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Translation: when the cap is reached, benefits will be cut.

T his means Kaiser may change your benefits af ter you retire.

Sounds like a cut. The California Nurses Association, representing only 18,000 nurses who aren’t in the Par tnership, got 5%, 5%, 5% with NO TAKEAWAYS. Means no bridging the wage gap between Nor th & South.

Where’s SEIU-UHW President Dave Regan’s signature? 93% of John August’s salary and the Coalition’s budget comes from KAISER.

Contributions in California are cut by 2/3.

That means issues like shift differentials, wage equity adjustments, issues related to workload and/or rebalancing, scheduling, probationary period, aligning standards to the same level statewide, conversion to benefited status, and others, NO BARGAINING OVER T HESE ISSUES. By the end of this contract’s term it will have been T EN YEARS since we had local bargaining.

By helping Kaiser provide less care.

Kaiser uses your personal health data to track “progress.” ‘Productivity’ generally equals job cuts.

So now SEIU is going to help Kaiser monitor your own personal BMI and other health data.

Peer pressure based on biometric data

Kaiser/SEIU workplace health police

SEIU is supposed to help Kaiser use us to market wellness programs to other employers.

Again, the dashboard will track our BMI.

This makes it less about our health and more about Kaiser’s business.

No indication of what the ‘incentive’ actually is. If “healthier” doesn’t result in bigger profits for Kaiser, then there’s no “incentive.” What are the ‘key biometric risk indicators’?
How about adding staff to resolve worksite issues?

ge” “Encoura equals e pressur

Who determines performance outcomes?

This all sounds like Kaiser’s productivity agenda to cut staff and increase profits.

Local leaders will enforce productivity and if they can’t succeed, top Kaiser and SEIU officers will intervene.

The agreement calls for SEIU-UHW members who are current ly not paying the par tnership tax to star t paying at least 9 cents per hour, which is a wage cut.

This means they can raise the Par tnership tax whenever they want.

Isn’t that already par t of the contract?

Shouldn’t SEIU spend more time representing us instead of marketing for Kaiser?

“Kaiser-cize”: Kaiser’s new word for downsizing a workforce.

g educin er’s r efits. Kais n While heal th be e retire

Demonstrates that “wellness” is less about us and more about KP marketing.

Kaiser trying to influence what the Union bargains for outside of kP.

The Union is now going to be held accountable for KP’s growth.

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Need care to be v fu er SEIU l so KP y does ’s collus & ion n’t b law reak the agai n.

Collusion in NLRB elections.

es that Acknowledg has the Kaiser still bcontract r ight to su our jobs. s SEIU agree iser to help Ka ys to identify wa t our subcontrac jobs.

Again, have to make sure that KP/SEIU collusion doesn’t break the law like it did in 2010.

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