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Teachers Course *Students receive a Diploma 240 hours of course.

30% practicals 20% grammar book 10% Participation (weekly) 20% observations 10 here, 10 out. Teach them to observe 10% exams every 2 methods 10% punctuality & attendance. More than 4 absences a month is dead sentence

Orientation at least 4 days Grading criteria (this shit takes a complete class) 20% practicals Practicals cover: Methodology, history of English, linguistics, approaches and final presentations Methodology: 8 methods: 1 Grammar translation method, 3 audiolingual, 2 direct method, 4 silent way, 7 community language teaching, 6 total physical response, 5suggestopedia, 8 communicative language learning. History of English: Students present, they have to based them on language. Old English Middle English Early modern English Modern English

Linguistics: More than a presentation for them is a presentation for you; youve got to present that. Before grammar translation Grammar Lexis

Phonology & phonetics Functions and discourse analysis

Approaches: Kids approach Teens Adults Business

Theory of language Linguistics Skills Classroom management Material & material making Content-based learning Task based Lesson planning Kinds of learners Multiple intelligences

Methodology steps: Give a demo class Analysis, principles and techniques (they have to follow them to the letter) Trainees presentation

Grammar book

Set limits on the very first day of class. At least 1 day a month. Delivered on 6th month Criteria: Presentation (has to look professional, needs to have the elements) Presentation, introduction, aknowledgements, index, content, bibliography


Teachers explanation Students explanation Blackboard cue (structure) Examples

Content Spelling Grammar Level of expediency (the way they explain)

Parts of the speech nouns o o o o Verbs o o o o o o

abstract proper Common collective regular irregular Intransitive Verbals sense verbs Linking verbs

Creativity Adjectives o Quality o Possession Adverbs o Place o Time o Manner o Insentsifiers o Frequency


Coordinate For And Nor But Or Yet So They combine 2 independent clauses


Pronouns Subject Object Reflexive possessive Indefinite Relative

Prepositions: Place Time Movement

Determiners Articles (definite & indefinite) Quantifiers

Exclamations Feelings intended wow, oops

Grammatical structures Verb to be in present Simple present Present continous Simple past Past cont

Idiomatic future Remote future Present perfect Present perfect progressive Past perfect Past perfect cont Future perfect Passive voice Causatives Conditionals Comparatives Modals & past modals Inverted word order Noun clauses Adjective clauses (including reduced) Adverb clauses

Word form Prefixes, suffixes and compounds

Lexical sets (words that belong to the same category) Fruits, clothing, parts of the body, feelings, transportation, food, sports, seasons, weather, leisure time, tools, animals, furniture, gadgets, numbers, colors at least 20 of each Observations: Introduction activities Vocabulary activities Presentation Practice activities

Color code, approach, call an institute.

Presentations to alternate

Methodology Grammar translation Direct method

Theory of language (back up the previous) Linguistics (prior grammar translation) o Lexis o Grammar o Phonology (study of sounds and sound systems) & phonetics (how we produce such sounds) o Functions & discourse

Whats the objective of the method/ whats the goal for teachers to use this method? Whats the nature of the student/teacher interaction? Whats the nature of Student/student interaction? What language skills are emphasized? (4) What areas of language are emphasized? Lexis language Whats the role of the teacher on this method? How the teacher responds What are the most important characteristics of the teaching/learning Process? How are the feelings of the students dealt with? How are Ss evaluated in this method?

Grammar translation Prior linguistics and history. To get Ss to translate, read and appreciate foreign literature, classic literature. (Edgar Allan Poe) Q2 Hide, cause teacher speaks Q3 minimum to none

Q4 Writing and reading no attention to the other Q5 lexis grammar and discourse Q6 authority Q7 teacher corrects immediately. Q8 present grammar trough rules, voc trough memorization, excersises are only mechanical drills. Q9 Comprehension Answers Q10 exams Direct Method Before: Inductiveness (how it is said is more important than what) , classroom management, effective voc presentations, inductive grammar presentations One of the most difficult, highly inductive Inductive: message is more important than the form. Its basically with functions Classroom management: Motivation Error correction Board use Monitoring Giving instructions Eliciting Modeling Grouping Ss

Effective vocabulary presentation What voc Im I supposed to use. 3 Cs, voc activities. 4 tools to teach voc: true cognades synonyms and antonyms, situations and definitions, visuals Steps of an inductive presentation Audiolingual

Review phonology Communicative competence o Linguistic competence (domain lexis, phonetics, grammar and functions) o Sociolinguistic competence (levels of formality-formal, neutral and informal-)

o o

Strategic competence (conversation strategy, this is a way to manage a conversation. Show interest etc) Discourse competency (cohesion & coherence) Conect ideas, being logical.

Silent way (obsolete) Prior: how to create a color chart Desuggestopedia Material making o General o Specific Cueing o visual o signal (mimicry) o oral copletion o sound o written Probably review motivation Kinds of learners Peripheral learning Learning strategies

Total Phisical Response (based on repetition and imitation) Kinds of learners Cueing Modeling Community Content based learning (trough syllabus) Task based learning (totally inductive, learning through activities)

Communicative language teaching Lesson Planning

Class 3

Grammar Method English Spanish shit Experience: description of a class. Vocabulary, at least 15-25 Thinking about the experience:

Principles Memorize the words for the next day. Memorization is essential, its the only hw.