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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Volume 3, Issue 6

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Idaho State University
Amanda Miller Jared berry Neil Kauppila Kameron Yeggy Kenneth Harper

PAGE 08 TEN WAYS Looking for something to do this summer? The Ten Ways Team dares readers to complete the ultimate summer challenges.

College of Southern Idaho

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Every 15 Minutes
Alexis Bowler Features Editor
It is said that every fifteen minutes someone dies from an alcohol-related accident. This statistic is sadly the truth. Innocent people everywhere around the world are dying because one person made the mistake of thinking they could drive while under the influence. The Every 15 Minutes Program is a great opportunity for students in high school to think twice about the choices they make on a regular basis. Senior brittanie Fairbanks states, I thought this was a really good program, it sends a good message to everyone. on April 11th, the Grim Reaper walked down the halls of Canyon Ridge and entered our classrooms every 15 minutes to collect the students that were randomly selected to die. The Twin Falls Police accompanied him with the dead students obituary, which had been written by their parents. Quiet faces and unheard whispers filled the halls this day. Passing each student one could easily tell what they were thinking. Cops went around the classrooms to discuss the consequences of driving drunk. Fairbanks also says, It was a very sad day, but weve all got to learn about the consequences of driving drunk and how it affects everyone around us. Not only is one taking the life of someone else, but they are also taking their own. They may not die, but they have to live each day of their existence knowing that they took the life of someone else. The next day seniors went to an hour long assembly that described the program, officers and civilians shared their stories about citizens and family members who had lost their lives due to drunk drivers. Looking around at the audience and seeing the faces that were made that day made it one to remember. Towards the end of the assembly the ones who were dead put together a skit that made an impression on everyone. It described the night of one of our fellow classmates who lost her life because she decided to get into a

car with a drunk driver. As the skit continued; she laid in her casket as the other dead ones read their goodbye letters. We all watched this skit, and imagined it to be real, tears rolled down the cheeks of our senior classmates. To picture the loss of someone close to our heart is horrendous, but to know they died because of a drunk driver is much worse. It is said that someone dies every fifteen minutes from an alcoholrelated accident, lets not be another statistic. Lets not get into a car with someone who has been drinking, and lastly lets not ruin the life of someone else, because we decided to drink and drive.

Canyon Ridge High Schools new hangout hotspot

Shayde Alves & Kameron Yeggy Editors
on Tuesday, May 8 of 2012, Canyon Ridge celebrated yet another addition to their facility. The Perch is now open for the student bodys use. The schools chapter of business Professionals of America has generously dedicated their time and efforts in order to complete the clubs service project. bPA hopes that students will appreciate and utilize the lovely outdoor picnic table.

Pictures compliments of officer Matt Triner

The Grim Reaper claims the beloved Sean Hughes as a victim of a drunk driving related accident.

Mythbusters: Is senior year easy?

Jared Berry Staff Writer
This year of high school is finally coming to a close and it is this years junior class that is stepping up to take the graduating classs spot and rule the school as next years seniors. Every time a new set of seniors arrives a myth starts circulating that ones senior year is easier than all of the other years spent in high school. but never fear! As a senior I am here to dispel this myth and reveal the hidden truth. In a way this myth is true. Many of you may not know this or heard of this under the table law, but teachers are obligated to make ones senior year easy. You see, seniors develop this dreadful ailment named Senioritis, which is a crippling disease that strikes high school seniors and leaves behind the following horrific symptoms: laziness, an over-excessive wearing of old sports attire and sweatpants, a lack of studying before big tests, and a generally dismissive attitude. The only known cure for this infirmity is what is called Graduation. For more information on this disease one can visit www. one of the last and best reasons that a seniors last year is so easy comes in a way that the underclassman cant quite match. Seniors are amazing sweet talkers and can pretty much talk their way out of homework assignments, hard projects, and just about any amount of class work. This is because they have been learning the ways and honing the technique for four whole years! So listen up you freshman, sophomores, and soon to be seniors. Is senior year really as easy as it is said to be? You bet it is, that is if you know how to work it. Myth busted!

Members of the Twin Falls Police Department, the walking dead, and facilitators of the program pose for a picture.

Staci baird is taken as another victim of the Every 15 Minutes Program.

Photo illustration by Anthony Pasquale

Members of Canyon Ridges chapter of business Professionals of America celebrate the arrival of the schools very first picnic table. Front: Jose Santos Sitting down (left to right): Carina Llanos, Samra Ramovic, Senada Kadric, Hailey Miller Standing up (left to right): Mrs. Gayle bean, Kameron Yeggy, Hunter barnett, Ana Pelayo, Adair Tello, Alyssa Kolczak, Heaven Marsh, Shayde Alves


SENIoR WRITERS GooDbYES The Riverhawk Reviews senior staff members celebrate this years last edition by leaving behind a few words of wisdom, or lack thereof. page 08

oPINIoN: 2012 bEST CLASS? Staff writer Autumn Myers believes the class of 2012 is the greatest. Flip to page 6 to find out why. page 06

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Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday , May 15, 2012

First annual Ms. CRHS is success

Shayde Alves Arts & Entertainment Editor
Since the opening of Canyon Ridge, every year the people of B.P.A. have organized and put on their annual Mr. CRHS. This year however, it is finally time for the senior ladies to get to show off their talent in the first ever Ms. CRHS. The contestants in Ms. CRHS are chosen by their fellow peers. A list of all the senior girls names are sent out to the seniors who then select who they would like to see in the contest, and after all the calculating and counting, only the top ten are chosen to be in the competition. The contestants this year are Nicole Savage, Lauren Shotwell, Sydney Bergen, Autumn Robinson, Morgan Jones, Karly Hudelson, Cierra Ehlers, Colleen Joslin, and Eva Sites. The night kicked off with senior, Austin Schmahl announcing special host Mr. Cliff Hall. The ladies got to show off their beautiful dresses and show off their handsome escorts as well. Background information was read as they walked across the stage, allowing the audience to better familiarize themselves with each of the contestants, and making the experience a little bit more personal. From there the ladies left to change for the next portion of the completion. While the audience waited in their seats, the people of B.P.A. showed off their texting while driving video. Letting everyone chose singing for their talent, and after a couple of technical difficulties with microphones, allowed the audience to hear those beautiful voices. Nicole, Autumn, Cierra, and Colleen all decided to go with dancing as their talent. With Cierra and Colleen tag teaming together to do a funny rendition of

pitching, rapping, and the list goes on. Allowing the ladies some time to prepare themselves, B.P.A. showed off its video of bullying. Teaching everyone about the three main types of bullying; verbal, physical and cyber, and how it affects people nowadays. Once again all the participants took the stage in their gowns. As each contestant entered they had to pick one question from two bags, one marked serious and the other marked silly. Laughs were heard as the silly questions were answered, and silence when the serious question was asked. The ladies exited the stage and it was time for the judges to tally their scores to figure out who the winners would be. This year the award of Ms. Talent went to Sydney Bergen, Ms. Personality went to Morgan Jones, Ms. Impromptu went to Sydney Bergen, Ms. Style went to Lauren Shotwell, second runner-up went Autumn Robinson, first runner-up went to Sydney Bergen, and 2012 first ever Ms. CRHS went to Lauren Shotwell. Every single canididate did amazing and should be proud!

Riverhawk Review
Managing Editor


Kameron Yeggy

Assistant Managing Editor/Sports

Chase Petty

News Editor
Heaven Marsh

Co News Editor
Cody Cunningham

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Shayde Alves

Features Editor
Alexis Bowler

Humor Editor
Michael Chapple

Photo by Shayde Alves

Ms. CRHS canididates eagerly await the judges decision.

Opinion Editor/ Photography

Justice Straub

see exactly what this small club is about. The video was humorous but also showed people the seriousness and dangerousness of texting while driving. Karly Hudelson kicked off the talent portion with her unique talent of flipping bats. Showing everyone that theres much more to do with a bat then just swinging it to hit a ball. Eva and Sydney both

just dance, and Nicole and Autumn both going solo with their dances. Morgan was the most unique of all talents, synchronized swimming as Mr. Hall called it. With the help of two friends, Morgan entertained the audience with her peculiar talent. Lastly, Lauren amazed the crowd with her many talents. Showing off her amazing cooking skills, sliding,

Advertisement Coordinator
Sara Buddecke

Staff Writers
Jared Berry Courtney Bertoni Aaron Burton Alexis Cederstrom Blake Maughan

Congrats Austin Schmahl You did it! We are SO proud of YOU

Mom, Dad and Jessica

BPA would like to Congratulate our graduating members and thank them for their many years of service and friendship.

est w B

hes is

Shayde Alves Neil Kauppila Michelle Keyes hawk shop manager, Jose Santos vice president, Austin Schmahl president, Kameron Yeggy

Monnette Mickael-Easter Kylar Moore Autumn Myers Azia Nutting Aaron ODell Sarah Pak Nicole Savage Eryka Schroeder Riverhawk Review Advisor
Mrs. Brenda Reichenbach

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Be an opener of doors for such as come after thee.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Dear Ry baby (Ryan Hawkins), I am so proud of you!! You are all done with high school (basically) ;) Youre leaving me here in high school, but Im almost done too! Im so proud of everything you have overcome and achieved. You mean the world to me, my future fire fighter. I love you so much. XOXO Sara Burke

National Guard
Need money for college? Need a part time job? JOIN THE NATIONAL GUARD! Text Duty to 60674

Mrs. Gayle Bean

The Riverhawk Review will report fairly and accurately while striving to include coverage of the different populations at Canyon Ridge High School. Some material courtesy of American Society of Newspaper Editors/KRT Campus High School Newspaper Service. Unsigned editorials found in Riverhawk Review represent the consensus of the newspaper staff. Signed editorials represent individual views and are not meant to express the opinions of the advisor, school, administration or Twin Falls School District. As an open forum, Riverhawk Review welcomes brief letters to the editor. All letters must be signed, though names may be held in certain circumstances. Riverhawk Review reserves the right to edit all letters for clarity and available space. No letter that is obscene or libelous will be printed. Letters should be left in Brenda Reichenbachs mailbox or sent to Canyon Ridge High School, 300 N. College Rd. W., Twin Falls, ID 83301.

Advertising Advisor

Be a Citizen-Soldier!

SFC Jesus E. Gonzalez R&RNCO 208-420-2458

On March 21, 2012, Student Elections took place. There were three different elections: junior class, senior class, and student body. The halls were covered in posters and flyers aimed to convince others to vote. The first election was junior class, where Student Body President Sydney Bergen and Vice President Lindsey Mancari were there introducing each candidate. The candidates showed how much they cared about running with their unique presentations, from Hailey Sandison and Emily Browns dancing flash mob, to Josh Clark and Blake Jensens singing in afros, this event was a fun experience to

Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday , May 15, 2012

CRHS Student Council Elections

Autumn Myers Staff Writer
see. After all speeches were done, the students voted, and each winner was announced the next day. Canyon Ridge High Schools 2012-2013s junior class Student Council consists of: President Hailey Sandison, Vice President Emily Brown, Secretary Ellie Packham, Treasurer Kelsi King, Senators Maddie Dahlquist, Jenna Adkins, Josh Clark, and Blake Jensen. The future seniors also provided a great show, with Samra Ramovics genderbender dance, and Nerissa Schmechels game of Simon Says. Not only did these candidates provide entertainment, but Josh Gonzales was practically a candidate himself, dancing the entire day as part of others speeches. 2012-2013s senior class Student Council consists of: unopposed President Leo Campos, unopposed Vice President Jake Packham, Secretary Samra Ramovic, Treasurer Sabina Sabic, Senators Brinley Miller, Nerissa Schmechel, and Kennedy Bell. At the end of the day, the biggest election had taken place. These candidates could only be seniors, and had to present their speeches not only to their class, but the entire student body as well. Starting the election, 2012-2013s Student Body Senators Cody Gates and Trae Bishop came out rapping, grabbing their audiences attention in their morph suits. The rest of the Student Body consists of: President Aaron Burton, unopposed Vice President

Carmen Perez, Secretary a position. Student Council Bobby Rios, unopposed is responsible for efforts in Treasurer Zoe Strauss, Sena- making Canyon Ridge High tor Sara McLain, unopposed School the best it can be, Publicist Nick Perius, and and organize many activiVeronica Fustos as Activities ties, so for those looking for Director. Student body also leadership activities, run for presented fun speeches, as Student Council next year! Zoe Strauss had a swimming skit, past Publicist Kable Barnhart telling off future Publicist Nick Perius, and candidate Heavenlee Walker tried several sports that she wasnt very good at. Elections are annual, so sophomores and juniors of Photo by Autumn Myers next year are StuCo Candidates wait to give their speeches, hopable to run for ing to convince the student body to vote for them.

Kony Campaign at Canyon Ridge

Autumn Myers Staff Writer
Kony 2012 has become an incredibly popular video, spreading like a virus on the web. In the month of March, the Kony video blew up on Facebook, invading many peoples news feeds. It literally was everywhere; people had no choice but to watch the video to find out what the hype was all about. Kony 2012 is a film about the head of Lords Resistance Army, Joseph Kony. The LRA is a Ugandan group that exploits children as war soldiers and slaves. In the video, it is said that Kony takes children away from their families in the night, forcing them against their will to work. In the online video, the audience is encouraged to participate in the Stop Kony movement. No one really knows what Joseph Kony looks like, so the night of April 20 we are covering all cities everywhere with posters and flyers to make him famous and have more people aware. explains Keri Schwarz, a junior. After seeing the video, Keri was astonished, and wanted to be a part of the movement, The fact that this tragedy has been happening so long makes me want to get involved so much more. No child ever deserves to be treated like that. Taking the next step, along with planning to participate in the Cover Twin Falls night, Keri purchased the Kony box, which includes a shirt and bracelet. Kony 2012 was produced in efforts to make the public aware of who Kony is, so that once he comes into view, he can be caught and stopped. Despite what many may see as only good intentions, this video has received a large amount of criticism. Kony 2012 has been seen as an example of bandwagon empowerment. Meaning that many who view this video feel empowered with this new knowledge, and feel they are making a difference by spreading Kony 2012 across social media. This can be agreed with, as the video has died from Facebook news feeds, and many people have long gone forgotten this movement. Despite this video being only a trend, many people saw more to it, and are still in support of Kony 2012 and helping the children who need it. It would be a great idea to just check out the video and if the cause effects you like it has to so many others, then think about buying a kit.

Trayvon Martin Case

Sara Buddecke Advertising Coordinator
This is probably one of the biggest cases of 2012. It has everything from racial discrimination, to man hunting. Its the biggest talk on most news shows. This is the Trayvon Martin Case. Trayvon Martin was shot by George Zimmerman on February 26. Trayvon was walking around a private neighborhood wearing a black hoodie with the hood up, looking suspicious. so Zimmerman called the police. Zimmerman claimed Trayvon attacked him and shooting him was self defense. The Martin family argued that Zimmerman was the aggressor. When it was discovered that Zimmerman was not going to be arrested, the country erupted with talk of racial discrimination. Soon, a group of angry

black men created a protest group called the Black Panthers. They swore that they would take violent action if Zimmerman wasnt arrested. Trayvon Martins mother told the press that she thought her son was racially profiled and, Hunted down like a rabid dog. But as of April , George Zimmerman was arrested on account of 2nd degree murder. And it is now official that Zimmerman will face state charges. The Martin family and racial protest groups are relieved but now saying they cant believe Zimmerman hasnt been shot or sentenced to death yet. One can bet that this wont die down until after the court hearing. If he is found guilty, then everything will be over. But if he is found innocent, then this is only the beginning.

Third annual Relay for Life Presidential Elections

Relays are not just for track stars; theyre for cancer prevention as well. Since 1986, Relay for Life has been a life-changing and lifesaving event around the world. The relay is a 24-hour walk around a track that includes other activities and ceremonies representing and recognizing cancer patients, cancer survivors, and caretakers. It is a time bursting with emotion and inspiration. What a great opportunity it is that Relay for Life is coming to Canyon Ridge for the third year! Students and teachers are encouraged to donate and walk as relay teams, especially those

Nicole Savage Staff Writer

Big Green Bus at CRHS

Alyxis Cederstrom Staff Writer
On Tuesday, April 3, 2012, Canyon Ridge High School was visited by an amazing group of people with the mind set to inspire the students for the SAT test that is coming up. Roadtrip Nation, which is a group of students that ride in bus and tours around the country to inspire kids to reach their goals, chose Canyon Ridge among 11 other high schools in Idaho to visit and inspire to do their very best. Roadtrip Nation is all about inspiring kids to forge their own path instead of following someone elses. They believe that while doing this, there will be a positive change in the world. They have visited many schools instilling this change everywhere they go. Desiree Galindo, junior, comments, Roadtrip Nation helped me see that my dreams do matter and I should follow my heart instead of living my mothers dream. The Big Green Bus has helped thousands of students realize that what they want to do for a career does matter, and they should do everything they can to achieve their dreams. Roadtrip Nation has a

dealing with cancer in their lives. Although every relay is different there are some traditions that make up Relay for Life. The first is the Survivors Lap, in which cancer survivors and supporters circle around the track to celebrate defeating cancer. Next, is the Luminary Ceremony. When the sun sets, every person personalizes their own luminary. These lit candles and personalized messages are symbols to honor individual issues with cancer each person faces. The Fight Back Ceremony is the last and possibly, most important part of the relay. This time is a time when people can make personal commitments to help

fight cancer. This could include quitting smoking, donating money to the cause, or getting screening tests. This is a significant step in peoples lives and can ultimately change them forever. Taking on this event is Susan Dolecheck. She has personally been affected by cancer and has taken initiative to make sure our school can be involved. So far, the city of Twin Falls as a whole has raised a total of $79,610 for the cause and there are 633 participants. Relay for Life will begin on May 18th. Cancer affects everyone and together we can make an impact to turn lives around and create miracles.

With the Republican candidacy elections almost over with only 19 states left to run for delegates, Mitt Romney is the clear leader with Rick Santorum in second and Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul barely hanging on. As of right now, Mitt Romney has 684 delegates, Rick Santorum has 270 delegates, Newt Gingrich has 136 delegates and Ron Paul has 52 delegates. Santorum has had the best chance of winning against Romney but he had to suspend his campaign due to an illness his three year old daughter, Bella, has. Bella has a condition known as Triso-

Chase Petty Asst. Managing Editor/ Sports

my 18 or basically an extra eighteenth chromosome. Santorum suspended his campaign temporarily so he could be with her. If Santorum does not come back to running in the candidacy, then it is likely that Romney will win the last 19 states. However, if he does come back, then Santorum might still have a shot at winning with big delegate states like Texas, California, New York, and Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is Santorums home state and would have a great chance of winning the 71 delegates. The Republican candidacy race has been very competitive thus far and time will tell how it will turn out.

manifesto that is based on how people usually discover their paths in life. So, what do you want to do with your life? You should be a lawyer, a doctor, an accountant, a consultant blah, blah, blah. Everywhere you turn people try to tell you who to be and what to do with your life. We call that The Noise. Block it. Shed it. Leave it for the conformists. As a generation, we need to get back to focusing on individuality. Selfconstruction rather than mass production. Define your own road in life instead of travelling down someone elses. Listen to yourself.

Forever Proud Forever United Forever Riverhawks.. .

buy a yearbook today!
Purchase your memories from Mrs. Larson in the bookkeepers o ce.


Kameron Yeggy Managing Editor

Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday , May 15, 2012

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

In 1976, the world was introduced to a southern rock prodigy. This man and his band achieved glory comparable to, if not higher than, artists of the same genre, such as Creedence Clearwater Revival and Lynyrd Skynyrd. This is none other than the infamous Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Originating in Gainesville, Florida, the Heartbreakers were composed of Tom Petty (rhythm guitar/lead vocals), Mike Campbell (lead guitar/ keyboards), Ron Blair (bass), Benmont Tench (organ/ synthesizers), and Stan Lynch (drums). Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers have released 12 studio albums containing brilliantly constructed songs, many of which have become hit singles. Popular Heartbreakers songs include Learning To Fly, American Girl, Into the Great Wide Open, You Wreck Me, and the infamous Free Fallin . Senior Austin Schmahl reveals his favorite Tom Petty jams. I love me some Tom Petty. Free Fallin and You Wreck Me are some of my favorite jams. His lyrics are magical, says Schmahl. The Heartbreakers have a very apparent southern rock style and are able to create a very unique sound thanks to Tom Pettys beautiful voice and their simplistic instrumental patterns. Their perfectly constructed songs are excellently complimented by Tom Pettys insightful lyrics. Pettys lyrics dont follow the generic fall in love guidelines that most bands have always relied on; he writes a story that nearly everyone can relate to and puts it to his already magical music. However, DO NOT confuse their style with modern country music. Tom Petty refers to modern country music as a bad rock band with a fiddle, as said in his bands documentary Running Down a Dream. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are still going strong. Now halfway through their 36th year together, the Heartbreakers are still composing new music and selling out in arenas worldwide. This band has influenced many people from all around the world and muscians since they first came together. It is not hard to understand why Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers is one of the best bands of all time and why they are known worldwide. Be sure to check out the musical genius who has inspired thousands, Tom Petty.

Americas Best Dance Crew

Autumn Myers Staff Writer
On April 11th, 2012, season 7 of Americas Best Dance Crew premiered. The show started off with the first five of ten dance crews in the season, dancing as their introduction. The premiere had the theme Britney Spears, where all dance crews were to dance to a master mix of one of the artists songs. 8 Flavahz was the first group to perform, where four of the girls came from Hawaii, and the other four resided in Los Angeles. After their performance and judges comments, Mixd Elements took the stage. The groups name derived from the fact that each dancer brings different dance elements to the group. Mixd Elements did a dance routine to Britney Spearss Till the World Ends. The next dance group was Stepboys, who performed to If U Seek Amy. This group stood out, as they explained their inspiration for dancing is humor. Mario, one of the dancers, was dressed as a school girl with pigtails, giving their dance routine more of a story line with the song. One of the judges, D Trix, comments on the group, I like the fact that you guys just dont care. While JC Chasez pointed out that their opening, a back flip onto the stage, was never before done. Afterwards, the all-girl group Irratik took the stage. Fanny Pack is a group name that may sound familiar to some regular ABDC viewers. Being the last dance crew to perform that night, Fanny Pack is a returning group. They had placed third from season 2, and five seasons later, they danced to Womanizer in their well-known bright and colorful clothing and fanny packs. Judge Lil Mama says about the group, You define originality. After these five of ten dance crews performed in the hour long premiere, only four were guaranteed safe and a spot in the next episode. Mario Lopez, the host, announced first that 8 Flavahz and Fanny Pack were safe, and could leave the stage. Both groups were ecstatic that they were one step closer to winning, and left Stepboys, Mixd Elements and Irratik on the stage. Soon, Mario said that Irratik and Stepboys were safe, while Mixd Elements had to step it up. Mixd Elements was placed in the bottom two, and were to battle against the bottom crew of the following episode. The next episode included dance groups Elektrolytes, Rated Next Generation, Collizion, Funkdation Crew, and Mos Wanted Crew. Mos Wanted Crew definitely lived up to their name. The episode was Flo Rida, and MWC performed to In the Ayer. The dance routine was incredibly phenomenal, leaving the judges and everyone in the audience amazed. Judge D-Trix said, That routinewas the definition of dancing. And JC Chasez added, They probably saved the best for last. Four crews were safe; except for Funkdation who was left to battle it out with Mixd Elements. This dance battle was left to the judges decision. DTrix chose Mixd Elements, Lil Mama with Funkdation, and tiebreaker choice, JC Chasez chose Funkdation safe. Mixd Elements had to be the first to watch their banner fall.

Arts & Entertainment

Photo by Autumn Myers

An autographed poster of We Are Heroes, season 4 winners of ABDC

Radio Contests Summer Jobs in Twin

Radio contests offering prizes are world-wide; giving listeners the opportunity to win whatever prize is being advertised. Can people actually win radio contests? Yes, they can. We have all been told, You can never win those thingsall scams, but not with our local radio stations. Popular stations such as KTPZ, IROCK, and KEZJ all have contests that you can enter into online. I personally have been successful in winning radio contests. Being involved in these contests since I was a freshman, I have won a total of six concert tickets and some weird brand of candy. There are various things one is able to win from radio contests, but I am one who usually only enters in concert drawings. The concert ticket contests are always the biggest contest for each radio station. When these concerts start approaching, the station starts broadcasting multiple times about these tickets, which catches the attention of thousands of people in the area. For these concert contests, a game is usually played for more points, which is how participants purchase their entries. Once someone hears a certain sound, commercial, or a song by the artist of the concert, they are able to text the radio station, and are then entered into the contest My past two concert tickets wins have had two different ways of entering, online or by text message, while the first win could only be won online. When entering online, one must earn points, by filling out surveys, trivia questions, and Photo by Autumn Myers listening to the station Just some of the many tickets that for special code words. Autumn has won over the years from
radio contests.

Autumn Myers Staff Writer

This means that with each contest, two pairs of tickets are given away, leaving thousands of people with nothing. I have never had to pay for a concert ticket, since I have had the opportunity of winning them. This is a great thing for one who loves the experience of watching their favorite bands perform, for free! My concerts have been in Blackfoot, Nampa, and Salt Lake City, so these concerts are not limited to when Idaho is lucky enough to have an artist visit and perform. The tickets I had received to Salt Lake City also included hotel gift certificates, which added on to the worth of this win, and didnt require me to put forth my own wallet. My most recent and favorite win was two tickets to the Mayhem Festival, in the summer of 2011. The Mayhem Festival included bands Godsmack, Megadeth, Disturbed, Machine Head, and many more. Along with already having two tickets to the concert festival, I also had won a ticket from Mayhem Festivals online site. So, in total I have won seven concert tickets, six being from our local radio stations. If anyone was ever skeptical about radio contests, they shouldnt be anymore. If I can win concert tickets, than why cant you?

Summer is just around the corner, and for most of us that means two things: finding a summer job or going on endless vacations. The most common summer jobs for teens fits into five categories: babysitting listed at number one, pet sitting or dog walking at number two, retail at number three, food service at number four, and camp counselor at number five. Babysitting is quite the responsibility, and usually suited for the more mature and responsible teens. When applying for a babysitting job, one is more likely to get the job with some sort of certification. There are courses offered through the Red Cross that focus on infant and child care, and problem solving skills needed in the possibility of an emergency.

Sarah Pak Staff Writer

Pet sitting or dog walking has a convenient schedule for those attending summer school, or have other priorities. The schedule is simple, usually early morning and late afternoon. Retail includes places such as JC Penny, Shopko, and Macys. Applying for retail is a little more competitive because it isnt just teens applying for these jobs. `Food service can be stressful, but it is one of the most common jobs for teens. The food industry is highly competitive and is always go, go, go. Working in the food industry may range from fast food to five star restaurants, all of which are usually open and accepting employees due to the high level of competition. Camp Counseling is for those who are great

with younger kids, and for those with patience and good problem solving skills. Camp counselors help get connected with the participants of the camp and should usually go through CPR and lifeguard training to be prepared for anything. Most of all, being a Camp Counselor usually means having a good time. All of these summer jobs are definitely not hard to apply for, there are many ways one can get involved or find a new job. Remember, come prepared to an interview, and have a resume ready to go. Make sure to dress nicely and be on top of ones game at all time. A good first impression is what will make one stand out from competition for a future employer and can earn you the job just by walking through the door looking sharp.

Book Reviews
Courtney Bertoni Staff Writer
Though the year is coming to a close, this is no reason to stop reading. Its time for a book review! These books are all on the top of New York Times Bestsellers list. At the top is Nicholas Sparks The Lucky One. This zappy love story has been at number one for 19 weeks. The book portrays the story of two young lovers, Logan an ex-marine and Beth a small town girl. While serving a tour in Afghanistan, Logan finds a picture of Beth buried in the rubble of an old building. He keeps the picture in belief that another marine has lost the picture and has hopes of returning it to its rightful owner, but when the picture goes unclaimed and Logan ends up surviving many different circumstances that he shouldve died in, he believes that the picture helped to save him. Logan sets out on finding Beth and personally thanking her for keeping him safe. As luck would have it, he does find her, and Sparks demonstrates the story of these two lucky lovers. Next up on the list is the fictional book The Affair. Lee Child begins this story in 1997. A military cop named Jack goes to Mississippi on a mysterious case. He must discover a possible scandal of a soldier and some bad

friends in Washington. The story will keep a person on the edge of their seat. If one likes mysteries and some military action, then make sure to pick up this book. Third down the list is George Martins A Game of Thrones. This book is the first one in the series called A Song of Ice and Fire. This sinister story tells the tales of supernatural forces in the frozen lands of Winterfall. The book has been on the list for a whopping 52 weeks and counting. Many are calling the tale a mustread. Better pick it up soon! These books are great reads. Keep your mind sharp for the end of this year and keep on that reading as much as possible every day.

Arts & 5 Entertainment Album Review: Brandon Mull Ever After

Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday , May 15, 2012
Autumn Myers Staff Writer
On April 24, a bestselling author came to the Canyon Ridge High School. Brandon Mull, author of the Fablehaven series, came to our auditorium and spoke with students. During his time on stage, Brandon provided a presentation. To break the ice, he showed pictures of himself growing up. The first picture he showed was him with a giraffe, on which he commented, This is me about to be eaten by a giraffe. After his funny pictures, he introduced pictures of his family. When he showed a picture of his wife, he was reluctant to say, Its really nice to have someone support you with writing, it is so hard to get started as an author. Following the photos that humored the students, he began talking about his books. After he let the students guess how long it had taken him to write Fablehaven, he revealed that he had taken five months. Im glad that my crazy hobby of writing fantasies became my job, says Brandon Mull. During his time talking at Canyon Ridge High School, he answered frequently asked questions through a slideshow. One FAQ was Will Fablehaven become a movie? He explained the process of how books become movies, saying the directors rent the rights for eighteen months, pay the author for the renting time, and during that time they try to make it into a movie. If it doesnt work, the author keeps the money and the rights, and can wait for another director that has interests in making it into a movie. Ending on the subject, Brandon Mull said, The director of Kung Fu Panda tried to make it into a movie, there is a lot of steady interest, so I think sooner or later it will happen. Brandon Mull had to answer the question of where he got his amount of creativity in his books. My house in Connecticut was surrounded by trees, and I thought what if magical creatures were living in there? Brandon then asked for three volunteers, who introduced their selves and played a game together. These three students were exploring a new world, and showed their imagination. Their world was like cotton candy, with Ryan Reynolds hanging from plants, and anyone could smell colors. Throughout the entire presentation, Brandon Mull explained how much he loved writing, and keeping his imagination strong. He showed a passage telling of a witch, and then he showed various illustrations of how people pictured it. Thats what I love about reading a good book. You can picture it in your own way. Imagining is intelligence having fun. Which illustrator got the picture right? All of them. In conclusion, Brandon gave five tips on how to become an author. #1 Have experience. #2 Exercise your imagination by creating stories. #3 Read a lot, every day. #4 Write your stories and share with others. #5 Find a publisher and never give up. It took Brandon Mull several years of nos from publishers to earn that one yes. After showing a trailer for his series Beyonders, Brandon said, Keep your creative stuff alive. Allyssa Hernandez, junior, says, I stayed after to talk with him. I didnt really know what to say; I asked what made him want to become an author and he said the book Narnia. For those who want to become an author, Brandon Mulls visitation proved to be an advantage, and his words were all advice.
Left: Brandon Mull pulled three lucky students (Junior, Amber Callen, Senior, Cayden Chavez, and Freshman, Liz Pape) from the crowd of students. All three where called up to help assist Brandon Mull in an imaginary game. Right: Pingo is Brandon Mulls first ever children books. Audiences and fans of Brandon Mull are hoping that there is more to come.
Photo by Autumn Myers Photo by Autumn Myers

Autumn Myers Staff Writer

Located in the Pacific Ocean, one will find thousands of invertebrates and fish, including the very unique Angler fish. Being extremely cold and highly pressurized, this specific body of water makes anyone wanna jump in and get their knees wet. This location is named Marianas, or Mariana Trench. Marianas Trench is also the deepest part of the ocean, Sabryna Schmidt, junior, points out. Even though the abyssal zone may seem interesting, one will be more fascinated with the talent of the band, Marianas Trench. Marianas Trench is a canadian band consisting of Josh Ramsay, Matt Webb, Ian Casselman, and Mike Ayley. On November 21, 2011, Marianas Trenchs genius album Ever After was released. This album is their third, and flows quite well, having no breaks between the songs. The subsequent songs begin immediately after the previous, with no pause. The transition is great for those who dont have the patience to wait two seconds to hear the beautiful music of Marianas Trench. Sabryna Schmidt says, I love Marianas Trench. I love how in their music videos it is crazy, but sane at the same time. Their album Ever After is awesome, and my favorite track off of it is Desperate Measures. Its a catchy tune. Sabryna also adds that Celebrity Status has been stuck in her head for quite some time. The biggest hit of this album is Havent Had Enough. This single is great, but definitely not the best song off of this album. The first track, Ever After, is one of the strongest that this band has yet to produce. The lead singer Josh Ramsay pushes himself vocally with ever single album, and it is shown quite tenacious in this song. The lyrics are incredibly heartfelt and creative, while the instrumentally play matches perfectly to Ramsays voice. I love how the lyrics make you think, says Sabryna. Just like their previous album, Masterpiece Theatre, Ever After is a

Movies in the car

As the weather gets warmer and the nights get longer it becomes that time of year again for the two drive-in theaters to open up. The Motor- Vu and the Grand- Vu drive INS opened ludicrously early this year, thanks in large part to the amazing weather that Idaho had this year. Both drive INS showcase an outside theater screen, and a small but very functional concession stand. The Motor-Vu, substantially larger than the Grand- Vu opens first every year, thanks in large part to its convenient location right next to the Twin Cinema 12 and the fact that it can hold a lot more vehicles. The

Shayde Alves Arts & Entertainment Editor

Grand- Vu although not as large as the Motor-Vu plays just as much importance, the location may be a little out of the way for some, but the experience is the same nonetheless. This summer the drive INS will be doing something that they have never done before, to prepare for the new theater coming in, the drive INS will actually release new movies here. Movies will vary depending on popularity, and the cracks arent worked out just yet with what movies to open here, but even the possibility of this would excite any person. Yes, people want to have that movie theater experience, but the drive in experience is so much better. With drive INS a person can talk as loud as theyd like, use their

phone freely, and also be able to bring outside snacks without getting in trouble for it. The drive INS are always on the list of things to go to during the summer. Theyre convenient and are an enjoyable place to be at. Make sure to stop by this summer.

concept album, meaning it has a large story line behind it. Listening closely to the lyrics, the audience is told an epic. Josh Ramsay is not only a phenomenal song writer, but becomes a powerful author when writing his lyrics, and shows that music is in his DNA. What Ramsay has written in Ever After tells of the heartless Queen Carolina, the exiled King, and the stolen heart of the Kings daughter Porcelain. Queen Carolina is an evil woman, who creates toys to steal hearts of others. And the man, Josh Ramsay, is on a mission to find the heartless princess Porcelain, who is able to return him home. The story is definitely vague within the album, and any occasional listener will not pick up the story line. Those who pay attention to the lyrics will see there is more to the album. The first and last lyrics of Ever After are even, Once upon a time, and Happy ever we lived, the end, which gives more of the story feel to it. Havent Had Enough was nominated for Song of the Year on Alternative, and won Independent Music Awards Video of the Year. Marianas Trench has also had many other nominations and awards in recognition of their talent. Havent Had Enough has also reached #1 on Canadas iTunes download chart. So go ahead and hop along on your iTunes account and purchase this incredibly glorious album. Feel free to even get on MY iTunes account and purchase Ever After, or go to their online store and have the CD shipped from Canada, everyone loves Canadian merchandise. Marianas Trench is becoming more well-known with each album they put off, so get in on the music!

Photo by Autumn Myers

Marianas Trenchs album cover of their most recent release, Ever After.

Photo by Shayde Alves

The Motor Vu drive in has been open and going strong for over fifty years now.

For more information talk to Mrs. Bean in room 300 or any BPA member.

Band of the Month

Blake Maughan Staff Writer
The Police play rock, new wave, reggae fusion, and post-punk music. They played from 1977-1986 and 2007-2008. The members of the band have been almost unchanging and their lineup consistently featured Sting (Gordon Sumner), Andy Summers, Stewart Copeland, and Henry Padovani (for 1977). They were very successful and are praised for their wide variety of skills, such as playing with the coordination of jazz and the energy of punk rock. While most of the band members have been playing music for their careers, Sting was a secondary school teacher before he joined The Police. The Police are from London, England and they first formed as a band in 1977. They won the BRIT awards twice: the Best British Group in 1982 and the Outstanding Contribution to Music in 1985. They won the Grammy Awards six times, three of which were awarded in 1983. On March 10, 2003, The Police were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and they received 70 place in the Rolling Stones: Immortalsthe 100 Hundred Greatest Artists of All Time and No.40 on VH1s 100 Greatest Artists

of All Time. Of their many hits, some of the best ones are Roxanne, So Lonely, Walking on the Moon, Dont Stand So Close To Me, and Invisible Sun. Wrapped around your finger made #8 on the Billboard chart in 1984. Spirits in the Material World made #6 on the Dutch Top 40, #4 on the French Singles Chart, and #7 on the US Billboard Top Tracks, along with other high ratings in Germany and the UK. They have a very energetic sound to their music and have grabbed the worlds attention, and are well deserving of their fame.


A! BP n

Compete, have fun, new experiences, Mr. CRHS, Hawk Shop, travel, become a business professional!

1520 Fillmore Suite 2, Twin Falls, ID 83301 (208)733-1343

Find us on Facebook Open Mon.-Thur. 11am10pm Fri. & Sat. 11am-11pm

Opinion Politeness Glasses vs. contacts

Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday , May 15, 2012
Sarah Pak Staff Writer
When we were younger, our parents would remind us of our manners, to use please and thank-you when someone would do us a favor, or go out of their way to do something nice. Even with the little things, or when we wanted something, it was always please and thank-you. Lately all I hear when I am out and about is, I want this, this, and this, or, yeah, give me that. Might I ask you, reader, whatever happened to, yes, I would like this, thank-you? Cassidy Weatherford, junior, says, Parents stopped caring, therefore no one else cares. This is true, if the parents lack the responsibility of teaching their children how to act right, well lets just say there is most likely no hope for the rest of us, right? Our generation is the generation everyone is worried about. This lack of politeness leads to ample problems in society. The definition of polite is Marked by or showing consideration for others, tact, and observance of accepted social usage. Most teenagers say that elderly people can be rude even though they use the right phrases like please or thank you, but it can often be delivered in either a polite or offensive way. Depending on the speaker and the listener, what one says can be perceived by the tone of their voice. Mrs. Johnson, CRHS librarian, says, Many adolescents today do choose to show courtesy and good manners, but with others it will take a process to get there. People learn courtesy and manners through example, which are instilled at a young age and continue to develop through adolescence and adulthood. This couldnt have been said any better.

Shayde Alves Arts & Entertainment Editor

The great debate, glasses or contacts still continues strong today. Which one should a person choose? Should I go with the more popular contacts, and allow everyone the privilege of seeing my beautiful eyes, or go with the more sophisticated approach and reach for the glasses? Personally, I like glasses a lot better than contacts, I dont have to poke myself in the eye every morning and hope that my makeup doesnt smear as my eyes release a couple of tears. And then it makes it to where people know what I look like with glasses, letting everyone know who to look for, and not accidentally bypassing me because I look way different with my glasses on. Also glasses make it to where you can express your personality better. Not only do they come in different frames and colors, but many glasses transition between outside and inside to help your eyes adjust better to the light. Making it to where your vision

Whats Your Favorite
Memory From This Year?
I have two memories, I love watching people fall and trip on the stairs, its a good laugh! Also being on the CRHS bowling team! Tyler Ridgeway

Summer fever
Summer, the time of year where the air is filled with fresh cut grass, flowers, and the sound of chirping birds. The students and teachers of Canyon Ridge High School are all excited for summer. From planning trips to just wanting school to be over everyone is counting down the days! There are many activities that students are looking forward to such as, hanging with friends, swimming, boating, long boarding,

is amazing at all times of the day. Plus with glasses it makes a person just look and feel smarter, when in actuality all that it means is that you have poor vision, contrary to belief, not all nerds wear glasses. Glasses do have their drawbacks though, they constantly get smudges or dirty so youll have to take them off every so often to clean them. Also, glasses are very easy to lose if you just take them off for a second, so be sure to keep them in your impaired sight. However, if you cant stand having frames blocking your vision every now and then, contacts are the way to go. Just like glasses, contacts are now making it possible for people to express themselves better, making it to where you can get colored contacts. The colored contacts also come in array of colors such as multicolored and even cat looking eyes. Contacts also allow a person to conceal the fact that they have bad vision. Just like glasses, contacts are also bothersome. Remembering to take them out every night before bed and making sure to not fall asleep with them in. Hav-

ing to poke yourself in the eye every time you want to take out or put in contacts, and also trying to make sure that one or both doesnt accidentally pop out. Contacts and glasses both have their drawbacks and their high points. Its more of what a person prefers. If you cant stand contacts then shoot for glasses, and if having glasses is too bothersome then by all means reach for the contacts. Its strictly a matter of opinion and what each individual wants out of their eyeware. There is no question that every person can make that decision on their own.

Photo Illustration by Justice Straub

Zuercher and Lance are showing the differences between glasses and contacts. Showing that every person has a preference for something different.

Kylar Moore Staff Writer

surfing, cycling, kayaking, and zip lining. Two new attractions are coming to Twin

Summer is a fun filled time with many activities!

Falls this summer. They are the movie theater and the new zip line located over the canyon. These new attractions are getting everyone restless. Emily Brown, sophomore, says I love it

My friend Amber was chugging Mountain Dew and snorting so loud over something hilarious! -Sonya Haveman

and my birthday is the first day. Summer is a fun filled time with many activities. Shanea Smith, sophomore, says Summer is the time of year where I get to wear a bikini and have fun with friends I love summer so much! An excited teacher Ms. Howard, says I am excited for summer because the UV rays around the pool always rejuvenate my brain, my spirits, and my skin tone This is proof that everyone is just itching for summer to get here.

Going to football games and having a lot of fun -Shelaine Moreno

2012: The best yet?

Autumn Myers Staff Writer
Its time for the class of 2012 to graduate. This class has honored us with their presence for the last three years at Canyon Ridge High School, and is now going to be leaving us behind. A majority of my closest friends are of the class of 2012, and many others have grown fond of them as well. 2012 is full of incredible people, possibly the best that we have ever met. Whenever someone needed a laugh, 2012 would always provide it. Their great sense of humor and lively spirits always kept us lower classmen in good shape. The majority of 2012 have been great figures, and Ive personally looked up to many of them this past year. 2012 is very well known, as they have won the spirit stick many times due to their incredibly high spirit and love for the school. Heavenlee Walker, junior, had a few kind words for the class of 2012. Its going to be weird having the whole senior class gone next year. Literally, we have been going to school together for both of our high school careers, and then for our last year theyre all go-

My favorite memories and what Ill miss the most are our pep assemblies because seniors are always the loudest and win the spirit stick because were so awesome and full of spirit! -Giobana Gomez

Name: Military Occupational Specialty: Hometown: Years of Service: High School Education:

Staff Sergeant Quinton Flegel Calvary Scout Tygh Valley, OR 8 years U.S. Army South Wasco County High School

Most Memorable Army Moment to Date:

Re-enlisting in front of my peers in Baghdad, Iraq

What the US Army has done for me:

The Army has offered me the opportunity to travel the world. In my 8 years of being a Soldier I have lived in Colorado, Germany, Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan and I have visited countless other places! The US Army and Army Reserve is a values based organization that trains and develops tomorrows leaders. Becoming a Soldier is a great way for you to build a solid foundation that you can take with you into the future. Soldiers stand out above their peers in many endeavors taken in the civilian world. Where is Life Taking You?

ing to be gone. We might make me laugh and theyre never see them again, and there when I really need a thats sad. When asked on pick me up. what seniors have had the 2 0 1 2 i s biggest impact on her, Igor seen as a phenomenal Jozelic and Siyavash Askari class to many, and will be have both influenced me to greatly missed. Everyone in be who I am today, actually, the class has had an impact so have a lot of the seniors. to Canyon Ridge in some It was because of these guys way or on someone in this that I came to Canyon Ridge school. Over the years, 2012 in the first place. She also has shown that they toadded that even though gether as a class all have a Igor and Siyavash may look connection that lower classtough, they are the biggest men could only hope to teddy bears, and are loyal have. So in conclusion, we no matter what they are put all wish 2012 the best in life, through. and hope to someday cross Junior Megan Mayo paths again. 2012 has made also had good things to say going to high school for the about 2012. They have re- past three years worth goally influenced me and my ing to every day. Thank you academics. Many of them 2012 for everything you have given me advice on have done for every one at how to cope with all the CRHS. stress of being a junior. The class of 2012 has also been my role model for sports, and I have always had to work to keep up with them. When asked who of 2012 means the most to her, Megan responds, Im going to miss all of the seniors in Student Photo by Autumn Myers Council with me and Seniors Dakota Dodd, Cayden Chavez, those who Ive played Kenny Pamparau, Victor Ugaz, and Mcsoccer with. They have Caleb Rees, all hang out in Dakotas jeep always been there to singing along to the music.

Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday , May 15, 2012

week do you wear them? I never take them off! This pair of pants will please Americans for years to come. So if you want to get in style and stay that way get a pair of pajama jeans. You will love the feel and look and not regret it. So stay tight America you deserve it.

Aries (Mar 21 - Apr. 19)

Pajama pants are the new Shid!

Michael Chapple Humor Editor
Shopping can be a very hard experience for many. The style is always changing, especially for girls. Everybody wants to find that one piece of clothing that never goes out of style and has the comfortable feel that everyone will enjoy. Well look no further than this new sensation, pajama jeans. Pajama pants have the eloquent look of denim jeans, but the feel of the softest pajamas you have ever felt. This pair of pants is so tight to the skin that some may fear of brain damage, but dont worry Shid Dalves has worn these for many months and hasnt experienced any side effects (that she is aware of ). Some may have observed a major change in balance while wearing the jeans. It has also been said that it causes a slight slouch in your posture. All in all the side effects arent bad enough to stop people from loving their soft feel. Now its time to see what some of the owners think of this fabulous product. Look there is Black Mon right over there. Hey Blackie come over here and answer some questions. What do you think of the feel of the pants? I like them tight. When do you wear the pants? I like them tight. Thanks for your time. Now lets get some answers from Shid Dalves. What do you think of the pajama pants? They feel like heaven on my legs. How many times a

This summer, youll definitely have a ton of time to gather your thoughts and clearly see what you need to do for future plans.

Taurus (Apr. 20 - May 20)

Although cash flow may be tight this summer, you have nothing to worry about! There will be plenty of fun opportunities that you should take advantage of.
Gemini (May 21 - Jun. 20)

Youre likely to come across a change in plans or some unexpected news this summer. Youre usually sensitive and calm in situations like this.

Photo by Michael Chapple

Shid Dalves relaxing in her stylish new pajama pants.

Blakes wild adventures in a tree.

Kameron Yeggy & Chase Petty Editors
Her name is Rio and she dances in the sand. Duran Duran These are the words that triggered the anger. The frustration! The desire to tie Mr. Blake Maughan to a tree and leave him to die To accomplish such a feat, wed need firepower, and lots of it. Blake is a very dangerous individual and we figured wed have to shoot him in the face at least 3 times before he would be neutralized. With all of our guns, grenades, chains, and medieval flails, we headed off to kidnap Blake. Upon arrival at the beasts home cavern, it seemed a little quiet too quiet. Turns out he was sleeping so we just punched him in the gizzard and threw him in our getaway ice cream truck. With the plan well under-way, we progressed deep within the suburban depths of Twin Falls. The tree was perfect. The firm branches and lack of leaves immediately captured our attention, and upon closer inspection, we found that the snowy-white bark was almost as pale as Blake. He would blend in perfectly; never to be discovered. We tied him securely to the tree and sat back with our notepads, refreshments, and SPF 40 sunscreen. Day 1: The subject has awoken from his 16 hour slumber. He has realized the seriousness of the situation and is struggling to break free from his licorice rope bonds. His efforts will surely fail. Day 2: Blake has started crying like a little baby girl. He speaks quietly to himself about how much he misses his family and fat girlfriend. What a baby. Day 54: After 2 days of watching Blake, we got bored and went home to play some NHL 12. Upon our return, we found an extremely dirty and hairy Blake Maughan. He has been without food and water for 54 days now, and we are amazed that he has not died yet. He hangs limply from the tree. Day 55: The exhausted and malnutritioned Blake has gone crazy. He has begun to repeatedly sing Duran Durans Rio and we cannot stand it anymore. This is the reason we first tied him to the tree, and if this is what he was meant to do, we will leave in 5 minutes. Day 485: We left, and Blake is in a coma now.

Cancer (Jun. 21 - Jul. 22)

Dont let internal insecurities ruin your fun-filled summer. Throw on your bathing suit and dive in! Letting emotions take control will only take away the excitement and joy .

Leo (Jul. 23 - Aug. 22)

Youre not quite sure what future plans will bring or what you truly want, but you have time! This summer just enjoy time with friends and family.

Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sep 22)

Enjoy your freedom over the break! Take advantage of your wild side no matter where it takes you. You could end up in a place you needed to be in all along.

Libra (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22)

Your imagination is going to run wild this summer. You and your friends will have no problem thinking up creative plans to keep you entertained.

Photo by Michael Chapple

Blake hanging limply from the tree he was tied to.

Ways for graduation to go wrong

Shayde Alves Arts & Entertainment Editor
At the end of every year the teachers and the student body say goodbye to the graduating seniors. Hoping only for the best and wishing them good luck as they continue on into the adult world. As the seniors walk across the stage they are handed their fake diploma and are now a high school graduate. Graduation in general is a stressful event that everyone just wants to be over with already. Nothing though will make it seem like its longer, if one has an embarrassing moment at graduation. The ever popular tripping is always a factor at a major event like graduation. The gowns are long, the people are short, and these two combined is just a disaster waiting to happen. And when one factors in that the majority of girls will be wearing high heels, then that just adds fuel to the fire. Now tripping isnt too bad unless one actually falls down, the shame that one must face as they get awkwardly back to their feet is unbearable. The only thing one can do is curse inwardly to themselves, because its no one elses fault that one fell. Just make sure to look down the entire way up, if not, its been proven that one has a 99.9% chance of falling flat on their face. No back flips, front flips, cart wheels or any kind of flip at graduation! This is one just literally asking to make a fool of themselves. Yes, maybe one can do an amazing job under normal circumstances, but graduation is far from normal. Ones hands are sweaty and arms are shaking, no way can one sustain a perfect flip. And if the camera is on one recording every second of graduation, then that is definitely not something that one wants to be played and seen at every family gathering. Take these tips to heart. These few tips could help to make or break his/her at graduation.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21)

Youre intellectual and spiritual side will come out this summer when an opportunity comes up to talk to like-minded people.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec 21)

Youll do a lot of emotional and mental growing over this summer vacation. This will be a very good thing for you and your loved ones around you.

Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan. 19)

This summer break will bring you in touch with someone new who will teach you a lot about life and will help you with your future plans.

Apples and Berries advice

Michael Chapple & Jared Berry Humor Editors
Dear A&B: I have horrible balance and my graduation ceremony is coming up. I am worried that I am going to be that one person that falls off the stage as I go up to get my diploma. I dont want to ruin this special occasion, so what can I do? Dear Clumsy: Try putting up a net in front of the stage or have a line of people hold your hand so that you dont fall. If these solutions dont work then you might as well just put some soft padding on the floor or consider planning a special graduation ceremony in the wrestling room. Dear A&B: Every time I play ultimate Frisbee I end up falling in crap. This has become quite a smelly problem. What should I do? Dear Stinky : Two words, Shid Guards! Or you might consider playing indoor ultimate Frisbee. The best solution might just be to quit playing sports altogether. Dear A&B: I am a senior in high school and I have always made everybody think that I am extremely tough and manly. But really I am not. I am extremely soft and I still sleep with my teddy bear every night. I am worried that I might start crying at graduation as I am saying goodbye to my teachers and my friends for the last time. What can I do to preserve my reputation? Dear Softy : You have several options available to you. You might want to try dehydrating yourself so much that it is not possible to cry. If that doesnt work you can always try blaming your watery eyes on a sudden oncoming case of allergies. If none of these options are going to work for you, you may just consider not going to graduation at all.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)

This summer would be a great time to look for a job. Not only will it bring more money in, but it could be a great way to learn responsibility.

Pisces (Feb. 19 - Mar 20)

With your aquatic personality, youll probably be swimming all summer. While summer break is the time to be free and have a ton of fun, do not procrastinate.

All of our lives we have been given math problems, but no one ever thought that the ideas behind them where a little ludicrous. Why in the world are Jamie and Jack buying 36 apples?!? Who needs that many apples? Even if they do actually give 6 Apples to Darrel, what are they going to go with the rest? Think of the things they could buy with the money they wasted on those! Or some of those ridiculous critical math ques-

Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday , May 15, 2012

Ludicrous little math problems Farewell Riverhawk Justice Straub Review senior staff Opinion Editor/
tions! Like, If I drive for 42 miles at a constant rate and travel exactly 55 miles, and my friend leaves from the same point going 44 miles per hour for two hours then what size shirt am I wearing? I am in trig and we constantly get questions like if a truck is driving at night and is going at an incline of 8 degrees. What is the percent of incline of the hill? Okay first, if this dudes JOB is to drive trucks I would HOPE he isnt depending on a bunch of teens to figure out the incline! I would hope he knows what 8 degrees means or that guy needs to pull over and radio back cause aint no way hes making it to where hes going! He would get so lost if we had to help. Well OBVIOUSLY the incline is -32% Wait nouuuhhhhhh.186%? No5? I dont know. Lets go with 5! Lets at least try to get competent math problems like, Jared owes Sean $42. Jared has until Tuesday and has to give him a 5% interest per day or he is going to get his kneecaps broken. How much money will Jared Pay if it is Saturday and he will have the money on Monday?

Chase The Fatty Petty

One day I woke up from my slumber and was like Hey. Save me a piece of that corn! Once I had that corn, I decided that it would be pretty cool to write in the school newspaper. Boy, was I wrong, but after three years of being in this class, I can now say that I am very skilled in doing the page layout and annoying the teacher. I was captain on the basketball team and decided to take my talents to PA next year where I will play for Penn State Hazleton alongside my brother. After either two or four years of college, I am going to join the Army and see what happens. Keep it real.

Blakes survival of being tied to a tree

Blake Maughan Staff Writer
After being tied to a tree by Kameron, Chase, and Michael, I noticed a very grim possibility. They tied me to a tree when they were all busy with their senior year of High school. The problem is that in a very short time they wont have to worry about school of any kind, meaning they have all the time in the world to tie other victims to a tree for months on end. This apocalyptic scenario is so horrifying that I have been driven to write a guide to surviving their bands of tree-bondage. The first thing to remember is that tree bark taste delicious when cooked over a roaring open fire. Unfortunately, you wont have an open fire in reach, so youll just have to settle for bark the fresh, raw and nasty way. It will keep you alive, at least until you run out of bark within your small range of motion. Good luck finding a snack after your only edible hope runs out. The next and most important step is trying to escape as soon as possible. If they use a licorice rope, then you can wait until they leave and just eat your way out. If they use any common sense (something they are in very short supply of ) then you will have a much more difficult time due to the face that you will be tied up with a non-edible substance such as rope. In this situation you must either break free with brute force or squat and stand up repeatedly to create friction and break the rope. Keep up your spirits by thinking you will be alright and try to escape the end of the world as we know it by trying to hide and avoid being tied up in the first place. If your efforts end up in vain, try to keep calm and remember the techniques outlined in this survival guide. Good luck to you and all those who are threatened by this impending crisis.

Michael LD Chapple
Michael D. Chapple is a very intelligent young man who enjoys life and everything it has to offer. He was a part of the Riverhawk Review staff for two years. He lead the Humor section this last year and was famous for annoying the teacher. In his free time Michael enjoys long walks on the beach and a nice little book in front of the fire. He will be missed for his unnatural sense of humor and his weird noises in class. Blake Maughan and his mom will miss Michael the most for personal reasons that cannot be said in this biography. Woooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicole Complicated Savage

Nicole was born on March 27, 1994 to Daniel Savage and Rhonda Dotterer. She has three brothers who she loves very much. She is the dance team captain at Canyon Ridge. She has been involved in many other activities such as Student Council, the school newspaper, track, and cheerleading. Nicole enjoys dancing, writing, rafting, anything outdoors, and most of all her strong Christian faith. Her ideal date would be a long stroll in the sunset on the boardwalk with a SLIGHT breeze so her luscious hair can billow in the wind. She likes to party.

Shayde The Clumsy Shid Alves

I was born and raised right here in Twin Falls, Idaho. Born to parents, Michelle Sparrow and Deverin Alves Sr., I have three siblings, an older brother and a younger sister and brother as well. All three are currently attending Canyon Ridge with me. I love to read and draw in my spare time, and have a secret obsession with penguins. My all time favorite color is orange and my all time favorite hobby is sleeping. If I could sleep all the time then my life would be complete. I was a part of Robert Stuarts last 9th grade class, and will be a part of Canyon Ridges 2012 graduating class. Ive been in the newspaper class for two years now and this year became an editor. I hope to attend C.S.I. this fall to get my associates degree in criminal justice and then

transfer to I.S.U. to finish out the rest of my degree.

Kameron Old Man Yeggy

Kameron Yeggy is a brilliant young lad with a heart of gold and a refreshingly exotic sense of creativity. He has spent his senior year as a greatly involved student who enjoys associating with his classmates, teachers, advisors, and peers. Kameron loves being able to express his humor and creativity through his roles as Managing Editor for the Riverhawk Review and as a homegrown video producer. He plans to take his tiny frame and imaginative spirit to a new level by attending Idaho State University and hopes to one day become a successful television commercial producer.

Alexis Bowlin Balls Bowler

My name is Alexis Bowler; I was born in St. George, Utah, but I truly love Idaho, and its potatoes. I have been in Riverhawk Review since this school was first built. I am 18 years old, and am moving to Boise, Idaho to attend Paul Mitchell the School Boise.

Ten Summer Challenges

1. Grow a summer man beard

2. Ten MPH pretzel

3. Win a shovel fight

4. Break a frisbee with your face

5. Hurdle a car on the interstate

6. Trip a little girl at Skateland

7. Jump Shoshone Falls on a moped

8. Sample every lotion in the Magic Valley Mall

9. Eat at every downtown restaurant and diner

10. The gallon of milk challenge

*Do not attempt. These stunts were photoshopped by trained professionals.


Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday , May 15, 2012

Best cookie recipes, EVER Every 15 minutes:

Photo by Jared Berry

A personal experience
Shayde Alves Arts & Entertainment Editor
and not get to see her. Hearing the officer say aloud the obituary was not easy, and to hold my composure was no simple task. It felt like I actually died in that moment, I was whisked away from my classmates and told that I could no longer speak to them. Friends that I longed to talk to would be ignored all day, and I could tell that it wasnt easy for them to pretend that I actually was gone. When the day was over I was not able to go home to my family, I was not allowed to call my mom and tell her that I was okay and would be home soon, and the reality and the gravity of this weighed heavily on my mind, because I knew that she was upset. There have been times when Ive gone out of town and not seen my mom, but Ive always had my cell phone to keep in contact with her and not hearing her voice or seeing her face was a very low point in my life. Your mom is your support system, and not being able to lean on her when I needed her made me feel very secluded and extremely alone. You do not realize the impact that you have on people, until they actually feel like you are gone. The experience was an eye opener and when it was finally over I realized that I have much more to do here before I die, and by choosing not to drink and drive, I am showing others that I want to live my life.

Every once in a century a cookie recipe is born that is so scrumptiously delicious, so heartwarmingly good looking, and so dearly loved by the human population of earth that it goes down in the famous book of The Best Cookie Recipes Ever. I am here today to share the names of the cookies that have made it into this prestigious book and some of their deepest secrets. First, starting off with the Big Fat Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie submitted online at by Elizabeth. It is really quite a simple cookie to construct. All one needs is 2 cups allpurpose flour, 1/2 teaspoon baking soda, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 3/4 cup unsalted butter, melted, 1 cup packed brown sugar, 1/2 cup white sugar,1 tablespoon vanilla extract, 1 egg,1 egg yolk, and 2 cups semisweet chocolate chips. First whip the wet ingredients and dry ingredients separately, and then combine them together. Then bake them in the oven for 15-17 minutes at 325 Degrees F.

Jared Berry Staff Writer

The deep and dirty secret on these cookies, it really doesnt matter how long you cook them. However you like them is however you can cook and eat them. The second famous cookie that has made it into this prestigious book is the famed Peanut Butter Cookie. This recipe was submitted online at by BAKINGNUTS. This renowned cookie is also relatively easy to make. All the ingredients one needs to make these fabulous cookies are 2 cups peanut butter, 2 cups white sugar, 2 eggs, 2 teaspoons baking soda, 1 pinch salt, and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. To start, preheat the oven to 350 degrees F, and then mix all of the ingredients together very well. Next roll the dough into 1 inch balls and space them about two inches apart on the cookie sheet. The final two steps include smashing the wellknown criss-crosses into the cookies with a fork and then leaving them in the oven to cook for anywhere between eight and ten minutes. The final cookie to squeak into The Best Cookie

Recipes Ever is the renowned Big Soft Ginger Cookie sent in by Amy on The key ingredients for this cookie are 2 1/4 cups allpurpose flour, 2 teaspoons ground ginger, 1 teaspoon baking soda, 3/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon, 1/2 teaspoon ground cloves, 1/4 teaspoon salt, 3/4 cup margarine, softened, 1 cup white sugar, 1 egg, 1 tablespoon water, 1/4 cup molasses, and 2 tablespoons white sugar. First start out by mixing together all of the dry ingredients in one bowl and all of the wet ingredients into another. Make sure that you whip the wet ingredients until they are nice and fluffy. After this is done go on ahead and throw the dry ingredients in with the wet ones. Roll the dough into little balls and sprinkle them in sugar. Slightly squash the balls onto the cookie sheet and bake them in the oven on 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes. And this cookie wraps up the last and final cookie to make it into the book, The Best Cookie Recipes Ever.

Our greatest senior memories

Memories are made throughout life, but many of those memories are made in high school, and they stick with one forever. The school year is finally reaching its end, and this is a bittersweet time for most of the students. A lot of students are making future plans, some are making summer plans, and others are just at the point where they hope to graduate. But most of all; the senior class is reminiscing on the good times theyve spent with their fellow classmates. Senior Gabe Hernandez enjoyed a lot of the times throughout senior year, but his favorite memory was when he was chosen to die for the Every 15 minutes. He states, Im glad I got the chance to experience a project like this. It really makes you think about how short life can be, and how quickly a life can end. It also makes you appreciate who you have in your

Alexis Bowler Features Editor

life and how to not take anyone for granted. I also got the chance to bond with some other senior classmates, and this was an experience I will never forget. Joining activities in high school helps one get to know more people and gradually grow as a person. Senior Daniel Huey says, I enjoyed playing for the Canyon Ridge basketball team because I loved representing my school, and plus I met a lot of cool people who became my friends. Seniors may never forget the people that they have met and the teams they joined. Although senior year is nearing to an end this is not a time to be sad. This is a time to look back on the memories weve made, the people weve met, and the moments well hold in our hearts forever, and in the end well smile. Senior year will be chersihed and we will always look back and be thankful for all the amazing memories.

Every year a handful of seniors are chosen for the every fifteen minutes program, where they must walk around in cloaks, not speak to any peers, and not participate in class discussions. What though is the real purpose of this program? It is designed to educate and show students that we are not an exception to becoming a victim to a drunk driver. Yes, many people pointed and laughed and said I see dead people but living in that moment, the experience is completely different. Every year people are saying that they want to be chosen for this program, and while it is a privilege to be chosen, it is something that will take a toll on a person. As some who experienced it first hand, let me tell you, its not all fun and games and the program should be taken a lot more seriously than it is. This program was designed to show teens and everyone else, that because of careless actions, every fifteen minutes an innocent person loses their life to an alcohol related traffic accident. On April 11, 2012, I had to hear an officer read aloud to the class my obituary, something that my mom struggled to write. Having to tell the world that her little girl had been victim to a drunk driver and now has to wake up every day

Top 5 Vacation Spots

Sara Buddecke Advertising Coordinator
Photo by Alexis Bowler

Seniors eagerly wait as the days until graduation descend.

Photo by Azia Nutting

The CHRS seniors basketball team join in a victory huddle.

Photo by Alexis Bowler

Gabe Hernandez is disappointed that his senior memories are ending, but he is glad to graduate.

Summer is almost here and that means sun, fun, and vacation time! So what are some good places to go on vacation? There are of course those totally outrageous vacation spots like Paris, Rome, Venice, Fiji, the Caribbean, etc. But for teenagers, we cant afford to go on a trip to another country. So here are the top five vacation spots for teens. These spots arent very exotic but they are cheap and definitely worth the trip! 5. Y e l l o w s t o n e National Park- Yellowstone National Park is the worlds first national park and also the largest in the United States. The park is famous for geysers, hot springs, canyons, forests, wilderness, wildlife and a large lake. Due to the diversity of features, your list of activities will be endless, including kayaking, fishing, hiking and watching bison, moose and elk wander close by. 4. Lake TahoeStarting in Nevada and spilling over into California, Lake Tahoe is secluded, beautiful, full of wildlife, and there are lots of fun outdoor activities to participate in. One can hike, bike, swim, kayak, boat, golf, and ski (in the winter of course). 3. Camping in the Mountains- Whats better than laying in a sleeping bag looking up at the stars? Taking your familys 4-wheelers or dirt bikes with you can rip through the trees and have a blast! Fishing, hiking, swimming, kayaking, boating, and roasting marshmallows are all part of the camping

experience! 2. The Oregon CoastThe Oregon Coast is the best way to get your beach fix without spending all of your life savings. The Oregon coast offers wildlife, beauty, seclusion and big city life, and amazing seafood! You can fish, swim, boat, relax, tan, or go experience the big city! 1. Colorado- Yes, Colorado is a broad and general area. But Colorado provides lots of great opportunities for teens! If you want the big city, Denver is for you! But if you want a quiet getaway, Colorado can provide you that as well. While in Colorado, you can whitewater raft, zip line, kayaking, biking, hiking, camping, wildlife, and basically everything combined!

Photo by Brenda Reichenbach

Yellowstone National Park has many beautiful sites. One of the most fantastic views is of Old Faithful; which is constantly evolving. It is one of the most popular sites to see at Yellowstone.

Photo by Brenda Reichenbach

A mother elk and her calf graze around the beautiful land of Yellowstone National Park. It is common for animals like this to be seen around the park.


Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday , May 15, 2012


International Week
Sara Buddecke Advertising Coordinator
Recently at Canyon Ridge, we celebrated our rich culture and diversity with our very first International Week! All of Canyon Ridges international students put together food, dances, teams, and skits to show their life and what they do that defines their culture. And after we said the Pledge of Allegiance, each day, a new student came on the intercom and said it in their own language. Then during 4th period, a long table was set up outside of the library and the international students gave their peers foods from their countries. There was Nepali food, Mexican food, Asian food, Chinese food, Thai food, and of course, American food. On Wednesday, Canyon Ridge students formed teams and had a soccer tournament. The Nepali team The best team ever. Then during the school day students could walk around and see all the colorful and unique outfits being worn by other kids. Although each day was fun, Friday had to be the most exciting day of International Week. On Friday, we had an assembly where our international students put on a sort of talent show. They danced traditional dances and sang songs. Some kids put on a group dance to show how they danced and had fun in their home countries. Some kids played instruments, some sang, lots danced, and we had Lok Mohara as our new MC. As the assembly goes on, many realized it is truly an amazing thing that we have such diversity in our school. And it turns out that our first ever International Week was a huge success!

Photo by Autumn Myers

Photo by Autumn Myers

Photo by Alexis Bowler

Photo by Alexis Bowler

Teacher profile: Mrs. Holloway

Food for thought in Twin
Kameron Yeggy Managing Editor
Imagine this: Youre roaming the town in search of a delectable meal to quiet your rumbling belly. You stroll by multiple fast food restaurants, but pass because you are growing tired of the basic, routinely precooked foods that they serve. You wander by a fancy restaurant, and, as delicious as it sounds, you do not have the time or money for such a meal. If only there was a local restaurant that was affordable and fast, while sustaining a high-quality menu. Twin Falls citizens should look no further than our very own Burnt Lemon Grill, located at 1879 Addison Avenue East, or at 306 South Lincoln in Jerome. This restaurant is a locally owned diner that provides the town with quick, delicious, and fairly priced meals, all while being maintained by a friendly and energetic staff.
Photo by Kameron Yeggy

Sarah Pak & Azia Nutting Staff Writers

Strive to be the best that you can be because the only person you can control is yourself, said Leah Holloway on April 4, 2012. Ms. Leah Moore, or known as Mrs. Holloway was born on June 28, 1981, and grew up on a farm North side of the Canyon in Buhl, Idaho. Since the age of four, Leah did rodeo and 4-H raising pigs and steer up to her sophomore year in high school. She attended the Buhl Indians High School where she achieved many goals and medals in sports. Just to name a few: cross country, volleyball, basketball, rodeo, and track. She also participated in activities outside of school such as clogging and tae kwon do. After high school, Mrs. Holloway attended Linfield College, where she graduated with a bachelor of science; she majored in health, and got her minors in P.E and coaching. Athletics and sports have been my number one passion, so it was easy to

The Burnt Lemon Grill offers a wide variety of appetizing meals to the public. One can order anything from the basic chicken sandwich or salad to anything as unique as their signature Braggin Rights Burger and Crazy Bird Roll-Up. These foods are beautifully complimented by the diners unique and mouth-watering selection of lemonade flavorings, such as mango, cherry, passion fruit, watermelon, and much more. Jeremy Nebeker, a Canyon Ridge senior, states, Its dericious! as he greatly enjoys his meals at the Burnt Lemon Grill. Taija Phinney, senior, says, Theyre awesome! Their fries and lemonade are the best! They cook everything fresh right in front of you. It tastes very nice! adds Lindsey Mancari, senior. So, if youre looking for a good ol time, with some good ol people, in a good ol high quality restaurant, look no further than the good ol Burnt Lemon Grill.

pursue it and in order to be that, I needed to be a coach and a teacher, because I love to teach just as much as I do coaching, said Mrs. Holloway. Throughout college and her present life, her hobbies have been running, golfing, basketball, chess and playing cards. She believes that theyre all extremely challenging games and that they make you think ahead constantly. Mrs. Holloway reflects some of her memories back in high school where she remembers winning the 800 meter in Track and Field, and being in the state championships; standing on the top podium with 1,000s of fans cheering for her! In fact, to this day she still holds records at BHS in the 800 meter, polevault, and a few relays. In college, she remembers a huge convention and presentation for sports in Oregon, where she was recognized as one of the top five Small College Athletes of the Year! One of her favorite inspirational quotes that she truly lives by was once said by Steve Prefontaine, To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.

As a teacher and coach, the best advice Holloway has to offer for students is, eliminate distraction and negative influences, set goals, and strive for what you want. For example, she started the FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), here at Canyon Ridge High School. FCA is a club where anybody and everyone can meet every Thursday where a different pastor will visit and speak every week. Three and a half years ago, Leah Moore became Mrs. Leah Holloway when she married Uriah Holloway. She is happily married and is expecting her first child on September 18th!

Photo by Azia Nutting

Mrs. Holloway shows that she is number one.

Surviving college dorms

Alexis Bowler Features Editor
A majority of students, who attend college, usually have to endure living in the college dorms. Its no secret to anybody that the dorms are far from pleasant, although if one can find ways to survive living in the dorms, then their college experience will a good one. Most of the time one does not know who their roommate will be, and even though requesting roommates is acceptable, one may not want to bunk with their high school friend. Senior Victoria Vance says, Well Im going to NAU, and their housing application is really more of a survey than paperwork. The survey asks lifestyle questions so it will pair you up with people who want the similar experience in college, so I should be okay with my roommate. This could potentially lead to many unwanted problems and cause ones friend to no longer care. Also, be sure to not touch any of your roommates belongings. Although that shirt may be really cute, or that iPod has really good music, do not take anything of theirs unless asking first. Taking their belongings without permission can cause plenty of conflict and lead to no trust. Maybe one becomes annoyed with their roommate and wants some time to themselves. Perhaps one may go to the library or the gym. Victoria also states, Theres tons of other stuff in the dorm so if I was annoyed by them I could just go to the exercise room or event the lounge. All in all its easy to make ones college experience the best, just make sure to get along with the roommate.

Senior profile: Jesse Andrus

It feels unreal being a senior because Ive been talking about this year for a long time and its finally here! said Jesse Andrus, a senior here at Canyon Ridge High School. Jesse was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and moved to Twin Falls, Idaho when he turned five, just in time to start kindergarten. Around six or seven years old, Jesse attended Harrison Elementary from the first grade until sixth. It wasnt until the seventh grade that Jesse had his interest in wrestling and track and field. He loved wrestling not only for the sport itself, but for the life lessons it had taught him. If I could be a little kid again I would do it again in a heartbeat because high school has been the best years of my life and now that graduation is here, I

Azia Nutting Staff Writer

wish it could be further away because I love high school. Said Jesse Andrus as he reminisces the fun times he had during these past four years. Jesses favorite memory from over the past few years was going to a Papa Roach concert with Nick Kytle, senior. And although Jesse at the time had been in a wheel chair he definitely made the best of it with doing wheelies and pushing himself down a few steps. My favorite memory of this year is being in Mr. CRHS! Jesse said. Andrus also stated that its not too stressful for him yet this year because hes on track to graduate and talks about where he plans on going next. I plan on going to CSI for two years then to Utah State University for the following two years to study physical therapy. Jesse also added some advice, Dont let senioritis

get the best of you, sit back and enjoy it as much as you can because it will be over before you know it!

Photo by Azia Nutting

Jesse Andrus, senior, being the fun and crazy guy that he is.

Photo by Azia Nutting

Jesse reflects back on all of his great memories here at Canyon Ridge High School.

Autumn Myers Staff Writer
It is now May, which means that tennis is coming to end. Aw, how sad. This year has been a great one, and tennis players have improved from previous years. Various seniors on the team have had the opportunity to see their selves evolve as tennis players from their sophomore year, such as Chase Petty, Kyla Rogers, Mckenzi Baggett, and Staci Baird. These four seniors have been playing tennis all their years at Canyon Ridge, and set the bar high for future players to come. These four players have definitely helped shape the tennis team, and they have always had the advantage over first year players. The other seniors on Canyon Ridges tennis team include Creighton Adams, Victoria Arritt, Sydney Bergen, Jared Berry, Neil Kauppila,

Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday , May 15, 2012

Canyon Ridge tennis team NFL free agency

and Lindsey Mancari. For each of these seniors, it is of course their last year of Canyon Ridge tennis. For those seniors who are extremely saddened by this, there is always the choice of becoming a Super Senior and playing again next year! Canyon Ridge tennis has had many games this year, and proves to do well each time. On March 22, CRHS tennis played against rival school Twin Falls High School. Scores are divided in two sections, boys and girls. Twin Falls boys took the game with 4.5 to 1.5, while Canyon Ridge girls stood above with 3.5 to 2.5. In girls singles, each from Canyon Ridge was victorious and won their matches. Senior Mckenzi Baggett did phenomenal with her score of 6-2, 6-1, along with senior Staci Baird 6-1, 6-4, and junior Jessica Wilson with 6-4, 6-4. Creighton Adams has been playing tennis for two years. He first joined Canyon Ridge tennis during his junior year, and has loved the sport ever since. When asked his favorite part of tennis, Creighton replies with, Serving is my favorite part. As his favorite type of match is singles, he is able to start each game with a powerful serve. No matter what level you are, you can always improve. With a lot of hard work, you can always get better, Creighton explains that he has learned this from being on the team. On April 12, Canyon Ridge took on Twin Falls once again. Twin Falls boys won with 6, while Canyon Ridge and Twin Falls girls tied with 3. Once again, Mckenzi Baggett, Staci Baird, and Jessica Wilson, came on top in girls singles. Although each girl won, Twin Falls put up quite the on-going battle.


has players moving to new teams

Justice Straub Opinion Editor/ Photography
Peyton Manning, Ray Rice, Wes Welker, Dwayne Bowe, John Abraham, and Ronde Barber are just some of the names that are free agents this year. Ironically, Manning is the only of those that didnt return to his former team. Rice, Welker, and Bowe all got the Franchise Tag (which means that they are immediately signed to their former team for 1 year and get 120% of their last salary) while Abraham and Barber where resigned to their teams despite their age. But who all were switching teams besides Manning? Im going to go through the two big signings for each team by division. AFC WEST Denver: Peyton Manning, but they also brought in a new CB Tracy Porter Oakland: Raiders focused on up front with OT Khalif Barnes and OG Mike Brisiel San Diego: The Chargers big additions were WRs Robert Meachem and Eddie Royal Kansas City: KCs big signees where OT Eric Winston and Power RB Peyton Hillis AFC NORTH Pittsburg: Pitt resigned WR Jericho Cotchery and signed TE Leonard Pope Baltimore: Baltimore was able to strengthen their already great D by re-signing Lardarius Webb their starting CB and signing new S Sean Considine Cleveland: After a horrid year up front the Browns brought in OT Oniel Cousins and resigned OG John Greco Cincinnati: The Bengals focused on signing pieces for their offense by signing RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis who has never fumbled and OT Anthony Collins for protection for Dalton AFC SOUTH Indianapolis: The Colts biggest moves were actually resigning WR Reggie Wayne and DE Robert Mathis Houston: Houston had a quiet signing and only signed P Donnie Jones and resigned S Quintin Demps Tennessee: OG Steve Hutchinson and LB Kamerion Wimbley Jacksonville: Jacksonville went and signed a new WR in Laurent Robinson and resigned S Dwight Lawery AFC EAST New England: Considering the ridiculous amount of people NE signed (18) its hard to say, but obviously WR Brandon Lloyd and a tougher choice with CB Will Allen Buffalo: Without a doubt Buffalo had the biggest signing on Defense with the signing of DE Mark Anderson and the biggest Defensive free agent OLB/ DE Mario Williams New York: NYJ decided to improve their secondary with S LaRon Landry and signed WR Chaz Schilens Miami: Miami added to their elite Defense with CB Richard Marshall and S Tyrell Johnson NFC WEST Arizona: Arizona signed a well needed OT DAnthony Batiste and a new CB William Gay to go opposite Patrick Peterson San Francisco: The signs were QB Alex Smith and WR Randy Moss Seattle: The Seahawks signed DT Jason Jones and LB Barrett Ruud St. Louis: The Rams brought in WR Steve Smith and star CB Cortland Finnegan NFC NORTH Green Bay: The Packers brought in veterans C Jeff Saturday and DE Anthony Hargrove Detroit: Lions didnt sign anyone new but they did resign veteran OT Jeff Backus and LB Stephen Tulloch Minnesota: The Vikings looked toward the defensive side of the ball signing LB Marvin Mitchell and CB Zack Bowman Chicago: The Bears finally signed a WR or two and got Devin Thomas and signed DE Israel Idonije NFC SOUTH Tampa Bay: Tampa went big with WR Vincent Jackson and resigned veteran CB Ronde barber New Orleans: DT Brodrick Bunkley and young LB Curtis Lofton Atlanta: The Falcons didnt sign any new players but they did re-sign needed DE John Abraham and WR Harry Douglas Carolina: The Panthers didnt do too much but they did improve their need at S by signing Haruki Nakamura and Reggie Smith NFC EAST W a s h i n g t o n : Washington Franchised TE Fred Davis and brought in WR Pierre Garcon New York Giants: TE Martellus Bennett and CB Terrell Thomas Philadelphia: The biggest in my opinion where resigning of WR DeSean Jackson and OG Even Mathis Dallas: Dallas did what they desperately needed and signed a back up for Romo, QB Kyle Orton and brought in star CB Brandon Carr.

Tebowing the Jets in 2012

Chase Petty Asst. Managing Editor/ Sports
Tim Tebows days as a Denver Bronco have come and gone and now he has moved on to become the newest member of the New York Jets. Many people believe that this is a bad move and Tebow will have to try and prove them wrong. Tim wont even be the starting quarterback come opening game, but as a backup, a buzz surrounds him in New York already. Mark Sanchez will be the starter and Tebow will be a special package type player running the wildcat formation at least 15-20 times a game. He could be the difference of completing a third down conversion and keeping the drive alive or not. If Mark Sanchez does not play the way he is expected to play after signing that extension on his contract, fans of Tebow should be getting excited for more Tebow mania coming out onto the field. Trae Bishop, junior, says I miss Tebow on the Broncos but he will still be my favorite player no matter what team he is on. I hope he gets the chance to show his skills for the town of New York. A lot of people are hoping for Tim Tebow to get better during the off season, become the starter of the Jets, and become the superstar he is destined to be. Time will tell and fans of Tebow will be keeping a close eye on this football sensation.

MLB starts a new season

It is spring time and people everywhere are breaking out their trusty glove, grabbing their bat, and getting to work. For the major leaguers, spring training is over and it is time to get the job done. Fans everywhere are hoping their favorite team will dominate this year and make the playoffs. In the AL East, the Boston Red Sox are looking to have another good year and to actually make the playoffs. They have a good team but the New York Yankees probably have an even better team. The Yankees with their big time players will most likely win the division. The Red Sox will have to hope for a wild card spot.

Chase Petty Asst. Managing Editor/ Sports

For the AL Central, the Detroit Tigers still have their Cy Young award winner, Justin Verlander, and with the addition of Prince Fielder, they look to be even better this year. The Tigers will win this division. Also in the AL West, the Los Angeles Angels and the Texas Rangers will be having an all out brawl for winning the division. However, the Rangers were number one in batting average last year and have made the World Series two years in a row. So for that reason, the Rangers will be the most likely team to win this division. Then in the NL East, the Philadelphia Phillies are the dominant team here. They have all-star pitching with Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, and Cole Hamels. If Ryan Howard and Chase Utley can get healthy again, they are sure to win this division easily.

In the NL Central, the Milwaukee Brewers have the reigning NL MVP in Ryan Braun but they lost a key player with Prince Fielder. For this, the World Series champs the St. Louis Cardinals will probably win this division. Finally, in the NL West, the Arizona Diamondbacks came out of nowhere last year and had a very good season and even made it into the playoffs. They will be even better this year and will win this division. Cody Gates, junior, says Yankees are the best. They are definitely winning the pennant this year. This year is going to be very competitive and hopefully full of home runs. People from all over will be rooting on their favorite teams as they hope for a World Series victory.

CRHS 2012 golf team review

Michael Chapple Humor Editor
Golf is a sport that takes real technique and is ever changing. People can be playing great one day and be the worst player ever the next. In other sports you can compensate bad skill for athletic ability. In golf if you dont have the technique there is no way to be good at the sport. The Canyon Ridge Golf Team can be called the best sports team at the school. They are as of now the only complete sports team to make it to the state tournament. They were also able to come back with a second place trophy in that tournament. This years team has a very good chance of also making it to the state tournament. As of right now they are placed second in their conference and as long as that plays through districts they will make the journey to Blackfoot for the state tournament. The golf team has proven to be a very competitive team for Canyon Ridge and we hope to keep that going for many years to come. So good luck to this years golf team and hopefully they come out close to last years performance.

Peyton Manning to the Broncos

Justice Straub Opinion Editor/ Photography
Over the years there have been good quarterbacks, great quarterbacks, and then there was Peyton Manning. In 2009, Manning was rated 8th overall in the top 100 NFL players of all time; the only quarterbacks that beat him were Joe Montana and Johnny Unitas. In his 14 year career, he has thrown almost 55,000 yards and is one touchdown shy of 400, completely dominating the competition ahead of him, yet the Colts still cut him for draft pick Andrew Luck. Peyton Manning is coming off a recent neck injury and a fight with the face of the Colts front office, Jim Ersay. Everyone was skeptical whether or not he would be cut from the Colts because they owed him millions in March and didnt want to pay it and didnt want to stunt soon to be 1st round pick Andrew Lucks growth as an NFL quarterback, but even the biggest Manning haters didnt want to see Manning and the Colts story end this way. But, sadly, the Colts and Peyton were not to be, and the biggest race in free agent history for a quarterback began. After the news of the parting: the Cardinals, Titans, 49ers, Seahawks, Dolphins, and Broncos all began the race to get Peyton. Peyton became a Bronco even after The Titans offered him a job for life in the state he played college ball in. Now Manning will probably end his career in Denver. With this new addition, the Broncos are said to make the AFC championship and possibly the SuperBowl.

Canyon Ridge HS college bound players

Alexis Bowler Features Editor
In high school there are the top sports fans, and then there are the top sports players. There is every sport ranging from basketball to golf and everything inbetween. Here at Canyon Ridge there are a few players who are signing onto a college sports team. One of our very own; Staci Baird is signing onto a sports college team. Her love for volleyball expands out of high school; Staci is attending Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts. She plans to either be an outside or right side hitter. Staci says, Im just really excited to play with the next level, and to experience new living and a new culture. Riverhawk Review sports editor Chase Petty is also playing college basketball at Penn State Hazelton University, a branch campus of the actual Penn State College. Petty is playing wing and is very enthused about it. Chase Petty states, Im very excited to play at a higher level of competition, and to play with my brother. New challenges and new experiences wait for these two seniors, but they wont break under the pressure. These high school sports players are about to enter completely new territory and make it big. Good luck Staci and Chase!


Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday , May 15, 2012


CRHSs Graduating Class of 2012

Photo by Samantha Jackson

Creighton Adams Richard Adema Melina Aguilar-Hopkins Carmen Aguirre Valdes Ameer Al Nusrawi Hanadi Alaoodh Shayde Alves Tina Amoli Brandon Anderson Jesse Andrus Victoria Arritt Gerardo Arroyo Tapia Siyavash Askari Nezhad Andrew Aspeytia Dylan Aufderheide McKenzi Baggett Anastasia Baird Elaine Balch Randi Balch Lane Barker Kable Barnhart Garrett Basham Rachael Beglan Deja Belnap Patrick Benevidez Sydney Bergen Jared Berry Alex Birch Alexis Bowler Brandon Bradshaw Kalib Brady

Jameson Brown Breyana Burk Steven Butenschoen Darian Butler Kody Carpenter Juan Carrillo Guerrero Michael Chapple Cayden Chavez Kate Christian Connor Cloward Sierra Cooper Alexis Crawford Kimberly Crowley Michael Curtis Dillon Dalos Afsana Darjee Lok Darjee Jacob Delmar Kylee Denney Dakota Dodd Mark Dolecheck Shawn Dye Cierra Ehlers Ashlee Ellsworth Ashley Elwin Ryan Estes Benjamin Etcheverry JordanEwaniuk Parya Ezazil Brittanie Fairbanks Bryant Foster

Kaela Fullbright Edi Garcia Ramirez Nicholas Giegerich Giobana Gomez Jeffrey Gonzales Jessica Gonzalez Joshua Gonzalez Kevin Gonzalez Briar Gosnell Jonathan Grayer Brittany Griffith Emily Grindstaff Brittney Gummow Jared Hale Kenneth Harper Melanie Haslinger Ryan Hawkins Chance Hayes Jacob Hepworth Gabriel Hernandez Julie Hernandez Dylan Hubbard Karly Hudelson Daniel Huey Robert Hufstetler Sean Hughes Daisy Huizar Dino Hukic Makala John Mckain Jones Morgan Jones

Colleen Joslin Igor Jozelic Fatin Jumah Focus Kabura Neil Kauppila Tiphaniee Keefer Howard Kestie Michelle Keyes Mahendra Khanal Kristopher Kinney Holden Koompin Payton Kostelecky Nicholas Kytle Brianna Larson Karissa Larson Jacob Le Blanc Derek Leavitt Shayla Lemmons Jesse Lomeli Ricardo Lopez Rodriguez Sariah Lopez Rodriguez Dakota Lyons Himal Magar Parbati Magar Nohely Malagon Masyn Malmstrom Lindsey Mancari Garrett Martin Jessica Nohely Martinez Abigail Mendenhall

Joshua Merman Braydon Metcalf Amanda Miller RoseAnna Miller Carolina Montes Farzaneh Moradi Bryanna Morales Jordan Mullard Aisha Nanthanong Jeremy Nebeker Kori Neiwirth Harlee Nevarez Anita Niyukuri Emanuel Nunez Alfaro Chelsea O Neal Raul Ortiz Ochoa Jacqueline Osuna Aaron Owsley Kenneth Pamparau Nikitaben Patel Maegan Pato Ilijan Paurevic Kennedy Perkins Chase Petty Taija Phinney Tylor Prescott Austin Quale Bhadri Rai Enrique Ramirez Jr. Morgan Rasmussen McCaleb Rees

Jose Rendon Andria Richards Riane Richards Alexis Richardson Rabi Rimal Autumn Robinson Rebecca Robinson William Rodriguez Kyla Rogers Annie Romney Nikolas Rountree Jesse Ruggles Shantya Runkle Leyla Salvarova Maria Sanchez Kylene Sanchez Antonia Sanchez Aguilar Jose Santos Sandoval Nicole Savage David Sayers Austin Schmahl Daniel Schmid Nicolas Schmid Cerise Schwenson Charles Schwenson Sevda Shamshidinova Jordan Shindle Lauren Shotwell Eva Sites Jordon Sorensen

Christian Soto Alycia Sprague Scott Squire Viparat Srianant Nathan Sterner Tiffany Stocks Destiny Straub Connor Stubblefield Suad Suljic Kasey Tamme Arturo Tello Suren Thapa Tyler Thomas Jonathon Thorne Whitney Tigue Rachel Tilley Ashley Tomlinson Marlene Torres Victor Ugaz Jaramillo Athena Ursenbach Mariah Usher Sevda Usmanova Victoria Vance Taylor Warren Leisha Way Allysha Weatherford Braden Wiersema Kameron Yeggy Kimberly Zambrano Lugo Sameer Zamel





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