Tapdig Dunyamali 20081216 ‘Socialism’ Basis of Socialism

The term socialism was first used in 19th century. Marx and Engels are the creators and the first pioneers of the socialism theory. They were trying to find out the ways to stop exploitation of all worker-classes. Even though some of the socialist people thought of long term reforms for the implementation of the socialism in society, despite them Marx and Engels had been suggesting the revolution as the only way to achieve classlesssociety that was later called-socialism. There are two terms we need to distinguish. The one is Communism and the other one is Socialism. According to Marxism, just after the decadence of the Capitalism there is a progression session and at the end of this period the communist society will be achieved but this communist society is also divided into two parts they’re called upper and lower phases of the communism so the lower phase of the communism is called socialism as well. When the socialism takes place there will have many problematic inheritances because of the historical capitalist-governing of the polarized classes and the only basic two things might be removed, classes and states. Mankind needs to go on improving the society even in classless situations as well to reach the upper level of the socialism which is called communism. At this level, people will have everything they want so working is no more going to be a required stuff but instead it’s going to be pleasure for everybody. They will have enough time to improve their selves and spend time with the new generations as much as they want to. People may face the problems during the lower phase of the communism, because everybody will be forced to work and even they will be paid according to their working hours- with other words the proportionality still will be going on until achieving the phase of communism. Enhancement process from the lower phase to upper is not going to be like the one in the capitalism and it’s not even comparable, because no state and class factor will be available. Production will be done according to worker-class needs not according to rich people needs, which is going be very helpful to prevent us from wasting.

Does worker-class have a country?
According to communists even the term homeland has got something relating to bourgeois but I unfortunately don’t agree with this. So they support the idea of having no homeland or if the worker class has got a homeland that should be the whole world.

I think motherland issue is very serious and meanwhile very important for the people. so under the pure conditions of the Marxist theory the way that people call democracy will no longer be alive because people will have what they need. When the worker class liquidates current capitalist period and spreads the socialism all over the world people will no longer need to use democratic governing system because worker-class will be gotten the real freedom that time. breaking down the boundaries and creating the ‘friendship of the peoples’ are main priorities of the worker class of socialism. They think that bourgeois class enhances its power by splitting the whole world into smaller parts to control the masses and exploit the workers easily. I definitely support that having borders makes the people think about polarization in and out of the country but that’s what we have got as a result of historical improvement of the processes in the world. And in Soviet Union we saw that actually people were being forced to work more and more compare to the people who live capitalism. Yes. And borders don’t make any sense for the worker class. Boundaries enhance the alienation and enmity among the people for sure. Worker-class will be able to handle all its problems according to the ways of socialism. Killing people who don’t agree with your thoughts and forcing people to accept the Marxist ideas with anyways make me think twice upon this. the terrorism was being used as a main weapon-source for the communist to spread the socialism all over the world. Then how come. At the same time. live however they wish. This kind of ideas might seem attractive but I don’t completely agree with this because even in workerclass there must be some workers who can take care of the other workers. Either you are the member of worker class or bourgeois class the meaning of motherland must be same. I would like to see a world with no borders where I could be able to go wherever and whenever I want. Why did the Soviet experiment fail? One of the reasons was the psychology of war. Is there a democracy in socialism? The democracy is a form of the state but for the socialists there is no such state-people division. there will be the class of workers after the revolution takes place but logically I can’t accept that no one forces you to work. The implementation of the Marxism was fully massed up by the pioneers of the socialists in 1920s. USSR had stated armament race with the capitalist states in the field of defense industry and space research areas but in Soviets the funds for these fields were not enough so government took all the money from the .

Second. Nevertheless. socialists used to call the worker-class. the violence that was done Stalin to the people of Caucasus and some other Turkic countries had been going on for years. We also need to mention that Baltic States had better welfare . Despite of thinking that all the things are belong to the people of whole Soviet Union. at the beginning of 1990s whole Azerbaijanis saw that how Soviet Union army forces took side and killed Azerbaijanis. like Azerbaijan. Mass exiles. Capitalists have suddenly started to say that ‘yes. I think this helped a lot to make easier move to the right-wing parties and liberals. People were looking forward to see a classless society but instead they found their selves in the society where no one was listened expect what Communist party members said. Meanwhile instead of Marxist-Leninist ideas. with other words socialism turned out to be the dictatorship of the party. Spy conflicts. Especially. This was not all because that for sure. provocation of CIA in some countries. Some countries. they had to fight against nationalism but they started to make privileges among the nations that ended up with segregation. It seemed that socialism did not embrace the kids of the socialism as they had expected. new kind of policies and revisionist thoughts got more powerful. labor movement in Poland. Because people. Perhaps these people were waiting for the new revolution to change governing shape of these states but it could not take place because of collapse of the Soviets. I should mention that the decadence of Soviet Union sped up the collapse of eastern bloc and as well as other socialist republics. and during this exiles many people were killed and mass killing was implemented in some countries without the process of the courts. the threats of nuclear weapons accelerated the competition between the USA and Soviet Union but the peace agreement between these states to live together forced the USA to take some measures to prevent the spread of socialism in other Western and south American countries. were being squeezed by the Communist party. Exiling the people mostly from Turkic. I also think that the dictatorship of the party was one of the main issues that triggered the collapse of USSR. communist party members had tried to control all the wealth that actually might be divided among the people. especially helping freedom fighters in Afghanistan to stand out Soviet army forces had negative effects on the USSR economy and sped up the decadence of this socialist union. we said.people. . did not agree to join Soviet Union but had forced to make the agreement. At the first step. we were right’.Muslim countries made these people see the discrimination. All these things made people think again about the socialist regime and Marx’s ideal classless society. Beside this. affected all socialist people in non-socialist countries including those waiting for the spark of communism in their society.

were the main factors that helped the decadence of Soviet Union. controlling the children’s education and refusing those things that had values for the people. People did not forget these events and some of them took this as an honor issue. like religious and traditional holidays. Conclusion I think the beginning of the Soviet Union was much worse compare to times after 2nd world war. Religion was also the most important enemy of the Soviets but worker-class wanted to live their lives as they used to be which was dined by Communist party leaders. All the wealth was summed up in the hands of Communist party members in Moscow and in the Regions. Separating the family members.than any other soviet countries and even after some time they claimed that other socialist countries inside the Soviet Union were problematic states for them because they thought they were dragged down by others. Children were taken from the families and all the mothers were sent to work at farms. All the properties were taken from the people under the name of collectivism and they were left with nothing. Nationality and Religion values were very important for most of the nations. I think they could have tried to teach people to be proud of their nations and meanwhile support the universal socialist merits but instead they tried to remove all these things at a short time and did not get approval from the people of the most of the states inside the Soviet Union. children rights etc. Family shape was deployed either this or that way by doing this kind of policies. A woman was expected to work as much as a man could do and the woman who was not working to be accepted as parasite of the society. Communist party was also massed up most of the issues like feminism. .

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