SalesPoint Quick Reference Guide (ZB970

SalesPoint Support Options
The following support options are available: • Call—FordDirect Technical Support Center at 1-866-762-3673. Option #1—DealerConnection Select for support with your dealer website, business hours updates, and ALM program. Option #2—SalesPoint Select for SalesPoint support. Option #3—FordDirect Select for support with lead issues and FordDirect products or sponsored programs. • Email— Please allow 48 hours for a response to email. 2. Access the help you need from the Contents or Index list, or use the Search function.

Access Online Help
To see more detail on how to perform the tasks noted in this guide, access the online help. 1. From the navigation bar, click Help .

Login Options
NOTE: You must first obtain a WSLx ID from Ford at 1-800-790-4357 prior to gaining access to SalesPoint. You cannot login without the WSLx ID. This is the same ID you use to access

User Types
The user type assigned to a user controls the access rights of the user. You can set up multiple ISM user accounts but only one can be a primary. The primary ISM has exclusive rights to various setup screens and reports. For more information on the primary ISM, refer to online help. NOTE: The ISM and ISR user types are set up by default. Description Internet Sales Manager— administrator of the lead management tool at the business level. Internet Sales Representative— manages prospects, generates reports, and creates events at the business level.

To access the Secure Web Logon screen, do one of the following: • Enter in your browser address field. Note: If you receive the message, “Sorry, we cannot log you in at this time…” when accessing the site from your Favorites list, enter the URL directly into the browser address field.

User Type ISM

• From the FMC Dealer website, click the Lead Management & Reporting link. Once you access the logon screen, do the following: 1. 2. 3. Enter your WSLx ID in the Userid field. Enter your Password. Click Login.


Set Up a New Primary Internet Sales Manager (ISM)
NOTE: The existing primary ISM is set up by default. To set up a new primary ISM: • Create a new user account for the new Primary ISM. • Call 1-866-762-3673, Option #2 to have the new user changed to the primary ISM and the old ISM inactivated. Expect a one day turn-around.

ZB970 v9.0 / 2007

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SalesPoint Quick Reference Guide


Set Up a New User Profile
NOTE: 1. 2. 3. By default, the primary ISM has access to set up new users. .

Set Up Automatic Lead Assignment (ALA) Rules
NOTE: Only ISM user types have access to this function.

From the navigation bar, click Settings Click the User Profiles link. Click Add User Profile.

Use this feature to automatically distribute incoming leads by lead source or vehicle make as they arrive into SalesPoint. You can set up ALA rules for one or more users. 1. To Start/Stop ALA rules: • • From the navigation bar, click Settings Click the Automatic Lead Assignment link. Click the Temporarily stop automatic lead assignment for your dealership link to stop ALA as shown here. .


Enter the information for the new user. Note: Ensure you include the user’s WSLx ID. A user cannot login if this ID is not set up.


Click Save to activate the new user account. At this point, an email that contains login instructions is sent to the new user.

Send Remote First Quality Response
FQR is the first email response to a lead. Sending an FQR is required to stop lead response time from accumulating. You can send an FQR directly from SalesPoint or remotely, which is called RFQR. Use Remote FQR to respond to a new lead from an email address outside of SalesPoint. This can be your home email address, another application, or the email address for another device. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. From the navigation bar, click Settings Click the User Profiles link. Click the user to modify. Click to select the Enable Remote FQR checkbox. In the Remote FQR Email Address field, enter the address of the application or device that is to receive the email. .


To set up Internet Lead ALA rules: • Click the Internet Lead Source panel.

• • 3.

Click Add Rule


From the Choose an Internet lead source drop-down list, select a lead source. Click to select New Vehicle Rules or Used Vehicle Rules.

To set up remaining leads by vehicle attributes: •

When an email is sent to the remote FQR email address, and you reply, the email is recorded in the customer’s event history file. Lead response time stops accumulating. Do not change the Subject line to ensure proper tracking. Note: Emails are only recorded as an FQR if the lead was sent from Ford Motor Company

• •

Click Add Rule


Trigger Events
Use the Apply Action drop-down list at the bottom of the Customers page to create the following events: • Email (Individual) • Bulk Email • Delete • Reassign • Merge • Print ZB970 v9.0 / 2007

Click to select the vehicle make radio button and then make your selections from the drop-down list.


Click to select the checkboxes of the users (participants) who are to receive the leads from the source. Click Save. Click Close. If you are ready to use the ALA rules, click the Temporarily stop automatic lead assignment for your dealership link to start ALA.

5. 6. 7.

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SalesPoint Quick Reference Guide


Forward Lead Emails
NOTE: Only the primary ISM has access to set up forward lead email addresses for users.

Insert an Image in an Email
To send an image in an email that the customer can access and use: 1. 2. . 3. Open or view the image in a Web browser window. Right-click on the image and then select Properties. Highlight the URL address. For example, you would highlight the text Right-click the highlighted text and then select Copy. Click Email Click New to open your email window. .

Set Up
To set up a user so they can forward new or inprocess lead inquiries to another email address: 1. 2. 3. 4. From the navigation bar, click Settings Click the User Profiles link. Click the Business Settings button. At the Lead Forward Email Address field, enter the address you want lead email to be sent.

4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Note: 5.

If this field is not present, call 1-866-762-3673, Option #2.

Click the area of the email page where you want the image to appear. Click the Image icon on the toolbar. Click inside the Type in a URL to a photo on the Web field.

Click Save.

Forward a Lead Email
To forward a lead email: 1. 2. 3. Click Customers Click the customer name. Click the Forward Lead button. .

10. Press Ctrl+V to paste the URL in the field. 11. If you want a border around the image, click to select the Display a border around the image link checkbox. 12. Click Insert.

Create and Send Bulk Email
To send email messages to a set of selected customers: 1. 2. From the navigation bar, click Customers Select the customers to which to send email. TIP: To select multiple customers, click the Select All button at the bottom of the screen. Or, select individual lines by pressing Ctrl and clicking the selection box 3. 4. 5. on the far left. .

Prevent Email Identified as SPAM
Below are some tips to avoid having your email identified as SPAM. Draft the subject line carefully. • • • • • • Ensure a subject line is on every email. Start the subject line with a business name. Keep the subject line short. Avoid ALL CAPS or excessive punctuation. Avoid words such as “Free,” “For You Only,” “Guaranteed,” and “Save.” Avoid any phrases or words with sexual connotation.

From the Apply Action drop-down list, select Bulk Email. Click GO. Enter your message or select a predefined email message from the Template drop-drown list. Click Send. Note: The status of “Pending” displays on the Customer’s event history while in the process of sending the bulk email. This can take several minutes. Check the status before attempting to send again.

Draft the body of the message carefully. • • Avoid overuse of ALL CAPS or excessive punctuation. Avoid phrases such as “Click Below,” Without a credit check,” “Do it today,” or “Have you been turned down…”


ZB970 v9.0 / 2007

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SalesPoint Quick Reference Guide


User Profiles Email Addresses
The following table describes the various email fields that display on the User Profiles page: Field Left Side User Email Address Description The user’s SalesPoint email address. This is the email address that is presented to customers and used for correspondence purposes within SalesPoint. The email address where the Welcome Email containing details regarding the initial login is sent. The email address where all incoming email to SalesPoint will be forwarded. The original recipient still receives a copy of the email in his/her inbox. The email address to which SalesPoint sends a remote FQR. After the user replies to the email, SalesPoint forwards the FQR to the customer, updates the customer’s event history, and stops lead response time. An email address for the user’s pager, cell phone, or PC to receive notification of new leads, reassigned leads, or task reminders. An alternate email address for the user to receive customer replies.

Basic Troubleshooting
Before calling technical support, there are a few basic steps you can take to resolve issues you may be experiencing. NOTE: In most cases, you need to be logged on to your computer as the Windows Administrator to perform these steps.

1. 2.

Select Tools | Internet Options. In the Temporary Internet files section: • • • Click Delete Cookies and click OK. Click Delete Files and click OK. Click Settings…, click View Objects…, right-click and remove each item in the Downloaded Program Files window.

Welcome Email Address

Forward Email To

3. 4. 5. 6.

Click OK to close the Internet Options window. Close the current Internet Explorer (IE) session. Open a new IE session. Log back into the application.

Remote FQR Email Address

If you require further assistance, you can refer to Troubleshooting FAQs in the online help or call 1-866-762-3673, Option #2.

Right Side Notification Email

Common Windows Issues
Issue XML error on page Fix Download the current version of Microsoft XML Parser (MSXML) from: XMLDownloads/default.aspx. 1. Click Start | Settings | Control Panel. 2. Double-click Internet Options. 3. Click the Security tab. 4. Click Custom Level. 5. Under ActiveX controls and plugins, click to select the Enable radio button for each setting. 6. Click OK. 1. Click the Pop-up blocked warning information bar. 2. Click OK in the dialog box. 3. From the pop-up menu, select Always Allow Pop-ups from this Site. 4. Click Yes to save your override setting. If you are using Windows 2000 or an older version, download MDAC 2.8 from: ref/mdac/downloads/default.aspx. See Basic Troubleshooting.

Alternate Reply-To Address

Business Settings Email Addresses
NOTE: Only the primary ISM has access to this function.

ActiveX controls not enabled

The following table describes the various email fields that display on the Business Settings page: Field Lead Forward Email Address New Lead Description Email address to send the forwarded lead emails. Email address of the assigned salesperson to receive lead alert emails. Enter the email address here for the person who is to receive email alerts when four hours elapse without an FQR created for the new lead. Enter an email address here for the person who is to receive email alerts when nine hours elapse without an FQR created for the new lead. Pop-up blocker enabled

4 Hour

A page will not load

9 Hours


To enable the New Lead, 4 Hour, and 9 Hour fields, click to select the Send Lead Alert to Email Address(es) checkbox.

Blank page with red X “Object does not support this process or method” error Decrypt failedSP locks up

See Basic Troubleshooting.

See Basic Troubleshooting.

ZB970 v9.0 / 2007

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