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You are cordially invited to attend an

Islamic Discourse on “Mulla Sadra’s Ontology and Principality of Existence”
to be held on FRIDAY, 29th July 2011 at AMIN Research and Cultural Centre

Programme: 07:30 pm 08:45 pm 09:45 pm : Arrival of Guests / Solat / Solat : Lecture by Dr. Ali Akbar Ziaee : Question and Answer Session

Dr. Ali Akbar Ziaee was Academic Research Fellow at International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization (ISTAC), International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). He is a member of The Islamic Manuscript Association (TIMA) at Cambridge University, UK. Dr. Ali Akbar Ziaee is currently the Cultural Counselor at Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran, Kuala Lumpur. He has published 18 books and hundreds of articles particularly on Islamic philosophy and science. His best known works are Islamic Cosmology and Astronomy (2010), Islam, Science and Technology (2010) and ‫الحجت البالغت فی عینیت العلم و االرادة‬ (2009). He has served as Cultural Counselor in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Albania for many years.

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