a brand name which stands for Very Important Personality is a coach transport company situated at Kwame Nkrumah Circle in Accra shuffles between Accra and Kumasi.P.1.I. The transport company is managed by a parent company called Unowaj Transport Company. To challenge State Transport Corporation (STC) in customer service. Company is managed by four persons under the leadership of Yaw Amponsah Marfo. comfortable.P.I.0 INTRODUCTION Company History V.P. convenient and safety travelling 2. safe and comfortable transport service provider. transport is one of the four main coach transport system in Ghana amongst others. V.I.I. as the most innovative. To provide jobs for masses 3.P. Transport is to 1. Provide customers affordable. Operation/ Fleet Numbers The safety and comfort comes as a result of its recruitment of well trained/skilful drivers across the country and providing a back up driver on every journey they take. Aim The aim of V. . It was established four years ago and hence its operation. Customers/ travelers have every reason to reason to regard V.

V. 2. comfort and safety put V.P transport ahead of its competitor. integrate rural economy and help international trade from state to compete with the private sector  IMPACT Opportunity Increasing import duties so that importing buses by the private sector will be more expensive for the private firms therefore reducing the influence of the private sector Threat .Having about thirty six (36) fully equipped buses and counting. The customer service experience.I.I.0 ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT MATRIX FACTOR POLITICAL DESCRIPTION  Government passed the National Transportation policy in 2007 – to lower transportation cost. Their service guarantees high degree of availability and ensures that buses are back in operation on a regular time schedule.P has an integrated service center in Kumasi and Accra which meets the total service need of customers in a professional and official manner.

prospective investors will not find it attractive to invest in V.Ghanaians love to travel on new buses due to perception of safety and minimum breakdown associated with new buses Opportunity .this will deter customers from using the buses. Threat  Increase in fuel price.more local currency will need to be used to import the spare parts at the same price Significant threat Threat  Taxation.I.ECONOMICAL  Inflation. SOCIO-CULTURAL  Preference of Ghanaians for big buses due to perception of safety associated with it (over speeding is minimal) Opportunity  Preference of Ghanaians for shorter travel times -Traveling time is Relatively short as compared to other transport companies (minimal stopping time) Opportunity  Love for new buses.P. Significant threat  Depreciation of the cedi.high imposition of taxes by government increases fuel prices.

TECHNOLOGICAL  Limited use of technologyThere are no opportunities for online booking . ticket reservation or electronic payments Opportunity  No tracking system Opportunity .

I. Service Distribution There is very limited use of information technology and automation in the service distribution.I. There is also. . a stand-by generator to supply power in case of power outage. to enhance its service delivery. the company has employed some supplementary services to facilitate and enhance its service delivery. However. Facilitating services available includes.P. a fueling port where buses are fueled before loading to avoid travel delays associated with fueling at external filling stations .’s core service is in the provision of comfortable and luxurious bus services for travelers shuttling between Accra and Kumasi. Purchase of tickets can only be done at the bus terminals and in cash (i. The provision of a parcel delivery service enhances the service experience for patrons.e.3. no avenue for ticket reservation and electronic payment) Positioning V. This is done through the provision of comfortable and spacious coaches designed to the taste of this class and pricing.P. The company has a washing bay in the yard to ensure that buses are always washed ‘clean’ after every trip. seeks to position itself as a safe and comfortable bus service provider for middle and high class segments of travelers on the Accra – Kumasi route.0 INTERNAL ASSESSMENT Core of Supplementary Services V.

Servicescape The grounds of the terminal are untarred making it muddy when it rains and dusty during the dry season.Target Market The company seeks to serve tourists. However. . Prices range from GH₵20. There is very little greens in the environs and the exterior walls of the building are dusty making the place appear unattractive. The basis of price is in the delivery of value to meet the customer expectation of comfort and luxury.00 per person in the 30 sitter bus which is slightly higher than other than the average rate of GH₵15.I. these fares are less than 30% of the cost of air travel which is also an alternative for the target market. is to cover cost and generate profit. Pricing of luggage is by visual inspection. Pricing The objective of setting prices at V.00 per person in the 60 sitter to GH₵30.P. The designated person inspects bags visually and decides on luggage fee Location The terminal is advantageously located opposite the Neoplan station at Circle in an area known to be the hub of commuters to all parts of Ghana. corporate clients and travelers to Kumasi who hope to have a relaxing and comfortable journey and prefer to go by road instead of by air.00. The location is easily accessible by both private and public transport.

Human Resource and Customer Relationship Management Staffs are professionally dressed but do not have name tags. There is only one bus boarding bay but this has not been demarcated. There is no designated parking place for passengers and no security is n place for parked cars. . Passengers can use washroom at a fee. A newly built washroom serves passengers. Drivers look professionally dressed though they do not have name tags. The hall is equipped with a two 32 inch flat screen television but only one is functional.The ticketing/departure hall walls are dirty with paint peeling off. There is no functional Human Resource department and the general manager serves in that capacity.Entry/exit door is defective and some windows are also broken. Directional signs are very limited. The washrooms are clean and fitted with water closets and wash hand basins and toiletries are provided. Buses are very clean with comfortable interior. There is only one ticketing booth and this result in unbearably long queues during peak demand. The room is warm due to non functional airconditioners. Waiting chairs are largely uncomfortable and haphazardly arranged. Buses are equipped with large recliner chairs and have TV and DVD player for entertainment. Workers are competent and very friendly. The only observable ones are the Ticket booth and arrival/departure halls signs.

Service Design The flowchart for core service delivery is shown below (figure 1). Customers have to remain in queues to secure their position. Queues are single lines to single ticketing booth. No attempt is made to keep customer database or develop customer relationship.There are no customer complaints/suggestion boxes/booths and grievances are generally difficult to communicate. No measures are in place to check unfair waits Flowchart for Service Delivery Travel to Bus station Park car at car park Join queue for tickets Buy Tickets Ticket Attendant issues ticket Conductors assist with luggage removal Driver ensures passenger comfort Bus conductor assist with checking in Disembark from bus Figure 1 Travel on bus to destination Board bus Check in luggage .


0 RECOMMENDATIONS SERVICE DIMENSION RECOMMENDATION(S) 1. Include a secured ‘Park and Board’ parking service to enhance the core service experience for market segment who would prefer to park cars and travel. Enhance the credibility of drivers by establishing a driver’s training school for continual training of own staff and general public. . Develop a company website which would give critical information like departure and arrival times as well as weekly travel schedule. 4.5. Supplementary Services 1. 2. Partner with Financial institutions to install ATMS at the bus terminal to meet the needs of customers who want quick cash 3.

Price per weight should be displayed prominently on site.Service Distribution Introduce an electronic booking system capable of issuing e-tickets.Special rates should also be applied for holiday seasons when demand is very high. Tickets should be priced lower than those bought at bus terminals to encourage use of this medium. Price luggage by weighing.Pricing 1. Current system which uses visual inspection of luggage as criteria for pricing is unfair .SERVICE DIMENSION RECOMMENDATIONS 2. Implement alternative payment modes like using e-zwich card 3. 2. This will help smoothen out demand and eliminate the huge queues which build during weekends and ultimately increase revenue.Implement a revenue management system by pricing lower during off peak periods (Monday to Thursday) and applying higher rates during peak periods(Friday to Thursday).

Promotion 1. 3. 2. Introduce a ‘take number’ queuing system to create equitable waits.customer feedback portals etc in order to project brand and develop brand equity 5. Encourage early reservation by pricing lower for reservations made far in advance of departure. Sponsor Television and/or radio programs that focus on safe driving to communicate core value of safety. information on core and supplementary services . This will help better manage demand .Balancing of demand and productive capacity 1. 2.SERVICE DIMENSION RECOMMENDATIONS 4. Current queuing system is unorganized and easily abused.Website should have information on driver and passenger safety tips. Improve on marketing communication efforts through advertising to build brand loyalty and communicate brand position.

items left in bus etc. .Service Design Create a ‘LOST ITEM’ booth for collection of unpicked/unattended luggage. Loyal customers should be rewarded with special services like having preference seats and special discounts periodically.SERVICE DIMENSION RECOMMENDATIONS 6.Complaint Handling Set up a customer complaint and suggestion center/box to handle customer complaints 8. 7.Customer Relationship Management Have a customer database and identify loyal customers.

Service flowchart should be conspicuously displayed at entrance to departure/ticketing hall to communicate the service script.SERVICE DIMENSION 9.The bus boarding bay should be clearly demarcated and labeled with safety lines .Service Environment RECOMMENDATION(S) 1. ticketing center as well as other service areas should be clearly displayed. 3. Paint the whole facility to improve on ambient conditions. Provide enough signs. Directional signs to washrooms. symbols and artifacts to facilitate service experience. 2. 5. Other signs to reinforce behavioral rules like ‘NO SMOKING’ signs should be provided 4. Improve on serviscape by providing adequate greenery and flowers and using concrete tiles for exterior floor space.

Human and bus lanes should be clearly demarcated to prevent accidents 7. Replace uncomfortable wooden chairs at waiting rooms with more comfortable seats. Improve on ambient conditions at the ticketing area by painting walls. soothing music through PA system. .9. Improve on spatial layout and functionality at arrival/ticketing hall by increasing ticketing booths and re-arrange seats to provide more space to ease human and luggage movement. 8. repairing broken doors and windows. Service Environment 6. 9. repairing defective air-conditioners and television sets and providing slow.

Employees should have tags showing name and designated position. Create a measurable benchmark for service quality and evaluate on regular basis conformance. Create a functional human resource 10. 2. 3.SERVICE DIMENSION RECOMMENDATION(S) 1.Human Resource Management and service quality Improvement department to educate employees on various aspects of customer service. . recognition of exceptional service delivery. Motivate workers through quarterly best worker awards.





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