months to get the second. The third came just six months after that, in May of 2005. Less than a year later, subscribers totaled 5 million. However, in the past two years, RIM has added another 9 million subscribers, and now boast 14 million subscribers. In less than three-and-a-half years, 13 million people have purchased a BlackBerry. In 1996, the company released the Inter@ctive Pager, also known as the RIM 900. This two-way pager was the very first Blackberry model, and featured a full qwerty keyboard and small black-and white screen. The pager was based on RIM's own wireless networking technology. The radio-based modem allowed short messages to be sent, and could store contacts and other data. In 1998, the RIM 950 was introduced. It cost about one-third of the price of the 900, and could send email and faxes. The 950 operated on a more advanced RIM wireless system, allowing for faster service and more advanced features. The history of the BlackBerry reveals a device that originated as a pager, not as a phone or PDA. However, BlackBerry technology has evolved in a manner that has made it a leading player in the smartphone field, and a desirable choice for corporate enterprise users.

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A BlackBerry is a handheld wireless device created by Research in Motion (RIM). BlackBerries read email and calendars from enterprise-class email systems, such as Indiana University's Exchange service, and most models also function as cell phones. meant While a BlackBerry is a type of personal digital assistant (PDA), it is not to be used in the same way as a Palm Pilot or PocketPC. Those devices are literally miniature computers that in some cases happen to have email capabilities. A BlackBerry is an email/calendar reading device with some PDA abilities, and in some cases cell phone abilities. Also, BlackBerries come with complete alphanumeric keyboards; many PDAs do not. . The cell phones that were manufactured before has very limited capabilities like those of making/receiving calls and sending/receiving messages. Certain applications like calendar, reminders and games were present but they were not a real edge over the existing mobile technology. The answer was to integrate web features like email, Internet browsing, etc. into the cell phone technology. Almost all the phones manufactured with the Blackberry technology have Bluetooth technology integrated in them. Some models also have inbuilt cellular 'walkie talkie' feature. In all honesty, there’s nothing overwhelmingly terrific about the Blackberry device itself. PDA devices had cellphone and Internet capabilities integrated into them long before the Blackberry became a household name. The first versions of the Blackberry weren’t leaps and bounds ahead of the leading hand-held mobile devices of the day.With that said, the Blackberry technology itself was a major advancement in mobile technologies, and it’s the Blackberry service that ultimately led to the popularity of this device. It’s the ability of this service to keep you instantly

Many people i know use Blackberry devices for email purposes. However, almost Ninety-five percent of them are unaware of its working mechanism. I derive the motivation of this post from them.


BLACKBERRY TECHNOLOGY 2. 3. Message arrives at your email server (usually the exchange server) and is sent as normal to your PC/ Laptop. The BlackBerry server (the mail is delivered using a “push” concept to the Blackberry Enterprise Server) compresses, encrypts and forwards the message automatically to your BlackBerry handset. Message arrives at the BlackBerry via the Internet and the mobile carrier’s network. The Blackberry handheld device receives decrypts and decompresses the email, and alerts the user.



When you buy a BlackBerry handheld you can download for FREE a fully-functional version of BlackBerry Professional Software (BPS) for your existing email server. BlackBerry Professional Software Express (BPS Express) is a FREE download of BlackBerry Professional Software that can support up to 30 BlackBerry users connecting to their email server. The FREE download includes:
Fig 1. Blackberry Mobile

As we all know, there is always A software behind the hardware. This holds true for the blackberry as well. Blackberry Server Software comes in two forms A) BlackBerry Professional Software (BPS) B) BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) The way that the BlackBerry server works applies to both the BlackBerry Professional Software (BPS) and the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) The basic steps in receiving an email on a blackberry device are as follows:


A copy of BlackBerry Professional Software, with the capacity to support up to 30 users b)One user license – Client Access License (CAL c) The latest version of BlackBerry Enterprise Server Solution software, version 4.1 BPS Express is the ideal solution for smaller organizations with their own email server or for larger organisations that aren’t sure how many BlackBerry users they will grow to. To expand the number of users you simply purchase additional user licenses as your needs grows. And if you reach the point where you need more than 30 users, you can upgrade to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). To download and configure the Blackberry Professional Software Express for your blackberry, follow this link. BlackBerry Enterprise Server is the fully-featured BlackBerry mobile email service. It’s designed for medium to large organisations with their own Lotus Domino or Microsoft Exchange servers for email and mobile data applications, that are going to start with at least 20 users and grow from there. BlackBerry Enterprise Server lets the user access his/her email, electronic calendar, tasks list and contacts list as well as any internal applications or software on their BlackBerry handheld. The BlackBerry Enterprise Server supports triple DES security (considered unbreakable) so confidential data is transmitted securely. THE VARIOUS TECHNOLOGY USED IN BLACKBERRY ARE AS FOLLOWS:-

Fig 2. Reciving an email on a blackberry


The email message is sent.



BLACKBERRY TECHNOLOGY GSM stands for Global System Mobile. When this technology is available on a BlackBerry mobile phone, a removable SIM card (Subscriber Identity Module card) is installed inside the phone (normally beneath the phone’s battery). With GSM technology, SIM cards can be removed, switched to another GSM phone and another one can even be used it its place. For example, if you’re traveling to another country instead, buy a prepaid SIM card for use in the country that they’re visiting and make all of their local calls on that card. By the same token, GSM technology is also used in several other countries which also makes GSM more desirable to some as it gives them a wider service area (even if they are roaming in these other areas). Also, because of the removable SIM card, GSM phones are easier to upgrade. All it takes is buying the GSM enabled phone of your choice and inserting the new SIM card. This process doesn’t involve contacting the carrier to make a switch. B. CDMA TECHNOLOGY CDMA stands for Code Division Multiple Access and is more desirable to some BlackBerry users as it is also the technology most widely used with 3G technologies. 3G stands for 3rd Generation and currently offers the fastest data speeds outside of wi-fi use. In fact, some will argue that 3G is sometimes even faster than wi-fi speeds for downloading, surfing the web and other data transfers. While some countries outside of the United States offer CDMA technology, it is not as widely used outside of the U.S., as is GSM technology. As you can see, there are major differences between GSM and CDMA. While many BlackBerry enthusiasts will argue which is best and which is fastest, knowing the difference between the two can help you tremendously when deciding which technology to invest in. C. 3G TECHNOLOGY 3G is a collection of technologies including EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, and HSUPA that promise to bring highspeed data services to mobile work forces. Progress toward ubiquitous 3G coverage is being made, but competition from rival technologies such as WiMax continues to complicate the market. Many users have rushed to purchase 3G smartphones, and roaming between carriers continues to be a concern. Still, 3G holds enormous promise for users to always be on the cellular network without the security worries of using a wireless hotspot. 3G is the third generation of telecommunication hardware standards and general technology for mobile networking, superseding 2.5G. International Mobile Telecommunications-2000 (IMT-2000), better known as 3G or 3rd Generation, is a family of standards formobile telecommunications defined by the International Telecommunication Union, which includes GSM EDGE, UMTS, and CDMA2000as well as DECT and WiMAX. Services include wide-area wireless voice telephone, video calls, and wireless data, all in a mobile environment. Compared to 2G and 2.5G services, 3G allows simultaneous use of speech and data services and higher data rates (up to 14.0 Mbit/s on the downlink and 5.8 Mbit/s on the uplink with HSPA+). Thus, 3G networks enable network operators to offer users a wider range of more advanced services while achieving greater network capacity through improved spectral efficiency. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) defined the third generation (3G) of mobile telephony standards – IMT-2000 – to facilitate growth, increase bandwidth, and support more diverse applications. For example, GSM (the current most popular cellular phone standard) could deliver not only voice, but also circuitswitched data at download rates up to 14.4 kbps. But to support mobile multimedia applications, 3G had to deliver packet-switched data with better spectral efficiency, at far greater bandwidths. D. ALK TECHNOLOGY ALK Technologies is at the forefront of mobile navigation technology with over 28 years expertise developing solutions for corporate and consumer customers globally. ALK's CoPilot(R) mobile GPS navigation solutions are available in Europe, North America and Australia as retail-branded products and as the basis for leading OEM navigation systems, while the Company's PC*MILER(R) routing, mapping and fleet management solutions are used By over 23,000 transportation, logistics and manufacturing companies worldwide. CoPilot(R) Live transforms mobile phones and other portable devices into powerful satellite navigation systems with the additional benefit of integrated real-time location-tracking, messaging, and information services. The software is rapidly becoming the satellite navigation software of choice for Mobile Operators, OEM's and handset manufacturers. Commercial partners include Acer, T-Mobile, O2, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Intermec, HP, Panasonic, HTC, Scania, Ford and BMW. Technology partners include NAVTEQ, Microsoft, Symbian, Sirf, Marvel and NXP. Corporate customers include, Drive Assist ,Severn Trent Waterand McNicholas Plc.ALK is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner and received the 2005 Microsoft Partner of the Year award for Mobility Solutions Sales and Marketing. The Company's innovative FleetCenter(TM) integrated navigation, location-tracking and fleet management application won the 2006 Global LBS Challenge.ALK is the Navigation and Tracking Sponsor to the Gumball 3000 Rally, and a Sponsor to Charlton Athletic FC ALK Technologies Announces CoPilot Live GPS Navigation for BlackBerry ALK Technologies today announced CoPilot(R) Live(TM) GPS navigation software for the latest BlackBerry(R) devices, supporting both the BlackBerry(R)


with the PDA always initiating communication and requesting updates. After retrieving all new emails. The cycle starts all over again. I like to refer to “data events” as anything that requires an update on your mobile. E) PUSH TECHNOLOGY Push Technology Compared to the PDA “Pull” Method There are different configurations of the Blackberry service. In the days before PDA became Internet enabled. job despatch and reporting a simple web interface. house number. Businesses of all sizes can gain real-time visibility and management of mobile assets easily and cost-effectively usingmobilephones. CoPilot Live BlackBerry Edition's driver safety mode is designed to avoid distraction when out on the road by only displaying a map on the approach to a turn. you would basically do your work while mobile and then when you get back home or to the office. Out on the road does not mean out of touch. but the most common enterprise setup is with the Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES). Updates would take place once a day – or whenever you have time to sync the device. Because of this. if you haven’t configured your mobile device to automatically retrieve 4 . A safety camera warning system is included as standard. it’s important to first understand how the PDAs operated before the Blackberry came along. detailed street mapping and powerful route calculation. the connection to the server is disconnected and new emails are displayed. Home and work locations can be saved for easy onetouch navigation to the most commonly navigated places. CoPilot Live transforms a BlackBerry(R) into a powerful satellite navigation system. complete with clear voice guidance. The entire purpose of this server is to keep all Blackberry users instantly updated the moment any “data event” occurs (my own terminology). Entering destinations is made simple with a choice of full UK postcode.BLACKBERRY TECHNOLOGY Pearl(TM) and the new GPS-ready BlackBerry(R) 8800(TM). However. Maps are downloaded automatically to the phone during a journey via the mobile internet and complete door to door trips are calculated in seconds on d device. you could sync certain “data events” with your various accounts without having to physically connect to the server. Realtime location tracking is included as standard. Traffic information is delivered directly into CoPilot Live via the mobile internet. you tell the PDA to go out and retrieve new emails. As with all CoPilot navigation systems. CoPilot(R) Live BlackBerry Edition is the first server-based "off-board" CoPilot navigation system from ALK. send messages and even new destinations directly to CoPilot Live via a secure web site. changes on your device get uploaded to your email or calendar accounts and any new emails or calendar changes at the accounts get loaded onto your PDA. encouraging safer driving and reducing the risk of license loss. If you want to reply to one of the emails. offering the choice to avoid or ignore reported incidents. To understand blackberry technology. This is illustrated in the figure above. The path of data transfer starts with the PDA (the red arrow). friends or family to view your location in realtime. allowing colleagues. and reflects the company's ambition of making premium. once PDA devices came integrated with Internet access via cellular data networks. you type your reply on the PDA and click send. at which point a colourful auto-zoom map shows the way ahead. If a turn is missed during the journey CoPilot works out the best new route in seconds. BlackBerry(R) devices with CoPilot Live navigation can be connected seamlessly to ALK's LBS Challenge award-winning fleet management service FleetCenter(TM) for multivehicle tracking. and through the Internetenabled mobile email software which connects with and talks to the email server over the Internet. you connect a cable between the device and your PC and do a “sync. On-screen and spoken alerts provide warnings on the approach to each camera. street or a BlackBerry address book contact. messaging. with camera locations updated monthly. For a small monthly subscription. While most of the discussion centers around email.” During a sync. When you want to retrieve new emails on your POP3 or IMAP email account. CoPilot Live BlackBerry Edition incorporates location-specific Live services that provide useful information to drivers and enabling safe interaction with others. while an instant detour button can find an immediate route aroundunexpectedcongestion. full-featured GPS navigation available for the widest possible range of phone and devices.

let’s take a look at how synchronization takes place with Blackberry Technology. including sending text messages via SMS. a twoway pager and a palm-top computer. It's also an organizer. Although it can do some 5 . as well as the software and your Blackberry. the software (whether it’s BES or desktop redirector software) is installed on the Blackberry Enterprise Server. is always a two-way street. the BES immediately updates either the mobile device or the email or calendar account. an e-mail client. that’s always connected to your data account through the redirector software. In other words. like a PC on a LAN. Blackberry push technology keeps the device constantly and instantly in “synch” without any effort on your part. Communication between the software and the server. Whenever there’s a change in your email account. Instead of residing on your mobile device. Push Technology Keeps You Instantly Updated All The Time Now. 1) BLACKBERRY HARDWARE BlackBerry can do everything that a cell phone can do. you can picture your handheld unit as a network device.BLACKBERRY TECHNOLOGY emails. a calendar. a Web browser. calendar or any other monitored account on either the Blackberry (if you create and send an email) or on the office network (your secretary updates your calendar with a new appointment). When you’re using a Blackberry device. Fig: Photo courtesy RIM We took apart a BlackBerry similar to this 6700 model. you could go hours without receiving an important email.

it uses the cell phone network as well as 802. but in general the visible parts of a BlackBerry are: • LCD display • QWERTY keyboard • Click wheel • On/off.11b WLAN. This keyboard operates much like the keyboard of your computer. however. Some BlackBerry models have the same form factor and components as a smart phone. the BlackBerry has a keyboard designed for use with the thumbs. Most computer keyboards use dome switches. This layout uses fewer switches. In a BlackBerry. 6 . • • Fig: The internal parts of the BlackBerry Unlike many earlier PDAs. it combines the components of a cell phone and a PDA. The BlackBerry's software uses a lookup table to match each letter with a specific combination of dome switches. Each key has actuators that press one or more of the switches adjacent to it. with one notable difference. rows of dome switches lie between the rows of keys. you can also see where the microphone and speaker are located as well as where to access the rechargeable lithium ion battery. which used touch screens as a user interface. and each key lies over one switch. including: • Light source for the LCD screen • 32-bit microprocessor • Memory (usually flash and RAM) • Bluetooth transmitter (in some models) • Wireless modem (in some models) Fig: The underside of the BlackBerry keyboard. allowing a smaller keyboard.BLACKBERRY TECHNOLOGY of the same things a computer can. escape and other keys • Headset jack • USB charger connection • Antenna (interior on some models) • Indicator light to advise users of new messages or data From the outside of the unit. Others look more like PDAs or palmtop computers. To do all this. • Fig: The blackBerry rechargeable battery. Pressing the key activates the switch. it doesn't have to be in a WiFi hot spot to work -. Specific components can vary from one model to another. A printed circuit board connects everything inside the case.

BLACKBERRY SOFTWARR In addition to the push technology discussed earlier. CASE STUDY 4. Businesses that employ multiple BlackBerry users often use the BlackBerry Enterprise Server software to manage each BlackBerry's connection with the corporate network. view data or log in to a service. each of these programs has to be relatively small and efficient. Users get an e-mail message with a link they can click to IV. The BlackBerry unit uses a proprietary BlackBerry operating system and usually includes e-mail. System administrators can also use the server-side software to update BlackBerry units wirelessly. Blackberry Technology was novel when it first came out. instant messaging and personal information management (PIM) software. Web browsing. BlackBerry developers use a Java development environment that lets them simulate a BlackBerry and make sure their programs are compatible. Next. which plays the same role as the Enterprise Server but on a smaller scale. we'll look at the software that drives the BlackBerry. Since a BlackBerry has less memory and processing power than a computer. A photo courtesy A blackberry 8700c Otherthird-party programs customized applications that let people get data and updates from proprietary sales. data collection and other business software. however the subsequent lawsuit with NTP. Or. a PDA running Windows Mobile could be configured in much the same way as the BES service. The fact is. and they're most effective when they use minimal colors. What’s your opinion of Blackberry Technology? Do you think it stands up to all of the hype? Share your own point of view in the comments section below. Web pages have to be simple and not rely on frames or applets. it could be as simple as using GoogleSync to stay synched up.BLACKBERRY TECHNOLOGY BlackBerry smart phones have even less space for a keyboard. calendar and social networks – and it will be on to the next great thing.1 Homebuilder Boosts Quality Control Efforts using BlackBerry Technology 7 . The Desktop Redirector sends information in small pieces so it doesn't overload the person's connection or deliver unnecessary information to the BlackBerry. People can also use multiple taps on each key to select different letters as most people currently do to send text messages on their cell phones. was only the first indication that while the technology is certainly effective and valuable – it isn’t rocket science. Many of these use a browser interface and e-mail messages for data retrieval. Another cool method is Karl’s use of Mail2Web to sync up his device with email. For example. Individual users can run BlackBerry Desktop Redirector software on their computers. SSL and TLS encryption protect information and data. The computer has to be on and running in order for the redirector to work. Third-party developers have created a wide variety of other programs for the BlackBerry. The device is now little more than a status symbol – a way for someone to feel like they’re on the cutting-edge of cellular technology. 1) Special about BlackBerry Technology In all honesty. The devices are part of a network that includes handhelds. desktop software and server software. and pushes information to the handheld units. that claimed RIM used its technology already in use for PDAs. Predictive text software called SureType lets a person type normally and determines the right word as the person types. handheld software. like games and productivity applications make a phone call. so each key corresponds to more than one letter. a BlackBerry requires a variety of sofware on the handheld unit itself and on servers and desktops. Mobical or OggSync that will do just that. There are new “sync” options being offered every day that can help you to keep your Internet-enabled Windows mobile device instantly up to date. The software runs behind the corporate firewall. But in a few years. Aibek mentioned a few great sync tools such as ShifD. everyone will be instantly connected to their email.

phone calls and manual 2) 3) 4) 5) inputting of reports Increased supervisor reporting and efficiency Gained full range of Blackberry features with hosted solution Award-winning overall business improvements Maintained a monthly customer satisfaction rating of 97% 4. you need to take a digital signature from the RIM before putting in this software for use by any other person. In organizations with a large number of Blackberry PDA users. B)Facebook(Free) Facebook for BlackBerry isn't perfect—it's still essentially 8 . Results: Blackberry Partner Solution: Custom application from Todd Herman Associates Business Challenge: The company wanted to offer leasing agents a way to receive up to date leasing contact information on the go.2 Leading Retail Developer Relies on Blackberry Technology for Innovative Sales Solutions Company: Tanger Factory Outlet Centers across the United States that features premier brand name and designer outlet Stores. However. APPLICATION A)AOLInstantMessenger(Free) AIM's BlackBerry app lets you send and receive messages with all of your desktop buddies—not just your Mobile list. 1) Reduced paperwork. The applications included a contact database called frontier that regularly pushes out updates wirelessly as well as vender/purchase order approval system. Flowfinity Wireless Inc. It can also keep track of several conversations at once. Individuals however. They also built a custom application called the Construction Quality Manager using the Flowfinity Solutions Platform. Results: 1) New 2) 3) solutions leverage existing investments Less reliance on paperwork and laptops Converged devices that do it all technology COMPARISON The blackberry phones are better than the cell phones.BLACKBERRY TECHNOLOGY Company: Grayson Homes has over 30 years of expertise in building quality residential communities in the Maryland and Southeastern PA areas. BES is used to provide undisturbed email facility to the consumers. Solution: ATSG. Windows Live Messenger. Industry: Real Estate/Construction Region: Americas Company Size: Small Business -54 Employees Type of Solution: Hosted BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Field Force. Not an AIM fan. Workflow and approvals(ERP) V. can use the email facility provided by their service provider. CRM & Dispatch Operations BlackBerry Partner Solution: Construction Quality Manager® – Custom application built by ATSG utilizing Flowfinity Solutions Goals: Replace a paper-based quality control system that tracked and measured trade contractor performance with a more efficient wireless approach. They also wanted to wirelessly enable the company’s purchase order and vender approval system to expedite approval. You can use these APIs and write your own software. Tangers IT partner. Todd Herman Associates. ICQ. or have additional friends on other services? Don't miss the free Google Talk. the Blackberry APIs that are available for writing programs by any individual. developed two Lotus Notes applications for Blackberry devices. Solution: Using the proven Blackberry Enterprise Solution. an application from another Blackberry Alliance member. There is a package called the Blackberry Enterprise Server. You can run these software’s in your Blackberry cell phone or PDA. Industry: Retail/Wholesale Region: Americas Company Size: Large Enterprise Email Environment: IBM Lotus Domino Type of Solution: Business Intelligence. delivered a Hosted Blackberry® Enterprise Server to minimize the company’s need to have in-house IT expertise. Novell GroupWise and Lotus Domino. that is available for Microsoft Exchange. and Yahoo Messenger clients also available in the store. a Blackberry Alliance member. But most importantly what make Blackberry different from the conventional cell phones are.

sports scores. When you request data over your mobile network. But you know that already. as if it were a deadly tool in the wrong hands. along with an up-to-date index of top worldwide financial news stories. A tethered modem lets you access the Internet with your laptop computer anywhere there's cellular data coverage. this isn't as important you want your data to reach you as fast as possible. You can also rate traps to let other users know if they're accurate. or any other recent Facebook changes on the desktop.theysaid. 9 . As a result. Use your BlackBerry as a modem Presumably for more than doing email. and moving currency data. flight schedules.switched all the "packets" of data travel in sequence. send messages. and BlackBerry Maps integration. including police with live radar guns. e-mail and other means of communication. This is important. In India. but MySpace is still pulling in well over 50 million unique visitors each month. tracking news via GPRS. however. however. because you want people to hear you say "hello" and not "lohel". and your phone will take care of converting all the lohels to hellos. An e-mail service that cannot be monitored could be a great tool in the hands of terrorists. and share your itineraries right from your phone. so packet takes fastest possible to yourphone. It's also faster and easier to navigate than the site's WAP page. you may want to limit your exposure given the depressing state of today's economy. but few make it as easy to buy tickets on the spot as Ticketmaster for BlackBerry. Hook the app into your handset's GPS radio or just enter locations manually. When you're surfing the Internet. graphs. and on the same frequency. doesn't allow for such interception. but not in order. It uses the same signal that your voice travels on when you're on a call. How it works: General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is another technology that's been around for ages. but really. it doesn't handle comments. Having an Internet connection on your phone is about as evil as having a computer at home. News. and post photos. your provider sends it to your phones on all the frequencies your phone can access. been concerns regarding the BlackBerry e-mail service. It could just have easily been Nokia's or Sony Ericsson's in that boat. or report new traps right from your handset. book hotels. and WorldMate Live delivers it. it gives you instant access to breaking news. Forget about lengthy Wi-Fi hotspot login processes and usage fees. Why its evil: : It isn't. it's just an innocent device with its name being dragged through the mud. Essentially. weather updates. D)Viigo(Free) Need an on-the-go RSS reader? Viigo lets you manage dozens of feeds. But the native mobile app is still the fastest way to check your friends' status updates. and Travel Apps E)Bloomberg(Free) This isn't your garden-variety Web shortcut. communication technologies are required by law to allow for "lawful interception" if the government suspects you of unsavory activities. update mood and status.. connect with friends. but who cares if it saves you from coughing up for a pricey ticket? H)WorldMateLive(Free) Expert travelers need fast. This is called packet. As useful as it is. once I scrolled past pages and pages of legalese. and Trapster will let you in on all the nearby speed traps. view or send bulletins. The BlackBerry Technology Used During the Mumbai Terror Attack on 26/11 What they used for: Coordinating with each other. and is relatively simple in concept. Bloomberg offers a condensed version of the classic black Bloomberg terminal screen.switching each antenna on the network for each packet. restaurant reviews. what a buzzkill!) G)Trapster(Free) Beat the fuzz with your BlackBerry. The app lets you check flight status. known hiding places. There's also a currency converter. only with a few variations to make data transfer faster and faster. I was able to bring up plenty of events and check available seating for different ticket configurations—that is. and red light cameras. and upload photos right from your BlackBerry. with detailed indices. which is why security agencies wanted to ban it. It's similar to the Facebook app. a time zone calculator. through as many routes as necessary. (Man. . Events. it needs to be able to monitor your phone. customizable interface. hidden feed items. Within moments.BLACKBERRY TECHNOLOGY the same app it was when it was released over a year ago. however. C)MySpace(Free) Facebook may be winning the buzz race these days. F)Ticketmaster(Free) Out with the guys making plans to hit the next Yankees home game? Lots of mobile sites let you get concert and sports event info on the go. grouping them into categories and offering ultra-fast navigation along the way. The interface isn't pretty. useful information on the go. There have. users can send messages. The BlackBerry service. When you're talking with someone all the data that comes and goes from your phone is circuit. Some sites have emphasized the Black Berry. and just about anything else— all within the same neatly designed.

GPS navigation . Balsillie said carriers have come to a fork in the road that will see them either become pipes or platforms. and TCP.html 10 .Inc. Year: 2004..blackberry. you can contact your wireless carrier's customer support representatives.And change is afoot elsewhere too. You may to need repair the software after upgrading from v4. click on the Advanced tab at the top of the box and in the Extra Initialization Commands field type: products/pdf/Graysonhomes _hosted_cs.V. then Advanced Options. Balsillie said having security validations worldwide.tamu. Pearl.1 if the necessary USB and virtual COM ports can't be found.. Commands field and hit OK again when the Phone and Modem Options tab reappears.blackberry. With all essential features like e-mail . within your Settings.1 or higher to use your BlackBerry as a tethered modem. recreation and leisure”.." Your Internet APN" (Note: If you don't know your Internet Access Point Name (APN). "If you don't address this. "Just ask a CIO.Washington Magazine Inc.I believe every single social networking user will want a data plan." he said. Download and install RIM BlackBerry Desktop Software The first step to connecting your Windows notebook or desktop computer to the Internet using your BlackBerry smartphone's data connection: download the BlackBerry Desktop Software from RIM's website or the CD that came with your device. Balsillie added that some of the largest companies in the world are considering giving all their employees BlackBerry devices. it will be listed in this menu. ” Travel. Speaking during a session on mobile services here at the GSMA Mobile World Congress. seamlessly integrating Web services and desktop applications onto handsets. Or you can try to find your APN by clicking the Options icon on your BlackBerry Applications screen. Jim Balsillie.year-2007 4) www. simply download the updated software from RIM.) Click OK once you've filled in the Extra Initialization VII. according to Balsillie. Dante Surigumba. "They want everyone to be a mobile worker. Eisler. Create Web Access Point Name (APN) Open up your Windows Start Menu and find your Control Panel. so check that before you proceed.O’Reilly Media."IP"." Login | Register Follow us on Twitter Get Widget Subscribe to Techworld newsletters From there. 3g technology and many more VIII. Then choose whether or not your use a touch tone or pulse telephone connection and hit OK.pdf 6) http://eit. Kim Isaac. 2. but social networking is its future. who said a business-to-business social networking revolution is coming that will bring networking benefits to the enterprise and also help drive data usage. mobile ms office . Inc. You'll need software version 4." he said. Echoing Vodafone Group chief executive Arun Sarin's words from an earlier keynote. VI. A good old Google search never hurts.BLACKBERRY TECHNOLOGY If you have a BlackBerry 7130v. To do so.not unlike IM and texting -. and features such as built-in firewalls and the ability to remotely lock and wipe devices. If the Internet APN name has been saved within the device. you don't get to be accepted by the organisation.buzzle.Kerry. 1005 Gravenstein Highway Worth. according to Research In Motion's co-chief executive. and specify your local area code. River street Hoboken-NJ07030-5774.“ Bkackberry* for Dummies”." Balsillie warned. Brian Jepson. carrier code (if necessary) and numbers that you may need to dial to access outside lines. REFERENCES 1) Bush. “Blackberry Hacks”.edu/ ETTDOCS/blackberrytech. Curve or 8800 series device it can be employed as a tethered modem though charges for data may vary. 2) Dave Mabe. This software ensures that you've got the appropriate drivers to enable your BlackBerry to use your computer's USB and virtual COM ports to upload and download Internet data via dial-up connection. ISSN: 0043-0897. Open up your Phone and Modem Options.Willey Publishing.0 to v4. FUTURE SCOPE The secret of the BlackBerry's success is security. They must therefore provide a managed service to users.pdf 7) http://www. This is a reality. simply re-install and select the Repair option. select the Modems tab." he told the GSMA 5) www. Bluetooth . Sebastopol CA95472. Wireless Internet. either. highlight Standard Modems and click the Properties tab beneath the option. "This is not a concept. "Once social networking becomes a B2B phenomenon -. 3) Robert kao. 1.If you find that you're already running an earlier version of BlackBerry Desktop Manager that doesn't support tethering. CONCLUSION Thus finally we conclude that blackberry is smart business phone. Once the Properties window opens. are key. gy_used_during.ISSN 10)http://www.engadget.2003.2007.ISBN:978-07645-8953-9. TX 75028 11 . 23 jun.html 15) Mobile Magazine – Blackberry Thunder Storm 16)Magzine-“ Network World”.html 13)http://howto.”India weekly Telecom Newsletter” Richard Evers.July 2005. 20)Blackberry datasheet.InfoWorld Media Group. Flower Mound. 17)Paul 9)http://Blackberryblog.zenprise.BLACKBERRY TECHNOLOGY 8)http://www. 12)http://www.Inc. by IDG Network World Inc. ISSN 0199-6649.vol 23. 19)Craig”Professional Blackberry”.Box 11)www. June 29. CellImagine LLCP.wrox. 18)”InfoWorld” vol 20. Information Gatekeepers 14) 51.associatedcontent.