Anthrocon 2012 Convention & Dining Guide
Anthrocon 2012
Convention &
Dining Guide
Cover artwork by Myenia/Rukis.
Dining Guide information
compiled by Greyse AKA Heidi.
Edited by Kijani.
Layout and Dining Guide map by
Karl Xydexx Jorgensen.
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Welcome to Anthrocon 2012! This Guide contains information that
will be useful to you at the convention:
„ Message from the Chairman
„ Anthrocon 2012 Guests of Honor
„ Anthrocon 2012 Dining Guide
„ Charity Auction & Raffle Information
„ Art Show Hours & Bidding Rules
„ Anthrocon Standards of Conduct
„ David L. Lawrence Convention Center Floorplan
„ Westin Convention Center Hotel Floorplan
We hope you have a wonderful time here at Anthrocon!
Norman Rafferty
lcur days will quickly sreep rnemselves in
lcur niqnrs will quickly dream away rne
1lese words, spoken by 8lakespeare's
lippoIyta, seemed quite appropriate to
Antlrocon. 1le lurry worId tlat we create
in downtown littsburgl eacl year seems to
many Iike a ¨midsummer niglt's dream,"
so we decided to evoke tlat imagery in tlis
year's tleme. 1le pIay itseIl las everytling:
lae loIk, translormation, even a Iady wlo
at Ieast lor a time enjoys tle company ol a
gentIeman witl decidedIy equine leatures.
8adIy, tleir Iove is not meant to Iast, and by
tle end ol tle pIay sle is lorced to remove
lim lrom ler lriends Iist.
we do not mean to Iimit tle tleme
simpIy to tlis singuIar exampIe ol Mr.
8lakespeare's cralt. As aIways we lave Ielt
tle interpretation ol tle tleme up to tle
boundIess imaginations ol our memberslip.
1lerelore, Iet tlis midsummer niglt's
dream take you wlere it wiII, and interpret
eacl image as you Iike it, tlougl it aII be in
tle end mucl ado about notling.
we are deepIy lonored to lave as our
guest tlis year Mr. uev Madan. Mr. Madan
is weII known in tle videogame industry,
and lis artistic taIents are responsibIe lor
awakening tle Inner lurry in many ol lis
tlousands ol lans. No matter your age, you
lave probabIy encountered 8Iy cooper and
lis associates, aII ol wlom uev leIped bring
to Iile lor us.
Long overdue lor tle titIe ol Guest ol
lonor is an unassuming leIIow, a reIuctant
Iegend in tle ßeId ol Antlropomorplics.
Mucl to our deIiglt Mr. Mike kazaIel wiII
be joining us tlis year. 1lougl best known
to us lor lis lurry comics, tle deIigltluI
captain }ack and tle leartwarming 1le
8uit, Mike's taIents cover tle entire
spectrum and beyond. Il you lave ever
read a comic book or watcled a cartoon on
teIevision, tle clances are good tlat you
lave seen lis work. It is said tlat Mike can
watcl just ten seconds ol any major studio's
animation and teII you lrom tle styIe wlo
las worked on it. lerlaps we wiII put tlat
to tle test.
A speciaI guest tlis year wiII be joining
us aII tle way lrom tle Land ol tle kising
8un. 1le amazing 8ardyuon, a }apanese
lursuiter-acrobat, wiII be on land to tlriII
us witl lis leats ol strengtl, baIance, and
coordination. Otlers may lave invented
tlese tlings, 8ardyuon made tlem cute.
As recentIy as a lew montls ago I
overleard someone reler to Antlrocon
as ¨UncIe kage's con." 1lat couId not be
lurtler lrom tle trutl. In tlis dream I am
nauglt but a lumbIe leter Quince, wlo
aIone wouId make lor a very boring pIay.
I bow to Antlrocon's board ol directors,
its voIunteers, its stall -- tle Oberons, tle
1itanias, and yes, even tle lucks -- wlo
make tle wloIe dream come true. lIease
take a moment to tlank tlem wlen you see
tlem rusl by.
And one Iast tling belore we open tle
curtain on tlis year's production: Iet us
not lorget tle good peopIe ol tle city ol
littsburgl wlo lave been so weIcoming
to us. 1le IocaI merclants Iook lorward to
your business and tley've aII put out tle
weIcome mat. Let's not disappoint tlem!
8amueI conway
clairman, Antlrocon Inc.
A Message from the Chairman
uev Madan
8pecial Guest: 8ardyuon
8ardyuon is a juggIer and acrobat lrom
}apan wlo wiII be making tle Iong trek to
Antlrocon to astonisl us witl lis leats ol
baIance and agiIity.
uev Madan las been Iucky
enougl to lave bounced
between tle ßeIds ol Video
Games, comic ßooks and
IIIustration lor tle past two
decades. lrior to lis current
position as a creative uirector
at lopcap Games lor tle
Planrs Vs 7cmbies lranclise,
le las served as Art uirector
at 8ucker luncl lroductions
lor tle 5ly cccper series tlat earned
muItipIe awards incIuding "ßest New
claracter" and "Art uirection". As
a lreeIance iIIustrator le's worked
witl sucl cIients sucl as 8quaresolt,
warner ßrotlers, uark lorse, Image,
MarveI and uc comics. uuring
lis time at uc, le Iead tle
creation ol tle 18 issue run
ol Ycunq uerces in Lcve as weII
as providing penciI art lor
titIes sucl as Plasric Han, judqe
uredd, 8arman Advenrures, and
jusrice Leaque Advenrures.
In lis lree time, uev spends
it witl lis beautiluI and
ever patient wile karin in
kedmond, wA and obsesses over tle
ßne art ol procrastination, troIIing
art stores lor new art suppIies and
ßnding new ways to avoid taIking about
Mike kazaIel is a veteran
ol comic books and animated
cartoons. le began lis
career producing Iow budget
commerciaIs and saIes
ßIms out ol lis tiny studio
in uetroit, Micligan. Mike
soon moved to Los AngeIes,
caIilornia wlere le Ianded
lis ßrst studio job as an
apprentice animator at
liImation. le quickIy moved up tle
ranks, and became one ol tle best
animators in tle business, working on
many teIevision series and speciaIs, and
since tlen le las worked lor most ol
tle major cartoon studios and
comic book companies. le las
worked witl sucl claracters
as 1ne llinrsrcnes, 1ne 5impscns,
Hiqnry Hcuse, kryprc rne
5uperdcq, ken and 5rimpy, ccw
and cnicken, and 8uqs 8unny,
as weII as creating lis own
independent comics incIuding
1ne Advenrures cj caprain jack.
ßelore aII tlis stull
lappened Mike was a 1V repairman.
Il you are under 20 years oId, you
probabIy do not know wlat tlat is.
Mike Kazaleh
Anthrocon 2012 Guests of Honor
Il 8lakespeare penned lis comedic stage pIay, ¨Midsummer Niglt's uream,"
today, wlere wouId lis claracters ßnd sustenance7 8ureIy, tlere wouId be
appetites apIenty earned wliIe Lysander, uemetrius, and leIana clased eacl
otler tlrougl tle urban jungIe, lor running dotl make one lungry! certainIy,
Nick ßottom wouId crave limseIl an enormous burrito. And 1itania miglt want
to trim tlose lips witl a IittIe ol }ared's leIp at tle IocaI 8ubway. Oberon miglt
not lave time lor distractions, pausing onIy brießy at tle IocaI ßurger king. wliIe
luck makes lriends witl lis new buddy, woIlgang. 8o it is our pIeasure to provide
you witl tlis landy, leIpluI Guide to IocaI nourislment - because tlere's enougl
in tle big city to satisly tle yearnings ol desire, botl lor romance and dinner!
1lis Guide is sorted by type ol cuisine, and incIudes addresses and plone
numbers (updated as ol May 2012), as weII as ratings gatlered lrom Yelp.ccm. In
tle interest ol improving tlis Guide's accuracy, we encourage you to add your own
ratings using tle lorm in tle back ol tlis bookIet.
wletler you're just Iooking lor an inexpensive quick snack, or want to lave
a lancy dinner, tlis Guide las more tlan 120 nearby dining options witlin a
1S-minute waIking radius to cloose lrom. Listed alter tle dining options are
services sucl as convenience stores, copy and slipping slops, nearby A1Ms, etc.
1le ßgure beIow slows a sampIe entry and wlat inlormation may be incIuded.
k§Ioe 0afè $$ 0·3 „ 149
540 7th Ave, 412-555-1212 - de|icious ñctitious dining |ocation, forma| attire
Th. 9a-5p F. 9a-5p Sa. 9a-5p Su. c|osed
Location Name
Street Address
Additiona| Information
Operating Hours
Phone Number
Location #
Vegetarian Options
G|uten-free Options
Est. Average Price
$ = Cheap, Under $10
$$ = Moderate, $11 - $30
$$$ = Spendy, $31 - $60
$$$$ = Sp|urge, Above $61
Map Grid #
Other nearby restaurants and shopping districts:
Market 8quare: www.dcwnrcwnpirrsburqn.ccm/play/marker-square
1le 8trip: www.neiqnbcrsinrnesrrip.ccm
8tation 8quare: www.sraricnsquare.ccm
Fo||ow us on
k0§0st heary's 0Ity 8aIooa $$ 8·3 „ 1
946 Penn Ave, 412-765-3270 - casua| attire
Th. 11a-2a F. 11a-2a Sa. 11a-2a Su. c|osed
8I§eIoW 6rIIIe $$ 8·4 „ 2
1 Bige|ow Square, 412-281-5013 -
Th. 6.30a-11p F. 6.30a-11p Sa. 6.30a-11p Su. 6.30a-11p
0arItoa, the $$$ 8·4 „ 3
500 Grant St, 412-391-4099 - dressy
Th. 11.30a-10p F. 11.30a-10p Sa. 5p-11p Su. c|osed
0herrIes 0Iaer $ k·3 „ 4
212 Forbes Ave, 412-281-8182 - cash on|y
Th. 7a-3p F. 7a-3p Sa. 7a-2p Su. c|osed
0amoa's 6rIII & 8µorts 8ar $$ 8·4 „ 5
600 Grant St, 412-434-0800
Th. 11a-9p F. 11a-9p Sa. c|osed Su. c|osed
0el0ca's 8esta0raat $ £·1 „ 6
2015 Penn Ave, 412-566-2195 - known for breakfasts
Th. 6a-3p F. 6a-3p Sa. 6a-3p Su. 7a-3p
£Ievea $$$ 0·2 „ 7
1150 Sma||man St 15222, 412-201-5656 - upsca|e, business casua| attire,
reservations recommended
Th. 11.30a-11p F. 11.30a-11p Sa. 11.30a-11p Su. c|osed
Fraakt0ary $ k·3 „ 8
325 O|iver Ave, 412-228-0322 - casua| attire
Th. 10a-3p F. 10a-3p Sa. c|osed Su. c|osed
6rIIIe oa 7th $$ k·2 „ 9
130 7th St, 412-391-1004 - wi||ing to stay open |ater for additiona| customers
Th. 11.30a-9p F. 11.30a-11p? Sa. 11.30a-11p? Su. 11.30a-7p
haaIoa's 0afè $ 8·3 „ 10
961 Liberty Ave, 412-394-3500 -
Th. 7am - 10 pm F. 7am - 10 pm Sa. 7a-10p Su. 8a-3p
Max & £rma's $$ k·2 „ 11
630 Stanwix St, 412-471-1140 -
Th. 11a-12a F. 11a-1a Sa. 11a-1a Su. 11a-12a
8athaas/krth0r Ireachers $$ k·4 „ 12
305 Wood St, 412-246-0876 -
Th. 10.30a-7pm F. 10.30a-7pm Sa. 10.30a-5pm Su. c|osed
Feaa 0Ity 6rIIIe [8ot rated] $$ 0·3 „ 13
Westin Convention Center Hote|, 412-560-6374 -
Th. 6.30a-11a F. 6.30a-11a Sa. 6.30a-2p Su. 6.30a-2p
8Ix Feaa kItchea $$ k·2 „ 14
146 Sixth St, 412-566-7366 -
Th. 11a-11p F. 11a-12a Sa. 3p-12a Su. 10.30a-2.30p
8mIthheId 0afè $ 8·3 „ 15
639 Smithñe|d St, 412-281-5505 -
Th. 6a-8p F. 6a-8p Sa. c|osed Su. c|osed
Ierrace 8oom $$ 8·4 „ 16
Omni Wi||iam Penn Hote|, 412-281-7100 - dressy
Th. 6.30a-2p, 5p-10p F. 6.30a-2p, 5p-10p Sa. 6.30a-2p, 5p-10p Su. 6.30a-2p
kha's 0hIaese £xµress $ k·4 „ 18
309 Forbes Ave, 412-281-7954 -
Th. 10a-5.30p F. 10a-5.30p Sa. 11a-4p Su. c|osed
F0 laI 0hIaese 8esta0raat $ k·2 „ 19
525 Penn Ave, 412-471-6338 -
Th. 10.30a-10p F. 10.30a-10p Sa. 11a-10p Su. 12p-9p
6oIdea FaIace 80ffet $ 8·3 „ 20
647 Smithñe|d St, 412-338-1888 -
Th. 11a-9p F. 11a-9p Sa. 11a-9p Su. 11a-9p
hahItat $$$$ k·3 „ 21
510 Market St, 412-773-8848 -
Th. 630a-10p F. 630a-1030p Sa. 630a-1030p Su. 630a-10p
lemoa 6rass 0afè $$ k·2 „ 22
124 6th St, 412-765-2222 -
Th. 11a-9.30 F. 11a-10p Sa. 12p-10p Su. 12p-9p
MaadarIa 6o0rmet $$ k·4 „ 23
305 Wood St, 412-261-6151 -
Th. 11a-9p F. 11a-9p Sa. 11a-9p Su. c|osed
80shI kIm $$ 0·2 „ 24
1241 Penn Ave, 412-281-9956 - Fri-Sat 5-10p. BBQ buffet ~ Mon. sushi on|y
Th. 11.30a-2.30p, 5p-10p, F. 11.30a-10.30p, Sa. 11.30a-10.30p, Su. 12p-9p
941 8aIooa $$ 8·3 „ 25
941 Liberty Ave, 412-281-5222 -
Th. 2p-2a F. 2p-2a Sa. 2p-2a Su. 2p-2a
8ossa 8ova $$$ k·2 „ 26
123 7th St, 412-323-3030 - dressy, reservations recommended for parties over 8
Th. 4p-11p F. 4p-12p Sa. 5p-12a Su. c|osed
8rId§e 8ar $$ k·2 „ 27
107 6th St, 412-562-1200 -
Th. 2p-12a F. 2p-2a Sa. 11a-2a Su. 11a-11p
0o0hIeday's Famo0s 80r§ers $$ k·2 „ 28
121 6th St, 412-281-3653 - sports bar
Th. 11a-2a F. 11a-2a Sa. 2p-2a Su. 4p-9p
lIttIe £'s 1att 0I0h $$ 8·3 „ 29
949 Liberty Ave, 2nd ñoor, 412-392-2217 - proper attire, ca|| for reservations
Th. reservations F. reservations Sa. reservations Su. c|osed
Mahoaey's 8esta0raat & lo0a§e $$ 8·3 „ 30
949 Liberty Ave, 412-471-4243 -
Th. 11a-1a F. 11a-1a Sa. 12p-1a Su. c|osed
IIc Ioc 8esta0raat $ k·4 „ 17
400 5th Ave, 412-232-2307 - inside Macy's Department Store
Th. 10a-8p F. 10a-8p Sa. 10a-5p Su. c|osed
Meat & Fotatoes $$$ k·2 „ 31
649 Penn Ave, 412-325-7007 -
Th. 5p-11p F. 5p-12a Sa. 5p-12a Su. 4p-9p
0IIve or IWIst $$ k·2 „ 32
140 6th St, 412-255-0525 -
Th. 11.30a-c|ose F. 11.30a-c|ose Sa. 5p-c|ose Su. c|osed
8harµ £d§e 8Istro oa Feaa $$ 8·3 „ 33
922 Penn Ave, 412-338-2437 -
Th. 11a-12a F. 11a-1a Sa. 11a-1a Su. 11a-12a
0r0te 8ar $$$$ 0·2 „ 34
1600 Sma||man St, 412-471-1400 -
Th. 4p-2a F. 4p-2a Sa. 4p-2a Su. 4p-2a
Ima§es 8ar $ 8·3 „ 35
965 Liberty Ave, 412-391-9990 -
Th. 2p-2a F. 2p-2a Sa. 6p-2a Su. 6p-2a
FreI0de wIae 8ar [8ot 8ated] $$ k·2 „ 36
107 6th St, 412-562-1200 x2838 -
Th. 5p-10p F. 5p-11p Sa. 5p-11p Su. c|osed
8eaI l0ck 0afè $ 0·2 „ 37
1519 Penn Ave, 412-566-8988 -
Th. 3p-2a F. 3p-2a Sa. 3p-2a Su. c|osed
Ihere 0Itra lo0a§e 8·3 „ 38
931 Liberty Ave, 412-642-4435 - Furry B|ack|ight Dance Party 9p-2a Sat., 21+
Th. 3.30p-2a F. 3.30p-2a Sa. 7.30p-2a Su. 7.30p-2a
Iaµ 8oom $$$ 8·4 „ 39
Omni Wi||iam Penn Hote|, 412-281-7100 - casua| attire
Th. 11.30a-1a F. 11.30a-2a Sa. 11.30a-2a Su. 11.30a-1a
kaya $$ £·1 „ 40
2000 Sma||man St, Suite 9, 412-261-6565 -
Th. 11.30a-11p F. 11.30a-11p Sa. 11.30a-11p Su. 11a-9p
0raty Mocha $ 8·4 „ 41
525 Wi||iam Penn P|ace, 412-434-0303 -
Th. 6a-5p F. 6a-5p Sa. c|osed Su. c|osed
0raty Mocha $ 8·4 „ 42
500 Grant St - 1 Me||on Cntr, 412-434-0203 -
Th. 6a-6p F. 6a-6p Sa. c|osed Su. c|osed
0raty Mocha $ 0·3 „ 43
1001 Liberty Ave, 412-281-1065 - se|ect Sunday hours during events
Th. 6a-6p F. 6a-6p Sa. 6a-6p Su. c|osed
0raty Mocha $$ 8·3 „ 44
801 Liberty Ave, 412-281-3940 -
Th. 6a-8p F. 6a-11p Sa. 8a-11p Su. 8a-6p
£sµresso oa 4thl [8ot 8ated] $ k·4 „ 45
307 4th Ave, 412-281-5893 -
Th. 7a-4p F. 7a-4p Sa. c|osed Su. c|osed
8IchoIas 0offee 0omµaay $ k·3 „ 46
23 Market Square, 412-261-4225 -
Th. 7a-5.30p F. 7a-5.30p Sa. 8.30a-4p Su. c|osed
0asIs 6o0rmet 0offee, 10Ice, 0essert 8ar [8ot 8ated] $ 8·3 „ 47
648 Wi||iam Penn P|, 412-258-3399 -
Th. 6a-4p F. 6a-4p Sa. c|osed Su. c|osed
8ImµatIco £sµresso $$ 8·3 „ 48
425 6th Ave, 412-287-7598 -
Th. 6.30a-5.30p F. 6.30a-5.30p Sa. c|osed Su. c|osed
8tarh0cks 0offee 0omµaay $$ 8·4 „ 49
600 Grant St, 412-765-3125 -
Th. 5.30a-6p F. 5.30a-6p Sa. c|osed Su. c|osed
8tarh0cks 0offee 0omµaay $$ k·3 „ 50
210 6th Ave, 412-642-9066 -
Th. 5.30a-8p F. 5.30a-8p Sa. 6.30a-3p Su. c|osed
8tarh0cks 0offee 0omµaay [8ot 8ated] 8·4 „ 51
530 Wi||iam Penn P|ace, 412-201-2004 -
Th. 5.30a-8p F. 5.30a-8p Sa. 6a-6.30p Su. 7a-3p
k0 8oa FaIa $ 8·3 „ 52
535 Smithñe|d St, 412-264-2772 -
Th. 6a-6p F. 6a-6p Sa. c|osed Su. c|osed
k0 8oa FaIa $ 8·4 „ 53
600 Grant St, 412-232-3370 -
Th. 6a-6p F. 6a-6p Sa. c|osed Su. c|osed
8roWa 8a§ 0eII $ 0·3 „ 54
1001 Liberty Ave, 412-261-5111 -
Th. 7a-3.30p F. 7a-3.30p Sa. c|osed Su. c|osed
8r0e§§er's 8a§eIs $ 8·4 „ 55
531 Grant St, 412-471-9249 -
Th. 5.30-8p F. 5.30a-8p Sa. 7a-5p Su. 7a-5p
8r0e§§er's 8a§eIs $ 8·3 „ 56
411 7th Ave, 412-261-5312 -
Th. 5.30a-6p F. 5.30a-6p Sa. 6a-4p Su. c|osed
0Ity 0eII & 0aterIa§ 0o. $ 8·3 „ 57
436 7th Ave, 412-471-1222 -
Th. 7a-2p F. 7a-2p Sa. c|osed Su. c|osed
£adIe's kItchea aad Market $ 8·4 „ 58
500 Grant St - Me||on Bank Bui|ding, 412-391-3993 -
Th. 6.30a-3p F. 6.30a-3p Sa. c|osed Su. c|osed
6eor§e kIkeas $ k·3 „ 59
218 Forbes Ave, 412-391-6358 -
Th. 7a-6p F. 7a-6p Sa. 7a-4p Su. c|osed
keystoae 0afè aad 0eII $ 8·3 „ 60
339 6th Ave, 412-316-0092 -
Th. 5a-3.30p F. 5a-3.30p Sa. 7.30a-1p Su. c|osed
MIx8tIr's 0afè $$ 8·4 „ 61
555 Grant St, 412-434-6830 -
Th. 7a-6p F. 7a-6p Sa. 9a-3p Su. 10a-4p
FeµµI's 8µecIaIIty 80hs $$ £·1 „ 62
1721 Penn Ave, 412-562-0125 - casua| attire
Th. 10a-5p F. 10a-8p Sa. 10a-8p Su. c|osed
krhy's $ k·3 „ 63
604 Wood St, 412-391-0746 -
Th. 6a-11p F. 6a-11p Sa. 8a-10p Su. 8a-10p
Mc0oaaId's $ k·4 „ 64
505 Smithñe|d St, 412-281-1777 -
Th. 5.30a-11p F. 5.30a-11p Sa. 6a-11p Su. 7a-9p
Mc0oaaId's $ 0·2 „ 65
1630 Penn Ave, 412-471-1747 -
Th. 6a-10p F. 6a-10p Sa. 6a-10p Su. 6a-10p
weady's $ k·3 „ 66
349 5th Ave, 412-281-3720 -
Th. 9.30a-9p F. 9.30a-9p Sa. 10a-8p Su. 11a-5p
wIeaer worId $ 8·3 „ 67
626 Smithñe|d St, 412-566-7719 -
Th. 10a-3.30a F. 6a-3.30a Sa. 11a-3p Su. c|osed
Iado: ksIaa F0sIoa $ 8·3 „ 68
957 Liberty Ave, 412-355-0406 - |unch buffet Mon-Sat from 10.30a-4.30p
Th. 10.30a-4.30p F. 10.30a-4.30p Sa. 10.30a-4.30p Su. c|osed
8evIche $$$ 8·3 „ 69
930 Penn Ave, 412-697-3120 - casua| attire
Th. 5p-12a F. 5p-1a Sa. 5p-1a Su. c|osed
8oaoma 6rIIIe $$$ 8·2 „ 70
947 Penn Ave, 412-697-1336 - business-casua| attire - massive wine se|ection
Th. 11a-3p, 5p-11p , F. 11a-3p, 5p-11p, Sa. 11a-3p, 5p-11p, Su. 11a-3p, 5p-11p
IoaIc 8ar & 6rIIIe $$ 8·3 „ 71
971 Liberty Ave, 412-456-0460 - business-casua| attire
Th. 11a-12a, bar 2a F. 11a-12a, bar 2a Sa. bar on|y Su. c|osed
kµoIIo 0afè $ k·4 „ 72
429 Forbes Ave, 412-471-3033 -
Th. 6.30a-3p F. 6.30a-3p Sa. c|osed Su. c|osed
lesvos 6yros $ 8·3 „ 73
212 10th St, 412-281-7303 -
Th. 11a-3a F. 11a-4a Sa. 11a-4a Su. 11a-12a
FIta FIt $ k·4 „ 74
411 Smithñe|d St, 412-471-7482 -
Th. 9a-1230a F. 9a-3a Sa. 9a-3a Su. 9a-12a
MIke & Ioay's 6yro aad 8hIsh·kahoh $ 8·3 „ 75
927 Liberty Ave, 412-391-4077 -
Th. 10a-5p F. 10a-5p Sa. 11a-3p Su. c|osed
8aIoaIka 6yros $ k·2 „ 76
133 6th St, 412-261-4770 - casua| attire
Th. 10.30a-12a F. 10.30a-12a Sa. 10.30a-12a Su. c|osed
Lorha's 6yros $ k·4 „ 77
400 Smithñe|d St, 412-471-9930 -
Th. 10.30a-5p F. 10.30a-3.30p Sa. c|osed Su. c|osed
FIttsh0r§h F0hIIc Market Ia the 8trIµ $$ £·1 „ 78
2100 Sma||man Street, 412-281-4505 -
Th. c|osed F. 10a-6p Sa. 9a-5p Su. 10a-4p
IWo lo0Ie's Market $ 0·2 „ 79
1233 Penn Ave, 412-586-5593 -
Th. 7a-6p F. 7a-6p Sa. c|osed Su. c|osed
8ea & 1erry's [8ot 8ated] 8·3 „ 80
936 Penn Ave - Schedu|ed to open in May 2012.
Th. ??? F. ??? Sa. ??? Su. ???
8WeetIIx $ 8·3 „ 81
820 Liberty Ave, 412-281-2171 - Ice cream and frozen yogurt.
Th. 11.30a-6p F. 11.30a-6p Sa. c|osed Su. c|osed
IadIa FaIace $$ k·3 „ 82
137 6th St, 412-471-0660 -
Th. 11a-10p F. 11a-10p Sa. 11a-10p Su. c|osed
8µIce of IadIa $$ k·2 „ 83
129 6th St, 412-281-1364 - casua| attire
Th. 10.30a-9p F. 10.30a-9p Sa. 10.30a-9p Su. 10.30a-9p
8ree's k0theatIc IadIaa 00IsIae $ 8·3 „ 84
701 Smithñe|d St, 412-860-9181 -
Th. 11.30a-3p F. 11.30a-3p Sa. c|osed Su. c|osed
8eIIa 8otte FItta Fasta & More $ £·1 „ 85
1914 Penn Ave, 412-281-4488 -
Th. 11a-10p F. 11a-11p Sa. 11a-11p Su. 12p-8p
8ravo Fraaco 8Istoraate $$ k·2 „ 86
613 Penn Ave, 412-642-6677 - dressy
Th. 11a-11p F. 11a-12a Sa. 11a-12a Su. 12p-6p
80ca dI 8eµµo $$ k·4 „ 87
3 Station Square, 412-471-9463 - Go south on Grant St, turn right onto Fort Pitt
B|vd, take the ñrst |eft onto Smithñe|d St, continue across Smithñe|d St Bridge
(stay in right |ane}, then take the ñrst right into Station Square.
Th. 11a-10p F. 11a-11p Sa. 11a-11p Su. 11a-9p
F. IamheIIIaI 8esta0raat $$ k·2 „ 88
139 7th St, 412-391-1091 -
Th. 11.30a-9p F. 11.30a-10p Sa. 11.30a-10p Su. 2.30p-7p
lIdIa's FIttsh0r§h $$$ 0·2 „ 89
1400 Sma||man St, 412-552-0150 -
Th. 11.30a-2p,5p-9p F. 11a-2p,5p-10p Sa. 11a-2.30p,5p-10p Su. 11a-2.30p
Moate 0eIIo's $ 8·3 „ 90
305 7th Ave, 412-261-2080 -
Th. 10a-7p F. 10a-7p Sa. 11a-6p Su. c|osed
8Iae 0a 8Iae $$$ 8·3 „ 91
900 Penn Ave, 412-338-6463 - business-casua| attire, ñne dining, reservations
Th. 11.30a-2p, 5p-10p F. 11.30a-2p, 5p-10p Sa. 5p-10p Su. c|osed
FaIatto 8Istoraate $$$ k·2 „ 92
144 6th St, 412-434-6244 -
Th. 11a-10p F. 11a-11p Sa. 4p-11p Su. c|osed
¥IIIa 8eaIe 8esta0raat $$ 8·3 „ 93
628 Smithñe|d St, 412-391-3963 -
Th. 11a-10p F. 11a-10p Sa. 11a-6p Su. c|osed
0hrIstos MedIterraaeaa 6rIIIe $$ k·2 „ 94
130 6th St, 412-471-6442 - casua| attire
Th. 11a-9p F. 11a-11p Sa. 11a-11p Su. 11a-8p
0hIµotIe $ k·3 „ 95
211 Forbes Ave, 412-224-5586 -
Th. 11a-10p F. 11a-10p Sa. 11a-10p Su. 11a-10p
Madoaaa's k0theatIc MexIcaa 8esta0raat $ k·4 „ 96
336 4th Ave, 412-281-4686 -
Th. 11a-10p F. 11a-10p Sa. 11a-10p Su. 11a-10p
Moe's 8o0thWest 6rIII $ k·3 „ 97
210 Forbes Ave, 412-224-4422 -
Th. 11a-630p F. 11a-8p Sa. 12p-5p Su. 12p-5p
0doha MexIcaa $ 8·3 „ 98
808 Liberty Ave, 412-281-2415 -
Th. 11a-7p F. 11a-7p Sa. c|osed Su. c|osed
0doha MexIcaa $ 8·4 „ 99
601 Grant St, 412-281-3143 -
Th. 10.30a-6p F. 10.30a-6p Sa. c|osed Su. c|osed
8I 8eaor $ 8·4 „ 100
600 Grant St, 412-201-1811 -
Th. 11a-2p F. 11a-2p Sa. c|osed Su. c|osed
0rystaI 0a Feaa $$ 0·2 „ 101
1211 Penn Ave, 412-434-0480 -
Th. 11.30a-2a F. 11.30a-2a Sa. 5p-2a Su. c|osed
Istaah0I 6rIIIe $ k·3 „ 102
673 Liberty Ave, 412-325-3346 -
Th. 11a-7p F. 11a-7p Sa. 11a-7p Su. c|osed
0afè MIIaao $ k·2 „ 103
134 6th St, 412-281-3131 - casua| attire
Th. 9a-12.30a F. 9a-12.30a Sa. 9a-2a Su. 10.30a-12.30a
0omIao's FItta $ k·3 „ 104
300 6th Ave, 412-288-8989 -
Th. 10a-10p F. 10a-3a Sa. 11a-3a Su. 11a-10p
£µhes0s $$ k·4 „ 105
322 4th Ave, 412-552-9020 - casua| attire
Th. 10a-1a F. 10a-2a Sa. 10a-2a Su. 11a-1a
6IovaaaI's FItta aad Fasta $$ k·2 „ 106
123 6th St, 412-281-7060 -
Th. 9a-1a F. 9a-2a Sa. 10a-2a Su. 10a-1a
Mamma l0cIa's $ k·3 „ 107
433 Wood St, 412-281-0416 -
Th. 9a-630p F. 9a-630p Sa. 10a-6p Su. c|osed
Mamma FIaa FItterIa 8·2 „ 108
901 Penn Ave, 412-562-0275 -
Th. 10a-7p F. 10a-7p Sa. 10a-7p Su. c|osed
FItta Farma $ 8·2 „ 109
823 Penn Ave, 412-577-7300 - casua| attire
Th. 10a-1a F. 10a-2a Sa. 10a-2a Su. 11a-1a
8harro [8ot 8ated] k·4 „ 110
441 Smithñe|d St, 412-566-2881 -
Th. 7a-7p F. 7a-7p Sa. 10a-6p Su. 11a-4p
¥oceIII FItta $ k·3 „ 111
524 Penn Ave, 412-434-6922 -
Th. 11a-11p F. 11a-1a Sa. 11a-1a Su. 11a-12a
Mc0ormIck's & 8chmIck's $$$$ k·3 „ 120
301 5th Ave, 412-201-6992 -
Th. 11a-9p F. 11a-10p Sa. 4p-10p Su. 4p-8p
0rI§IaaI FIsh Market, the $$$ 0·3 „ 121
1000 Penn Ave, 412-227-3657 -
Th. 11a-1a F. 11a-1a Sa. 4p-1a Su. 4p-1a
8oIaads 8eafood 6rIII $$ £·1 „ 122
1904 Penn Ave, 412-261-3401 -
Th. 11a-10p F. 11a-12a Sa. 11a-12a Su. 11a-9p
F0raaado's 0afè $ 8·3 „ 112
963 Liberty Ave, 412-853-9171 -
Th. 7a-10p F. 7a-10p Sa. 7a-10p Su. 7.30a-6p
1Immy 1ohas $ 8·4 „ 113
501 Grant St, 412-281-3474
Th. 11a-9p F. 11a-9p Sa. 11a-9p Su. 11a-9p
My0Ity 80hs $ 8·3 „ 114
633 Smithñe|d St, 412-291-7827 - Open |ate! Extended hours. 10pm-4am Fri-Sat
Th. 11a-8p F. 11a-4a Sa. 12p-4a Su. 12p-8p
FrImaatI 8rothers $ £·1 „ 115
46 18th St, 412-765-2701 -
Th. 24 hours F. 24 hours Sa. 24 hours Su. 24 hours
00Itao's $ k·4 „ 116
441 Smithñe|d St, 412-281-8886 -
Th. 11a-8p F. 11a-8p Sa. 11a-9p Su. 12p-6p
80hWay [8ot 8ated] $ k·3 „ 117
703 Liberty Ave, 412-434-7827 -
Th. 6.30a-10.30p F. 6.30a-10.30p Sa. 8a-10p Su. 10a-8p
80hWay $ 8·3 „ 118
930 Penn Ave #2, 412-281-7335 -
Th. 6.30a-10p F. 6.30a-10p Sa. 9a-10p Su. 10a-6p
80hWay [8ot 8ated] $ 8·3 „ 119
411 7th Ave, 412-391-3177 -
Th. 7a-10p F. 7a-10p Sa. 8a-9p Su. 9a-6p
0aµItaI 6rIIIe, the $$$$ k·3 „ 123
301 5th Ave, 412-338-9100 - dressy
Th. 11a-3p, 5p-10p F. 11a-3p, 5p-11p Sa. 5p-11p Su. 5p-10p
Mortoa's Ihe 8teakho0se $$$ k·3 „ 124
625 Liberty Ave #180, 412-261-7141 -
Th. 5p-11p F. 5p-11p Sa. 5p-11p Su. 5p-10p
8teeIhead 8rasserIe & wIae 8ar $$$ 0·4 „ 125
112 Washington P|ace, 412-394-3474 - Marriott City Center
Th. 6.30a-10p F. 6.30a-11p Sa. 6.30a-11p Su. 6.30a-10p
5th & 3rd 8aak
639 Smithñe|d St (Smithñe|d St. Cafe}
705 Liberty Ave (Cricket}
707 Grant St (Gu|f Tower}
980 Liberty Ave (August Wi|son Center}
0ItIteas 8aak
821 Liberty Ave
425 Sixth Ave
500 Ross St
525 Wi||iam Penn Way
0oIIar 8aak
400 5th Ave (Kaufmann's/Macy's}
340 4th Ave
537 Smithñe|d St (O|iver Bui|ding}
David Lawrence Conv. Center (DLCC}
h0atIa§toa 8aak
650 Smithñe|d St
610-612 Wood St
429 Smithñe|d St
MeIIoa 8aak
525 Wi||iam Penn P|
F80 8aak
1000 Liberty Ave (Federa| B|dg.}
1001 Liberty Ave (Liberty Center}
411 7th Ave (Duquesne Light}
436 7th Ave (Koppers Bui|ding}
600 Grant St (Stee| P|aza Ofñce}
625 Liberty Ave (Dominion Tower}
643 Liberty Ave (7-E|even}
6th Ave & Wood St (Wood St. Station}
7·£Ievea 8tores k·3 „ 126
643 Liberty Ave, 412-261-6556 -
Th. 6a-11p F. 6a-11p Sa. 6a-11p Su. 6a-11p
0Ity 8eWs & krcade k·4 „ 127
422 Wood St, 412-338-8401 -
Th. 8a-5p F. 8a-5p Sa. c|osed Su. c|osed
0¥8 Fharmacy k·3 „ 128
610 Wood St, 412-471-9294 -
Th. 6a-7p F. 6a-7p Sa. 8a-6p Su. 10a-6p
0¥8 Fharmacy k·4 „ 129
429 Smithñe|d St, 412-261-4846 -
Th. 6a-7p F. 6a-7p Sa. 8a-6p Su. 10a-6p
£xtra £xtra 8eWs & ¥arIety 8·3 „ 130
413 7th Ave, 412-471-7655 -
Th. 6.15a-6p F. 6.15a-6p Sa. c|osed Su. c|osed
Faher, 0oe, & 6re§§ 8·4 „ 131
500 Grant Street, 412-471-4795 -
Th. 7a-6p F. 7a-6p Sa. c|osed Su. c|osed
Faher, 0oe, & 6re§§ 0·3 „ 132
1000 Penn Ave, 412-261-4449 -
Th. 7a-6p F. 7a-6p Sa. c|osed Su. c|osed
kWIk·£·Mart 8·3 „ 133
212 10th St, 412-246-2000 -
Th. 6a-9.30p F. 6a-9.30p Sa. 6a-5p Su. 8a-5p
lIherty 8eWs k·3 „ 134
604 Liberty Ave, 412-281-9772 -
Th. 7a-7p F. 7a-7p Sa. 8.30a-7 Su. c|osed
8Ite kId k·4 „ 135
318 5th Ave, 412-434-6607 -
Th. 7a-7p F. 7a-7p Sa. 9a-6p Su. 11a-4p
8Ite·kId 8·3 „ 136
623 Smithñe|d St, 412-471-8882 -
Th. 7a-8p F. 7a-8p Sa. 9a-5p Su. 11a-4p
kIµha§raµhIcs 8·3 „ 137
814 Penn Ave, 412-261-1300 -
Th. 8.30a-5.30p F. 8.30a-5.30p Sa. c|osed Su. c|osed
0oµIes For less FrIaters 8·3 „ 138
804 Penn Ave, 412-288-2525 -
Th. 8.30a-4.30p F. 8.30a-4.30p Sa. c|osed Su. c|osed
Fedex/kIakos 8·3 „ 139
960 Penn Ave, 412-391-2014 -
Th. 7.30a-9p F. 7.30a-9p Sa. 10a-6p Su. c|osed
MIa0temaa Fress 8·3 „ 140
905 Liberty Ave, 412-471-5599 -
Th. 8.30a-5p F. 8.30a-5p Sa. c|osed Su. c|osed
0fhce 0eµot 8·3 „ 141
623 Smithñe|d St, 412-261-1110 -
Th. 7a-8p F. 7a-8p Sa. 9a-6p Su. 12p-5p
Fost 0fhce 0·3 „ 142
700 Grant Street, Suite A, 800-ASK-USPS -
Th. 7a-6p F. 7a-6p Sa. 9a-2p Su. c|osed
Iooase0m 8·3 „ 143
945 Liberty Avenue, 412-232-0199 -
Th. 10a-3p F. 10a-5p Sa. 10a-5p Su. 10a-3p
1le genre ol antlropomorplics is a
ßeId tlat deaIs leaviIy in tle tlematic
appreciation ol animaIs crossed to
varying degrees witl lumans resuIting
in lantastic, inteIIigent claracters and
marveIous new imaginary species.
lowever, we slouId never overIook tle
reaI-Iile counterparts to tlis mix and
assist our animaI lriends in any way we
can to ensure a better luture lor aII ol
1lis year, Antlrocon las closen
to support leIIo ßuIIy, a nonproßt
lit ßuII rescue & sleIter. lrom tleir
leIIo ßuIIy maintains littsburgl's
onIy lree lit ßuII spayJneuter and
vaccine program, lit lix lIus (www.
pirjxplus.ccm). 8ince 2009, tley lave
operated tlis program at a rate ol
Charity Auction & Raf0e Information
more tlan a dog a day! 1lis is tleir
way ol combating tle overpopuIation
probIem and tle overcrowding issue
in tle littsburgl area sleIters. 1le
lit lix lIus program was designed
to be easiIy dupIicated in any area,
so anyone or any organization can
leIp witl overpopuIation and sleIter
leIIo ßuIIy's lit ßuII 101 community
educationaI program is suitabIe lor aII
ages and is avaiIabIe to interested groups
and organizations at no cost. leIIo
ßuIIy aIso las lit ßuII Academy training
seminars tlat bring tle beneßts ol
private training to tle community lor
lree - Iessening tle clance tlat tlese
dogs wiII be surrendered to sleIters
due to Iack ol training.
Last 8ummer, leIIo ßuIIy purclased
a property in tle suburbs ol littsburgl
and is now operating leIIo ßuIIy's
laIlway louse, taking in lomeIess lit
ßuIIs and adopting tlem into Ioving,
lorever lomes.
You can visit leIIo ßuIIy's website
at www.nellcbully.ccm lor more
leIIo ßuIIy's representatives wiII be
on land during tle clarity Auction
to receive bidders' payments, and
tlrouglout tle weekend at tleir
ueaIers' koom tabIe and kalße dispIay
seIIing tickets and accepting donations.
Antlrocon stall does not landIe
„ uispIay: clarity's 1abIe in tle
ueaIers' koom, during ueaIers'
koom lours untiI auction.
„ Lvent: 8unday alternoon, pIease
see scleduIe lor exact time and
„ uonations accepted at tle uispIay
lrom 10am-ueaIers' koom cIose on
„ uispIay: clarity's 1abIe in tle
ueaIers' koom, during ueaIers'
koom lours lrom lriday tlrougl
„ ßuy tickets at tle clarity's tabIe
and pIace tickets at tle uispIay.
„ uonations accepted at tle uispIay
lrom 10 am-ueaIers' koom cIose on
„ winning tickets seIected alter
ueaIers' koom lours on 8aturday
witl winning numbers dispIayed on
„ Items must be cIaimed at uispIay on
Auction payments or ticket saIes.
At leIIo ßuIIy's tabIe in tle ueaIers'
koom, you can aIso receive lurtler
inlormation about tleir organization.
1le Antlrocon clarity Auction &
kalße wiII be supporting tlis beneßciaI
clarity by auctioning and ralßing items
donated by artists, deaIers, and otler
generous donors wlo lave provided us
witl artwork, merclandise, and otler
items witlout requesting anytling
in return to leIp raise money lor tlis
year's closen clarity.
Last year, tle event raised over
$1,000 (events totaI, convention totaI:
$11,S00) lor 1le 1oonseum. 8ince 1991,
Antlrocon las raised over $120,000 lor
various clarities, incIuding 1lerapy
uogs, wliskers, tle Great VaIIey
Nature center, tle NationaI Greylound
Adoption lrogram, keins ol Lile,
canine lartners lor Lile, 8upport Our
8leIters, lorgotten leIines & lidos,
Greater lliIadeIplia 8earcl & kescue,
western lennsyIvania NationaI wiId
AnimaI Orplanage, AnimaI lriends,
littsburgl larrot kescue, and tle
AnimaI kescue League ol western lA
wiIdIile kelabiIitation center, and
layette lriends ol AnimaIs.
kalße tickets can be bouglt and
submitted at leIIo ßuIIy's tabIe's ralße
dispIay in tle ueaIers' koom. urawings
lor eacl item wiII occur alter tle
ueaIers' koom cIoses on 8aturday and
resuIts wiII be posted tlere tlrougl
8unday lor cIaims and prize pickup.
ßelore tle clarity Auction on
8aturday, donations wiII aIso be on
dispIay at leIIo ßuIIy's tabIe in tle
ueaIers' koom. 1le clarity Auction
itseIl wiII occur on 8unday alternoon
(pIease consuIt your programJscleduIe)
and wiII run lor approximateIy 1 lour.
uonated items and services wiII be
ollered in tle clarity Auction lor
bargain prices designed to stimuIate
your interest in contributing to a
wortly cause as weII as receiving a
quaIity product tlat you won't be abIe
to ßnd anywlere eIse at Antlrocon.
Il you wouId Iike to participate by
donating an item to tle clarity Auction
or kalße, see tle clarity uirector,
ßrian larris, at tle clarity tabIe in tle
ueaIers' koom on lriday, }une 1Stl.
lIease leIp us support leIIo ßuIIy by
participating in tle 2012 Antlrocon
clarity Auction & kalße.
Art 8how Hours & 8idding Rules
AR1 8HOw HOUR8 - uiCC Hall C
iriday, )une 1s:
10am: Artist cleck-in begins
2-6pm: Art 8low open to bidders
9-11pm: Artists & ueaIers keception (by
invitation onIy)
8aturday, )une 1õ:
10am-6pm: Art 8low open to bidders
6pm: Mature GaIIery written bidding
11pm: Mature GaIIery voice auction
begins (uLcc koom !0!-!0S)
8unday, )une 11:
10am-Noon: GeneraI GaIIery open to
Noon: GeneraI GaIIery written bidding
2pm: GeneraI GaIIery voice auction
begins (uLcc koom !0!-!0S)
2-Spm: 8aIes, artist cleck-out
1le Antlrocon Art 8low is an exlibit
ol originaI artworks ol a science ßction,
lantasy andJor ¨lannisl" nature, especiaIIy
reIating to antlropomorplic animaIs. lere
you wiII ßnd lor saIe botl ßat (e.g. sketcles
and paintings) and !-dimensionaI (e.g.
scuIpture and costumes) artwork created by
prolessionaI and amateur artists.
1o be a ¨bidder" (i.e. a prospective buyer
ol originaI artwork) you must:
1. ße a registered member ol Antlrocon, as
evidenced by your convention badge,
2. Obtain a bidder number at tle Art 8low
tabIe by liIIing out and signing a bidder
inlormation sleet, acknowIedging tlat
you agree to abide by tlese bidding ruIes.
Il you wisl to pIace ¨proxy" bids on
belaIl ol someone not in attendance, pIease
see tle Art 8low uirector.
Areas of the Art 8how
1lere are two distinct areas ol tle Art
1. In tle GeneraI GaIIery, you wiII see originaI
artwork depicting subjects suitabIe lor
aII ages to view. 1lis wiII be open lor
siIent (written) bidding during tle day
and earIy evening lriday and 8aturday,
and 8unday morning. Il a piece receives
enougl written bids by noon 8unday, it
wiII be sent to tle generaI voice auction
8unday alternoon.
2. 1le Mature GaIIery is set aside lor tle
dispIay ol originaI artwork depicting
mature subject matter. 1lis wiII be open
during tle same lours as tle rest ol
tle Art 8low lriday and 8aturday, and
monitored to keep minors out. lieces in
tlis area wlicl receive enougl written
bids by 8aturday evening wiII be sent to a
separate voice auction Iater tlat evening.
Lacl piece ol artwork is tagged witl a ßid
8leet wlicl provides inlormation about
tlat piece, incIuding its titIe, tle medium,
tle name ol tle artist, and tle minimum
bid at wlicl tle artist is wiIIing to seII
tle piece. Il an artist does not wisl to seII
a given piece, it is Iisted as ¨nls" (Not lor
On tle ßid 8leet are severaI Iines wlere
you may write down your name, bidder
number, and tle amount you wisl to bid
lor tlat item. 1le amount ol tle bid must
be in wloIe doIIars, at Ieast as mucl as tle
minimum bid specißed by tle artist, and
Iarger tlan any preceding bid on tle bid
sleet. write leqibly on tle next numbered
bid Iine. uc ncr crcss cur any previcusly
wrirren bids, includinq ycur cwn. Il you make
a mistake in bidding, pIease inlorm an Art
8low crew member so we may ßx tle bid
sleet so tlere are tle correct number ol
empty bid Iines.
You may not interlere witl or intimidate
someone wlo wants to outbid you. AIIow
tlem to pIace tleir bid, and tlen outbid
tlem on tle next bid Iine. Il someone
tries to keep you lrom pIacing a bid, seek
assistance lrom an Art 8low crew member.
Anyone cauglt interlering witl bidding wiII
be asked to Ieave tle Art 8low, and tleir
bidding priviIeges revoked.
Artists (or tleir associates) may not pIace
bids on tleir own artwork witl tle intent
ol bidding up tle price unlairIy, or to keep
otler bidders lrom purclasing a piece in
order to retain it to seII eIsewlere under
more lavorabIe circumstances. lowever,
tley are aIIowed to pIace ¨proxy" bids on
belaIl ol a customer not in attendance.
written bidding for General Gallery
artwork closes at noon 8unday. 1le Art
8low wiII be cIeared ol aII bidders at tlat
time, as detaiIed beIow. lieces witl enougl
written bids (as slown on tle bid sleet) wiII
be pIaced in tle voice auction, wlicl begins
8unday at 2 pm, aII otler art wiII be soId to
tle person witl tle liglest written bid, il
any. At tle voice auction, tle art is open to
lurtler bids by otler peopIe. 1lerelore, you
slouId attend tle voice auction to delend
your bids on pieces you stiII want to buy. Il
tlere are no voice bids, tle art wiII be soId
to tle person witl tle liglest written bid.
AItlougl tlere are ¨runners" slowing oll
tle auction pieces, tlis is lor idenrijcaricn,
not admiration. lIease take tle time to
examine tle artwork cIoseIy wliIe tle slow
is open lor written bidding!
lor pieces in tle Mature GaIIery, tle
procedure is simiIar, aItlougl tle times are
dillerent. written bidding for the Mature
Gallery closes 8aturday at õ pm. Artwork
witl enougl written bids wiII be pIaced in a
separate voice auction lor mature artwork
wlicl begins at 11 pm 8aturday, and runs
simiIarIy to tle GeneraI GaIIery voice
auction, as noted above.
AII artwork soId by written bid or in
eitler voice auction wiII avaiIabIe lor pickup
8unday during saIes lours, 2 to S pm. Artists
lave tle option ol setting a ¨lrice Alter
cIosing." Il a piece las received no written
bids by cIosing time, it may be avaiIabIe at
tle indicated price 8unday alternoon il tle
artist stiII wisles to seII it. Il tlis is tle case,
tle bIank bid Iine #1 wiII be circIed in red.
liII in your name, bidder number, and tle
¨lrice Alter cIosing" wlen coIIecting your
8e careful. wlen pIacing a written bid on
items, assume tlat you wiII be tle winning
bidder on all ol tlem. In tlis way, you wiII
avoid laving to pay lor more art tlan you
can allord to buy. Il you lave reacled your
Iimit lor Art 8low purclases, wait untiI you
lave Iost an item to a ligler bidder belore
bidding on anotler item. (keep in mind tlat
we must coIIect 1¼ saIes tax on purclases,
so aIIow lor tlis in your ßguring.) we
provide landy ßidding kecord lorms so you
can keep track ol wlat you've bid on and
wlere it's Iocated to make it easy lor you to
ßnd again.
AIso, return to tle Art 8low belore
cIosing (6 pm 8aturday lor mature artwork,
noon 8unday lor everytling eIse) to cleck
tle bid sleets to see wlat items, il any,
you lave won by written bid and wlicl
items wiII be going to tle voice auction.
Alter cIosing, because tle crew is busy
getting ready lor tle auction, we cannot
accommodate anyone wlo wants to cleck
tleir bids at tlat time.
8e serious. uo not make a bid unIess you
mean it. A bid is a binding obIigation to buy
tlat art at tlat price.
Il you are tle winning bidder, you
purclase onIy tle plysicaI possession
ol tle artwork, tle artist retains tle
copyriglt. Il you wisl to make copies ol
a piece you purclase lor any purpose,
you must negotiate lor tle riglt to do so
witl tle artist, wlose name and contact
inlormation are on tle back ol eacl piece or
can be obtained lrom tle Art 8low uirector.
(lIease Note: Artists are provided witl tle
names and addresses ol tlose wlo lave
purclased tleir artwork.)
uefending Your 8ids
wlen tle written bidding cIoses, crew
members wiII lorm a ¨moving waII" starting
at tle back ol a section and moving lorward,
cIosing bidding by artist (not by piece, not
by paneI, not by bay). 1le cIoseout patl is
slown on tle Art 8low map landout and
poster. cIoseout is done per artist in a bay:
il tlere are ! artists in a bay, tlere wiII be !
cIoseouts in tle bay, il one artist takes up
tle entire bay, tle entire bay cIoses at once,
and il an artist occupies more tlan one bay,
eacl ol tleir bays cIoses separateIy.
we move quickIy, so wlen tle ¨waII"
gets to an artist you want to bid on, do your
bidding bejcre tle auctioneer decIares tle
artist ¨cIosed." we wiII not cIose an artist
wliIe bidding is going on, but il tlere is no
bidding, it wiII cIose quickIy, so don't be
timid÷il you want to bid, bid! we can't wait
lor someone to make up tleir mind at tle
Iast second. we want you to get your clance
to bid, but do it quickly!
You wiII be aIIowed to delend your bids,
but you may not bIock anyone eIse lrom
bidding on any piece÷tle auctioneer
and Art 8low crew wiII see tlat it doesn't
lappen. Il you are not activeIy guarding
your bids, we ask tlat you cIear tle aisIes
at Ieast 10 minutes belore tle slow cIoses.
1lere are a Iot ol peopIe in tle area, and
we need to move tlem out as quickIy as
possibIe wlen cIoseout begins. Il you are
just laving a conversation witl someone,
pIease take it outside tle Art 8low.
AII tlis aIIows you to delend bids in more
tlan one section. 1le Art 8low crew loIIows
cIose belind tle ¨waII," marking ßnaI bids
to ensure tlat il you're tle Iast bid, you are
tle Iast bid. Once tle ¨waII" passes a point,
no one except Art 8low crew is aIIowed
beyond it.
Art 8low 8aIes wiII take pIace 8unday
lrom 2 to S pm. (Il you lave an alternoon
ride, ßiglt, train or bus to catcl, pIease ask
in advance about earIy saIes pickup.) At tlis
time you must personaIIy pick up and pay
lor aII items ol art you lave won by written
bid or voice auction. You must slow your
con badge lor identißcation, and additionaI
identißcation may be requested.
Il you lave items in tle Mature GaIIery,
tlese pieces must be paid lor and wrapped
belore you can take tlem out ol tle Mature
coIIect your art lrom tle paneIs and
tabIes. 0o not remove the bíd sheets from the
artworkl 1lere wiII be work tabIes set up
wlere you tlen ßII out a saIes sIip, writing
in tle artist name, piece titIe, and ligl bid
amount lor eacl piece, as weII as your reaI
name and bidder number. (Use more tlan
one sIip il necessary.)
Il you lave purclased more pieces tlan
you can carry, or need access to a Iocked
dispIay case, ask lor leIp lrom an Art 8low
crew member.
Once you lave ßIIed out your saIes sIips,
go to a caslier, wlo wiII doubIe-cleck tle
sIip against tle bid sleets, add up aII tle
prices and caIcuIate saIes tax and totaI,
and take your payment. we accept casl,
traveIer's clecks, personaI clecks, credit
cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Lxpress,
uiscover), and debit cards (aII major
networks). Iu may be requested at time ol
You must pick up and pay lor your own
purclases, and slow tle receipt to tle
entrance guard wlen you Ieave tle Art
8low (so keep it landy). AII saIes are ßnaI
and aII items are soId as-is, relunds wiII not
be issued lor items purclased in tle Art
8low lor any reason.
OccasionaIIy tlere are errors in taIIying
saIes sIips. we aIways pay tle artist based
on tle ßnaI bid sleet price, il it turns out
we under- or overclarged you, in tle weeks
loIIowing tle con we wiII biII you or relund
tle dillerence.
Remember: You bid, you buy. Your bid
is a binding obIigation witl Antlrocon and
tle artist lor tle purclase ol tle artwork.
Il you laiI to pick up your artwork andJor
laiI to pay lor it in luII, we wiII contact you
in tle weeks alter tle convention and biII
you lor tle price ol tle art pIus packing and
slipping costs (typicaIIy $10-$20 lor tlose
in tle U8A). clecks wlicl do not cIear tle
bank wiII be assessed a service clarge ol at
Ieast $2S.
Anyone wlo laiIs to lonor tleir
monetary obIigations wiII not be aIIowed to
participate in luture Antlrocon Art 8lows,
and wiII be denied memberslip at aII luture
Antlrocon conventions untiI aII clarges
are paid in luII. 1leir reaI name and badge
name may be posted pubIicIy so tlat otlers
may be wary ol doing business witl tlem.
lersons wlo present lrauduIent clecks,
unautlorized credit cards or counterleit
money wiII be reported immediateIy to tle
1le loIIowing generaI ruIe supersedes aII
otlers Iisted beIow and may be invoked at any
Any actíon or behavíor that causes
síqníþcant ínterference wíth conventíon
operatíons, excessíve díscomfort to other
attendees, or adverseIy affects Anthrocon's
reIatíonshíp wíth íts quests, íts venues or the
pubIíc ís stríctIy forbídden and may resuIt ín
permanent suspensíon of membershíp.
1le primary purpose ol Antlrocon is lor our
attendees to lave lun. 1o ensure tlat tle greatest
number ol peopIe aclieve tlis objective we lave
estabIisled certain ruIes ol conduct. ßy tlem we
seek onIy to ensure tlat tle belavior ol any one
smaII group does not disturb tle memberslip
as a wloIe, nor does it detract lrom tle reIaxed
and comlortabIe atmosplere ol tle convention.
Antlrocon weIcomes aII parties witl an interest
in antlropomorplic animaIs, lowever, tle
convention's management reserves tle riglt to
deny or revoke tle memberslip ol any individuaI
at any time lor any reason. Antlrocon, Inc. aIso
reserves tle riglt to amend tlese ruIes at any
time witlout prior or posted notice and reserves
tle soIe riglt ol interpretation. In any dispute,
tle generaI ruIe above wiII appIy. Il you lave
any questions, pIease contact tle convention
operations stall lor assistance.
Anyone wlo accepts a memberslip badge
agrees to indemnily and loId larmIess
Antlrocon, Inc. lrom any cIaim lor personaI
injuries or otler damages or equity arising out
ol any individuaI's activities at Antlrocon, even
il sucl injury or damage is caused by negIigence
by or on tle part ol Antlrocon, Inc.
As a condition ol memberslip, aII Antlrocon
attendees are required to abide by tlese
standards ol conduct lor tle entire duration ol
tleir stay, even prior to Opening or alter cIosing
General Rating of the Convention
AII convention areas are considered to be
¨lG" at aII times, witl tle exception ol events
or exlibits tlat are specißcaIIy noted to be
inappropriate lor minors and access to wlicl is
controIIed by Antlrocon 8ecurity stall.
Attendees, wlen in pubIic areas, may
not wear cIotling wlicl is overIy reveaIing
or inappropriate to tle atmosplere ol tle
convention, sucl as letisl-reIated garb and
accoutrements. coIIars are acceptabIe and
are worn by numerous attendees as a laslion
statement, but Ieasles attacled tlereunto are
8lirts, pantsJslorts, and lootwear must be
Anthrocon 8tandards of Conduct (v.1.11)
worn wlen in areas ol tle loteI or convention
center tlat are accessibIe to non-Antlrocon
attendees, sucl as Iobbies, restaurants and
concourses, except lor tle pooI area.
luII-body lursuits are excIuded lrom tle
¨slirtsJpantsJlootwear" ruIe, provided tlat tle
costume is not unacceptabIy reveaIing. certain
accoutrements sucl as Ieasles may be incIuded
as part ol a costume at tle discretion ol tle
8ecurity cliel. lor salety reasons, lursuits are
not permitted in tle loteI swimming pooI or
dining areas.
lubIic dispIays ol allection beyond wlat is
appropriate lor poIite company are lrowned
upon. You wiII be asked to express your
devotion to your signißcant otler eitler in Iess
conspicuous ways, or in private.
Public uecorum
No items ol any kind, incIuding paper
airpIanes, may be tlrown or dropped lrom tle
loteI or convention center baIconies or patios.
No water pistoIs, siIIy string, or any tlrown
or projectiIe-type toy may be used in any area ol
tle loteI or convention center.
lor salety reasons, onIy landleId gIowsticks
are permitted in tle dances. GIowsticks on
strings or on poIearms must be cIeared witl
8ecurity stall belore being used. 1le decision ol
tle 8ecurity stall on any particuIar item wiII be
No sIeeping in tle Iobby, tle laIIways, tle
meeting rooms or tle 7oo. Get a room, pIease!
At tle request ol tle management, baIIoons
may not be brouglt into tle convention center.
Antlrocon attendees must abide by
instructions given by Antlrocon 8ecurity stall.
laiIure to do so wiII resuIt in Ioss ol memberslip
priviIeges. Any disputes or concerns may be
addressed onsite at convention Operations.
Antlrocon lunctions are open onIy to
members, and aII attendees slouId wear tleir
memberslip badges at aII times. A badge is vaIid
onIy lor tle person to wlom it was issued, badges
may not be slared under any circumstances.
1lere is no smoking in any area witlin tle
westin or tle convention center, incIuding
tle guest rooms. 8mokers are asked to use
designated smoking areas provided by tle
laciIity, and compIy witl any otler smoking
ruIes ol tle laciIity. cigarette butts must be
disposed ol properIy and not Ielt on tle ground.
lroviding transportation or lousing, or
otlerwise enabIing an individuaI tlat is known
to be unweIcome at Antlrocon to attend or
enter tle convention's property wiII resuIt in
permanent revocation ol Antlrocon memberslip
Attendance by Minors
Anyone wlo is under tle age ol 18 years at
any time during tle convention must present
a signed and notarized parentaI permission
lorm unIess accompanied by a parent or abIe to
produce evidence ol IegaI emancipation. 1lere
are no exceptions.
Minors are not permitted under any
circumstances to enter areas tlat lave been
designated lor mature audiences.
Anyone providing laIse documentation ol
identity or age wiII be denied memberslip and
reported to tle poIice.
weapons Policy
No actuaI weapons or any item tlat can be
easiIy mistaken lor one may be carried eitler
openIy or conceaIed at any time on westin or on
convention center property, regardIess ol any
government permits wlicl you may possess.
Lxceptions may be made onIy lor duIy appointed
Iaw enlorcement olßcers by prior arrangement
witl tle 8ecurity cliel. lersonaI pocket knives
witl singIe-edged bIades Iess tlan 4 incles Iong
are permitted.
keaIistic weapon repIicas are permitted as
part ol a costume onIy during costume events
sucl as tle Masquerade and lursuit larade, and
must be appropriateIy peace-bonded, see tle
8ecurity cliel lor instruction on low to do so.
1ley must be cased or otlerwise secured wlen
being carried outside ol costume.
Pet Policy
Antlrocon does not aIIow pets. 1lis is lor
tle protection ol tle pet, tle pet owner, and
our attendees as a wloIe. 8ervice animaIs are
permitted in accordance witl tle Americans
witl uisabiIities Act.
Parties and 8imilar Gatherings in Hotel
Gatlerings in loteI rooms must not generate
any noise tlat can be leard in neiglboring
rooms during niglttime lours.
loteI doors must be kept slut during sucl
gatlerings and guests are not permitted to
congregate in tle loteI corridors.
Loud parties wiII be given a singIe warning to
remain quiet. No second warnings wiII be given
belore action is taken by tle loteI to remove tle
ollending individuaIs.
loteI guests wlo lost any gatlering are
responsibIe lor cIeaning up alterward. Lxcessive
amounts ol unbagged trasl must not be Ielt lor
lousekeeping stall to cIean up (it's just pIain
rude). 1rasl bags are provided. Use tlem.
Other Hotel Matters
Any act ol vandaIism, deIiberate or excessive
damage to loteI property, or interlerence
witl any loteI or convention center worker
in tle perlormance ol lis or ler duties wiII
resuIt in permanent revocation ol Antlrocon
memberslip, criminaI prosecution, ßnes, or any
combination tlereol.
1le person in wlose name a room is rented
is soIeIy responsibIe lor tle conduct ol aII
individuaIs in tle room as weII as lor tle
condition ol tle room. Lxcessive trasl, soiIing
or otler damage to loteI property, or any
circumstance tlat may present a lazard to loteI
lousekeeping stall may resuIt in permanent Ioss
ol Antlrocon memberslip priviIeges.
ßotl westin and uoubIetree loteI
lousekeeping stall are required by corporate
poIicy to inspect every room once per day, even
il tle room is not to be serviced. lousekeepers
wiII not begin tleir rounds untiI 10:00 AM.
1lerealter tley wiII initiaIIy bypass rooms witl
¨do not disturb" signs on tle doors, but at tle
end ol tleir rounds tley must return to tlose
rooms and wiII knock on tle door. Attendees
must aIIow lousekeeping stall access to tle
room at tlat time. 1lat means tlat even il tle
¨do not disturb" sign is dispIayed, alter 10:00
AM tle room must at some point be inspected
and serviced (il necessary) by tle end ol
lousekeeping rounds.
uo not alßx anytling to tle waIIs ol tle
loteI or convention center, to tle eIevators,
to Antlrocon signage, or to loteI room doors.
Antlrocon provides a message board in a pubIic
area wlere members may post messages or pIace
kequests lor room amenities sucl as
toweIs and piIIows beyond tle number tlat is
reasonabIe and customary lor a singIe room wiII
not be lonored. kindIy bring sucl extra items
lrom lome il tley are expected to be needed.
8ales of Merchandise
1le ollering lor saIe ol any merclandise
at tle convention may be undertaken onIy in
appropriate areas ol laII ¨ß" in tle convention
center, in aII cases tle saIe wiII be governed by
tle ruIes appIicabIe to tlose areas. It is iIIegaI
to seII any otler merclandise or services in any
otler areas, incIuding tle Antlrocon ¨7oo."
larassment ol any kind, incIuding plysicaI
assauIt, battery, deIiberate intimidation,
staIking, or unweIcome plysicaI attentions,
wiII not be toIerated. Il peopIe teII you ¨no" or
to Ieave tlem aIone, your business witl tlem is
done. Il you continue to attempt to lave contact
witl tlose peopIe, you may be removed lrom tle
Antlrocon is not responsibIe lor soIving
any interpersonaI probIems tlat may arise
between individuaI members. In generaI, we
can take no action to prevent a person lrom
attending tle convention unIess tlat person las
made a specißc and credibIe tlreat toward tle
convention itseIl or il anotler individuaI can
produce a IegaI restraining order.
8ubstance Abuse
1le saIe or otler distribution ol any iIIegaI
or controIIed substances is not weIcome
at Antlrocon. Any individuaI lound to be
distributing sucl substances wiII be removed
and reported directIy to tle IocaI autlorities.
Anyone knowingIy or unknowingIy providing
aIcoloI to anyone under tle age ol 21 wiII be
guiIty ol a leIony and wiII be turned over to tle
autlorities. It is tle soIe responsibiIity ol persons
serving aIcoloI in room parties to ensure tlat
every person in attendance is over tle age ol 21,
even il tlat person is not drinking aIcoloI. 1le
lennsyIvania Liquor controI ßoard is extremeIy
serious about tlis Iaw and we ask our members
to respect it.
Media Relations and Use of Anthrocon
Images or iootage
AII journaIists, media plotograplers, and
any otler members ol tle press are required
to dispIay an olßciaI Antlrocon lress ßadge
or be accompanied by a senior Antlrocon stall
member at aII times wliIe in tle convention
center, tle westin, or any Antlrocon loteI.
Members ol tle press wlo lave not been issued a
lress ßadge may not conduct interviews or take
plotograpls, audio or video lootage witlout an
Il members ol tle media are present, attendees
must act responsibIy. Media representatives wlo
do not lave lress ßadges and are not escorted by
an Antlrocon stall member slouId be reported
to Antlrocon 8ecurity stall or to convention
Operations immediateIy. uo not speak to any
unbadged and unescorted members ol tle press!
Antlrocon members slouId be aware tlat
audio andJor video recordings are lrequentIy
made in convention areas and tlat tleir
Iikenesses may appear in tlose recordings.
IndividuaI members agree to assign witlout
compensation tle use ol tleir Iikeness(es) at
Antlrocon lor tle use ol promotionaI materiaI
sucl as tle liglIiglts videos.
1le name ¨Antlrocon" and tle Antlrocon
Iogo are registered service marks ol Antlrocon,
Inc., and must not be used in any laslion tlat
disparages or diIutes tlat mark. Members agree
to remove lrom circuIation or pubIication any
image or recording tlat in tle soIe opinion ol
Antlrocon, Inc. misrepresents or delames its
service mark.
Payments to Anthrocon and Other Money
lIease note tlat Antlrocon is a S01(c)1
nonproßt organization. As sucl, donations to tle
organization are not deductibIe lrom individuaI
U.8. lederaI income taxes.
clecks tlat are presented against insulßcient
lunds wiII be clarged a lee ol $!0 per cleck.
Antlrocon aIso accepts VI8A, Mastercard, and
uiscover cards. clargebacks (denying a clarge)
tlat are made lor tle soIe purpose ol avoiding
payment, tlat are made witlout sulßcient cause,
or tlat are made witlout ßrst attempting to
resoIve tle dispute witl Antlrocon may resuIt in
permanent revocation ol memberslip priviIeges
and possibIe IegaI action.
Members wlo lave an outstanding baIance
due to Antlrocon must settIe tlat baIance belore
being permitted to attend tle convention.
Antlrocon cannot invoIve itseIl in ßnanciaI
disputes between individuaI members, and
cannot divuIge inlormation about an individuaI
member to any party otler tlan to banking
olßciaIs or IegaI autlorities.
Miscellaneous Notes
1le standards ol conduct lor Antlrocon
wiII be strictIy enlorced by Antlrocon security
voIunteers wlo wiII be cIearIy identißed as sucl
on site. lIease remember tlat your con badge
is tle property ol Antlrocon, Inc. and must
be presented andJor surrendered to any 8tall
member requesting it. Il you lave any probIem
witl any action taken by a 8tall member you may
take tle matter up witl tle cliel ol 8ecurity or
to Antlrocon's clairman.
lIease be reminded tlat tlese ruIes invoIve,
ol course, ¨worst-case" scenarios and are put
into pIace to ensure tle salety and comlort ol
our members. 1ley are aIso not aII-incIusive,
in aII cases, tle singuIar ruIe tlat supersedes
aII otlers is, ¨Any action or belavior tlat
causes signißcant interlerence witl convention
operations, excessive discomlort to otler
attendees, or adverseIy allects Antlrocon's
reIationslip witl its guests, its venue or tle
pubIic is strictIy lorbidden and may resuIt in
revocation ol memberslip priviIeges." we
anticipate no dilßcuIties, as our members as
a wloIe are rationaI and responsibIe aduIts.
Antlrocon is prepared to deaI witl any or aII ol
tle above scenarios in as rapid and elßcient a
manner as possibIe slouId tley occur. we tlank
our members lor tleir past cooperation and lor
tleir continued assistance in making tlis a sale
and enjoyabIe experience lor everyone. lave lun
- just pIease remember to be courteous ol tlose
around you wliIe doing so!
8amueI conway
clairman, Antlrocon Inc.
uavid i. iawrence Convention Center iloorplan (2nd iloor)
uavid i. iawrence Convention Center iloorplan (1rd iloor)
westin Convention Center Hotel iloorplan
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wlere you ate, rating, cost, or any corrections tlat need to be made.
uid we Iist a pIace tlat was cIosed7 uid you ßnd a restaurant tlat
wasn't on our Iist7 uid you eat somepIace tlat was great... or maybe
not-so-great7 Please let us know! Antlrocon is aIways Iooking lor
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`Ol LA^ ï1i1
Fo||ow us on @AnthroconDining
we're trying sometling dillerent tlis year and gatlering attendee
review inlormation lor use in tle uining Guide. 8impIy Iet us know
wlere you ate, rating, cost, or any corrections tlat need to be made.
uid we Iist a pIace tlat was cIosed7 uid you ßnd a restaurant tlat
wasn't on our Iist7 uid you eat somepIace tlat was great... or maybe
not-so-great7 Please let us know! Antlrocon is aIways Iooking lor
ways to improve and your leedback is very important to us.
lere's low it works...
we Iook lorward to learing lrom you. 1lank you lor your leIp!
You can a|so send us messages on Twitter during Anthrocon at @AnthroconDining
Wr|te down where you ate and what you thought about |t. (e.g., rating,
cost, etc.} Any corrections? Any additiona| info you can give is he|pfu|.
Approximate cost per person for a mea| inc|uding one drink, tax, and tip.
($ = Under $10, $$ = $11-$30, $$$ = $31-$60, $$$$ = Above $61.}
Locat|on Name (Address? Any comments or corrections?} Rat|ng (1-5 stars} Cost
Send the |nformat|on to usI Drop off this page at Registration before 4pm
on Sunday, or e-mai| us after the convention at

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