HRH Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall, the Duke of Rothesay, the Earlof Carrick, Baron Renfrew, Lord of the Isles, and Prince and Great Steward of Scotland, Knight of the Order of Australia Charles Philip Arthur George MountbattenWindsor 5’ 11” 64 Two Two — William and Harry Paparazzi and the media in general. Environmental causes, Leonard Cohen. Water colour painting, gardening, hedge laying, polo, writing books, acting. Locally sourced, in-season. No Yes Having an a air with Camilla Parker Bowles while still married to Princess Diana. “I want to be reincarnated as your tampon.” (Said in a taped late-night conversation with Camilla during their a air). • He speaks Welsh • He had a look-alike puppet on the French show Les guignols de l'info.

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As part of the Jubilee Festivities, Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, will make a visit to Canada next week.

HRH Duchess of Cornwall, in Scotland she's HRH the Duchess of Rothesay

AKA: Height: Age: Marriages: Children: Hates:

Milla, Girl Friday (nickname) 5’ 8” 65

Prince d Charles an e his wif st Camilla la visited Canada in 2009

Camilla and Charles’ Canadian tour
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STOP 1: Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Gagetown, Oromocto, N.B. (May 21)
• Official welcome to Canada • Meeting with those involved in the Military Entrepreneurship summer school at CFB Gagetown

Two Two — Tom and Laura Probably being compared to a horse by .the media. Likes: Horse riding, hunting, fencing, animals. Hobbies: Reading, watching television, fishing, walking in the countryside, gardening. Favourite Local and in-season food: products, including free range chicken. Smokes? Used to — not anymore. Drinks? Yes Biggest Having an a air with social Prince Charles while blunder: both were still married. Her image has never really recovered from it. Dumbest “I can't bear a Sunday quote: night without you ... It’s like that program ‘Start the Week.’ I can’t start the week without you.” (Said in a taped late-night conversation with Charles during their a air). Other • A new rose was named interesting the Duchess of Cornwall things: in her honour in 2005. • She’s a distant relative of Madonna.

STOP 2: Saint John, N.B. (May 21)
•Victoria Day Celebration

STOP 3: Toronto (May 21 and 22)
• Victoria Day fireworks • Meeting with the National Leadership of Assembly of First Nations • Meeting with participants from charity Seeing is Believing • Camilla’s first visit for Her Royal Highness to the Queen’s Own Rifles • Special military event commemorating the War of 1812

STOP 4: Regina, Saskatchewan (May 22 and 23)

• Celebration of the centennial of Regina’s Legislative Building • Performance by the Regina Symphony Orchestra, of which His Royal Highness is a Royal Patron

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