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16&22, 2012

T .H.H.v. M FK M


Direction : Choose the most appropriate answer 61. The product that stimulates the proliferation of WBCs that take part in immunity is A. Interferon B. Interleukin C. Renin inhibitor D. Insulin 62. The process of formation of root from callus is called A. Caulogenesis B. Morphogenesis C. Organogenesis D. Rhizogenesis. 63. Enriched vitamin tablets are produced from the following organism for human consumption A. Nostoc B. Yeast C. Mushroom, D. Spirulina 64. The gas evolved during photosynthesis is A. Carbondioxide B. Nitrogen C. Hydrogen D. Oxygen 65. Anaerobic respiration occurs in A. Ribosome B. Mitochondria C. Chloroplast D. Cytoplasm 66. What type of vegetarion will be obtained if there is an annual rainfall of over 250 cms? A. Tropical forests B. Grass lands, C. Deciduous forests D. Temperate forests 67. Succinic acid is converted to fumaric acid by A. Fumarase B. Enolase C. Dehydrogenase D. Kinase 68. An example for insectivorous plant is A. Drosera B. Viscum C. Monotropa D. Vandal 69. Guard cells are present in A. Epidermis B. Epiblema C. Endodermis D. Cortex 70. Which pathogen causes Tikka disease in groundnut? A. Cercospora personata B. Pyricularia oryzae C. Xanthomonas citri D. Tungro virus. 71. The procedure of collection of plants as a result of repeated self pollination from a single homozygons individual is, A. Mass selection B. Pure line selection C. Outbreeding D. Clonal selection 72. When two individuals of the same species is crossed, it is called, A. Inbreeding B. Outbreeding C. Mutational breeding D. Heterosis 73. Naked protoplasts are obtained through dissolution of their cell walls by A. Zymase B. Pectinase C. Invertase D. Sucrase 74. Pyrethrum is extracted from A. Bacillus thuringiensis B. Oryza sativa C. Chrysanthemum D. Arachis hypogea 75. Acute watery diarrhea is caused by Escherichia coli when it is colonized in A. Large intestine B. Small intestine C. Caecum D. Stomach 76. Which one of the following can be grouped under spermatophytes? A. Bryophytes B. Pteridophytes C. Algae D. Gymnosperms. 77. Cytokinins are abundant in A. Developing stem B. Developing root C. Developing fruit D. Developing flower 78. Deficiency of vitamin D causes A. Nyctalapia B. Xerophthalmia C. Osteomalacia D. Pellagra 79. Urea biosynthesis takes place in A. Blood B. Liver C. Cerbrospinal fluid D. Kidney 80. In the stomach the hydrochloric acid is secreted by A. Oxyntic cells B. Sphincter muscle C. Mast cells D. Pancreatic cells 81. Which of the following is called mitral valve? A. Aortic valve B. Pulmonary valve C. Bicuspid valve D. Tricuspid valve

82. The artery that carries impure blood is A. Colonic artery B. Renal artery C. Hepatic artery D. Pulmonary artery. 83. Leuteotropic hormone is also known as A. Leuteinzing hormone B. Prolactin C. Oxytocin D. Vasopressin 84. The compartment of cochlea that is filled with endolymph is A. Scala tympani B. Scala media C. Scala vestibuli D. Vestibute 85. Sexual reproducation of plasmodium takes place in A. Liver cells of man B. RBCs of man C. Plasma of man D. Body of mosquito 86. Plague is called by A. Yersinia pestis B. Treponema pallidum C. Salmonella typhi D. Leishmania donovani. 87. T-lymphocytes mature and differentiate as T cells in A. Spleen B. Bone marrow C. Thymus gland D. Thyroid gland. 88. Colchicine stops mitosis at A. Prophase B. Metaphase C. Anaphase D. Telophase 89. One molecule of hemoglobin consists of A. Four alpha chains B. Four beta chains C. Two alpha and two beta chains D. One alpha and one beta chains. 90. The hazardous biomedical wastes are disposed off by means of A. Bioremediation B. Deep well injection C. Surface impoundment D. Incineration 91. The normal average blood preasure of a person in about A. 110 / 70 mm of Hg B. 120 / 80 mm of Hg C. 130 / 80 mm of Hg D. 110 / 80 mm of Hg 92. The Qualitative test to find the presence of sugar in urine is A. Biuret test B. Benedictss test C. Glucose oxidase test D. Saponification test. 93. Gene pool is encriched by A. Somatic variation B. Increase in cytoplasm C. Mutation D. Decrease in chromoosomes 94. An example for polymorphism in man is A. Sickle cell annaemia B. Polycythemia C. Malaria D. Albinism 95. Mycoplasma is an organism that is intermediate between A. Algae and fungi B. Fungi and virus C. protozoan and bacteria D. Bacteria and virus 96. Watery fluid present between the cornea and the lens is called A. Aqueos humour B. Vitreous humour C. Perilymph D. Endolymph 97. Regulation of heart beat, breathing, swallowing and vomiting are controlled by A. Medulla oblongata B. Hippocampus gyrus C. Corpora quadrigemina D. Vermis of cerebellum

C N O JIPMER M.B.B.S., ENTRANCE EXAM, MODEL QUESTION PAPER (2)& F , 31.D, 32.A, 33.C, 34.A, 35.B, 36.B, 37.A, 38.A, 39.C, 40.B, 41.C, 42.B, 43.B, 44.A, 45.B, 46.C, 47.D, 48.C, 49.B, 50.C, 51.A, 53.C, 54.C, 55.B, 56.D, 57.C, 58.A, 59.B, 60.D.

, 23 F O C N O.