LBT 9525 Riflemans Kit


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LBt-9525Kit Rifleman’s Kit
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Riflemen asked and LBT delivered! This entire kit is made using 500 denier Cordura® to cut the weight in half*. Riflemen will be able to quickly reconfigure their kit to accommodate multiple missions. LBT delivers 18 new products that units can issue as a kit to new members. The kit consist of 25 mission essential pieces that allow for individual configurations at the best available weight reduction materials for your Riflemen. • Modular webbing attachment points fo multi-mission usage • The kit is double stitched throughout for added strength. Most sewing utilizes Nylon size E thread (VT295, bonded), with 9 stitches per inch for added strength. Selected areas use “three cord thread” for added durability • Lightweight durable 500 Denier Cordura® for weight reduction • Fully adjustable load bearing vest size “S-XL” with padded shoulder harness • Weight: 7.35 lbs. A. LBT-9019A Load Bearing Vest B. LBT-9023A Hydration Pouch C. LBT-9022A Bleeder Control Medical Pouch D. LBT-9007A 1Qt. Canteen Pouch (2) each E. LBT-9042A Utility Pouch F. LBT-9010A Single M4 Pouch (4) each (Holds 2 mags) G. LBT-9020A Single M4 Pouch (2) Holds 3 mags) H. LBT-9017A MBITR Pouch I. LBT-9044A Latex Glove Pouch J. LBT-9045A Dual Handcuff Pouch K. LBT-9013B Dual 9mm Pouch with KYDEX L. LBT-9024A Protective Insert M. LBT-9043A 6” Expandable Baton Pouch N. LBT-9043B 7 3/4” Expandable Baton Pouch O. LBT-9021A ALICE Adapter P. LBT-9025A Single 9mm Pouch (3) each Q. LBT-9037B Four oz. Chemical Spray Pouch R. LBT-9008A Single Frag Grenade Pouch (2) each For availabel colors, please visite or contact our sales team at 800.229.0207
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