...l.~A _.LANDRY

Oft;. Joseph M. Hoke

the undersigned authority, personally came and appeared: who, after being duly sworn, did depose and say:

That he/she is an Officer of the Eunice Police Department and in the course and scope of his/her employment he/she investigated an allegation of LA R.S. 14:67 Felony Theft

allegedly committed in the City of Eunice, on the reveals that on or about the 14th day of

14th day of , 20 12


, 20


; that his/her


(name) Joseph Lawrence (B/M D.O.B. 6/20/1968)


in fact commit the said offense by fraud and misrepresentations by identifying himself as the National President of the New Black Panthers Party and collecting $700.00 on the party's behalf. Lawrence accepted the $700.00 as a payment for what he claimed to the victim to be a fee for the services of the New Black Panther Party to assist him in with legal trouble he was in. The victim was arrested in Acadia Parish on December 3, 2012. I contacted Acadia Parish Sheriffs Office and confirmed this information. After accepting the payment, Lawrence advised the victim everything would be !'ok" and he would be along side him in court to assist him. After first meeting with Lawrence and providing him with the payment, the victim did not hear from Lawrence again. The victim attended the 15th Judicial Court to answer to his charges where Lawrence did not arrive to assist him. The victim contacted actual members of the New Black Panther Party at which time she was informed that Lawrence was in no way affiliated with the party and should not be accepting any funds on their behalf. I was also provided with a public notice bulletin as well as a warning email, both of which had been issued by the actual New Black Panther Party. Both of these documents clearly stated that Lawrence was not affiliated with the New Black Panthers. The bulletin also included a photo of Lawrence warning the public against his fraudulent practices. I also received written statements from three other persons stating they too had been advised by Lawrence he was the National President of the New Black Panthers. Each of these three additional victims also provided Lawrence with different amounts of money which he had advised them was "fees" for services from himself and the New Black Panther Party. Each of these victims contacted Lawrence at separate times and for separate reasons. Lawrence did not provide any services to any of the victims in return for the payments made, and upon receiving the payments from each victim Lawrence ceased all contact with them.


Y* Jo\d-OS 00 \ d; that he/she alan Victim

committed upon the person of or property belonging to, obtained the information from Gilbert Joseph Gilbert Joseph

Printed name of Notary & ill # or Deputy Clerk of Court

J 7'7

Affiant's Signature





iJ,_~.~ -~~)~ct /h

EUNICE, ST. LANDRY PARISH, LOUISIANA Considering the foregoing affidavit and any other written evidence submitted in this matter, I hereby find probable cause supporting the arrest of the defendant named above pursuant to LA Code of Criminal Procedure Article 230.2. This __ day of. _ 20

__~~-,AM/PM-------------------------------Time Judge

This section to be used when communicating with magistrate by telephone _ I have read the above probable cause affidavit and other written evidence, if any, to the magistrate at the date nd time given below who found probable cause supported the arrest; or __ I have read the above probable cause affidavit and other written evidence, if any, to the magistrate at the ate and time given below who did not find probable cause supported the arrest.
r< • ,•• ,••••.. : ••• ,. .1 I.
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