BRIEF PROJECT SUMMARY Project Title: Jepthae Organized Vain-Men for Direction Location: All through Liberia

Project Objective: To make Liberia a crime free society. To destroy the existing fear between the vain-men and the community, To encourage the re-integration process, To reinstalled the security, trust and confidence which are the binding component of every community and Nation. Target Beneficiaries: The nation and it inhabitants. Project Executors / Implementers: End Time Train Evangelistic Ministry Inc. Duration: 18 Months Contact Persons: Evan. Joshua Milton Blahyi President: End Time Train Evangelistic Ministries Inc. Pastor. David N. Green Administrator. End-Time Train Evangelistic Ministries Inc. Lynch Street, Monrovia Liberia Tel. # 231-6-548245 / 231-77-548245.> Estimated Cost: $51,030.00 (Fifty one Thousand Thirty Dollars].

NARRATIVE SUMMARY Brief Background and Context The Bible termed certain men as vain-men and they were successful weapons wherever they went. In II Chronicles chapter 13 Jeroboam a son of Nebat one of Solomon's officials used vain men to oppose Rehoboam the son of Solomon from what God almighty by a covenant of salt. In Judges Chapter Abimilech a son of Gideon by a strange woman also used vain men to behead seventy of his brothers who were legitimate children to Gideon his father and took headship to wickedly rule his people, the people of Israel. But Jepthae in Judges Chapter eleven used vain me to insure the security of Israel. From our survey, vain men were powerful and will remain powerful because they are like un programmed computer that every owner programmed according to what he wants it for. Most of the young men in our country, Liberia, are as vulnerable as the vain men referred to in the bible and even worse because they are programmed to violence, lawlessness and believed that survival depends on the fittest, strongest and bravest. In 1989 the civil inertia led by former president Charles Taylor was announced and it is where the problems of the youth began. The Doe led government started recruiting young men regardless of age. 13 and 14 years old youth, as long as they were of good stature were recruited and termed 'E-DIE 90". Other young men who were not ready or willing to take such risk were being accused as rebels or humiliated one way or the other. Some young people yielded and joined the "E-DIE 90" whole many fled across rebel lines for survival but met with equal humiliation, if not more that forced them to be recruited as rebel soldiers or fighters. The surviving fate on both the rebels and government forces control areas depended on individual fitness, strength and bravery. This is where the order to the reality of normal living changed in Liberia. Children became bread winners for their parents. Some parents were abandoned in displaced settlements while some were killed while trying to rightly advised their children. The 14 years civil crisis in Liberia have corrupted the minds of many youths; making them to believe they can always survived on bullying. My Dear Partner, today we hear most Ministers in Liberia saying, we need a God fearing Christian leader, which is the most possible and effective way that God could use to gather His remnants in this nation (Liberia). But what are the plans of the Church to bring this vision to reality. Liberia is divided into 15 Counties that are broken down into 66 Districts. The districts are also broken down into 299 clans. Among the 66 districts in Liberia, only the greater Monrovia district has felt a little impart of the developed world. Monrovia had felt this impact, because it is the capitol city of the Nation. As for the remaining districts, they have not experienced 10% of what Monrovia has experienced in regards to modern development, including Education, health and etc. The sad thing is that, the enemy of Liberia has made every body - the Government, the International Community and even the Church, to believe success in Monrovia, is success over the nation. It is true my Dear Partner, that Monrovia is over populated because the country is so centralized that even after secondary education one will have to come to Monrovia to have tertiary education. Due to the lack of these facilities in other parts of the country, the rate of idleness is so increased that anyone with money could negatively use these men to carry out their evil plots. We from the above mentioned organization believed that we can come in to provide training for those men discover their potentials as we have also discover ours. We strongly believe that we can be used as the best personnel in helping them because we were once like them and now we have discover the true light. As you may know that it will take one who has been there to draw them out because from all indications our pass and present lives will be a living evidence and testimony for them to see.

My beloved partner, as you and I do know the famous proverb which states “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop”. So we believe that if these men are defined and directed, they will discover the true meaning to life thereby using the idle time to journey in pursuit of their newly discovered purpose.

MAJOR ASSUMPTION RISK: if these vain men are not positively influenced, they could be influenced negatively and the peace we now celebrate could be jeopardized. Road users 10 kilometers from Monrovia might need police escort to freely travel. The sense of fear and insecurity will highly increase. Young people who have been programmed to use huge sum of money which they can’t afford now may be constrained to become dangerous arm-robbers on our major high-ways. PROGRAM ARRANGEMENT AND IMPLEMENTATION METHODS: ETTEM crusade team will targeted the Vain-Men Concentrated communities in every clan and organize programs that suits the interest of each community, where we will sensitize the youths as well as the community about the need of education and other capacity building initiatives. Using the testimony on our president (Joshua Milton Blahyi) who also was once a vain-man. We will also counsel the Vain-Men and the community on how to live together.


QTY 1 1 8

DESCRIPTION Rent of PA System And Other Equipment Rent of a 12kva Generator Fuel/Gasoline Renting of Mini Bus to Convey Crusade Team & Equipment Allowance for 12 Man Team

UNIT PRICE $125.00per week x12 $100.00per week x12 $2.50x8gl per day x 90 $150.00per week x 12 $50.00x12x3 months

COST US$ $1,500.00 $1,200.00 $1,800.00 $1,800.00 $1,800.00 $8,100.00 $405.00 $8,505.00

Total Miscellaneous-5% of Total Cost Net Total

$8,505.00 [Eight thousand five hundred and five dollars] is the project cost per term. Each term lasts for three months and we think that six terms which is eighteen months will make meaningful impact. Because we will have covered 182 clans amongst the 299 clans in Liberia. The cost per term will be reduced to six thousand four hundred and fifty dollars ($6,450.00) if the budget is for the eighteen months is approved and released so as to facilitate the purchase of the mini bus, 12 kva generator and the Public address system instead of renting. We intent to commence the program one week after our proposal is granted. We would highly appreciate your kind assistance in making this most important project possible Thanks. Sincerely yours, Signed: Rev. David N. Greene Administrator Approved Evan. Joshua M. Blahyi President

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