Ugly Indian secularists and ugly India media - I

V Sundaram Mon, 24 Dec, 2007. Hail Gujarat! Hail the people of Gujarat!! Hail Narendra Modi, the Man of the People of Gujarat!!! Through his principled, courageous, rock-like, statesman-like and charismatic leadership of the BJP Party, he has trounced the Congress Party in Gujarat. The disgraceful spokesmen of the graceless Congress Party have commented: "Fascists sometimes do win and repeat their wins". The truth of the matter is that the Congress Party – indeed even the UPA Government in New Delhi – is under the stranglehold of a fascist leader from distant Italy who has the temerity to think that she is the Mahatma Gandhi of today. On the day of polling last week, while coming out of the polling booth after casting his vote, Modi had said, 'It will be a historic win for the BJP in Gujarat'. What has happened yesterday in Gujarat, may not be a historic win by means of number of seats, but it is indeed a historic win through the yardstick of its unprecedented nature and character. The BJP has won for the fourth time in Gujarat and Narendra Modi —the Man of the Match — Modi the Monarch has single-handedly carried his BJP Team to a landslide victory against all odds! To quote the brilliant and unsurpassed words of my friend and freelance journalist K Vijayan: "The TV Channels yesterday and the Press today have revealed a most dangerous trend in UPA politics – they are vindictive, vituperous and venal in their One Point Agenda of seizing and holding on to Power. Power at any cost, and National Interest be damned. All notorious Fascists have been European and Sonia's roots, religion, and loyalties are Mafia-Fascist. She herself is a good example of a Fascist Dictator, fake names, costumes, and non-existent Cambridge degrees, Bofors and Cousin Qs. A coal scuttles calling the Hindu kettle black. A FOOT-IN-MOUTH- KA-SAUDAAGAR. Sonia is a poor loser – neither she, nor her dimwit son, had the grace to congratulate Narendra Modi after he won. Others are possibly afraid of getting purged by Sonia if they did. Her highly divisive Aaam Aadmi Plank is another name for an Alien Agenda to Balkanise India by pitting Muslims against Hindus.

Alien Antonia's Mafia tricks will not wash in Hindu India. The Congress under her birdbrain leadership is following Communal politics; it has always done so. We should not overlook the strange coincidence of how would-be rivals to power in Congress and rising Stars of other Parties die early, un-natural deaths. Let us pray for Modi. Paradoxically, all the Hindu-Hinduthva bashing has helped Hinduthva. Maybe Sonia & Son and the Dummy PM should continue up to 2009 and commit Mass-Suttee taking the Commies and secessionists with them". In these columns on 8th December 2007, under the title 'An Archangel of Death from Italy in Gujarat', I had reacted to the barbarously fascist Hitler-like description of Narendra Modi by Sonia Gandhi in Hindi as: "Mouth Ka Saudaagar" which means "A Merchant of Death". I had observed as follows: Sonia Gandhi is no Archangel of Peace in Gujarat or for that matter in any other part of India. The experienced people of Gujarat know her to be an unrivalled 'Archangel of Death'. Digressing for a moment from Sonia's sustained and continuous psudo-secular and historic peace initiatives in Jammu and Kashmir, let me turn to Gujarat where elections are taking place in the next few days. All the Hindus of India know that Islam-embracing and Christianity- coveting Sonia promoted peace in Godhra through the Muslim terrorists in February, 2002. Later she promoted peace through the Muslim terrorists when they attacked 'Sankat Vimochan Temple' at Benares. When the Muslim terrorists killed scores of people in a railway train in Mumbai through the use of cleverly deployed Bombs, Sonia Gandhi expressed her compassion towards the minorities saying that they were being targeted unnecessarily by the Hindu fundamentalists." ... About three weeks ago Sonia Gandhi went to Gujarat and during an election speech described Narendra Modi as a dishonest Merchant of Death. She rose to poetic heights by saying that Narendra Modi has converted Gujarat into a Godse Land. It is a pity that the grand old Congress party has gone dearth of strategies and become bankrupt of vital national issues to be raised and placed before the people of Gujarat in its on-going electoral campaign. Sonia Gandhi and her party have been driven to the helpless desperation of being forced to rake up the issue of encounter death of a criminal and a terror suspect Shorabuddin. What is disgusting and disgraceful to note is that the shameless Congress Party in Gujarat has joined forces with the Sardar Patel Utkarsh Samiti led by Gordhan Zadaphia who was Home Minister in Narendra Modi's Cabinet during the 2002 violence in Godhra. Thus a pro-Hindu terrorist of 2002 fame has become an acceptable pseudosecular and anti-Hindu Congress nationalist of today after he has been duly baptised by Sonia Gandhi. The Congress President Sonia, has always treated the Hindu majority in Gujarat—and of course in the rest of India—with contempt and describes all the Hindu leaders as 'Communalists'. She duly follows the Nehru legacy of appeasing the Muslims, but unlike

Nehru, she has a hidden Christian agenda of de-Hinduising this great nation by dividing the people on communal lines. The people of Gujarat have understood the fact that the Congress Party is a blatantly anti-Hindu Party and that Sonia Gandhi is a dastardly anti-Hindu Roman Catholic Christian from Italy, owing her allegiance to the Pope in Rome and not to the Indian Nation. She wants to pit the minority Muslims of India against the majority Hindus. Even during the recent UP Assembly elections, she had written a personal letter to thousands of Muslim clerics and leaders saying, 'help me generously to fight against communalism (read majority Hindus), so that, I can build a society of your dreams'. This is just one example and many such irrefutable facts can be cited. Deriving inspiration and courage from the people of Gujarat, all the innocent and peace loving Hindus of India must unite to adopt this daily working slogan: "Hindus of India unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains! Congress Hatao aur Desh ko Bachao". Our Nation owes a deep debt of gratitude to that indefatigable freedom fighter and Champion of eternal human freedom, Dr Subramanian Swamy for having brought out the whole truth about the undeniable 'Fascist Origins' of Sonia Gandhi and her family. In a historic statement of national significance he has spoken on behalf of all the nationalistic and patriotic Indians of India. Let us hear the rousing 'Roar of this Lion': "The impressive victory at the polls of the BJP under the leadership of Narendra Modi was a result of a potent combination of his first rate development record, unalloyed Hindutva, and unreticent anti-Sonia exposure. This same combination will work in other States going to polls in 2008, and finally in the Lok Sabha elections. Instead of recognizing that the people of India are rejecting Ms. Sonia Gandhi and her dumb son Rahul Gandhi in State after State including from where they both were elected to Parliament, namely, Uttar Pradesh, the Congress Party is quoted to have stated gracelessly (New Indian Express, Chennai, today) that "Fascists do sometimes win, sometimes more than once". This crude remark is however more applicable to Ms. Sonia Gandhi whose father Stefano Maino had volunteered and joined Hitler's fascist German army in 1941, and landed in a Soviet prison in Vladimir, near St. Petersburg. There, seeing the German army being routed, he defected to another version of the Fascists, viz., the Soviet KGB. Ms.Sonia Gandhi's mother Paola is even today a member of the National Front in Italy which adores Mussolini and Fronts for the Fascists. Hence, seeing the trend in India, Ms. Sonia and her family should pack up their bags and leave for Italy. In the time of 1971 War and 1977 JP victory, she had fled with her children temporarily. But now she should do so permanently". In conclusion, Narendra Modi's unquenchable Himalayan love for Gujarat and its people has decisively defeated the Modi-hating Pan-Islamic, Pan-Christian and PanMarxist Anti-National and Anti-Hindu forces spearheaded by the Congress Party under the fascist leadership of Sonia Gandhi.

The wretched men and women in the pseudo-secular mafia of mainstream mass media (Both print and electronic), the 'Secular Brigade' collecting their weekly bribes from the Congress Party and the other Parties in the UPA Coalition, have suffered a bigger defeat than either Sonia Gandhi or the Congress Party. Self-styled activists, leftist liberals, insipid intellectuals, arrogant artists, callous columnists, elusive editors, lifeless lyricists and sickening speech writers have been describing Narendra Modi as 'An Ugly Indian'. In my view they are only Uglier Indians committed to the chief Congress-cause, Communist-cause of total destruction of the soul of Bharat Matha and Sanathana Dharma. http://newstodaynet .com/col. php?section= 20&catid=33