Project Horizon Solar Voltaic Installation Christmas Valley, Oregon

(Sector 6) Hire Electric employee installing 235 watt panels. This fastening system is specifically designed for Butler roofs

A Design Build contract was awarded in August of 2011 to Randolph Construction Services (RCS) for design and installation of photovoltaic panels on Sector four, five, and six. Support of the project was from an ARRA Grant through the Oregon Department of Energy. Currently as of November 28, 2011 RCS has installed all photovoltaic panels and is expected to have the project completed by late December of 2011. Project Budget: Design Build Contractor: Structural Engineer: Electrical Engineer: Schedule: $ 1,090,175.00 Randolph Construction Services Pasco, Wa. Bradford Engineering Lake Oswego, Or. Hire Electric The Dallas, Or. Sector 4 90% complete Sector 5 and 6 75% complete Project completion expected for mid to late December of 2011. Post Commissioning to continue to insure maximum design efficiency.

Sector Four: 338 SolarWorld Sunmodule SW 235 poly-(Cell Type Poly Crystalline). PP75KW PV Powered Inverter. Total Generated capacity 79.4kW.

Recent activity since press release 11/28/11; OMD is in negotiation with
contractor to add an additional 26 panels generating 6.1 kW for a total of 85.5 kW to Sector four. Add an additional 12 each 235 watt SolarWorld panels supported by Enphase micro inverters. This will add an additional 2.8 kW to the overall solar voltaic system. This 2.8 kW system will operate as a future hands-on technical training and educational aid offered to the Oregon National Guard and or other educational entities to train in solar voltaic installation. Sector Five: 18 SolarWorld Sunmodule SW 235 poly-(Cell Type Poly Crystalline). PVP 4600watt PV Powered Inverter. Total Generated capacity 4.23kW. 208 SolarWorld Sunmodule SW 235 poly-(Cell Type Poly Crystalline). A PVP 50KW PV Powered Inverter. Total Generated capacity 48.88kW. Recent activity since press release 11/28/11; OMD is in negotiation with contractor to add an additional 39 panels generating 9.2 kW for a total of 58 kW to Sector four. 132.5 Kw Recent activity since press release 11/28/11; 150.5 Kw

Sector Six:

Total Generation:

Monitoring: Net-Metering:

Deck Monitoring of Portland, Oregon. Contractor to provide 1 year service from time of substantial completion. Each individual facility with independent consumption meters will be utilizing a net-metering agreement with Mid-State Electric Cooperative. Currently OMD is in the process of completing the necessary application in preparation for approval. Currently it is the intent of the Oregon Military Department to add the necessary infrastructure to provide the area with High Speed internet service. OMD is working with Simon Shepard of Dartmouth College to determine if these additional services can be shared along with future charges.


Additional Notes:
• • • The solar energy being generated at Project Horizon is enough to supply enough energy to supply approximately 21 average size homes in Oregon. Net-Metering Agreement under legal review with Oregon Department of Justice. As described in the Request from Proposal it was required that the winning proposer follow ARRA requirements for “Buy American”. Not only has RCS pursued the “Buy American” requirement but has purchased both panels and inverters from Oregon Based businesses. Solar panels have been provided by SolarWorld of Hillsboro and inverters from PV Powered of Bend. Design estimates of use by the three facilities should be at a minimum consumption of electricity. Generation of solar power is estimated for sector 4 and 6 to be above consumption, providing a surplus of solar productivity. Sector five due to its north-south axis has limited solar generation. Even though a small percentage of solar was added to sector five a surplus of all solar generation should offset future electric cost for the current intend us of the facilities.
Oregon Military Department’s Christmas Valley rooftop solar array system is the largest owned by the State of Oregon at 150.5 kilowatts of energy. Design-Build Contractor utilized Local Union 659 out of Lake County to provide Journeymen Electrician. A press release was given on 11/25/11 to inform the public to Oregon Military Department’s intentions and current status for Project Horizon.

• • •

(SECTOR 4) These dark clouds are not good for solar generation! But great for dust removal