2010 G8 Summit -Integrated

Security Unit Joint Intelligence Group

File Control Number: 2009.. 26305 154 2 Date: 2009 06 03 RE: An Investigative Baseline for the Primaalntellige,Jlce Investigative Team


An l1,vestigcrtive Baseline jor the Primary Intelligence Investigative Team
201008 ..foint lntelligence Orotlp(JIO) was established in January2009~ as conlponent oftbelntegrated Seeurit¥Unit (ISU),Jn order to fuU1l1its mandate in rebltion toahe 2010 OS Sununitto benetdinHuntsviUe, Onwioin June 2010.111~lmandateofthe JIG is to collect, con ate, analyse and disseminate accurate infi.lnnation and intelligence in atinu:Jy .manner to facilitate the decision ..making process in both the planning and execution phascsofsecuring the2010G8. The no. fulfilsthiSmandatc by conducting intelligence investigations on possible threats and suspiciousactiltity associated to the :uno 08. Credible .threatsand crinlinaloffences will be repQl100 to the appropriate authorities for therequircd. enforcement action ..This is to ensure that .JIOManagement, •law enforcenlent personnei1and theinteUigence conul1unity at large., are fully apprised of specific •events and that their respective partners are .continulmsly and accurately informed of all activity and.threats directly related to as Summit. The JIG \\liU produce a variety of amliyticnl reports including Threat Reports, Situation .Reports. Trend Analyses and other reports.·O,ese • reports .will contribute to the developmentoftbe.nadonal threat a.'ilsessmentibrtbe 2010 as whiehwiU be produced by the Natipnru Security Threat Assessment Section at the· !teMP National Headquarters. The· JIG .iscomprised ofse1t'eraJ. c(&mponentsr1hisincJuacstbe •• rl.m;~ry lnteUigence P Investigative Terun (PUT), the Liaison Management Team (LMT), and the Intelligence informati(lll Management Team (UMT).
a010 GS Summit -lnteg(i)ted Si(:urlty Unit Joint Intelligence Group. DOI'IQtdj$$emll'late. C:ont<l(;ttile <lutoor of this document fQrperj1li$siOn to release any Information. NoUot legal use .. This document i5l'loftobereelassified, copied,
reproduced, used in whole or ~rt Of further disseminated, without the cOosent of theoriginatQr .: Thi$docurnel'ltis the pmpertVof the !\QvalCanadian Mounted Police.Jhisrl1cQrd maybe subject to mandatory .alfemptlol'lunder the Aeces$

to In'ormaticm and Prival:\' Act$,lfac(;~$$il;reqtle$ted Ulld~rthat lagislation,oo deeisiollregarding disclosure sholiid be made wlt~out prior conwlta~ion\\l.th thedepaftm(!ntal privacv eoot(!inatoroHhe Royal Canadian MO\'!l'Ited




While the mandate of the JIG is clear, it must be recogllize(ithatthere are several. functions andlorprerequisites .•that .fall . within that mandlAte•• SpeeifieaUy, .there .are a variety. of tasks/missions tnatmustbesuccesstWly completed in order to allow the .JIG. to execute. its mandate. From a strategic perspective, the JIG is the initial catalyst to success - if it does not. acquire the .requisite •.threat ..related intelligence, aU other mandates are placed. in jeopal'dy .• This. primary importance underscores .the .: ritical necessity of discerning the c threal$ to the 201() 08 Summit; the entities whichposethatthrea~ the motivation and intention of these entities, ••he· criminality to. be. employed in this activit)' and the publie t safety issuesthatmayariseasa result. f'urther, Once an understanding of these operational concerns . isacquired~ the. pur is required tQstmtegica11y implement investigative t~ehniques to ensurcthat. law.enforeement is cognizant. of'the evolving nature of these threats,. tbe perpetl'ators~ thetargets/venues, the timing and the impact for the public safety Jltldintegrity of any/all investigations. Only be achieving success in these primary areas can the 2010 08 Integrated Security Unit (ISU) achieve overall success. Given the •importance. of this .primary. investigative role, both. strategically and tactically,. it is the intention of this document to ~icuiate the mission of·tbe PUT and to· establish an invesdgativefoundation for the initiation of. this function .• lnefiectt this •document will afford an investigative baseline for the investigative teams and \\-'ill provide a genesis for investigative direction. The document is compartmentalized to serve severaJpurposes investigative parameters of the PUT. ItwiU provide the following: in establishing the

1. A brief description oftlu'eatsposed to the 2010 G8 and a diSeU$sion ofthecriauinal activity that cQIllPl'ises the~ tbreatstand thereby poses a threat to the 20lQ 08 by proxy. An amcuIationof the FlIT Manciateimplemented to detect. deter,preventand!or investigate these threats together with.various stakeholders. A discussion ofthe •investigative threShold ofthePIlT to ensure at\vp-foldprlol'ity: a. Accurate identification of threats to t'he 2010 2010G8 and action on these identified threats including investigatlon on the perpetrators, mt:Kteofthreat. andimpacttopublic safety; and 2
2010G8 Summit ~IntegrattdSecurlty UnitJOintIntelilgent:eGroup.DojJOt disseminate. Contact the. author of this document for permlssiorrto releaseanylnformatlon ..NQt forleiall.l~. Thisdocl.lment iU'Iot to be reclassified,coPled, repl'od!.Jt;ed,used in whole or part 01" .fl.l!t~r dissemlooted. wlthouttfieco!l$ent of tneorigfnator. This document is the property oftheRoYiill~nat!l ..n MOi.Bnt$dPolice.ThiSi'etordm$'i besubjed tomanciltory ~lIemption undertheAccess to Infl:mn!)tiQIl and PrlvaeyActli. If $cc~$lsrequested under that legl5latioll, 1'10 decision reBardins dlSl:losureshould be made without prior consultation· with the depa!tmefl~1 privsc:vcoorl'JirnatoS' the ROYll'lICanadlanMQul'lted of •Pollee.


b. Ameasuredhlvestigative response totheabove~. recognilJng theinheren1 politico4deologicru rnotivation for much of tile anticipated criminal activity, Thus, the .PIlr management is cognizantoten~uringthe rigbt to Iawtlal assembly and dissent as enshrined in Section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
4. A discllssion ofa4'targeting

procedure'; or· {'investi.gative threshold" for the PUT management; This will include detlnitionsof "Terrorist Activity'~\ "Criminal Extremism" 4"Criminal Extremist'~ ,2 "'Suspect'\ "Person of Interest", and t'Associate", 1islof ctsrrent"Suspects''', '''Personsoflalterest''and "'Assooiates"tol' the PUT investigative teams, This component of the document will continually evolve based upon infomlation. received. Analysis in relation to Suspects and POls.


6. TacticallnteUigencelCrime

Investigative Direction for each Suspect It should be stated at the outset that this investigative roundation is not intended to provide a complete threat assessment fttl' the 2010 08, nor. is .. comprchensilrc analysis of criminalextremism~ terrorism. or any of the. threats anticipated. These documents exist elsewbere. (some of which produced by .JlG personnel). and have. been •utiHzedas •source materia11br this briet:4 Generally speaking., the threats anti.cipated have been identified by subject mattei' experts subsequent to extensive analysis of the criminauity surrounding these
1 PrQvided 2

in section 83.

Criminal E)(tremlsm incorporates entities thiiltexerc:ise or encourage violence!n

an attempt to engender

SOCialand PQlitical change. Criminal Intelligence Service ofOntarioa008.
:> Suspe~1 and PersQnof Interest are defined In the Ontario Major Case Management ManuatThe ate also provided in this document.


G8 .JIG Strategic Threat Assessmel'lt, taskS52010 GS.

to Informl;ltiol\and Privacy Acts.lhccessis requested under thatlegl$tation, no decision regardlnsdisclosufe should be made Without prior consultation with the departmel'ltlli p(iv(Jcy coordinator of the ROY$ICanadian MountedPo!ice.

2010G8 $ummlt· Integrated SecIJrltyUnit JOioUl'ltelligtll'lteGfOIJI)' Donat diss.eminate.Contaet the author ofthill documel1t rorpefn'liUiQl'I to release any infonl'liltion. Not for leg(lIU5e. This document is not to be reclassified, copied, reproduced, used in whole Ot part or flJrthr;f dis$eminated, withollUhe consent of the originator '. l'hi5 document Is the property of the RoyalCanadiao Mounted Police. This record may bll $ubjeetto mandatory exemption under the Acces$



in a variety of venues, both. in Canada and abroad. in the-recent past, l:utiher,. the document is based upon anirHjepth understandin~ oftherequirenlents ofpolicmg an e\l'ent of this nature, These requirements include the prinlary .law enforcement. .functions·ot' criminal investigation, law enforcement, assistance to victims of crime~ public order maintenallceand emergency management. Lastly. this enterprise is an illherendydynamic cllviromnent - it is recognized by the PUT that threats \\riUalter· in terms of qualltityand severity and investi~atiotl will. discem both ag~ravatins •and mitigating factors.F.fom the identification· of indiviutl,d. suspects a threat assessment on a particular. related venue, the threat picture willconstandy evolve based upon information received.

The threats .posed to the 201 OOS can be categorized into f()urseparat.(: components: 'llI Threats posed by terrtlrist entities~ or· individualslorgani7.ationsptanning terrorist activity in relation to the 2010 08 Sununit or one of its attendees (i.e,lntemationaUyProtected Persons); '* Publie Order threats. alld/()f possible terrorist threats posed by individual 01' collective, crhllinal extremists who have historically iilustrateOapoiitico.ideol.ogicrumotivation fbI' radical opposition to .these eventslparticipants, and have expressed this opposition by engaging in criminaiactivity. ltis.a priorityof.tbe PIIT tomonitof this where justified. and the plans to perpetrate thisactivity~to ensure awareness of wJ activity that will lead to violence or lIDY threat to public satet)'; • Independent AsytnmetricThreats (JAT) have often plagued. controversial, public. venues such as the 2010 G80r the Olympics. This threat typology is comprised of individuals.· acting 011their own, motivated. by personal reasons, whose:acdollS are likely to include cril11inalactivity and/or initiate a pubUcsafetyconcem. It should be noted that ulllikese,,'eta! of tbe other threat variants, thes~. threats may include those posed by persons suffering from mental illness.=>
"for anin·depth view oUhe threats posed to the 2010<38.please

theabQve·noted Strategic Threat

20.1(1G8Summlt, tnt<;llrated Security Unit Jalntlntelligel'lC'1'? Group, DoflQt.!JlIssemlflite. ,onG!!! tbe.1ll.lthor of this dowmentforpermi$siOO torelelilSe liInyil'\fOfmation,Notfor leg..1use•.This document is notto bereclll$sjfied,copied, reproduced,· used in Whole or part Q.r fui'tMr dissemillated, witllouttbe.conS!i\iltof :tile orlglnator,This dQcumelltis the property (If tbE!Royal Canadian MountedPoliee. This record mavbesubjett to mandatory exemption under the.Access to Informationa.nd Prlv..!:\, ~\cts. Ifa.ccessis requested under tl'li:ltlegislation, nJ)deei~lon regarding disclosure !Shouldbe milde withoutpriofCOflsultatlon with the departmental privacy eoort!in<ltor Of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.




Intemeelne StritelConfUct may produce public safety threats. Oiventhat the 2010 08 wiUbe attended by in excess of t\venty countries,. it is likely their participation will engender resentment from social entities that.harbour resentment against these states. Exarnples include anti~Cbinese.protestsby organjzlltions/individuais supporting a."iree Tibet Of "I'amilprotestsagainst Indian participation. The PIIT is only to be engaged to assess the extent to which these actions may result in public safety challenges.

Any ofthesethreat variantslnay be motivated by intemational~dt}mestic orissue~specmc catalysts. further the actions taken maybe the culmination of grievances that aresubjecdve or objective. Thus, they .are, to varying degrees~ .difficult to .detect pr(H;'lctively. The foUowingis a concise articulation of the threats anticipated based upon analysis of similar venues, precedent in Canada and abroad, and the criminal activity to date.

a. Tlle'rerroristTl1reat Certainly the most·.egregious threat to the 2010 08 Swnmit, its participants and public safety in Canada generally, is the threat posed by a terrorist act Given the current llltemational cUmate,Canadlt's bigh~profile role in combating Al Qaitia.,md its aJliest in Afghanistan. and the tactthat the event itself is an assembly oftbe wor1d~srnajor leaders, the 201 OOS is a viable target for. international or domest.ic terrorists}' This threat could be posed against. the event itself, a related venue or a specific .IPPattending event. This threat isaggl'lavated by the fact that. tbe 2010 08 wUl.·ill allprobabmty~ host the representatives ofappro:ldmately twenty.,fbur countrles,Further~asbas been witnessed in recent 'Venues of this type the O~20 in. the United Kingdom). the globaleeonomic nlalaise has fostered considerablefmstmtionandangerwith wodd leaders. and their perceived inability to revert a d()\,vnturn in the eeonomy. This anger has led.rnost analysts to predict an escalation in. lawful dissent·and, most intportanUy. legitimi1.ed (to some) the 11eed tor more radicallcriminai·action.
Wbile this threat.is.significant. it must be noted tbat there is no specificmteUigence ~tt this time indicating tbat the 20W 08 Swnmit will be targeted by any terrorist entity.
Th!$ specific threat is aggravated by the favt that AI aOido has haS cited Canada aSiAviable target on several occasions.

2010G8 Summit -lnteriratedSecurity Unit Joint IntelliienceGro!Jp, Do !'lot. di$semlnate,Coflt~ttthe authorcf this OQcumentror permission to release any information. Not forlegalu5e. This dpcument!s not to be r~la$sifled, copied, reproduced, ulled In whole or part or further disseminated, without the.coI'Isellt of the originator. Thisc!ocvment Isthe property ohhe Royal Canadiilri Mounte!i Police.This record maybe subJecttomlinoatory exemption under the A(:cess to Information and Privacy Acts. if accesslueque5ted Mnder thatiegislatiQI'i,no decision regarding disclo$W'eshouid be made.witboutprlor cOllsultation with the departmel'ltalprllliICy cQOrdillator of the Ruyal CanadienMQtJot.edPolice,


This threat will be continually assessed by the PUT and variety of investigative stakeholders bodl llatiollilUy and intemationally.1f a threat identified. the Integrated National Security Enfbrcement Team (INSET) will. be notified inunediately.
I. b. The ,.blie Order Tbreat

The 2010 08 Suantnit inI1unt.sviUe,as with most venues of this type, will likely be subject to actions taken by critnina) extremistsmotivatedbya variety of radical ideologies, resulting in potentially seri.ous public safetychaUenges} These ideologies may include variants of anarchism, anarchoesyndicalism, nihilism, socialism. and/or communism. These ideologies may also include notions of racial supremacy and white power and engage in. public incitement of haued.TheimportantcommonaliWisthat these ideologies (or least the interprefations included here) place these individuals and/or organizations ~\todds with tile status quo3ndthe current distribution of power in society: This may include .a th~oretical and practical opp()sitiotl toauthodty law enforcement and • government),. the capimlistor .mixed rm:u:ket economy~ rrrulticulturaUsm, noti()ns.of free tradet andlor thecutrellt political systems embedied in most of the participating countries, etc. In addition to thesegeneraliy .hefd tenets, a variety of grievances exist: These grievances are based upon notions/expectations regarding the envir()1lmel1t~ anbnalrights. First Natlons'resource,.based grievances, gender/mcialequaUty. and distribution of wealth. etc. Most importantly, the ideologies or motivations that pa'opel theseindividuals/organi.zations incorpomtean acceptance criminuJactivity .and viol~nceto ttChieve theirvariousgoais.Often this acceptance of cdminal activity as a means is overtly stated, while at times it is ltilo,""'nonly illtemaUy. Theexi$tence of theseideoiogies and the grievances thatemanategrOlll them is not. in itself~ problematic. In •fact~public dissent based upon differences in .opinion is intrinsic to any dem.ocratic system. The care of the problem. however, is the evolution of these phUosopllical differences into the advocating criminal activity and the creation significant public securitytbreats .:Given, the higb profileo!' the political philosophy of
Radical, itlthis sense, merel'll.lnderseores tl'iatthe adherenlsincorporatectiminal actiVity, Indueling violenee, to pursue ideological goats. It does nOt intli.u;elawful expressions of dissent 1i\sprotected in the
Charter ofRiahts and Freedoms.

,,)lOGs Sl,fmmit -Integrated SecurityUl'li\ Joint Intelligenl;e Group. Do not di$semini;lte,.Contac:t the lIuthor Qf this document for permi$slon tr> felease any Information. Not for legal use-.Thisdocl.lment is not tobered;lssifled, copied, reproduced, used in wl'ioleor. part odurthef disseminated, Wi~holJttbecon$el\t of the originator. Thisdoeument Is.he t propertvof the Royal Canadli'ln Mounted Police. ThiS record may be subject to mandatory E!l!emptlolll.lnder the Access to il'lformatiQl'land PrivacvActf>, If access is requested under thatlegislatioh, no dedsiontegllrdlnlidlsc!osl.Ire should be m~dt WIthout prior consultatioll With tile dep;artmental privacy tcw.f(JinatCf of the RoyaICi;'!n$dliinMol.lnt~d Pt,)lice.


anarchy within this mmeu~it is instl'Uctive to note thatan~1l'chists pursue a destruction oflaw~ o~der and govemment as a precursor to the imposition ofooareny. The threat posed by what will be termed criminal extremists isa signit1cant threat. As past internati(lllal sUllnnitsbave illustrated. climinal activists ofthistype have engaged in a variety of direct actions and thereby posed signiticant challenges. Theseactiolls. and law enforcement response, have led to death, significant injury, lna.'!3sive property damage,and tremendous publicexpendittuc. By way of example,the Q·20in London in March 2009 witnessed one death, significant injuries, massive property damage. threats to persons (including, police),

In Canada~the. criminal. extremist activity has. never .reacbedthe level eXl)erk'ncedin some Europeau.countrics. Dating .back to.the 1970s.however,there have been several criminal extremist acts that .nave createdsignificantpubUc SeC\lrity concerns, The PUT team has engaged in a significant amount of data·mining~ crime analysis and intelligence analysisQf the activities of individuals/organizations that publicly or covertly incorporate criminal activity andlor violence within their J1UJdus operandi. The conclusions thus fa.r illustrate a dranlatic escalation in criminal activity ostensibly motivated. by a politico-ideological stance, Further~ a variety of criminal extremists are currently attempting to reorganize their structure with the intention to .build tit capacity for resistance to venues such as the 2010 08 SutJlmit and the Wintel' Olympics. It precisely this activity - the establishment of ctlVertorgallil.ations to engage in criminal conspiracies to disrupt the 2010 08 via criminal. activity - that is; currently the most significantprionty for the PUT. A thorough understanding of .these t}areatsana their impact essential in order tof'uU1H mandateoftbe JIG,
1. e. Indepcadent Asymmetric Tlareats(IA1)

201068 Summit ~ Integrated Security Unit Joint Intelligence Group, Do not dlsseminate,C.ontad:the <luthorofthls documelltforperillission to release ~ny information. Not fo!'.legl1lluse,This document is. not to be reclassified,copied, • reprol;b:ed, used in whole or part Of further disseminated, without the c:onsentofthe originator •. ThISdocument is the prop~rty Qftn~RoYlll Canadiao MCII.mtedPolict'!. This; record may be $!.Ibject to Mandatory !!xelilption under the Access to Information ijnd PriVacy ActS': If accessisfe:quested under that legislation, til) decision regarding diseto$iJresho\.lldbe made without prior consultation with the: dl:paltm~ntal privac.yepordlnato!' of ~he· oyalCanadian Mounted Police. R


lArs· consider the possibility of individuals acting alone to perpetrate acriminaJ act

usually.rnodvated by. ~lvery personal grievance. It .usuaUY·comprises .the acts of the 'powerless' against the ·powerfuP. These individuals mar be the subjects of mental Ulnessresulting in their actions. These threats are difficult to foresee.

This fonlloftbreat

is not new to Canada. Given •the .muldeultumlcomposition o.f the country. the visits of heaos..of..state,.or govermnental1eaders~ fronl othernation·states, are oi'tenperceived to be controversial. by some sectors ofsociety •. F'urther. !arge~scaJe venues suc:has the20W 08 are often viewed by certain etbllic/linguisticgroupsthat hold grievances. witb the status quo to be tidvantageousopportunities to iUustrate theil' dissent. A,gain,tnismay be entirely.la\\1\i1. Oftentimes~ however. these protests have led to inter~ ethnic conflict and pubIicsarcty challenges ...Exampleshave inciudeclashes between Greeks and Macedonians, Serbs and Ca'oats. Sikhs and fndians~etc, The int~restof'the .PlIT is to engage In discerning if any public safety issues will arise as.a rcsult·ofthis activity.
2. PUT Mandate

The PrimarylnteUigenee Investigation Team is the investigative ann of thenG.lt is cO'llprised of six temnsof investigators concentrating on developing infonl1ationlhlteUigenceand invc,.'lStigations relating toI)omestic and Foreign Terrorism. tnre-"ts to PubUcOrder~andtbreatsposed by Independent Asymmctl'icThreats. Organi~ed Crime andindivi<iual ctiminaiaetivityrelated lothe 08 Summit. This includes security issues related to economic integrity and· cyber~security. ·In tlte· twent intelligence is developed that supports ctiminal .cbarges.tne investigation will be .referred to the law enforcenll';ll1tagencyof jurisdiction. Investigations developed. involving terrorism will be turned over· to .INSE'I'.traiIled •and experienced NationaJSeeurityinvestigstof will pro'vide a4viceon UleselnaUers to the JIG Conlmand.!i

securIty lothe RCMP. The RCMPexercises its operational responsibilities for this manciatevia the .INSETs.When thePIIT devefops files Security Offences Act filvesprirnarv resPQnslbmWformClttersQfn;.ltiQnal

documentforpermis5iolltoreleaseanyinformatlon. Not for lesaluse.Thisooc:umefltis notto berlaclassified, copied, reproduced,used in wilQleOf part or further disseminated. WltMuUljE'l cOI'I.sentof the originator '. This document luhe property of the Royal Cani,ldiall MOlll'lted Policil. This record may be:>.ubjectto mandatol\l eKElmptloflundertheAcce3s
to Information and Privati! Acts. If IACC!!s$.isreql.l(!stedunder that legislath;m,l'Io decision regardingdiselosureshouldbe made without ptiotconsuk'atio.1'I wttl'l the departmental p!"il/iCY coordinator of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

20U) GS Sunlmlt ••ln~egrat~d $ecuritylJnit Jl)ifltllltelliganc~ Group. OOl'lotdi$semiflate.

Contact the author cUllis


An InteUigenceCoUection ,Plan (let» bas been established to discern possiblethreats to the 20J 0, 08. Precedent indicates that these, ,threats may emanate from individuals/organizations that are opposed to the 2010 08 {qfsome cOluponentofit)and are conspiring {operpetrate. some criminal act (or otberact.)tl1at will •lead to, a significant pl.lblicsafet>'issue. Investigations are ongoing to establish the natut'eof tbesepotential threats. inrelatioll to these potential threats, it is the mandate of the PIIT, and the Analytical Team (AT); to: Poo 2ctively identify public ,safety issues, related to the 2010 08 ,and assess/prioritize these threats, in relaticn to theantic,ipated ,impact upon public safety, Establish suspec«s, persons of interest, and associates in reiatiQll to these threats according to, established criteria, which are described below. AU "'targeting" be basedupou cJ'Jminul predicate; SuspecJs wiUbe determined ba.~d up(.lJ)their proven wBJingness. capacity and. intention to commit criminruacts and/or create situations that pose pubUc 'safetyeoncems, The threshold for thjs determination win be "reasonable grounds" to sU$pectlbeUeve that the individual entity in question poses a tbreat to the 2010 08 or related 'venue. Tbisdetermination will be a continual process based uponassessnlent of incoming infornladon. Take investigativc!Ucps/measurestoremain fully , cognizant, • the evolving threat(s) in order to engage intl1emandate to detect~, deter, prevent, investigate and/or disrupt threats to the 2010 as. These steps will include a wide array l)f investigative techniques. d. Engageinconstantpriontimtion to ensure action is being taken on the threats that posetneblgilest threat to publicsa.ety. e. Ensure that cnmhlalinfc)1'IllationiinteUigence reeeived , correctly investigated to ensure ,the highest degree of reliabUily!va.lidityand that it is disseminated/shared via the JIO managementto/with relevant stakeholders in a timely manner.


to be national securitvthreats (as defined in theSecul'ity Offences Act and the <:SISAct), the appropriate INSETwill be advised via, their intake officer. In the ease of the 2010 G8. iii liaison has been developed with the "0·' Division INSU.

2010 G8 Summil·ll)t<agratedSeCUfity Unit Joint Intelilgenoo GrQI.li). DOl1otdisseminl$t(,l. CQntaet the:<ll.lthof ohhis dQCI,l~AtfQr permi$$iontQ release litl'lvinformatlon. ,i'lotfor leaaluse. ,This document is not to be reclassified, c()Pied, reproduced, used in whole Of part or further disseminated, withouUhe COrlSIiIl'lt of the ori~inator. This dOl;umel'lt is tile propertY of the Royal Canadian Moul1tad Police,This retord may 00 subjeeUo mandatort' exemptiolllJnder the Access to )Mormatiol'l and Privacy Arts. If access is requested under that le~islatioll.no, di.'!clsion resardll'lg disclosure shouidbe madewlthol.ltpr1ot consultation with thedep~lItmel'ltal prillacy coordinator t:if the ROVal CanadianMounted POlice,



for the no to fulfill its mandate .• the PUT must first be successful in its inteUigenceAcd capacity. By way· of example, .•or thcJIO •to be able to disseminate criminal intelligence f regarding the intentions ofanil1dividual suspect toward the 201008,·01' any related venue, the PIlT.nlustJlrst have been successful in acquiring intbrmation/inteUigence in relation t{) this act. via. some investigative techllique. The PUT then must. maintain. both a pro~active and reactive capacity. '\'hile the ultimate goal. ofthePllt is to ensure tneabilityof the lIOto fulfiU its mandate in relation to tbe 2010 GS specificaUy, ihe I·IIT is l'equired to viev..' suspicious and threatening activity from. a more strategic and giobaJperspective. That is to say that criminal extremists, terrorists, org~ized crimina!s~ cyber4"iac'kersor other individuaJsthat intel1d to perpetrate criminal activity againsHhe2010 08wmnot,.inalllikelibood~ openly e,ngage in discussions thatreiate to tbeZOl 0 08 specificaUy-anevent that .currelltly fourteen months in the future. Most of these threats emanate from individuals andlor organi1.ations that are ideologically opposed to the zcn 0 08 for a variety of reasons and are pverwllelmingly venue ..driven. Further, theitmotivation,and propensity for· cmninal activity,a.~ a meansto att out their motivation. places them at odds with a variety of venues that precede the a.cruaI201008.1besevenuesal'e in many ways predictable on the basis or motivation and wiUprovideaninvestiganve focal pointihr the PUT. These venues will include the. Winter Olympics in .20 I0, theass()ciated Torch Run in 2009/1 () and the 2010 OBin .itaiyin .2009~.as well as.a bostef localized. issues (i.e. a penlicEd gathedng~ an economic meeting~ etc.) where entities entertain criminal actions related to this motivation.

It should be noted that the PUT mission. complements the mandate of the JlO.lnorder

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2010 G8Summit.lnte.erated Secl.ldtvUnitJOintlnteUigence Group.tlo not dis$eminat(t,Contact the !iutl1or cUhiS doeumentfor permission to release IIny Information.l\lot forle~"luse .• This document Is l1ottobe reclassified, copied, reproduced, uS(!dlo.wholeor.fillrt orful'ther dlssaminated.withQut the consent of the originator. Thisdocument Isthe property of the .80>;<11 canadian MountedPol!ce. This record may be subject to mantiatorvel!emptloll under the ACceSS to Inf0i'fMtIOnand.PriIJ<lev Acts •••If accessisrequ~sted under thatlegls!atiQI1; no decision I'egardins dlselosures!louldbe rMt:Je wiahout prior cOfisultaticn wi.tbthe departmental privacy tOOfdifl$tor of the Royal Cal'lad~1'I Qunted Police, M


The. PUT mandate is toacq\lire intelligence related to threats to the 2010 08. To do so presupposes the ability to first identity threats and the perpetrators of those threats and secondly. to acquire insight via some investigative technique into the nature of the threat. Shuply ~ut. this requires a pro-active approach ._.investigative. action based on reasonable grounds.! 'Further. one must consider the modus operandi of the criminal nli1ieu, Criminal extremist groups that wiUpresenttilreats to the 2010 08 Summit (as they have at aU sucb surmnits) vvill not focus ollthe 2010 08 in any tactical way until the201OG8 draws near, TheywiBfocus ea more imminent, related matters, stimulated by their ideological stance. The 2010 08. however, win be discussed, as will their general oPPQsition to its occurrence . .PlIT Investigative Tlvcshold In order to be. intemgence~led.thePIIT Inust •acquire all available inteUigence related to known •. r •. nticip1\ted threats. This infbnnationis to be acquired by a wide variety of oa investlgative techniques, h'lcluding open source informationanalysis~ a review of police oceusrence rept)!1s, and more covert techniques such as therecl'Uitment efconfldentie; inf01'm~nts aIld undereoveroperations. It is the intention of the PUT to. acquire an.accurate~ comprehensive list of three categories of individuals related to these· tlll'eats. This includes.: Suspects, Pers{)ns of Interest, and Associates .In relation to tbe ongoing. and anticipated criminal I1c.tivity. Tile definitiolls of these categories are provided herein as is the

US1mp!v put,if anintalligence requiremerlt was established to identify AI aa/del's ~ctions in relation to a Pakistani military meetii'lS (In June 28 2010~or the actions of Hell's Anse.s In relation toa specific event, it is unlikely that open discussion of the said. event could act as thecata1vst for action. the investigative entitv
would have needed toalreiitdy infiltrated tl'leorganlzatioll in some way,snapeor form.


2010 Gil Summit -Integrated SecurltylJllit JoinUntelli@anceGtoup.Donotdisseminate. Cootatt the author of this document forpermissiofl to release allV information. Nl)t fl)r leg~I!,I$e. This document is.l'lOtto beretlas:itfled,topieo. reproduced, used!n whole or part or fijrther ~i$$emlnat~d,witholJt th~.l:ons~!l'itoHhe originator. This dOCUlllent is the property of the Roya!Ci1lnadianMounted Police. ThiS t'lilcordmaybesubject to mandatory exemption under the Access to Information andPrivacv Atts. Ifaccess Is requested underthatlegls!atIOIl, no decision regardlng distlosufeshoold be made without prior consultation with the departmentl.iiprillacy cQordinator of the Royal CinliOian Mounted Police,

methodology for establishing thiscategoril.ation. deflnitionsnoted in black type~print are derived fr0111the Ontario Major Case Management Manual. As the PUT is engaged. in an inteUigence-ledinvesdgation, the definitions have been. altered slightly to .accommodate a strategic approach vis a vis"couspirades to commitncriminaf oftences. While the Persons of .Interest. and Suspect categories are standard definitions, the category for associate has been added.

suspect is a person of interest whom investigators believe to haveclIlpability in the commission of an aIIenee(s) based on the evidence.




person(s) olinten:sf

(,~l an (>11imce or a

w1icmaim'esligatol's believe to have culpability iii to comftli! (~f.rem::(!tv) bused an

lite the

Exam~:A person would be considel'eda~&suspect"ifinveh1igators believe. on the basis of inteUigence/evidence,tha1. that individual has culpability in the commission of anotI'Cnce, in a conspiracy to commit an offence related to the 2010 08. Tbis 111ay include a mischiet~.a Personation~ an assault, or any criminal offence.

A person whose back~round. !'elatiollshiptothe victim or the opportunity .tocommittne offence(s) warrants further investigation~ but no evidence currently exists to suggest culpability in the commission of an offence. A pl!P!um 11;'lwseDac/rgnmn(j.molil'ution,. re/(ltiom;hip or the oPJHJrlUnily ·'0 commit. Ihet?tfiw("e(s),or COfl.f/Jire tocmmnit· the oj}imce(;~J.'warrcm/~l; iilrthcr inWliftigl.Jtiilll, but 110 fwidellce currentb/ It} ,yuggesl culpabili(v in (x)mmi$sion(~lrhe (ijJimce~~). Ihll con$/Jir(lc:~tto commit thel?!1(!nce(.d. Of'

11>10(is Summit· Integrated Securiw Unit JOil'l'tlntemgenceGroup. Do notdi5semiMbll.Coi'ltactthe autbor aUllis document for permission to l'e!eMe anvinfo(!1llltiOf), Not for leg$iu$Q.·£hls documenUsnot to be reclaSsifIed, eopitd,

reproduced, used in whole Of part Of furtherd!ssel~lnat'eo, withQut tile tonsel)tof theoriginatof.ihls document isthe property of the Roval Canadian Moumei'JPolice, ihlsrecord mal/be subject to mandatory exemption under the Acce$$ to Information and Privacy Aet$.If access is requested um:lerthat legis!ition, no decision regardltlt;tiisciosuresnould hI: mad~ witho«t pril)l' l;:onsl.lltationwith thedepartm.ant$! privacy coordinator of thertoyal Canadian MountedPolite,




b. a pf!f!mnM, who hat!' a I'eiuli()nsitlp 'I4"ill1(J Person. of Imel'f!Si or (.Ij.l,l/or £JpPttUI'.'I' lobe tllignecilvilh I11tu im./ividuaLin terms (~rl'lwtil'ati(matld/()l' {lrganizatianal t!llilillli(m, Imlllli!l'lt is no 10 suprmrt 1.....I·,·w.' Ifn'eSI,UJ'iHU111
into/he {J(#'1lily (!tthalimlil~i(tlttll.

The eategorizationof suspects and persons of interest undoubtedly ineorporates a degree of s:ubJeetivitybut111ere are objective factors as well. From a.nanalytieal perspective~ the criteria c(msidered eachindividualinciude, but are not Iimitedto,thefbUowing:

Criminal Activit);. I\elated(o ~oJitieo ..ldeologieal Motivation (i.e, Venue such as the 201 0 G8): o This incorporates cl'inlinal activity that is. known (i.e, charges and/or convictlolls) pr relating to which investigators have developed reasOilable grounds to believe 01' suspect has been com.mittedby the individual, is about to be committed by the individual. or the indi-vidual engaged conspiracy towards; o Source infomu\tion includes CPIC~ police occurrence reports~ surveillance reports". source .de-brielingrepol·ts.undercover officer reports/notes atld/or other investigative techniques; e Source infonnation also includes open source information such as media public pronouncements, media releases
Other Criminal,h-etil'itr:

Thisre1el's to •.criminal activity that. is knO\\'ll but to which there is no obvious link the poiiticallymotivatedcrimioolactivity.The criminal activity,however. may.have an impact upon other areas in that it provides. a propensity fbrviolence. deceit~etc. c Sow'ces. inc.lude· ePiC. variouspoUce data-bases and poli~e occurrence It also may include souree de-brictil'lg reports, admissions, etc.


document for permission to felt'l~$eanyInformation, Nottor legal use. This document is not to be reclassified,copied, reproduced, IJsedin whole or part or further dis.seminated, wlthwt the cOIl$entof the originator. This document's the
propeltV ohhe ROll~tcaMdian MountedPolice.1'hls record may bt!subject to rnilndatory exemptiOfl under the Access to Il'Iform<ltlQI1and Privacy Acts. If accessIs requested under that legislation. no decision resardll'l$ disc!osliresnol.lld bca made witoout prior cons.ultatlon '1i1tilthe dep,lItmental privacy coordim~tor Qf the .Roy,,' Canadian MO!!f!tedPcii.(!e,

2010 GSSummit ~Integrated Securitv Unit loint IntelJigen~ Group, Do not disseminate. Contact the (luthor of this


o This refers to the motivation for the criminal activity. 'This component considers idi..'Ology, orgMizationru .involvementtetc. It is instrumental in establishing motive and likelihood fOl'.criminal activity. e Resource material includes statements, "vritings. Web~Site publicadons~ public pronoWlcements, source de~briefillg reports~ undercover officer reports; • QrgaoizatioBfJl AffiliAtio9: o This refers to any specific orgamzationlentity~o wllichan individual belongs. This is important dueto the stated intent of severalorganizadons. Certain organizations are more about how their dissent \\'ould be illustrated· including considerationandlor .promotion. of criminal. activity. Examplesmclude White Supremacists that would consider the assassination of black-or President, or anti..capitalistanarehists who would perpetrate criminal acts against govel1lmental or corporate participatlts. C;rounds for Arrest: o This refers to actions of a specific individual~ w'bich would provide reasol'lable grounds fbI' arrest

It is .importMUo note that inteUigenceof evidence received may place an individummto a certain .ca.tegory.(i.e. l'erson of Interest) but that tb.isciassificationmay change ..The PUT and AT· cornmit .to a .constant review . of an itldividuars status in relatioll to the investigation(s), this review\.vill be documclltedat the end of every month on the basis of intbrillation known at that time.

CONCLUSION As stated at the outset.
foundationior intention of this document to ,I'rl-wide~investigative the l'UT. Theinitiaicomponenlis to provide thcuperationaiparameters regarding the tbreatsanticirrated for tbe2010 GS;anmicuiation of the pnTmandate~an established investigativetbresboid: and a targeting rationale (including requireddetlnitions and critt,-na).

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documelltforpermission to release any infOl'fflati"n".lIIoUor I~gal\!se, This documenUsnoUQ ber.eclassifled, i:Opied, reproduced. used inwhole or part or further disseminated, withOttt ti'lecoi'lsent of the originator. This Oocument i$tbe propertyohheRQy.,1 Canadian Mounted Police. This record may bE!subiecno mandatory exemption under the Access to Information lind Pr!va<:VAl;t$.lhcCE!$sis requested und.erthat 10aislatlon. 00 decision regarding dise!osure shOuld be madll\ without prior t;onsultation with me d~partmenta! privacy eocrdll'iator of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.



The segment to 101.10\\1\\;11provide a list of inve£>1igativesuspects,POlsandassoeiates.ln the following section, a specific protUc sheet will be. supplied. for eacb subject according tbecriteriaestabUshed. The profiles will be divided and color-ceded into three distinct categories: Suspect (Red); Person of Interest (Orange); and Associate (Yellow). These elassU1cations .arc based upon an analysis of what is known on eacbindividual. This distinction is subject to change - as new informatiOn/intelligence/evidence is received, the tissessmentof a given individual win change. CURRENTUST SUSPECTS, I)OfS, AND ASSOCIATES APPENDIX A TO FOLLOW AT A LATER.DATB. \\lILL BE

Jointlntelligeocr.:Qroup eo..Commander 201o..G8
Approved by(RCMP). Approved by (OPP) ,

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2010G8 Si.ll'nmit~Integrated Secul'lty

Made withOut priol'(;Onsultation with the deplIrtmltfltalprivacy co()r<ii!'ll!$tor ofthi> RovalCanadian Mounted Politlll.



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consultatlol'l with the departmental privacy coordlflitt)re>f the l'IovalCanadian Mounted Police.