SET 1 1. Laskhar-e-Taiba Al Alami and the MujahideenIslami Muslim Front claimed the responsibility for the bomb blasts in which place in Pune in February 2010? a) Pune Bakery c) Germaan Bakery b) French Bakery d) India Bakery

2. The Delhi High Court has turned down the plea of which healthcare giant seeking to restrain diet foods from using the ‘sugar free’ tag for low calorie food products? a) Ranbaxy c) CIPLA b) Cadilla d) Dr. Reddy’s

3. Mitsubishi manufactures cars like Lancer and Outlander in India in collaboration with which company? a) Tata Motors c) Mahindra b) Bajaj Auto d) Hindustan Motors

4. The word rupiya, first used for the silver coin weighing 178 grains, was coined by which Emperor of India? a) Sher Shah Suri c) Iltutmish b) Akbar d) Mohd. Shah Tuglaq

5. In banking terminology, what does REPO stand for? a) Repurchase Agreement b) Reverse Estimate of Purchasing Options c) Repurchase Estimate of Public Options d) Repurchase Estimate of Private Options 6. Which country is the top source of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into India for the past few years? a) USA b) UK c) Canada d) Mauritius 7. Which automobile is sold with the brand name Goa in Italy and other parts of Western Europe? a) Tata Indica c) Ambassador b) Mahindra Scorpio d) Maruti Alto

8. Zapak Digital Entertainment Ltd., India’s leading games company, is a part of which group? a) Tata Sons c) Reliance – ADAG b) Bajaj d) INOX

Which was the first Indian company to join FIFA as the Official IT Services Provider for the 2010 FIFA World Cup? a) TCS c) Infosys b) Mahindra Satyam d) Wipro 16.9. Who is the current head of RBI? a) UK Sinha c) CB Bhave b) Duvvuri Subbarao d) None of these 13. What does AMFI stand for? a) Association of Market Financers in India b) Association of Mutual Funds – International c) Association of Mutual Funds in India d) Association of Market Funds in India 10. Arvind Mills. What does SEBI stand for? a) Stock Exchange Board of India b) Securities and Exchange Board of India c) Securities Extended Board of India d) Securities and Exchanges Bureau of India. 11. As of 2010. Who is the current head of SEBI? a) UK Sinha b) Duvvuri Subbarao c) CB Bhave d) None of these 12. the flagship company of the Lalbhai group. Which Japanese pharmaceutical giant has a controlling stake in Ranbaxy? a) Takeda Pharmaceuticals c) Eisai b) Astellas Pharma d) Daiichi Sankyo 18. Which web-browser created waves by advertising in major National newspapers in India in September 2010? . was established in 1931 by whom? a) Arvind Lalbhai b) Sanjay Lalbhai c) Kishanbhai Lalbhai d) Kasturbhai Lalbhai 14. Which is the world’s tallest man-made structure? a) Taipei 101 c) Burj Khalifa b) Empire State d) Petronas Towers 17. approximately what percentage of Indian population is believed to be below the poverty line? a) 22% c) 51% b) 37% d) 63% 15.

Reddy’s and Wipro 24. d) Federation of Indian Chamber of Companies and Industries. c) Federation of Indian Commercial Companies and Industries. Reddy’s and Infosys d) Dr. 22.a) Internet Explorer c) Opera b) Mozilla Firefox d) Google Chrome 19. Greater Noida c) DrKarni Singh Shooting Range d) Yamuna Sports Complex. c) Aadhar (UID) was released here first. . What is the expansion of FICCI? a) Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry b) Federation of International Chambers of Commerce and Industrialization. Why was Tembhli. 25. chairman and managing director of Moser Baer. Who is the founder. Nandurbar district. Maharashtra was in news in 2010? a) Peepli Live was based on this village. Under which brand does CocaCola (non-carbonated beverages) dispense Iced Tea (Lemon & Peach) and cold coffee from vending machines? a) Nestea c) Café Coffee Day b) Georgia Gold d) Barista 23. Hermann Tilke was the architect for which sporting venue? a) SP Mukherjee Swimming Stadium b) Jaypee Circuit. The first commercial launch of 3G Mobile services was done: a) By NTT Docomo in Japan (2001) b) By Telenor in Europe (2001) c) By British Telecom in UK (2001) d) By Verizon in USA (2001) 21. world's second largest optical storage media manufacturer? a) Deepak Parekh c) Deepak Puri b) GautamPuri d) Ramesh Puri 20. d) It is the home to Barefoot College. b) Peepli Live was shot in this village. Which were the first Indian companies to be listed on NYSE and NASDAQ respectively? a) ICICI and Infosys b) ICICI and Wipro c) Dr.

Set 1 1–c 11 – c 21 – a   2–b 12 – b 22 – b 3–d 13 – d 23 – a 4–a 14 – b 24 – c 5–a 15 – b 25 – b 6–d 16 – c 7–b 17 – d 8–c 18 – d 9–c 19 – c 10 – b 20 – a .

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