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One Rep Max Testing Calculator

This is the One Rep Max Testing Calculator, the function of which is to provide a reasonable and effective warm-up before
attempting your 1RM and setting additional Personal Records. After a general warm-up (ie. 5 min. on the bike), you'll slowly work
your way up to your estimated/actual 1RM before attempting new PRs. For the first warm-up set you'll do 5 reps with 33% of your
3RM, and 90% of your 3RM for the last warm-up, with four relatively even increments in between these two. Then you'll attempt
your 3RM for one rep and then your 1RM. Based on your performance in the 3RM and 1RM you'll determine whether or not to
attempt a PR and with how much. After you perform your 3RM, rest upwards of 7 minutes between attempts. Give yourself time to
fully rest for maximum strength recovery. Test up to 4 lifts in one training period. Only edit the cells in yellow. The first column,
“Rep Max,” is where you will enter your current Rep Max. The “Reps,” column defines the number of reps used for your “Rep Max”.
The “Smallest Weight,” field is the smallest weight increment that can be added to the barbell (usually 5, or less if microloading).
Good luck and GET STRONG DAMMIT! ~ Bango/Jgood
How To Test Your One Rep Max Tutorial

Smallest Weight: 1
Rep Max Reps (<12) 1RM 3RM 5RM
Test Lift 100 1 100 94 89

Reps Weight
Test Lift warmup 5x 31
warmup 3x 42
warmup 2x 52
warmup 1x 66
warmup 1x 75
warmup 1x 85
warmup/3RM 1x 94
1RM 1x 100
PR 1x ???
PR 2nd Attempt 1x ???
PR 3rd Attempt 1x ???