Key areas a ected by sanctions imposed by the international community against Iran EU sanctions
Funds transfer over 40,000 euros or 10,000 euros if not related to foodstu s, healthcare or medical Public bonds by Iran government or banks Provision of insurance and reinsurance to Iranian government and its entities Access to airports under member state jurisdiction of all cargo ights Trade or transfer of equipment and technology for re ning lique ed natural gas, exploration or production Ban of Iranian crude imports to member states Visa ban on certain senior o cials, top nuclear and ballistic experts Import and export of arms, all equipment, materials and technology that could contribute to uranium enrichment
Trade Oil and gas Travel

t descriptioncompanies linked with and Event ription Event.... or missile nuclear programs Banks abroad with suspected links to nuclear or missile program Financial curbs on individuals and companies Sale of all items and technology with both civilian and military uses (dual use) Travel curbs on certain individuals Arms embargo Setting up of cargo inspection regime similar to one in place for North Korea

er Box U.N. sanctions tion Date/Time of individuals Asset freeze

U.S. sanctions
Foreign rms investing over $20mln in ve years in Iranian energy sector International banking institutions involved with Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps or nuclear program Ban of doing business with 21 Iranian banks All U.S.-Iran trade with some exceptions – gifts valued below $100, foodstu s, carpets, among others All oil products trade Companies supplying Iran with re ned petroleum products Washington has sought to cut 16 banks o from the international nancial system
Arms Others

Japan sanctions
Bans banking activities with 15 designated Iranian banks Insurance services and brokering of securities that could contribute to nuclear activities Bans branches of Iranian nancial institutions in Japan No new medium- to long-term (two years or more) export credit commitment for trade with Iran Ban of all new oil- and gas-related investment by not providing export credit Travel ban to entities and individuals that could contribute to Iran’s nuclear activities Asset freeze for designated entities and individuals

Britain sanctions
Bans all British nancial institutions from doing business with their Iranian counterparts, including the Iranian central bank Freezing of business ties with Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines

Canada sanctions
Blocks virtually all transactions Conversions with Iran, including with its central 28 ft bank, with an exception 8.5m for XX Iranian-Canadians to send XX money home Would ban the export of all goods used in Iran's petrochemical, oil and gas industry

France sanctions
While not taking concrete actions, urges European Union and other nations to freeze the assets of Iran's central bank and to suspend purchases of Iranian oil

Key other Banking/ nancial Airbase/ city/town Airport SANCTIONS TIMELINE

1979 U.S. bans ghlights imports Iranian
3 1995 ‘96

2006 U.N. freezes assets of those linked with nuclear program

Oct. ‘07 U.S. sanctions Bank Melli, Bank Mellat and Bank Saderat

Oct. ‘09 U.S. sanctions Bank Mellat in Malaysia

June ‘10 U.S. sanctions companies supplying petroleum products to Iran, banks involved with Revolutionary Guards

Sept. ‘10 Japan and South Korea slap additional sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program

Nov. ‘11 Western states step up sanctions on Iran in response to a report suggesting it had worked on designing an atomic bomb
















nd Roundles in Iranian energy rms investing

1995 U.S. bans energy investment, March ‘07 U.N. imposes arms, trading in Iran. Sanctions foreign nancial sanctions, extends asset freeze sector

March ‘08 U.N. imposes travel and nancial curbs, trade ban

June ‘10 U.N. sanctions banks with suspected links to nuclear or missile programs, expand arms embargo and set up cargo inspection regime

July ‘10 U.S. sanctions Post Bank of Iran, 20 petrochemical companies

Jan. ‘11 U.S. Secretary of State announces new unilateral sanctions to be imposed on Iran

Jan. ‘12 EU reaches a preliminary agreement to ban imports of Iranian crude, but had yet to decide when it would be put in place

Sources: Reuters, U.S. Department of the Treasury, O cial Journal o the European Union

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