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Recalling Subhan Hajam

Let us affirm our faith in Islam, and play our role in eradicating the wrongs "Darvow Kaemu Phatvukh, Pan-ni Paen" Kashmiris must remember the luminary and legendary personality Mohammad Subhan Hajam for the exemplary and revolutionary role he has contributed during his times for the eradication of prostitution centres and laws thereof and the point of applaud is his success and today when Kashmir is facing the wrath of immorality we have no option to recall that "angel"- Mohammad Subhan Hajam. Rising Kashmir carried a prolific and heart rending story on this legendary person entitled A forgotten hero by Zahir-ud-Din on December 16, 2010.Such articles remind us Subhan Hajam and the bravado he possessed but we are the people who escape blissfully from the responsibilities and thereby cut the very roots of humanity, chastity, morality, and pardon, we promote waywardness by performing the role of spectators. The obscene and even half-nude pictures, sign boards and advertisements are spreading like an epidemic, shopkeepers, especially photographers, beauty parlours and such businesses. Our religious scholars have a pivotal role to make the people understand the ethics of trade in the perspective of Islam and the resultant sin committing and other bad impacts on the society, if the trade is done beyond Islamic parameters. Responsibility lies on the shoulders of the print media organisations of the Valley for that media persons and journalists must be trend setters, they must refuse to publish the articles, news, views, ads, and whatever which contain unwanted things, pictures and obscenity, they are part and parcel of their nation. They must guide their society.

There are laws or journalistic ethics which prohibit us to write about commercial commodities for that it may prop up or hold down the image of the commodity. Obviously there might be laws that should have a vigil on the commodities, their sale-dealings and promotion for that it is not violating the norms and ethics on secondary or tertiary lines that may be

surpassing the qualitative benefit of that commodity, though, availed by paying dear price. Promotional aids of cold-drinks are seen everywhere and the most unpalatable among them are their sign-boards. Sign boards will ruin us and we will remain silent spectators! This is a stern challenge to our courage and faith." The situation and scenario in educational and professional institutions is alarmingly dreadful as per the morality and ethics is concerned. In the name of picnics and specialized tours and trainings within and outside the valley the boys and girls are given a susceptible atmosphere to indulge into waywardness and immorality. In the name and style of botanical tours, cultural tours the teenagers are predisposed to vulgar interactions and even they dance in the buses and at their target places, say the so-called botanical gardens and other such resorts and resting places. Their care-takers loose control over these teenagers and they do not return to their homes till mid-night.!!!

Unpalatable and immoral events done in the educational institutions under the name and style of co-curricular activities is another passage to waywardness. Ironically such

activities are labelled "Art and Culture" and are deemed to aimat reformation and renovation, however, it must be borne in mind that such things ruin and deform the society instead of any reformation as these activities do not meet the moral boundaries not to speak of the justification of such activities in such a way in Islam. One wonders for weak and mysterious belief and behavior people, here possess and exercise. People link everything with suppression or say the Darul Harub (in this pretext people also consume interest,

deal corruption and do other otherwise prohibited activities) and as such escape blissfully from responsibilities and even from having a fundamental belief in Islam. People dillydally in doing/performing even such duties now that indeed form the very basic fabric of any society if seen from humanitarian view point only not to speak of the Islamic viewpoint. Sometime back a private cultural group sponsored by govt organisation staged a drama which comprised female artists. Some of the insiders of the school told the headman of the cultural group that instead of the drama that involved female artists some alternative item should be presented to which he agreed and his male party sung some song and also one of them sung Ladi shah. While as their program was still going on, the trouble started ..and as the

kashmiri saying goes "Darvow Kaemu Phatvukh, Pan-ni Paen" that is by some staffers hue and cry was raised for that the party was stopped and the students, deprived of enjoying the drama. As if it was a great achievement for these teenagers (boys and girls). In another instance the notebooks(rough copies) from many students bearing obscene pictures on their cover pages, were collected at "prayer (so- called)"(which actually is a gathering of boys and girls in the name of prayer/morning- assembly in unislamic way) and their title pages were torn away and students were advised not to keep such note-books/ stationery in their possession the matter of concern was referred to the administration for an official warning for not keeping such obscene things ..but utter surprisingly the school administration escaped, saying that no such ban or caution could be imposed on students as they were reading in a secular institution. !!! The hallmark of our Tauleem (Education) is that obscenity has entered now the Curriculum too!!! Open the text books of Information Technology for classes XI and XII and wonder to watch the soft-porn pictures. Making the learners to learn the techniques of Photo Deluxe and other things, many pages of the book contain the soft-porn photographs. Anyway, the remedy lies only and only in Islamic way, that alone will solve the all issues and problems right from cradle to grave and for all times. Let us shun cowardice, let us affirm our faith in Islam, and let us play our role in eradicating the wrongs.

Let us wake up and act now as had acted Subhan Hajam.