1.INTRODUCTIO N This Method Statement describes the specific safe working methods which will be used by ----------------

-- to carry out the construction new storage facilities. 2.SCOPE This document covers the scope of work required for the execution of the tank construction. The method

statement is in the following sequence as the work will becarried out. Tank specific design and drawings Construction of new tank foundation .

structural steel and tank component procurement Floor.Plate. shell and roof plate fabrication Installation of new floor plate and double deck roof Fire protection system .

floor and roof Tank decommissioning Tank isolation Tank cleaning .Instrumentation and electrical works Demolition of tank foundation.

Tank conditional inspection survey Blasting and painting works Hydro-testing Calibration Hook up to existing process line. .

REFERENCES API 650: Welded steel storage tanks for Oil Storage API MPMS 3.commissioning and demobilisation 3.1B: Manual of Petroleum Measurement .

Standards Chapter 3 – Tank Gauging (Section 1B: Standard Practice for Level measurement of LiquidHydrocarbons in Stationery Tanks by Automatic Tank Gauging) Method Statement1 of 17 .


Recommended Practice 14FZ: Recommended practice for Design and Installation of Electrical Systems for Fixed and Floating Offshore Petroleum Facilities .

Zone 1 and Zone 2 Locations NFPA 30: Flammable and Combustible Liquid Code-2000 Edition . Zone 0.for Unclassified and Class1.

LIST OF EQUIPMENT 30 ton mobile crane Flat deck/low bed trailer .BS 8110: Structural use of Concrete in Building 4.

Semi automatic welding machine DC welding machines (400A) Air compressor Sand blasting set Spray painting set Wheel loader .

60kVA.Tipper truck Mini dumper truck Fuel tanker Power generating set (30kVA. 50kVA. 100kVA) NDT Equipment .

SITE PERSONNEL .Man Lifting Equipment (25m Boom height) Dewatering pumps Pneumatic power winch Pneumatic air winch 5.

Construction Manager1S i t e E n g i n e e r 2 H S E O f f i c e r 1 Q A / Q C O f f i c e r 1 Q A .

E n g i n e e r 2 Q C I n s p e c t o r 2 S i t e S u p e r v i s o r 1 Pipe/Pl ate Welders6 Method Statement2 of 17 .

G B s r s r i t l a s t e r 4 O p e a t o r 8 .

WORK SEQUENCE AND METHOD6.Tank Specific Design And Drawings The following elements design shall be considered for adequacy in accordance with .6.1.

.therelevant codes and standards as may be applicable and any findings communicated to theCOMPANY for review and approval before changes will be effected.

The tank foundation shall be verified in accordance with appendix B of API650:2005 and BS 8110 The floor and annular plates shall be verified in accordance with the requirements .

4 and 4.of clauses 4.6of API 650:2005 Roof and other roof accessories shall be .5 of API 650:2005 The shell plates shall be verified in accordance with the requirements of clauses 4.

6 for shell and 4.7.8.verified to meet the requirement of Clause4.5for roof of API 650:2005 .10 of API 650:2005 Nozzles shall be verified to meet the requirement of clauses 4.

Plates.The piping system shall be verified to meet the requirement of ASME B31. Structural Steel And Diesel Storage Tank Components Procurement .3 6.2.

Steel plate and sections procured shall be accompanied with their mill certificates Samples shall be taken from the procured materials to confirm that the chemical .

andmechanical materials conform with the requirement of clause 4 of API 650: 2005 6.3. Forming and Fabrication Plate material shall be straight and/or .Cutting.

flattened by pressing or rolling audtties shall bedone before the material is processed in any way. Marking To enable the various fabricated .

components to be assembled together correctly on site. Method Statement3 of 17 . each part shall be marked with unique numbering system asshowed on the “Approved for Construction” drawings.

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