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CN3200 Integrated Access Point/Controller

Service Provider

The Colubris Networks CN3200 is an integrated Wi-Fi access point and access controller purposebuilt for small to medium sized hot-spot applications. Its flexible feature set enables public access service providers to build highly scalable networks that deliver a rich set of subscriber services.
Software selectable a/b/g radio Virtual AP technology with up to 16 concurrent SSID/BSSIDs Full-featured access controller U/L plenum-certified enclosure Wi-Fi certified WPA security, software upgradeable to 802.11i Power over Ethernet support Dual external antenna connectors with diversity
The CN3200 features Colubris Networks multi-service Virtual AP capability, which enables a single device to deliver up to 16 different Wi-Fi network services. Using Virtual AP, roaming clients can directly select a service from multiple broadcast SSIDs. Each SSID is mapped to a series of attributes, including unique AAA servers, captive portals and DHCP servers, delivering a customized experience to the client. Authentication, encryption and VLAN tagging policies can be customized for each SSID. The CN3200 provides advanced security and management features. It performs layer-2 wireless isolation to ensure privacy among clients within a hotspot, and detects and prevents MAC or IP address spoofing. The full-featured access controller integrated in the CN3200 enforces subscriber service policies, reports per-user accounting information to a central billing system, and performs a range of critical networking functions that enable users to seamlessly access the Internet. The CN3200 adapts to the subscribers default browser and network settings to provide transparent authentication. Access to network resources can be controlled based on policies stored locally or in a central RADIUS database. The CN3200 provides location information that enable access policies to be customized per hotspot. The CN3200 integrates a firewall and IP router, enabling it to support a range of network architectures. It features GRE tunnel support for centralized allocation of IP addresses. Adaptive NAT enables the CN3200 to deliver seamless support for session-oriented subscriber applications, such as VPN clients. The firewall protects the CN3200s Internet connection from hackers, and an integrated VPN client secures all authentication and management traffic between the hotspot and NOC. The CN3200 is part of a complete family of WLAN hotspot products from Colubris Networks. It may be used in conjunction with Colubris Networks hotspot access devices to deliver service in larger venues. The Colubris Networks Management System provides centralized configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting support for an entire multi-site hotspot network.

Product Specifications
Model Number Software Configurable Radio Status LEDs Network Ports Antenna Connectors Power Inputs Power Requirements Temperature Range Humidity Safety Compliance Overall Physical Dimensions
CN3200 Integrated Access Point/Controller Power supply and antennas sold separately Selectable for IEEE 802.11 a, b or g operation WLAN and LAN activity indicators; power indicator (2) Auto-sensing 802.3 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet (2) Reverse polarity male SMA with diversity DC connector: 5 VDC (power supply sold separately); RJ45 Ethernet: 48 VDC +/- 10%, (802.3af Mode B compliant) 8 watts Operating: 0 C to 50 C, Storage: -40 C to 70 C 5% to 95% typical (non-condensing) EC 60950, UL 1950 and 2043, CSA 22.2 No. 950-95, EN 60950 H: 47.752 mm (1.880 in); L:165.735 mm (6.525 in); W: 162.560 mm (6.400 in); Shipping Weight: 1.4 Kg, (3.0 lbs)

Networking Specifications
DHCP: Server (RFC 2131), Client, Relay, Option 82 (RFC3046) DNS Relay; SMTP Redirection; Stateful Firewall Bridging and Routing: IEEE 802.11d bridging; Static routing; RIP v1 (RFC 1058) and v2 (RFC 1723) Address Management: NAT (RFC 1631); Colubris Networks Adaptive NAT; CIDR (RFC 1519) Other: RADIUS Client (RFC 2865 and 2866); PPPoE Client (RFC 2516); ICMP (RFC 792); IEEE 802.1q VLAN Tagging; Wireless Distribution System (WDS); Layer 2 wireless client isolation Fully manageable with Colubris Networks Management System (CNMS) SNMP v1 and v2: MIB-II with TRAPS; Colubris Networks extensions for user session control and downstream AP management; RADIUS Authentication MIB (RFC 2618); RIP v2 extension MIB (RFC 1724) Embedded web GUI management tool with secure access (SSL and VPN) Packet capture and trace facility Scheduled configuration upgrades from central server; downloadable firmware SSL protected Web-based authentication (UAM) Static and dynamic WEP keys of 40 bits and 128 bits 802.1x using PEAP, EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS, or EAP-SIM authentication MAC address authentication Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), software upgradeable to 802.11i/AES Web: Web-proxy server; Support for centralized portal Fixed-IP address spoofing AAA Security: RADIUS using EAP-MD5, PAP, CHAP, MSCHAP v2 Capacity: Up to 100 concurrent subscribers

Network Management

Access Control Functions

Radio Specifications
When configured for IEEE 802.11a operation Data Rates Frequency Band
6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 54 Mbps USA: 5.250-5.350 GHz, 5.725 5.825 GHz Canada: 5.150 5.350 GHz, 5.725 5.825 GHz Europe: 5.150-5.350 GHz (varies by country) Japan: 5.150-5.250 GHz OFDM North America 8, Europe: 4 or 8 (country specific), Japan 4 -85 dBm @ 6 Mbps -65 dBm @ 54 Mbps

When configured for IEEE 802.11b or IEEE 802.11g operation

802.11b: 1, 2, 5.5, 11 Mbps 802.11g: 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 54 Mbps North America: 2.4122.462 GHz Europe: 2.412 2.472 GHz (varies by country) Japan: 2.412 2.484 GHz 802.11b: DSSS 802.11g: OFDM Worldwide 3 802.11g Operation -85 dBm @ 6 Mbps; -65 dBm @ 54 Mbps 802.11b Operation -86 dBm @ 11 Mbps 802.11g Operation 17 dBm +/- 2 @ 6-24 Mbps 11.5 dBm +/- 2 @ 54 Mbps 802.11b Operation 18 dBm +/- 2 @ 1-11 Mbps Radio Approvals: Wi-Fi Alliance, FCC Part 15.247, RSS-139-1, RSS-210 (Canada), ETS 300 440 (Europe), TELEC 33B (Japan), EMI and Susceptibility (Class B): FCC Part 15.107 and 15.109, ICES-003 (Canada), VCCI (Japan), EN 301.489-1 and -17 (Europe) Other: IEEE 802.11b/802.11g, RSS-102

Modulation Operating Channels/ non-overlapping Receive Sensitivity

Transmit Power Settings

(Maximum power varies as per country regulations)

17.7dBm +/- 2 @ 6-24 Mbps 12 dBm +/- 2 @ 54 Mbps

Standards Compliance

Radio Approvals: Wi-Fi Alliance, FCC Part 15.401-15.407, RSS210 (Canada), ETS 300 440 (Europe), ARIB STD-T71 (Japan) EMI and Susceptibility (Class B): FCC Part 15.107 and 15.109, ICES-003 (Canada), VCCI (Japan), EN 301.489-1 and -17 (Europe) Other: IEEE 802.11a, RSS-102

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