Priestess, Long Dead, Slays and Afflicts--New Yacht of the Turkish Sultan-German Woman Scores Roosevelt


German Fema'e Scholar's Sharp Criticism on President
"Sato echlmtacher S*y» That Boosevelt'B Twelv* , »way* Contain No Mention of Woman—The Essays Are Glutted with the Word Virile. Special Cable.
Paris. June 18.—"How can any writer, however gifted, undertake to pbrtray the Ideals of a nation without mentioning woman even in a single syllable?" asks Kate Schirtrtacher, (Dr. Philosophy), the learned advocate of woman's advance, and continues: "The president of the United States, a country where woman sufferage exists to a certain extent, a country where woman plays a paramount part, the president of the United Hates, *I said, should talk of more than -illty when speaking of the ideate of the American nation." Thus Dr. Kate winds up her criticism of Theodore Roosevelt's American ideals and other essays, brought out In French by Armant Colin. "The twelve essays of this handsome volume have the same tendency througnout, that of Imparting love of country to citizens of the United States; furthermore, they discourage egotism and extol military virtues. Of^the latter President Roosevelt, ex-colonel of the Rough Riders, is excessively fond. He is a friend of active political life, a friend of battling in every possible form. The chapters recording his political experience in congress is most instructive and even piquant. But there is a glut of the word 'virile' in Mr. Roosevelt's pages. If Mr. Roosevelt had substituted 'energetic' for 'virile,' the subject matter would not have suffered a bit, seeing that the virtues he praises are not the monopoly of men only, but are frequently met in women, too. However, the worst fault of the book is that tho president ignores woman altogether.' "

Death or Dire Misfortune Has Befallen Nearly All Who Have Had Anything To Do With Her Mummy Case, Taken From Ancient Thebes—Facts Alone Contained in This Narrative of Supernatural Power.
Special Cable.
¥ ONDON, June Ifl—-Few tales of ocI cult fiction have been more exttaorr*—'dlnary than the weird atory of a munrmy-cafle at the British museum and its supposed death-dealing powers, which hajg Just been told by B. Fletcher Robinson In a X/ondou newspaper. The narrative's trutih. however, is vouched for. by the Writer, who, besides being the intimate friend of Sir A. Conan Doyl«, is a newspaper man of much repute, and herewith are sent two pictures which it is maintained furnish Indisputable evidence that the thing 18 far from a mere invention. One of ->these pictures represents the painted cover of the mummy^case. which now is reposing In a corner of the nrst Egyptian room of the museum, but whiah once covered tiiie embalmed remains of a priestess of the College of Amen Ra. and who lived In the mighty city of Thebes some l.eob years before Christ. Tlie , work Is still In a beautiful state of pres- | ^ ervation and depicts a woman of singularly baleful expression whose dark eyes stare into vacancy, as though seeking there some clew to tlje riddle of .the universe, while her hands are peacefully crossed upon iher breast. The other picture was the result of a London photographer's attempt to obtain a picture of the strange face shown on the coffin lid. To the man's amazement, when a print was taken from the negative it revealed not a dead face, but apparently a living one, -with wide open eyes, and the baleful expression of the painted effigy heightened to one of intense malignancy. It was Fletcher Robinson, readers may i | remember, to whom Dr. Doyle publicly ; £ acknowledged his indebtedness for the I j plot of his "Hound of the Baskervilles." « Until recently, too, fine teller of the fol- j J The Malevolent Living Face. Which Appeared on the London lowing tale was editor of The London j • Photographer's Negative. Express, which he left to assume charge of the society weekly, "Vanity Fair." Robinson declares that he has carefully the charge lodgFng In the man's arm and tlie man who assisted In removing Investigated the evidence of the afflic- which hail to be amputated; a second It to the museum buildings met with a tions which have .befallen those who had servant died in poverty within the year serious accident. Now. aparently, the misfortunes which the misfortune to incur the enmity of and a third was shot. When Cairo was this Egyptian priestess who died 3,500 reached Mr. W. discovered that hp had have heretofore attended the possession portion fortune. of the mummy-case have ceased. The years ago, and says he has obtained lost the larger suspicion of histhe mum- learned gentleman who preside over the Entertaining no fhat

v •

StTI/TAX OV TURKEY'S SUPEBB NEW STEAM YACHT, THE EBTH OCHUJ AL. In her interior arrangements, furnishing- and decorating, no expense has been spared by Abdul Haxnid to make her a miniature floating palace equal to the pleasure yacht of any other European monarch. She is armed with several quick-firing cannon and could be. utilized as a gunboat.

Abdul Hamid Wanted Something That Would Take the Shine Out of Any Other Monarch's Pleasure Boat, and in the Erthogroal He Has Got It, With the Bill To Prove It—Apartments Sumptuously Furnished.
than by carved ornaments and brilliant The general' one of ONDON, June I—Competent Judges coloring. combined with effect is and 1mrichness dignity have", pronounced the aulton of pressiveness. Anything approaching barTurkeys' new steam yacht, the baric ostentation has been carefully Brthogroai; the hand*omest amd most avoided, while at the same time there la .artistically finished craft 'of her slse abtirvdant evidence to discerning eyes xfloat. and that these claims are afeund- that a mint of money has been expended. The finest apartments, of course, arc accon^antly Justified is ^ panyin^ photograph of* her, which were those which constitute the imperial and here artistic taste and taken especially for this article. There quarters,have been united with the hapluxury are some larger steam yachts, among piest results. T<he dining saloon Is cased which might be named a few owned by ir. finely inlaid mahogany, with margins American multt-mtlironaires, but there ^ of amboyna, wood and the ceiling Is eiiis none, it is declared, in whose interior | riched with gilt ornaments Jn_ relief. The arrangements and furnishing art, luxury sultan's cypher inserted in the and uUHtjr have''been more deftly, com- Costly hangings ,of subdued ~ree-ubacks. with bined, *he ^opulence of the east being carpets to match impart a pleasing efblended w'rth the practicality of the fect to the general color scheme. The west. , drawing j-ooBi Is of Inlaid mahogany Though Abdul Hamid II courts the with giltr enrichments, the paneling bereputation Of being a man 'of abstem- ing divided with gilt' pinasters, and the skylights are filled with stained glass of ious habit* and simple tastes he really exquisite workmanship, the light that fildelights Jn surrounding, himself with ters through them dsplayng to great sumptuous magnificence. He wanted a I advantage the soft, luxurious hangings of yacht that insMe would take the shine old crimson silk, matching the Genoise on* of any other royal yacht on salt wa- velvet with which the wall seats a/e upter. So he entrusted the furnishing and i bolstered. Tables of costly woods and

figured, with parquetry and .panels of the same wood. Adjoining it is a bath room in white and marble with % marble floor. Opposite the bedroom is the sulabundant proof of the truth of the state- | my.Cttse was i n a n y way connected with I room in which it rests have not been trontan's study, treated in cedar wood with menits made to him. though, for the h!s fl nane ial troubles, or the mishaps that | bled by its presence. It may be that purple wood Inlays and relieved with sake of the friends and relatives of her (had attended the party since it was tinding herself among queens and gold. The furniture is also of purple victims he has suppressed their names acquired, he gave It to a married sister princesses and dignitaries of «qual rank, wood and the upholstery of green "plush In his narrative. j living near London. Soon afterwards ho with a card setting forth her various leather." Bookcases and writing desks It was In the middle of the sixties that i died. But from the day that the effigy claims to distinction, the priestess of impart to it an air of Intellectual aca party of five friends chartered a da.ha- of the dead priestess .entered its new Amen Ra no longer makes use of the tivity and help sustain 'the reputation bla for a, voyage up the Nile and tarried abode misfortune dogged the footsteps of malign powers which -«he possess. which Abdul Hamld'g friends have be"It i.« certain." writes Mr. Robinson. at Luxor to explore the ruins of Thebes ; the family living there, s'towed on him of being one of the lifrdand the famed temple to Amen Ra, It cnar,ced that Mme. Blavatcky, the "that th« Egyptians had powers which est worked monarchs In Europe. Accordwhich, even in its decay and desola- hl Bn •iestess of the Theosophists. paid a we in the twentieth century may laugh „ ing to the picture they draw of him at. yet can never understand. There is. tion. Is still probably the most sub- "' he invariably rises with the dawn, dei visit to the house one day. On crossing for instance, a recorded case of an exlime monument of antiquity existing. The voting but a few hours to sleep, and party were entertained at dinner by the threshold her manner became great- plorer who carried off a coffin on which often spending the entire night, pen in Lady Gordon Duff and the Consul Mua- ly perturbed and she told her hostess was engraved the threat that IE the man hand, devising means for Improvl7ig the tapha Ago, gave a. strange native dance that there was some strong malignant therein buried was dlstubred by any condition of his subjects and checking influence in the house and requested per- thief of the graves, the body of that In their honor. the machinations of Turkey's enemies. One evening an Arab, who said he ml^sion to examine the various rooms. thief would be scattered in his death. Probably this is no further from the had been sent by 'Mustapha Aga, called When she discovered the coffin lid .she The explorer lauigilied, for he was not, truth than that other picture with which the world Is familiar that depicts Abdul Alleged That, Hating Admiral Mar- upon a member of the then happy little declared it to be a most dangerous pos- he was pleased to say, of a superstitious party—<Mr. D. he is called to conceal his session and besought its owner to send | nature; yet soon afterwards he was torn Hamid as a species of (lend incarnate, karoff, Prince Uchtomski Pat identlty—and offered to sell /him a beau- | it away forthwith. This tlie lady laugh- to pieces by an elephant when shoot~ delighting in the shedding of Christian tlful mummy-case which he declared he j ingly refused to <1 >, attributing Mme. ing." Infernal Machine on Petroblood and addicted to lying more than had Ju*t found. It was the priestess' j Blavatsky's fears to foolish superstition, any man living. pavlovsk, Which Demummy-case which has now found a final j Shortly after thif, however, she sent The quarters set apart In the Ertliostroyed Ship. resting place in the British museum, j the case to a Baker street studio to bo groal for guests, princes of the HouseBy what sacrilegious means the Arab obi ! photographed, and as already told, the hold a.nd the imperial suite are scarcely gained possession of it, or what became photographer discovered that his camera less sumptuous than those of tho sulSt 4e S: of the mummy, is not known. Mr. D. had reproduced the features of an appardecorating at the' Krfhogrbal to the same : "," ^ 4i^ !f|*t "mouldings' °and a. tan, the beauty of the woods employed, Special Cable. bought It. But as all the members of ently living woman. Shortly afterwards firm that fitted up the Victoria and Al- plano iavishly but most tastefully dec- particularly the paneling, much of which St. Petersburg, June 18.—Your corre- .the party were keen Egyptologists it had he died suddenly and mysteriously. Soon btrt for- King Edward, the Meteor for orated, complete the furniture, Is wonderfully inlaid with mahogany, spondent called today at the Uchtomskl been decided that the ownership of their D. up the German .emperor, and sundry other j jn tj,e imperial bed room the furnl- satinwood, and tullpwood, being espe- palace to Inquire whether the wife of respective finds should be determined after this happened Mr. the turnedwho in London and meeting lady cralt belonging to ..crowned heads. They j ture is of Inlaid stained wood, richly cially notable. , . .«««»»» /->«%<•> f. Admiral Prince Uchtomski had any news by lot, and thus it came about that the owned the coffin lid learned of the mis- i were instructed to go- them all one bet- j ^ ; that from her husband. Her ladyship showed mummy-case fell into the hands of Mr. fortunes came had befallen her family !| M l S S Can G l V B H $20.000 TOf since it into her possession. He ter and spare no' expense. With the asme a number of telegrams of recent date W. was on the "return Journey that the urged her to get rid of it at once, and , It surance that he Baa got what he wanted, Portraying the Dowager announcing that the admiral was .well series of misfortunes so strangely asso- convinced at last that the thing was a j and the bill to prove it. the yacht has and sent good wishes. ciaited with It began. While one of Mr. terrible '^hoodoo" she agreed. A car- i now been delivered to the sultan. of China, The correspndent's visit was prompted D.'s servants was handling a gun it ex- rier was found to transport it to the | Armstrong, Wftltworth & Co.. of Elsby persistent rumors in court and society ploded In some .unaccountable manner. British museum. He died within a week j wick-on-Tyne, who turn out more warcircles to the effect that Prince Uchtomskl Special Cable. ships than any other firm in existence, was hanged as a traitor by Viceroy Pekin, June 18.—At the foreign office built the Brthogroai. Yacht building Is Alexieff, and that the telegrams to the your correspondent was allowed to gaze not ranch in their line, but they did not -. * upon the life-size portrait of her majesty admiral's wife are forgeries, mainly inAdopts Strenuous mind ondertaklng a small job like that Head of Dominican Order Na- Kaiser tended to deceive the czar, for Uchtomskl the Empress Tsuhsi—an unheard-of privito oblige an imperial customer for whom was Nicholas' favorite. The -particular lege, for up to now only full-fledged amMethods To Make an tive of the Rethey ^recently constructed one cruiser, crime laid at Uchtomskl's door Is almost bassadors and mandarines with peacock 1 and expect to build several more. For unbelievable, but is credited by people Opera Go, feathers in their cap and yellow jackets public. the sultan's latest toy they ihave prowho claim to know, or rather to have on their backs were permitted to see the vided a handsome, staunch and speedy j known, the prince Intimately. picture. Special Cable. little rtrip, 300 feet over all and 26O Special Cable. j The late Makaroff. It Is said, received The painting w.ix done by an Amerii-an 18.—(Special.)—Musical ; Prince Uchtomnkl with bad grace, when Borne. June 18.—The French, despite Berlin, June feet on the water line, with a beam of girl. Miss Curl, who got 120.OOO in gold (criticB and others are (trembling le»t | the latter came to Port Arthur and pre27 feet • inches and drawing only IO President Loiibet's ffght with the vatlfor the job. also the decoration of the feet of waW. Her displacement is 85O can, have captured a great priestly of- i Leoncavallo's opera. The Roland of Ber- j sented his credentials, together with a tons. She has a high .freeboard and as flce. Father Cornier, a Parisian, wa» lin, be a complete success, for since his ! letter from Nicholas, desiring that the i flying dragon. Tlie transfer of the picture her lutes show Is an excellent sea boat. made general of the' Dominican order. I majesty collaborated With the Italian, it prince be given a high command. "But to the foreign office was quite an even' v though Abdul Hamid is not likely to you know you are Incapable," cried Makabeing accompanied by elaborate cere1 subject her qualities 'in that direction The generalship of the great monk or. • Sgoes without saying that attempts at roff. according to the story. monies. First a thousand car loads of criticism will be promptly prosecuted unto rniuta of a test for he has a strong ders are now divided as follows; ^"l will show you what I am capable yellow sand—yellow Is th» imperial coiaversion to venturing out of sight of Spain holds the biggest prize, for Gen- der the lese majeate law. Besides, Wil- of doing," such Is the reply Imputed to or—were damped iii the streets tbrougli land.,, The BrthogrosU is built of steel eral Martin, of the Jewait order, is a liam pronounced the work a wonderful Uchtomskl. The prince forthwith wrote which the picture was to pass. Then a and as Turks are notoriously poor nav- Spaniard. Another Catholic nation, 661- jsucesa. and to disagree with him means to the czar, Intimating that Makaroff I from six weeks *o three years imprison- ought to be put under some sort of conbrand new wagon was secured ami cover«"""«- th. general of the Ben- ment. Several leading Berlin papers trol, and advising that Grand Duke Cyril ;ed with yellow throughout,even the wheels tc strike a rock her interior is subdi- j edlctlne monks. His excellency, Father have engaged foreigners to write the no- be sent to Port Arthur to restrain the being painted a bright saffron. Finally a vlded into an- .unusually large number i Hemptime. The general of the Francis. commander In chief if necessary. Cyril, i hundred select eunuchs emerged from the of water tight compartments. She Is cans, Sehuller, Is a Prussian, while an tices of Roland—write them outside the It .Is further asserted, told Makaroff that imperial harem in their best clothes armed, toa. With several quick-firing Austrian named Stary, holds the gener- frontiers of Prussia and forward by he had orders to lodge on the same , . , 1 loaded the picture upon the wagon with vessel with his excellency, and as a aanon and In case of a shindy might | a j sh j p of the premonstri»tenslans. .The mall. cruiser would not accommodate the exbe utilized as a gun boat many profound bows and dragged it to general of the Capuchins, Andermatt, Is "A Chance Courtship" In addition to the forecastle she is tensive suite of the Imperial prince, the .foreign office to the accompaniment provided with two large deck houses, the a Swiss; the general of the Carmelites, to the title of a clever little love story Makaroff had to hoist his flag In. a. batOf booming cannon and saluting soldiery. Mayer, a Bavarian. All th» other heads published by the Lackawana Railroad tle ship, which he hated to do, having imperial apartments, which include a solely on it« merits as a bright piece of a prejudice against that type of ship. While the picture passed through the day saloon, dining saloon, sleeping room of the great morilt orders are Italians. fiction. , It Is contained In a beautifully Before quarrelling with Makaroff, ? streets in^ence was burned on the wagon,' and study, being situated in the after The election of General Cornier took illustrated book of 128 pages which de| an<l in the evening an imperial decree h:use. Four other apartments and a place at the. old Dominican monastery scribes some of the attractive vacation Prince Uchtomskl, it Is said, had had a .saloon have be'en provided for.the sul- Santa Maria della Quercia, In Blterbo. places along the lines of that road. More falling out with Grand Duke Vladimir, • was issued, announcing thn,t the "Son of than one hundred half-tone engravings Cyril's father. Now having both Cyril tan's gu«sts, or princes of the royal J Heaven h<id been graciously pleased" to hou.se. *Qd similar provision has been . An hundred and fifty fathers trom all and two fine maps complete the con- and Makaroff on one boat, he could get | confer patents of nobility upon the "gods made tot the Imperial suite, but no ac- i parts of the world assembled for th* tents. book" may toe had by sending 10 even with both. It is said that UchtomThe £ that protected the picture while in transcommodatloa IB made for any of the [ election. cents in stamps to T. W. Liee, General sk! planted a hell machine on the | it." Th« Rods turned Into marquijj*ft-tinii Passenger Agent; New York. sultan's .Wives. Turkish etiquette doe* j Petropovlovsk, sending it to the bot*jm J : counts arc the patron saints of the thornot .permit even a sultan to take his with nearly all men on board. 4 oughfares touched. Summer School, KnoxvUle, Tenn., As srton as Alexieff heard of UchtomwfUt bim on his pleasure trips Startling: Evidence. t The picture, including the frame, is 16 Tune 25-Anfrust 5, 19O4. probably Abdul Hamid wouldn't do FresV testimony in great quantity is skl's connection with the destruction of } i feet High and 7 feet broad. The «mpresr, It jf ha could. One of the greatest at- constantly coining In, declaring Dr. Oil account above occasion the South- the battle ship, he- sent for him. It Is I who IK painted life-nlze, a little under 6 tractions of the yacht, in his estimation, King's New Discovery for Consumption ern railway will sell tickets oil June 2a. said, and attar a hasty' investigation • feet, wears her most elaborate gowns an-l 27, 28, I I 12, 18 and 26, 1004, will undoubtedly be the opportunity ft Cough Shd Cold* to b« unequalled. A at one July 2. 5, 2B, cento for the round had him hanged, giving him no chance fare i stands against a fan made of peacock 'from will afford httn to get clear away from recent expression serves t. J. McParland. trip, limited plus September 30, I«O4. by to communicate with St. Petersburg. Until as example. He i feathers. The corners of the frame ar* the all domestic' squabbles and worries Bentorvilte, Va., Bronchitis for three depositing ticket with special agent at While It Is impossible to verify this Writes: •'! had f anlorned with dragons, ' while a phenlx story at present, It Is a remarkable coof the much married man. year* and doctored all the time without Kiioxvllle on payment of SO cents. • with outspread wtngs forms the centerincidence that neither the prince** nor SPECIAL TRAIN. The prevailing «tyle of treatment in Ming benefited. Then I b*Kan taking i piece on top. Her majesty promises to these vartoua apartments Is the eight- •Dr. King's New Discovery and a few The Southern railway Will operata spe- any of Uchtomekl's friends at court or cial train Atlanta to Knpxvllle. leaving; In society have heard directly from him 4 , send the treat painting to St. Louis. Equally afeenth century renaissance whteh lends bottles wholly eureff m«." and Throat Atlanta at 12 o'clock noon June 27th, fective In curing all Lung • | From there It Is to go to Washington "to since the catastrophe reported. There, itself admirably to the oriental love of troubles, Consumption, Pnsumonla and arriving Knoxvllle 7 p. m._ I be oresented to her great and good are plenty of telegrams glftned "UchtomTHE IMMOBILE FACE ON THE^MUMMY CASE. warmth and color. But tfcese effect* Qrlp. Guaranteed by all druggist*. Trial J. C. BEAU, Jr., s> ifrlenfl, the president of the United States. ski," but not a single line from nl* District FaMengtr Agent. have b*«a produced more by means of bottles tree, regular sixes Me and 41.00. >•• on behalf of the great American people," hand. richly grained wood* and sober gilding

Special Cable.



Incredible Sioiy Regarding Loss of Russian Warship,



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