Thailand and Indonesia. 3 . design. With International experience Led by visionary leaders and industry veterans. Grenzone Pte. Malaysia.-: Company profile:- Grenzone India is a Business Associate of Grenzone Pte Ltd Headquartered in Singapore. Grenzone India has embarked on an exciting journey to provide eco-friendly power alternative and aims to be a leading solar energy system integrator. Since its inception in 2002. servicing and training to our valued partners for home. It offers turnkey solutions in solar power system ranging from system consultancy. commercial. It has a strong presence in Singapore. Grenzone India finds System Integration as the path to achieving its goal. Ltd focuses on renewable energy and energy efficient solutions. 2011. industrial and rural electrification. Grenzone India intends to make power available to all in at a cost that can pay for itself. integration. Grenzone Pte Ltd has been providing holistic clean energy solutions to enable users to achieve their energy and environmental requirements. with solution which are not only viable in the current scenario but also in the long term. at Delhi with a focus on solar system integration in the renewable energy resources sector. Grenzone India was set up in Feb.

C) POWER CONDITIONING UNIT The output of the panel is routed through the unit so as to condition the output. This also acts as a pump electrical protection device 4 . testing and commissioning Off Grid 2 H. Supply. System Description Design. installation. B) ISOLATOR An isolator is used to make sure that an electrical circuit can be completely de-energized for service or maintenance purpose. Solar Photovoltaic Pumping System A) OFF GRID SPV POWER SYSTEM The solar array comprises of solar modules that generate DC electricity in proportion to the amount of sunlight available. generating the most power on a clear day when the sun is at a normal angle to the array. testing and commissioning of 2 H. installation. off-Grid Solar Photovoltaic Pumping System to be installed at Surat. This can be used for isolating the solar array inputs coming from two different AJBs. Supply. The solar array comprises of solar modules interconnected electrically in series and parallel. This energy will be utilized to operate the DC Pump Submersible. This enables the system to work for longer hours even under relatively low solar insolation.P.-:Aim of the Document:This document is aimed at propose Design.P. The DC power produced from Solar Array is fed directly into the DC motor through power conditioning device. The solar array is anchored on the ground using special material and equipment supplied by Grenzone. These solar modules are fastened to a support structure. which is fixed on to concrete foundations.

Looking forward for your valuable order at the earliest. Saurabh Upadhya Sr. Solar SPV PUMPING SYSTEM.P. Solar SPV Pumping System.P. Engineer – GRENZONE INDIA Mob. we are herewith enclosing our offer for 2 H. We hope the enclosed offer is in line with your requirement. Solar SPV Pumping System Ref: Your enquiry on the same This is with reference to our discussion regarding the evaluation and submission of our offer for installation of for 2H. As per your requirement.com 5 .P. Looking forward Thanks & Regards. +91 8130200488 Email ID: saurabh@grenzoneindia.GZIN – GEN/ SPV/314 Date: 16th Jan 2012 Sub: Offer for 2 H.

25.COMMERCIAL OFFER FOR 2 H. PRICE/UNIT (in Rs) 4. ITEM QTY. Supply. Design. assuming DC pump available with soft starter) 1 (RUPEES FOUR LAC TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND ONLY) Grenzone India Pvt Ltd Saurabh Upadhya Sr.000 1.P. Solar Off-Grid SPV Pumping System (exclusive of DC pump.P. Installation and Commissioning of 2 H.25.000 AMOUNT (in Rs) 4. Engineer – Grenzone India 6 . SOLAR OFF-GRID PUMPING SYSTEM SL.NO.

Force Majeure clause Guarantee We assure you the best system in terms of quality and reliability and hope to receive your valued order on us. VAT as actual will be charged extra Service tax as actual will be charged extra on installation and commissioning Extra if applicable during the time of billing & dispatch.TERMS & CONDITIONS Validity of offer Sales Tax Service Tax Works Contract tax Delivery Installation & Transportation charges Prices quoted are firm and generally valid for 30 days from date of offer. 10 years performance warranty for the solar modules. installation. After this prices are subject to reconfirmation. commissioning and testing This quotation as well as the resulting contract is subject to the standard force majeure condition. 12 months for the entire system from the date of completion of delivery. Payment terms: 5% of the total value after transporting. Grenzone India Pvt Ltd Saurabh Upadhya Sr. Engineer – Grenzone India 7 . Within 3 to 4 weeks from the date of receipt of technically and commercially clear order and site clearance whichever is later Extra as actual 95% of the total value advance along with the Purchase Order.

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