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New Home = grand things DbR’s new home is fantastic! We moved our family and therefore moved the business. Our old sewing space was a cramped 200sq ft space—that overflowed into my sleeping area. Thankfully my husband is easy going. Now DbR occupies about 400 sq ft and we have shelves— lots of shelves! And it has hard floors for easier cleanup. I also get to see the dogs all day (and even sneak out to pet them when they give me that adorable look, which is often). Custom requests kept me busy all the way through the move—will adjust agendas and promises for future moves, LOL! Lessons learned. I have several other SCOTT Men’s wardrobe. Designs by Rhenn 2012 requests through the next months. But lots of new ideas still swirling around ready to snatched from the air and implemented for ready made product. One such is a revisit of an old idea. I hope to have phase one and two of this product idea out by July or August 2012.

Designs by Rhenn

Volume 2, Issue 2

April 2012

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Benno’s Buttons.

 Scarborough Renaissance Festival.  Medieval Faire.  The Castle of Muskogee.

Latest Introductions
Underpinnings Accessories Women’s Designs

Earlier this week I rolled out a new corset design : LANETTA. This similar to the DOROTHY corset but incorporates boned tabs at the waist help support the skirts. Larger busted women seem to like this design.

The PENELOPE embroidered caul comes in three options of embroidery patterns. The turnaround is approximately two-four weeks.

The MICAYLA Italian design incorporates an attached underskirt that peaks out from the bottom. The sleeves are slash-n-pull and feature a double row of shoulder puffs and tabs.

Personal Docket
Designs by Rhenn

Holy-moly-matrimony! I thought I’d have time for some personal projects once I moved. But boy was I wrong—and that is awesome! My HATTIE design made a preview debut at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival in April. Right now it consists of a bodice, removable sleeves, and overskirt. I did purchase a soft hat that can be worn with it as it is. However, stage two will consist of a doublet, underskirt, and hard tall hat. I think I will use the soft hat with just the bodice, and the hard hat when wearing the doublet. Stage three will include the addition of gloves, belt, and cape.

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My boys all have requests as does my daughter and her boyfriend. The younger two boys desire for me to make replicas of their favorite Wizard 101™ characters. This will be very “costumy” for my taste, but they deserve it. I have forced my historical will on them their whole lives, LOL! My oldest boy has had a partial Ezio costume for a couple of years and would like to see it finished. I would too. My daughter will be squiring for the Washington Renaissance Festival in Washington state later this summer and she has put in a pretty request.

Fascinate them all...

Her boyfriend received from her, via my Then there is Phase two. That will be rolled hands, a Knight’s Templar Cape for Christout some time in the future. I hope to get to mas. Now I will make a basic Knight’s Temit soon, as it is a unique idea and fun! plar tunic.

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Brilliant Plan
It occurred to me, while constructing the SCOTT and having my hubby try it on for fit for my customer, that I rely on my husband and sons to tell me what “feels” good and right in a man’s wardrobe from a period 500 before they were born. I often get frustrated because it should have worked, but when they tell some thing isn’t right, what do I fix to make it right? It’s like a man designing high heals for a woman—odds are they have never worn a pair of heals for a day. So what should I do? Why, make a man’s wardrobe for myself, of course. I am really excited to do this, though it will have to a little way down the road. Our calendar is full into June, with very little wiggle room. I would like to make it in white/cream/gold that is consists of a doublet, sleeves, and unpaned slops that tie into the waist of the doublet. I might even include a cod piece— scandalous! However, this will be a backburner for a while to come. Too many projects to finish up. LANETTA Corset

PENELOPE embroidered caul. Designs by Rhenn 2012

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