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Complementary School

Complementary School
Guiding children to achieve the best
of both worlds Our vision To create a knowledge based society by reinforcing main stream education and complementing with Sharia knowledge in a way that nurtures Eemaan to achieve the best of both world. Introduction Abrar Complementary School was established to educate a developing child, from primary school age up to advance level, based on Islamic and paediatric developmental principles so that a child is guided through twelve years of school life reinforcing main stream education and complementing with in-depth Sharia knowledge so that a child while entering in to

university will have acquired both scientific and revealed knowledge. A graduate of Abrar

Complementary School is expected to have built enough confidence by acquiring knowledge, in its broader perspective, while nurturing the Eemaan, with right attitude and manners, to face the challenges of this 21st century digital world to lead a life of an ideal Muslim that takes him through success to achieve the best in the world while preparing for journey towards Jannah. We have had many interactions with several early learning institutions, particularly in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Malaysia, India and Singapore and interacted with many experts in the field of early learning education and educational psychologist and learned the approach towards teaching methodology, Islamic orientation and management of early childhood and adolescent education. Some Medico-Islamic principles on which design and curriculum of Abrar Complementary School is Abrar Abra based A child is AMANAH given by Almighty Allah, parents and

Guiding children to achieve the best of both worlds

Abrar Complementary School 18A, Palmyra Avenue Colombo 03 E-mail:

teachers are responsible guardians to return the AMANAH back to Allah in a good shape. Responsibilities of parents are enormous and parenting is a profession involving learning knowledge and skills. It is the responsibility of the parents to learn parenting skills. We will teach parenting skills, positive parenting practices to all parents of children of Abrar Complementary School. (Positive parenting is part of our curriculum) All children are born with a blank mind and a pure clear soul, without any preconceived ideas, theories or knowledge; it is the environment the child lives that determines the outcome. You can mould a child the way you want until he/ she passes the teens. Do not miss this window of opportunity to mould a child. Tomorrow will be too late. In Complementary Abrar School we will grab this window of opportunity to guide children.

Children are born and blessed with potential to develop as a good human. Providing a suitable positive stimulating environment and right guidance to tap all the hidden potentials of a child will lead to a highly confident, successful and intelligent God conscious useful citizen of this world. During childhood brain and soul are extremely vulnerable to outside or environmental influences so that manipulation of the environment will have a greater effect on a developing brain and soul. Abrar Complementary School while providing a positive environment will engage with parents, based on family unit development concept, to negotiate and create suitable home environment right for a childs growth, development and learning. A child is a child and their priorities and perception of life is different. We give utmost importance to understand a child and to recognize their difference to respect the childhood. Education and

guidance should be designed based on their perception, not based on how the adults perceive it. Deprivation of any kind will cause extremely severe at times irreversible damage in overall development of a child, so that any guidance (parenting and education) should address all aspects of childhood development. (Gross motor, fine motor, vision, hearing, social, emotional, spiritual and psychosocial etc.) Once the strong foundation is built through childhood and guided based on Islamic principles they would navigate themselves through straight path to achieve the noble objectives of life. Abrar Complementary School has planned to Complement main stream school education by giving whatever is missing in the main stream school education to achieve the best with Islamic orientation appropriate for the developmental age taking into

consideration their different stages of developmental maturity of the brain and the soul.(Providing education based on ability not age) Strengthen education by reinforcing whatever is learned in the main stream national curriculum by supporting and striving for excellence in subjects like mathematics, science, IT and English etc., (this will eliminate need for extra private tuition). Build confidence in growing mind and soul of children and encourage independent lateral thinking and critical mind to analyze logically based on spiritual guidance when facing the wider digital world. Teach moral values, manners, good characters, self-discipline, leadership qualities, and various skills to face challenges and grab opportunities of life with care confidence and commitment. Teach to produce scholars of text (Quran and Sunnah) while supporting and reinforcing main stream education to make them

scholars of context they live in, (doctors, engineers, accountants, scientists,etc), that is contemporary digital world so that they develop better understanding of Islam with right perception. Encourage and guide the families of school children to change the family dynamics and home environment to more stimulating positive Islamic environment so that the childs potential can be tapped at school and maintained at home in the context of family unit development. This in turn will prevent developing brain and soul falling prey to unwanted influences and immorality prevalent in the society. Provide opportunities to parents to learn Islam and to change towards a better future by involving the parents as partners of our educational system based on family unit development concepts.

planned programs, thereby willing to change the home environment according to the guidelines given by the school, based on the family unit development concept, would be enrolled. It would be an absolute necessity and of the utmost importance for parents to spend more quality time, maintaining an effective communication with children, creating or modifying the home environment to achieve the objectives of the school. Compulsory interview for admission to school is NOT for children but for parents.

Medium Medium of instructions is English Second language is Arabic.

Teaching of Sharia in a dynamic stimulating environment would include the following. Quranic Arabic and Arabic language Seerah Islamic etiquettes and manners Memorizing the Quran Hifl. Thajweed and Qiraath

Commitments of Parents. Only the children of the parents who agree to cooperate with schools

Islamic studies Hadeeth Uloomul Quran Usoolul Hadheeth Usoolul Fiqh Thafseer Comparative religions Reinforcing main stream education on the following subjects Maths Science English Computer studies Special attention and support would be given to prepare, Year 5 scholarship exam. GCE O/L exam. GCE A/L exam. Compulsory Sport All children will be trained and encouraged to master swimming and Karate. Outdoor field expeditions will be arranged both local and abroad.

Medical care of children. Complete annual health check by consultant paediatricians Regular assessment of growth and nutrition Regular dental care.

For further details please contact Mr. A.H.M.Salam on 0772992137, PA to Dr. M.L.M.Rayes

Abrar Complementary School,

18A, Palmyra Avenue, Colombo 03

Only grade 1 and 2 (Age 6 and 7) students will be enrolled now. No admission fee, only monthly fee. Only 48 spaces available for both batches. First come first served. Air-conditioned, comfortable child friendly classrooms. Starts on 11th February 2012 Saturday
Options to enroll E mail:

Dr. Musthafa Rayes M.D Chairman Abrar Complementary School Consultant Paediatrician Senior Lecturer & Head Department of Paediatrics Faculty of Medical and Allied Sciences. RUSL.

Call & SMS: 0772 992 137 Collect application forms from:

Abrar Complementary School, 18A, Palmyra Avenue, Colombo-03


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