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Bangladesh: Statistical Data Average of last 3 years (2007/08-2009/10): Average land area under Jute cultivation : 4,64,000

ha Average Yield : 2.32 ton/ha : 1.08 m ton (60 lakh bales) a) Average production of Jute b) Carry over (opening stock) : 0.03m ton (1.67 lakh bales) Number of farm families : 3.5- 4 million Average Internal Consumption of Jute : 0.6 m ton (33.3 lakh bales) a) Average export of raw jute : 0.4 m ton (22.5 lakh bales) b) Value : US$ 140 million Number of Jute Mills (BJMA) : 96 (closed 19, lay off 5) Number of Jute Mills (BJSA) : 67 (closed 3) Number of Jute Mills (BJMC) : 24 (closed 4) Total number of Jute Mills : 187 (closed 31) Number of workers employed in Jute Mills : 1,50,000 (Approx) Average production of jute goods (BJMC, : 592,500 MT BJMA, BJSA) a) Sacking : 180,600 MT b) Hessian : 40,490 MT c) CBC : 11,130 MT d) Yarn & Twine : 327,970 MT Average internal consumption of jute goods : 1,00,000 MT Average export of jute goods : 4,87,000 MT Average export value of jute goods : US$ 471 million Total average export earnings from jute & : US$ 611 million jute goods

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Associate Members

1. Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation (BJMC)-Produces and exports Sacking, Hessian,
CBC, FGJB, Geo-textiles etc. Footwear.

2. Sonali Aansh Industries Ltd.- Produces and exports various jute products and 3. Jute Spinners Ltd.- Produces and exports various jute products. 4. Mawada Traders- Produces and exports of raw jute, cuttings, Caddis, etc 5. Bengal Braided Rugs Limited- Produces and exports braided items, Floor coverings,
Mats etc.

6. The Golden Fibre Trade Centre Ltd. - Produces and exports treated of the raw jute
for various uses. Bangladesh.

7. Bangladesh Jute Association (BJA)-Association of the raw jute exporters of 8. Bangladesh Jute Spinners Association (BJSA)-Associations of Jute Spinning Mills that
exports Yarns.

Yarn Dyeing. 36. International Trade Exchange Limited . 12.A government organization to 11.Produces and exports various jute products 20.Manufacturing jute diversified products and export of raw jute. Maya – Enterprise – Manufacturer of the Textiles and Jute fabrics products. Sonali Boyan Shilpo. New Dacca Industries Limited . Gem Jute Limited .Produces and exports various jute products 23. Janata Jute Mills Limited – Manufacturer and Exporter of different kinds of jute products. Limited . bags etc.Produces and exports various jute yarn and twine 27. GerBan Fibres Limited (GFL) . Faridpur Jute Fibres Ltd. . Shamsher Jute Mills Limited . Uttara Pat Sangstha – Raw jute exporter 35. 18. Wahab Jute Mills Limited .Produces and exports various jute products.Produces and exports jute yarn and 22. 19. Patuakhali Jute Mills Ltd. A.Produces and exports various jute products. 37. 10.9. Printing.Produces and exports various jute yarn and twine 25. . 14. twine 21.Produces and exports various jute products 29. Jute & Kenaf Corporation – Export of jute/kenaf fibre and products 26.Produces and exports various jute products 30.. 15. Bangladesh Jute Research Institute (BJRI)-A pioneer Research Institution doing Research on Agricultural and technological aspects of jute.Produces and exports various jute products. Alhaj Jute Mills Ltd.Knitting.. Bangladesh Jute Mills Association (BJMA) – An Association of jute mills of Bangladesh and works for the development of jute sector. 16.Undertakes survey activities. Creation Private Limited-Produces diversified products like paper products. Fatima Alyaf Tala – E Jute Industries Ltd. weaving and value added specilized garments exports to international buyer. . products exporter 31. 17.Produces and exports various jute products. Ajax Jute Mills Limited . – Produces and exports various jute products. Jute Diversification Promotion Centre (JDPC) .Produces and exports jute bags and various items of jute goods. . promote diversification of jute products. Union Trading Co. Eshana Jute Products Limited . 13.Produces and exports of jute diversified products 28. . Nihaj Jute Spinners Limited – Produces and exports Yarns 34.Produces and exports all kinds of diversified jute 32. H. Royal Inspection International Ltd. Knit Concern Ltd. 24. Pubali Jute Mills Ltd. Jute Spinners & Belting Limited – An enterprise of diversified jute goods manufacturer. Shohag Jute & Handicrafts . Alam Fibre Impex– Produces and exports of diversified jute products and raw jute 33. fabric Dyeing.

importing. . – All Kinds of Jute & Jute Twine manufacturer & exporter 60. – Exporter of raw jute and jute products. Rural Reconstruction Foundation .Manufacturer and Exporter of Jute Yarn 57. – Exports of raw jute 52. 48.Producer of Hessian. N. 42. K. – Sacks supplier 55. S. Nowapara Jute Mills Limited – Manufacturer & exporter of jute Hessian. Scientists. computer bag. Saiham Jute Mills Limited – Produces and exports of Hessian cloths. 54. Jute Expo Trading Corp. packing.Raw Jute Export Business 63. . 47. Jute Trading Co. Jute bags. vegetables and jute seeds including hybrids. Engineers. Jute International –Exports of raw jute 51. BJDC-Susaili Limited – Consultants. Twine. Aftab Jute Mills Ltd. Involve in research and development of cereals. Supreme Jute and Knitex Ltd. suger etc. Producing. . Sacking. Azad Bangladesh Jute Mills Ltd. R. Jute Mills Ltd. office file. shoping bag. journalist 62. Artistic International – Produces and exports of diversified jute products 53. Peerless Enterprise – Jute goods manufacturer and exporter. Ferdaus Jute Mills Ltd. Carpet Backing cloth. fertilizers and other such commodities. marketing & distributing of all kinds of seeds including jute in Bangladesh 59. Tua-Ha Jutex Ltd. .First research based seed company in private sector. twine and jute bags 58. Mashriqui Jute Mills Limited . A. – Consultancey service on jute and jute goods and jute diversified products & agro based products. Twine and Yarns. Ltd. Manufacuturers & Exporters. Grains. jute cloth & jute bags of various kind. Sonali Jute Mills Ltd. seeds. S. 44. 49. East West Jute Trading Co. Sacking with Diversified Jute Goods and Jute Twine 56. Syndicate Pvt. Bogra Bhander Jute & Twine Industries . – Jute Machine and spare parts import and Project given for new mill set-up. 50. fertilizers. 43. 39. Rajbari Jute Mills Ltd. Yarn and Twine. Mymco Jute Mills Ltd. Jutevilla – Jute manufacturer and Traders.Jute goods manufacturer and exporter.38. . Bengal Jute Industries Ltd. Erectors. 46. . Lal Teer Seed Limited .Manufacturing industries of Jute yarn. use in rice. 40. K.Production of Jute Sacking 61.Producer of Jute Carpet Backing Cloth (CBC) and Jute Yarn . – Bailing & exporting of raw jute fibre and kenaf fibre and production & export of Yarn. Bay Jute Limited – All kinas of laminated jute bags producer and manufacturer for 45. 41. Jute & Textile Technologists. MC Trade Center – Produces and exports laminated jute bags of different sizes for parking seeds.Manufacturer and Exporter of Jute Yarn/Twine 64. – Jute goods manufacturer and raw jute traders.Jute Products: school bag. R. sugar.

83.65. Jewel Jute Limited 72. Supplier.Jute and cotton bag and other products 81.Raw Jute Exporter 69.Bangladesh origin raw jute producer (jute bale) and exporter 75.) Ltd.Planter and exporter of the Kenaf Fibre and Kenaf Core 84.M. MRH Sourcing . Laxman Jute Mills Ltd. Corr-The Jute Works . 70. 77. Sayeed Jute Spinning Ltd.Raw Jute and Jute Goods Exporter 76. Alam Fibres . Conversation.Women's non-profit marketing trust and exporter of quality handicrafts of jute and other materials. Faridpur District. Associated with many social welfare organisation & elected CIP of raw jute business. It organize the poor neglected rural women and the indegenouspeople of the society by providing them proper training and creating awareness and help them to increase their economic development. . N & N International (Pvt. leadership and to become self-reliant.Raw Jute Exporter 82.R&D.New jute mill in Bangladesh with all new machineries made of "Golden Eagle Mackie (UK) Limited" situated in Modhukhali. Joy Jute Mills Limited .General Trading 79. CB.Jute Composite Mill producing Jute Yarns and Sacking Bags 73. 68.One of the leading raw jute exporter in Bangladesh & obtained 3rd possition in the financial year 2009-2010. Haimokanty Fashion . Characterisation and Exchange of Germplasm for the Development of Improved Varieties of Jute/Kenaf and other Allied Fibres. cold storage and also collaborate with BASF 80. International . Manufacturing Range is 4.8 Lbs to 5Lbs both single and upto 4phy. Mastura . . .Buying Agency and Quality Assurance Service Company 78. . design & Manufacturing Bangladesh and Erstwhile IJO and IJSG Bangladesh was a Member of erstwhile IJO and is a Member of IJSG. . .Jute Yarn Manufacturer and Seller/Exporter 66. Bangladesh participated in the implementation of a number of Agricultural and Industrial projects sponsored by IJO and IJSG such as  Collection. CRM. ALTU khan jute mills ltd. Suchili Jute Multi Products (BD) Limited . Oyster Resource Limited .Buying House. Sarah Composite Mills Limited .Jute Industry. Nawab Abdul Malek Jute Mills (BD) Ltd.Exporter of jute and jute goods world wide 74. Universal Jute Traders . . Broad Burlap Industries Ltd. Import and Export. Indenting. Arzu Jute Traders . M. working skills. Progoti Jute Supply 71.Manufacturers and Exporters of Jute Yarn and Twine 67. CRT and CRX Quality jute yarn and twine.

Application Bio-technology in the Improvement of Jute. Adaptive Research on Improved Varieties of Jute and Allied Fibres and their Utilisation for Enhanced Income Generation Development of Improved Processing. Jute Reinforced Polyolefines for Industrial Applications: Phase II: Material Optimisation and Process Up-scaling for Commercialisation. Small Scale Entrepreneurship Development in Diversified Jute Products. Development of Techniques for softening of Low Grade Jute including Cuttings. Harmonised System (HS) Codes for Jute and Jute Products. Support for Varietals Improvement of Jute and Kenaf for Increased Productivity. Technical Survey and Market Study of the Potential Jute Geo-textiles. Jute Seeder Development. IJO Standard 98/01 for Food Grade Jute Bags (Revised 2005) Printing of a Catalogue/ Brochure for Jute Diversified Products . Kenaf and Allied Fibres. Design and Market Development of Handloom based Jute Floor covering. Study in the Residual Silica/Silicate in Raw Jute and Scope for Elimination/ Reduction. Low Cost Retting of Jute/Kenaf/Mesta for Quality Up-gradation. Design Workshops.          ·         Strengthening Jute and Kenaf Seed Programme. Improved Retting and Extraction of Jute. Pilot Scale Production of Enzymes for the Improvement of Low Grade Jute and Cuttings for their Large Scale Scale Utilization. Biotechnological Application of Enzymes for making Pulp and Paper from Green Jute/Kenaf (the whole plant) (CFC/IJSG/14).