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Chapter-1.0 CONTENTS OF D101 ISO: 9001 - 2008 DOCUMENT KIT
A. The entire Document kit has 5 main directories as below.
ISO: 9001 Code D 101


QMS Manual

Procedure & Process Flow Chart


Work Instruction

Audit Questionnaire

E HRD 01 E PRD 01 E QCD 01 E QCD 02 E SYS 01

Annexure I Annexure II Annexure III Annexure IV Annexure V Chapter 01 Chapter 02 Chapter 03 Chapter 04 Chapter 05 Chapter 06 Chapter 07 Chapter 08

Cover Page PRO SYS 01 PRO SYS 02 PRO SYS 03 PRO SYS 04 PRO SYS 05 PRO SYS 06 PRO SYS 07 PRO PRD 01 E SYS 02 CSD E SYS 02 DES E SYS 02 ENG E SYS 02 HRD E SYS 02 MKT E SYS 02 E SYS 02 Purchase E SYS 02 QCD E SYS 02 RND E SYS 02 Stores E SYS 02 SYS

F DES 01 F DES 02 F DES 03 F HRD 01 F PUR 01 F PUR 02 F PUR 03 F PUR 04 F PUR 05 F PUR 06 F SYS 01 F SYS 02 F SYS 03 F SYS 04 F SYS 05 F SYS 06 F SYS 07 F SYS 08 F SYS 09 F SYS 10 F SYS 11 F TRG 01 F TRG 02 F TRG 03 F TRG 04 F TRG 05 F MKT 01 to 03 F ENG 01 to 03 F PRD 01 to 07 F QCD 01 to 04 F RND 01 to 07 F ST 01 & 02


PRD 01 PRD 02 PRD 03 PRD 04 PRD 05 PRD 06 PRD 07 PRD 08 PRD 09 PRD 10

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1.D101: DEMO OF ISO: 9001-2008 DOCUMENT KIT (MANUFACTURING) Complete editable document tool kit (Policy. SUBJECT SECTION – 1 Company Profile Table Of Contents Control And Distribution 1–2 1–1 1–3 --------------- PAGE NO . It is having total 13 chapters covering company profile. 1. Authority And Communication Management Review 1–3 4. sample process flow chart.2 5.1 5.globalmanagergroup.globalmanagergroup.2 5. clause wise details as per ISO: 9001 for implementation. TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER NO .3 5.htm Part: B Documentation: Our document kit is having sample documents required for ISO certification as listed below. work instruction etc. forms.) Buy: http://www. audit checklist. manual.5 5.4 5. It covers sample copy of Quality manual and clause wise details for how ISO: 9001 systems are implemented. It covers list of procedures as well as overview of organization and covers tier1 of ISO: 9001 documents. Under this directory further files are made in word Document as per the details listed below and you can edit it. 3.com/iso9001.6 www.0 1–3 5. SECTION – 2 Quality Management System General Requirements Documentation Requirements Management Responsibility Management Commitment Customer Focus Quality Policy Planning Responsibility. index. All the documents are related to manufacturing / process industry. sample Quality policy and organization chart.. 2. amendment sheet. You need to study it do necessary changes as per your company need and within 2 days your entire documents with all necessary controls are ready and our many organization are certified globally in 1st trial with the help of our documents from any kind of stringent certification audit.1 4. procedures. ISO 9001 2008 CLAUSE REFERENCE 4. It covers list of procedures as well as overview of organization and covers tier1 of ISO: 9001 documents. Quality Manual (8 Chapters and 5 Annexure): It covers sample copy of Quality manual and clause wise details for how ISO: 9001 systems are implemented.com E mail sales@globalmanagergroup. 5.com Tele: +91-79-2656 5405 Page 2 of 8 .0 4.

6 8.1 7. Subject Resource Management Provision Of Resources Human Resources Infrastructure Work Environment Product Realization Planning Of Product Realization Customer Related Processes Design And Development Purchasing Production And Service Provision Control Of Monitoring And Measuring Devices Measurement. Iso 9001 2008 Clause Reference 6. The list of sample procedures provided is as below.D101: DEMO OF ISO: 9001-2008 DOCUMENT KIT (MANUFACTURING) Complete editable document tool kit (Policy.com E mail sales@globalmanagergroup.2 6. Procedures (7 procedures): It covers sample copy of mandatory procedures covering all the details like purpose.com Tele: +91-79-2656 5405 Page 3 of 8 .3 8. responsibility. 1–4 ANX-I ANX-II ANX-III ANX-IV ANX-V 1–1 1–1 1–2 1–1 1–1 2. forms.1 8.1 6. work instruction etc.3 7. 1–7 8. Analysis And Improvement General Monitoring And Measurement Control Of Nonconforming Product Analysis Of Data Improvement ANNEXURE List Of Quality Procedures Glossary Of Terms Process Flow Chart Quality Policy Organization structure Page No.0 7.globalmanagergroup.2 7.4 7. scope.5 ============== ============== ============== ============== ============== 6.0 8.3 6.0 6.5 7. reference documents and formats. audit checklist.) Buy: http://www.4 7.globalmanagergroup.htm TABLE OF CONTENTS (CONTINUE) Chapter No.2 8. manual. how procedure is followed as well as list of exhibits. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Procedure for management review Procedure for document and data control Procedure for corrective and preventive action Procedure for control of quality records Procedure for internal quality audit Procedure for control of monitoring and measuring devices Procedure for control of non–conforming products Procedure for Training www.com/iso9001.4 8. procedures. 1–2 7.

com E mail sales@globalmanagergroup. forms.com/iso9001.globalmanagergroup. flow chart and process model useful for process mapping. audit checklist. procedures. It covers process flow chart and activities of all the main and critical processes as listed below with input-output matrix for manufacturing organization. work instruction etc.D101: DEMO OF ISO: 9001-2008 DOCUMENT KIT (MANUFACTURING) Complete editable document tool kit (Policy. In Input and output matrix list of documents in input and output as well as interlink age of documents with other departments are given. The samples given are as a guide and not compulsory to follow and organization is free to change the same to suit own requirements. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Process Flow Chart of Customer Service Process Flow Chart of Despatch Process Flow Chart of Engineering Process Flow Chart of Training Process Flow Chart of Marketing Process Flow Chart of Production Process Flow Chart of Purchase Process Flow Chart of Quality Control Process Flow Chart of Research And Development Process Flow Chart of Stores Process Flow Chart of Management Representative’s Area 4.globalmanagergroup.com Tele: +91-79-2656 5405 . Process Flow Charts for all the departments (11 process templates): It covers guideline for processes. Sr. It can be used as templates and more than 28 formats are prepared as per list given below.) Buy: http://www.htm 3. No. It helps any organization in process mapping as well as preparing process documents for own organization. manual. Blank sample formats for all the departments (50 sample formats) It covers sample copy of blank forms required to maintain records as well as establish control and make system in the organization. 1 2 3 4 Department Dispatch Stores HRD And Training Quality Control and instrumentation Purchase Number of sample formats 2 2 6 4 6 5 6 7 8 9 Production Management representative and management Ares Marketing Engineering and maintenance Research And Development 7 11 3 3 7 Page 4 of 8 www.

4. It takes care of all such issues and used as a training guide as well as to establish control and make system in the organization.) Buy: http://www. 5. procedures. There covers audit questions based on iso: 9001 requirements as well as for each departments. purchase. 7 and 8 of iso: 9001-2008.R. top management. 6. 1 2 3 4 5 Skill Requirements Disposal Of Non–Conforming Products Quality Plan – Incoming Inspection and Testing Material Specifications Codification System www. Exhibits It covers exhibits of Skill Requirements. Quality Plan and inspection and test plan. administration & training. Department wise and ISO: 9001-2008 requirement wise audit questionnaire (more than 300 questions). audit checklist. production.htm 5. manual. Material Specifications etc. engineering and utility. The samples given are as a guide and not compulsory to follow and organization is free to change the same to suit own requirements. Disposal Of Non–Conforming Products.D101: DEMO OF ISO: 9001-2008 DOCUMENT KIT (MANUFACTURING) Complete editable document tool kit (Policy. stores. areas and it can be used as a very good tool for logically auditing during internal audit for ISO: 9001.com/iso9001. quality control. Total more than 200 questions are prepared for clause no.com E mail sales@globalmanagergroup. work instruction etc. research and development and M. maintenance. It also covers department wise questions like marketing. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Chemical Reaction Filtration Steam Boiler Operations Air Compressor Operation Water Softening Plant Operation Pulverizer Diesel Generator Set Operation Reverse Osmosis Plant Spray Drying Blending / Ball Milling 7. packing & dispatch.com Tele: +91-79-2656 5405 Page 5 of 8 .globalmanagergroup.globalmanagergroup. forms. Work Instructions / SOPS It covers sample copy of work instructions to link with significant aspects issues in the organization. 6. It will be very good tool for the auditors to make audit questionnaire while auditing and make effectiveness in auditing.

globalmanagergroup.com/iso9001. www. So far more than 50000 employees are trained by us in ISO series certification. 6. 5. Suggest continual improvement and cost reduction measures as well as highly informative training presentations and other products gives payback within 2 months against our cost. We offer a full range of consulting services geared towards helping all types of organizations to achieve competitiveness. manual. The company serves the global customers through on-site and off-site modes of service delivery systems. 4. We had clients in more than 35 countries. procedures. 5. Our promoters and engineers have experience of more than 900 companies globally for management training.0 About company Global manager group is a progressive company and promoted by a group of qualified engineers and management graduates having rich experience of 20 years in ISO consultancy and management areas. We have 100% success rate for ISO series certification of our clients from reputed certifying body and branded image and leading name in the market. 2. 4. forms. 3.B. Global Manager Group is committed for: Personal involvement & commitment from first day Optimum charges Professional approach Hard work and update the knowledge of team members Strengthening clients by system establishment and providing best training materials in any areas of management to make their house in proper manner 6.com E mail sales@globalmanagergroup. We had spent more than 60000 man-days (170 man years) in preparing ISO documents and training slides.com Tele: +91-79-2656 5405 Page 6 of 8 . audit checklist. 2. Our ready made training and editable document kit helps the client in making their documents easy and make them complying to related ISO standard faster.htm Chapter-2. work instruction etc. To establish strong internal control with the help of system and use of the latest management techniques 1. Highly qualified 40 team members (M.D101: DEMO OF ISO: 9001-2008 DOCUMENT KIT (MANUFACTURING) Complete editable document tool kit (Policy.A.) Buy: http://www.globalmanagergroup. ISO series consultancy. 1. So far we had more than 900 clients in more than 35 countries. 3.. Degree engineers) and owner is having rich professional experience (since 1991). certifications and compliance to international standards and regulations.

Provides model of a Management system that is simple and free from excessive paperwork.htm Chapter-3 User Function 3. Software used in Documentation kit • Documents written in word 98 and window 2000 programs.globalmanagergroup. You are therefore required to have office 2000 or above with word 98 or above and power point 3.) Buy: http://www. Hardware: • • Our document kit can be better performed with the help of P3 and above computers with a minimum 10 GB hard disk space. B.com/iso9001. Developed under the guidance of experienced experts having experience of more than 200 companies ISO implementation globally. manual. www. For better visual impact of the power point documentation you may keep the setting of colour image at high colour. work instruction etc.com Tele: +91-79-2656 5405 Page 7 of 8 .globalmanagergroup. User-friendly and easy to learn.2 Features of Documentation kit: - • • • • • • Contains all necessary documents as listed above and comply with the requirements of ISO Standards and more than 1000 man days (9000 hours) Written in Plain English It will save much time in typing and preparation of documents alone.com E mail sales@globalmanagergroup. forms. procedures.1 Hardware and Software Requirements A.D101: DEMO OF ISO: 9001-2008 DOCUMENT KIT (MANUFACTURING) Complete editable document tool kit (Policy. audit checklist.

com/iso9001.D101: DEMO OF ISO: 9001-2008 DOCUMENT KIT (MANUFACTURING) Complete editable document tool kit (Policy. audit checklist. 3.) Buy: http://www.0 Benefits of using our Documentation kit? 1. forms. By using these documents. procedures. Save much time and cost in document preparation. Ready made templates and sample documents are available which can reduce your time in document preparation. 7.0 BENEFITS OF USING OUR DOCUMENT KIT 4.com/iso9001. manual.htm Chapter-4.globalmanagergroup. Take care for all the section and sub sections of ISO standard and helps you in establishing better system. 6. The user can modify the documents as per their industry and create own ISO documents for their organization. The audit questions helps in making perfect audit checklist. 5.htm www. you can save a lot of your precious time while preparing the ISO documents.globalmanagergroup. You will get better control in your system due to our proven formats.globalmanagergroup.com E mail sales@globalmanagergroup.com Tele: +91-79-2656 5405 Page 8 of 8 . Document kit enables you to change the contents and print as many copies as you need. 4. 2. work instruction etc. For purchase visit our web site: http://www.