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Food Recovery in Providence

Ben Chesler Starr Fellow Extraordinaire Class of Never

Project Updates
• We Share Hope
– $10,000 in new donations – 100 new donors – Increased revenue from Programs – New website under design

• Food Recovery Network @Brown
– 5,000 meals recovered this semester – Strategic planning for next semester – Increased capabilities

Logic Model

Metrics & Measurement Plan (Outputs)
Outcome Output Metric Goal for Fall 2012 Measurement Plan

End Hunger Hungry in Rhode People Get Island Fed
Slow Down Global Warming People Appreciate What They Have & Share What They Are Given Less Food Waste

Number of 10,000 Meals We plan to implement a webMeals Served based food tracking system that Served allows volunteers to weigh food and then document it online.
Pounds of Food Recovered Number of students involved / Number of partner shelters 10,000 pounds of food diverted from landfills 5 Student Groups Involved / 25 volunteers / 2 year-round partner shelters In addition to the above, we will calculate the amount of methane we prevented from entering our atmosphere. We plan to use qualitative metrics, such as Shelter and Volunteer questionnaires to measure the strength and number of studentcommunity bonds built. We will also use weekly Leadership Team site visits to monitor progress on this front.

Strengthen Student Community Bonds