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It’s the starting of year 2010 after the huge success of iPod because of its unique features Apple introduced the release of anticipated iPad in the same year which is often known as a small size computer. The release news of apple created lots of expectation to the customers and to the competitors of Apple. Mixed reaction of iPad(2012) states that reaction to the device at the launch ranged from “Looking very much like an enlarged iPhone … a bit disappointing, ” to “what the coffee table crowd have been waiting for. Initially this affected the market of iPad but after knowing all the unique features and user friendly interface millions of iPad sold in a couple of months. The official release of iPad 2 by March, 2011 made a revolutionary change in the market sale by selling millions of ipad 2 in hours. This device overcomes all the disadvantages of previous generation iPad and uses many new technologies which bridge the gap between Smartphone and Laptop. An year after the success of the second generation iPad tablet, Apple releases third generation of iPad tablet computers which is upgraded in both hardware as well as in software comparing to the second generation of iPad.

During the year 2010 not only Apple launched its tablet computer many other competitors like Samsung, Toshiba released their tablet computers running on different Operating System with different features. iPad was the only tablet to be very successful among the other because of the unique design, features and user friendly interface. The first generation of iPad had a 9.7-inch screen and a 1024 x 768 pixel resolution at 132 pixels per inch which gives a pleasing and high resolution display. The iPad used 1Ghz, A4 custom processor. It includes all the software you need for using web, emailing, browsing photos and videos, taking notes and viewing maps. After the resolution of some pricing issues between and few other publishers, eBook prices began rising. Apple opened its own eBook store, iBook, and has sold around 5,000,000 eBooks during first 2months of the release of iPad. The new technology of touch screen, which means you don’t want to worry about carrying mouse and keyboard with u instead you can touch the icons which you want in the

This multi-tasking platform designed for Apple products work much greater than that of any other manufacturer which adds up advantage to the Apple. Later iPad 2 was introduced with new features like front and back camera’s and new gyroscope. The market potential of Apple iPad always gets increased because of the innovative technology which is often effective to mankind. . buy. The innovative user interface and pricing made this huge success considering the competitors. Size and Durability From the first generation of Tablet computers Apple concentrates more on the design and size which plays a major role in the market iPad. this is mainly used to browse. The constant new innovation made Apple to stand ahead of its competitors. voice recognition technology called Siri and upgraded the camera which can now shoot HD videos. App Store It has about 500000 applications that is designed and developed for the products of Apple. Because of the extreme small size of the tablet computer always Apple stands ahead of its competitors.screen. This added more value to the device in terms of technology and it manages to sell millions of devices in days. Retina Display The newly developed technology gives a clear display with high clarity comparing to any other tablet computers in the market. iBook It is the different platform innovated by Apple to buy latest selling books even from home and learn it in your Apple device. iOS it is a kind of operating system designed especially for apple devices which has a multitasking ability. ITunes It is a free application provided by Apple which is mainly used to organize. share music and videos digitally. share and download applications for any specific use. By 2012 Apple launched the third generation of iPad which includes “Retina eye” display. The innovative technology used in iPad made it lovable by all people irrespective of age. This is a key feature which makes iPad 3 a successful tablet computer of the year. Some of the most important features and technology of Apple iPad which influenced the success in these years are.

Apple will continue to be the market leader through the forecast period because of the introduction of new technologies and user friendly interface every year. WORLDWIDE IMPACT OF iPAD: After the innovation of anticipated iPad and the growth of free online news channels many newspaper companies are in bankruptcies from the loss of advertising dollars are commonplace..25%.S declined 30%. making a call and many more.Voice Recognition Technology This is also one of the newly developed technology called Siri which recognizes the voice and does all the work according to the command like sending text messages. in U. this was a main strategy of Apple to stand with high potential.. Because of this consistency. in Greece. AFTEREFFECTS: In spite of many competitors still Apple's iPad continues to be the dominant tablet computers. From Apple’s point of view if a customer satisfied with using an iPhone and iPad operating system will surely think of switching to Mac instead of PC as your next desktop. and this makes them more open to making a repeat purchase. customers who already own Apple products have a good idea of what they'll be getting before they make a purchase. . The New york Times (2011) says that in the period of 2007-2009 circulation of newspaper in Italy.4 percent of worldwide tablet sales in 2012. as it is projected to account for 61..K.17%.18%. STRATEGY: According to Apple. The international Business times (2012) states this year competitors have waited to see what Apple would bring out in terms of new technology and increase their product performance and consistency.20%.. They know that it will be easy to adapt new hardware. iPad is always a Post-PC strategy which will dominate throughout your life. Innovation is the success key of Apple. and in Canada. No time Apple looked their business through separate product groups like the other competitors did.

. But in mere future if this market sale maintain surely at some time iPad will replace the sales of Laptops.CONCLUSION: In today’s world tablet computing holds a definite place. I don’t think computer manufacturers are worried about the iPad replacing the sales of their laptops because today sales ratio between PC and iPad is only 60:1.

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