Winnie Kung-English 2C-499116126 Describe an experience that led you to change a long-held opinion.

I have my own opinion. You have your own opinion. He has his own opinion. Everyone has their own opinion. It is because we are different. We have our own mind. We can’t agree with everything by others. And always, an opinion always follows them in their whole life. Because they think that opinion is correct. Even, they won’t trust what other people say. They just want to prove to other one that their opinion is right. So that, what you think is correct, you will believe it forever. Nevertheless, how do you know your idea is right if you just believe that in fix? Everything is not correct surely. Just experience can tell you what is right. In many times, we trust one thing every time. Nevertheless, maybe just an experience can change your long-term idea. If you can’t believe what I said just now, never mind. After you know my experience, maybe you will agree more with me. There are three examples to tell you that an experience can lead you to change a long-held opinion. I think everyone always listen a set of principle from their parents, so do I. And I just believe that set of principle, but when I grew up, I think that principle can ’t be use in every time. In many situations, we can’t follow that to handle matter. Even, we will start to think that principle is wrong. And change that think. The first example is about me. My parents taught me everyone cannot lie under any circumstance when I was growing up. ‘A wolf is coming ’ that come from Aesop’s fables is always heard in my childhood. How the shepherd boy plays at the villagers. How the shepherd boy lost the villagers’ trust. I have heard over one thousand times. Also, I always heard the name of this story when I tell a lie. However, they always tell me the conclusion is that if I lie to my friends, I won’t be trusted any more. They also told me honesty is the most important thing in our life. If I have no

honesty, I am alone. There are no one wants to be with me. However, I can’t tell any lie whatever, however, and wherever. I just believe that since that time. Nevertheless, I had an experience at once, and then I think this long held opinion is not true all the time. Kelly Chan is my best friend. She wore a ‘special’ skirt when I go shopping in one day. That skirt is so expensive which she told me. Then, she asked me the skirt is beautiful or not. I didn’t lie to her. I told her the skirt is a little bit ugly. Maybe it is just not suitable for you. But since I told her the truth, I didn’t see she wear it any more. I think she had thrown it already. I feel sad about this. I think everyone also can’t waste anything. I think if I tell a lie to her said that skirt is so beautiful, she would kept the skirt. At the other side, she didn’t ask me how is her any clothes any more. At that time, I think a lie maybe is good in some situation. Sometimes, a lie that smoothes is better than a truth that hurts. Maybe some people want to hear a lie more than the truth. For example, everyone doesn’t want to hear other people said that I am so ugly in the class, office, or somewhere have a lot of people. Or maybe we tell a lie in order to protect the people that we love, I think that can be forgiven. This is not wrong. It is because the truth is reality at all. So, I change my opinion that everyone cannot lie under any circumstance even though it is a long-held opinion since I was a little girl. The second example is about my sister. My sister is a helpful girl. She always helps the old people in the street and gives her seat to the needing on bus before she is 20 years old. Why I say before she is 20 years old? It is because she had a big special experience at that time. One day, we are going to a shopping mall. In the bus, she gave her seat to an old woman on a bus just like the normal time, but the old woman gave her a rap on the knuckles back. The old woman said” I have hand and leg. Why you give your seat to me? Are you look down I am old? Or you think I am useless for the society?” At that time, my sister felt so embarrass. After that time, I

didn’t see her giving her seat to anyone any more. She doesn’t think helping people is a good action any more. She thinks helpful is good for her since she was born, but this experience make her can’t agree with this opinion any more. She has changed her mind. However, I can’t understand here is a crazy person in the world. The third example is about Sun Yat-sen. Sun Yat-sen, is referred to as the "Father of the Nation" in the Republic of China. He studied medicine at the Guangzhou Hospital under the Christian missionary John G. Kerr. Finally, he earned the license of Christian practice as a medical doctor from the Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese in 1892. He wants to help different people. He thought that he can help a lot of people if he be a doctor. Nevertheless, He saw the residents’ life is bad. They live very hard at once. So he tried to complain the government in order to change something in that society. He hopes the government can give the residents some good life to live every day. However, He was banned when he complained the government. He felt very disappointed to the government. At that time, he changed his mind. He didn’t think that he be a doctor is the best way to save the residents or to protect the resident. He thinks doctors just help them superficially. He thinks if he wants to save the people, he has to change the government. Because the government make the residents’ life be bad. He thinks the residents were suffering by the government. He didn’t think that he be a doctor is the best way to save the people any more. He thinks a revolutionist can help the most people. Sun Yat-sen is described to a very clever person since my grandparent ’s generation. Nevertheless, he also changed his long-held opinion. So, a long-held opinion just we support it in a long time. It can ’t mean anything. It also can be change, right? Everyone have different opinion. If someone can’t agree with you, u can just let it go. It is because he will know the truth if you are exactly right. If someone wants to

change your opinion, you can just listen. Don’t dispute because it is not worth to make you two guys relationship to be change. Actually, you can follow your mind to do everything. Experience can make you know what the truth is. What you agree by a long time is not mean that is right. By the way, I want to say that nothing is impossible. What is the important thing for a person in his life? I think attitude is the most important thing. So, what attitude should we have? I consider is a heart keeping toward. Our curiosity can make us know more and learn more. This is experience. A person can’t just stubborn to face anything. It is important for you to accept a lot of different things because everything maybe can make your life being change, being better. If we can handle matters smoothly, we can learn more from other people. Every experience can make our life more colorful, and more different. Although the experience is bitter, is hard, or will make you feel sad, make you cry, don’t worry. Just do it. After the bitter, you can find the sweet. This is life. If you experience more, you will get more. A long-held opinion is not forever. It can be changed because of one experience. In our life, there are so many valuable experience is waiting for us? We can’t live in the same set of mode in the life. Let the experience change our wrong long-held opinion. Maybe the new opinion can help you having some better thing. Then maybe the better thing can change your whole life just like the example of Sun Yat-sen. His new opinion really changes his whole life. I think he had never imagined that that he would be a revolutionist. Nothing is impossible. Nothing is forever correct.

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