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PIN- and wire allocation

Motor FeedbackSystem

SNS 50HBA0-S01
Identical in construction with: SinCoder SNS50 6C7 070 011 200
1.024 / 1 sine-/ cosine periods Motor Feedback-Systems

PIN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

colour red blue brown black grey green white pink

Signal + Us GND REFSIN REFCOS Data+ Data+ SIN + COS

Explanation Supply voltage 7..12 V Ground connection Process data channel Process data channel RS-485- parameter channel RS 485 parameter channel Process data channel Process data channel

Caution: To ensure proper function, the screen connection strand (200 mm) MUST be connected. It is included in the supply.

Direction of view B
Dimensional drawing

1024 Sine-/Cosine periods per revolution Absolute track with one sine/cosine period per revolution, selectable Offset and amplitude corrections stored in the encoder Zero pulse can be activated once or permanently by software Electronic type label

Order information Type SNS50-HBA0-S01 Part no. 1 034 097


Motor Feedback Systems SNS50-HBA0-S01

Technical Data Number of sine/cosine periods per revolution Dimensions Mass Inertial rotor moment Type of code for the absolute value

Tapered Shaft SNS50-HBA0- S01 1,024 and 1 mm (see dimensional drawing) 0.1 kg 10 gcm Binary

Code sequence for clockwise shaft rotation, looking in Increasing direction A (see dimensional drawing) Measurement step after generating arctan with 8 bit resolution Error limits on the coarse track (1 cycle/revolution) Error limits for evaluating the 1.024er signals integral non-linearity Non-liearity within a sine/cosine period differential non-linearity Output frequency for sine/cosine signals Working speed Max. operating speed Max. angular acceleration Operating torque Starting torque Permissible shaft movement static dynamic static dynamic Life of ball bearings Working temperature range Storage temperature range Permissible relative humidity Resistance to shocks
5) 6) 7) 4)

5 angular seconds 4 Degrees

1) 1) 2)


60 angular seconds 40 angular seconds 100 kHz 6000 min

-1 -1 1)



9000 min 6 0.2 x 10 rad/s 0.2 Ncm 0.4 Ncm radial/axial radial/axial 0.5 mm/ 0.75 mm 0.05 mm/ 0.25 mm 0.005 mm/mm 0.0025 mm/mm 3.6 x 10

Angular motion, perpendicular to the rotational axis

0 +100 C -40 +125 C 90 % 100/10 g/ms 20/02000 g/Hz IP 40 7-12 V 8V 50/100


to vibration EMC

Protection to IEC 60529

Operating voltage range Recommended supply voltage Max. operating current, no load Available memory area within EEPROM Interface signals Process data channel =SIN, REFSIN, COS, REFCOS Parameter channel
1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8)


160 Byte Analogue, differential Digital

= RS 485

Calculated with corrected value, as described on page 3 Referred to one shaft revolution Reference pulse output continuously Condensation not permissible According to DIN EN 60068-2-27 According to DIN EN 60068-2-6 With mating connector inserted According to DIN EN 61000-6-2 and DIN EN 61000-6-3

Motor Feedback Systems SNS50-HBA0-S01

Read correction data

Read offset and amplitude correction values The accuracy of the tracks can be increased by calculating the offset and amplitude errors. Production-included offset and amplitude fluctuations are stored in the EEPROM. The data are stored in the integer format in data field 5. The offset correction values are measured during the production process by comparing the difference between the reference signal and the average value of the sine/cosine signal. These correction values can be used to increase the accuracy of the encoder by adding them to the actual signal obtained following differential detection. Description of the data in data field 5 Address 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20-29 30 31 Integer Offset correction in mV

SINE 1024er COSINE 1024er Amplitude standardization SINE 1024 cycles SINE 1er COSINE 1er Amplitude standardization SINE 1 cycles Number of zero pulses Number of periods of the commutation track Undefined Checksum *

L- byte H- byte L- byte H- byte L- byte H- byte L- byte H- byte L- byte H- byte L- byte H- byte L- byte H- byte L- byte H- byte L- byte H- byte L- byte H- byte L- byte H- byte

Dividend Divisor Offset correction in mV

Dividend Divisor

* The checksum is formed by the addition of all 2-byte words. Calculation formula: SINE COSINE = (SINE + offset adjustment sine) x Dividend / Divisor = (COSINE + offset adjustment cosine) x 1

Motor Feedback Systems SNS50-HBA0-S01

System description

SNS 50 / SNS 60 SinCoder block diagram

Position finding sequence in the SinCoder

Supply voltage on

Read encoder status

Read correction data

Connect SC1 to the process data channel via the parameter channel

The novel features

Well known optical rotary encoders include so-called incremental encoders or absoute encoders. Because of their great complexity, absolute encoders are relatively expensive to produce in the conventional manner. This conventional manner consists of reading binary information coded on a glass disc. Each binary position requires appropriate optical scanning. All these scanning operations must be coordinated with one another under all conditions in such a way that there can be no read errors. In addition, the interface of such absolute encoders transmits the complete absolute value constantly. The SinCoder system is an mixture between an incremental encoder and an absolute encoder. As in the SinCos encoder the interface (HIPERFACE) to the motor controller consists of a process data channel and a parameter channel. The SinCoder is provided internally with the following basic information: 1. A sine-/cosine signal with 1024 cycles per revolution (SC1024). 2. A sine-/cosine signal with one cycle per revolution (SC1). 3. A reference signal (REF), which appears once per revolution.

Calculate the angle from the corrected SC1

Connect SC 1024 to the process data channel via the parameter channel

Activate REF via the parameter cable

Derive commutation signals from the corrected SC1 angle information

Derive speed informtion and direction of rotation from the corrected SC 1024 angle information

Start motor and wait for REF signal on the parameter channel

Use the REF signal to correct the angle information formed from SC1

Motor Feedback Systems SNS50-HBA0-S01

Electrical interface

Safe data transmission High information content Electronic type label

Only 8 leads Bus enabled parameter channel Prozess data channel in real time

Signal specification of the process data channel

Signal specification of the process data channel Access to the process data used for speed control, i.e. to the sine and cosine signals, is practically always online. When the supply voltage is applied, the speed controller has access to this information at any time.

Signal specification of the reference pulse The reference signal can be output once or continuously on the RS 485 lines. The reference signal is output only when requested.

Signal diagram for cockwise rotation of the shaft, looking in direction A.

3,0 V

2,5 V

2,0 V

Motor Feedback Systems SNS50-HBA0-S01

Characteristics applicable to all permissible environmental conditions signal Signal Signal peak, peak Vss of SIN, COS Signal offset REFSIN, REFCOS Values / Units 0,6 1,2 V 2,2 2,8 V

Power on

max. 600 ms Us initialize

RS 485 BUS ready for operation 8 bit data Baud rate 9600 Parity = Data bits unequal

Recommended receiver circuit for sine and cosine signals

R REFSIN/REFCOS 10k 10k Differential amplifier with high Common-mode suppression


The output circuit of the process data channel within the SinCoder



Motor Feedback Systems SNS50-HBA0-S01

Type specific settings

Type ID (command 52h) Free EEPROM (bytes) Data field status 0 4 Address Mode_485 Codes 0 3 Counter

12h 5 x 32 C9h 40h E4h 55h -

Type specific settings

Command byte 4Ah 4Bh 50h 51h 52h 53h 54h

Function Read data Save data Read encoder status One reference pulse Read out name plate Encoder reset Analogsignal auswhlen



Output the reference signal once on the RS 485 line Channel number 00h 1024er Sin/Cos Channel number 01h 1er Sin/Cos Output the reference signal continuously on the RS 485 line. Note: the RS 485 line is free for the user after switch off the power supply.

55h 56h 5Fh

Allocate encoder address Read serial number and program version Incremental mode (continuously ouput) at RS 485

Overview of status messages

Error type Initialisisation Protocol


Status code 00h 05h 06h 09h 0Ah 0Bh 0Ch 0Dh 0Eh 0Fh 10h 11h 12h

Description The encoder has recognised no error Internal IC-bus not operational Internal checksum error Parity error Cecksum of the data transmitted is incorrect Unknown command code Number of data transmitted is incorrect Command argument transmitted is not allowed The selected data field must not be written to Incorrect access code Size of data field stated cannot be changed Word address stated, is outside data field Access to non-existent data field

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