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Books To Read The Israelites (chapter 1 & 3) Bible World - The Great Plan (Read Chapter 7, 8 & 15) Who’s Who in the Bible The Bible Chronicle (chapter 1-5) Bible World - The Great Plan (Read Chapter 15 and Onwards) Discovering Religions—Christianity (Read pg 24-30)

Communion covenant nomad sacrifice circumcision locust Passover descendants Key Words monotheism Sinai Israelite plagues commandments Egyptian Pesah faithful

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RE Department


Complete this Family Tree for Abraham Abraham
______ Ishmael Arabs Sarah _______ Hebrews


Jews + _______

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List three promises God made to Abraham Retell the story of the sacrifice of Isaac in as much detail as you can.
Agreement Sign Marriage Business Deal Buying House Circumcision

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Label a Seder plate and use it to explain the story of the Passover. Make a list of similarities and differences in Protestant and Catholic celebration of Communion Learn the 10 commandments.
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Problem Solving/Decision making - I can generate solutions by weighing up the pros and cons of different actions Self Management - My Folder is well kept/Homework is on time Literacy skills - My writing is accurate and neat. I use paragraphs. Learning to Learn - I can memorise the 10 commandments using Roman Rooms In order to improve I must...