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NOTE: The majority of marks will be allocated for Analysis & Content PRESENTATION, REFERENCING & WRITING STYLE The assignment should be written in an appropriate style. Things to consider include: Use of 1.5 or double-spacing (as requested by Lecturer) All quotations and ideas taken from your reading MUST be referenced All referencing must be in the correct format (consult ECU Referencing Guide) both in-text and end-text. Ensure the correct number of in-text references are used (these are the references included in the body of the essay). Lecturers often indicate a minimum number of academic references are required. NOTE: academic references does not include newspapers, magazines etc. If used, these are additional to the required number of references) Ensure all in-text references have a corresponding end text reference and that all end text references correspond to a reference that is included in the essay. The list of references ONLY covers material you have included in the essay, not everything you may have consulted in preparing your essay. Make sure your references are relevant to the topic Check spelling, punctuation and grammar are correct and that the essay is properly paginated and presented. STRUCTURE The assignment should be presented in an appropriate format as advised by the Lecturer and/or ECU guide to essay presentation. Things to consider include: The essay structure conforms to the guideline in the unit outline Topic sentences or headings are used in the essay this helps the reader follow the discussion/argument being made. There is an introduction that provides necessary background information, a clear outline of the issues to be covered, the main argument/s and key concepts. The introduction provides a road map for the reader. There is a conclusion that provides a concise summary of the issues covered and argument/s made reinforcing the key findings, summary of your thoughts on the topic, ending with precise reference back to the question. New material should not be introduced in the conclusion. ANALYSIS The assignment should demonstrate your critical analysis of the issues. Make sure: All the issues that are central to the topic are covered You provide a balanced discussion, presenting alternative theories and points of view, with evidence to support them Your arguments and issues are developed in a logical way There is evidence of analytical thought/critical appraisal There is evidence of independent and/or original thought CONTENT The content of the assignment should demonstrate: Evidence of adequate reading and research Your effective use of the evidence and sources to support the points you make That you understand industrial relations concepts in relation to the question Any case studies or examples used are relevant and clearly presented. NOTE: if using cases to illustrate your points, be sure to give a concise summary of the case and explain how/why it supports your argument


P = Poor

M = Marginal

A = Acceptable

G = Good

VG = Very Good

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